Summer Magic

Haruhi was known as the Princess of Magic. She could cast any sort of spell she wanted. She was also considered a great beauty to all who laid eyes on her. Many tried to win her hand, but all failed. Her father was starting to lose his patience. Haruhi kept rejecting her suitors, oblivious to her father's anger, until one day… "You are a disgrace! You have rejected hundreds of princes, sorcerers, and magical beings! Just choose someone already!" yelled her father. "Dad I want to choose someone I love. You can't choose for me!" Haruhi yelled back. "I can and I will if you don't choose by the end of the summer! That gives you roughly eight months." said her father. "But what about my studies? I need to be able to practice! How will I defend myself?" "I will suspend your powers until you choose." Her father replied. "You can't! I won't let you! If you try I will leave and go into hiding. You have been warned." With that, Haruhi stormed off to her room.