Emma and Regina stood face-to-face on two sides of the kitchen table. Staring deep into each others sad eyes, Emma took charge. Or thought she did.

"So, that's what you want then? That's it?" Emma's voice was cracking, hands on her hips. She had to put on her protective armor, but anyone could see she was being torn down.

"What other choices are there? Because right now I am through with putting up with these ridiculous games." Regina's voice soft, but firm. Emma couldn't tell if her wife was hurt by all this or not, so she felt the need to give off a strong reading as well.

"You could talk to me about this, 'Gina."

"We've talked before, and look where it's gotten us."

"It's not my fault," Emma whispered fighting back an insane amount of tears, her feet fiddling to distract her from what she was feeling.

"This is entirely your fault! None of this would've happened if it weren't for your stupid fucking choices!" Regina slammed her hand on the table in front of her, her voice nothing short of a scream. The blonde stood there with her eyes wide, in complete shock. That was the first time her wife had yelled at her like that since Henry ended up in the hospital, let alone swear at her. Regina cracked, placing both hands on her teary face whilst the woman across from her stood still, continuing to fiddle with her feet. She finally pulled herself together enough with a quick inhaled sigh, and wiped her face.

"I'm done. Henry doesn't deserve this an neither do we. We've endured this far too long, it's not fair." Regina turned hastily toward the front of her white mansion and held open the door. The blonde's mouth opened slightly, and was too much in the state of disbelief to talk. She stuttered while the brunette gave her a piercing look. Emma hated that look, that was the look she gave her before they got together. The look of despise.

"Goodbye, Ms. Swan." Regina's lips were pursed and Emma treaded her way over to the opened door. She stopped to look into her wife's chocolate brown eyes and shook her head. Ms. Swan. Yet another thing Regina said that she hadn't heard in years. The blonde shook her head and put her right hand on her wife's cheek, a tear rolling down her own.

"You aren't really doing this, are you?" Regina's head flinched to the side, directing Emma's hand away.


"What about Henry? You know, our kid? Together or not he's both our sons, Regina. Wether you want to hear it or not, we're his parents."

"I'm well aware, Ms. Swan. He and I will have a conversation in the morning after he wakes up. He'll be staying with me as he did before."

"You can't just say he's going to be in your house, it'll just bring back fights like we had...before."

"So be it." Regina's eyes were even more glassy than before, Emma refused to accept Regina wanted her to leave. Knowing her wife, put both hands in her pockets and nodded slowly. And with that, Emma walked down the steps of the mansion. Tears racing down her face, she forced herself to wipe them off as she got in her yellow bug and drove away.

Emma couldn't see much due to her watery eyesight, but she kept pep talking herself saying things like, "she's just mad," and "you're worried for nothing." She looked out of her rearview mirror hoping Regina was watching her drive off, only to be let down. Looking straight forward trying in the direction of her parents' house, she was determined to sleep this off and wake up to her wife's beautiful pearl smile and sparkling coffee colored eyes.

The only question at this point is wether things would end up like they should.

The way her happy ending was supposed to be.