Frosted Summer a rise of the Guardians story

A/N: If you have read the first chapter of Midnight Fire: Year 1 then Freeye Fireneze, the girl who has a crush on Harry Potter, will also be in this story. She is basically a mixture of Jack/Bunny/North and Tooth and you will find out how later on in the Chapter as well as finding out what she's like, what she protects and what she's a guardian of later on in the story so read on. Freeye also knew about True so when they meet again that's why Freeye screams, like True does in this chapter, when she see's that True became immortal when she was caught in the tsunami and died in it so the Moon made her the Guardian of the Ocean, Water Spirit and Guardian of Destiny so she controlled the water animals, she shaped the rivers, anything to do with water and she chose people's Destiny. P.S True and Freeye were also Princesses of the Spirit Realm (as in the Dead), Anamalia (pronounced Anna-ma-Leah) P.S = This Chapter will Be Changed in Some parts for those of you who have Read the Original Chapter.

Princess Freeye Fireneze (I changed my FanFiction name for the people who knew me as Waterlillies I LOVE JACK FROST)

Chapter 1: Two years after Pitch was defeated. Freeye was born 400 years ago.

Freeye's Thoughts (Past/Present thought's)

(Past) I've been immortal for 400 years now and bringing Summer, raising the sun (Waking the sun), lighting people's fires in winter, lowering the sun (Putting the sun to sleep), making the weather boiling on a Summer's day, making a Beautiful sunset and sunrise is okay but it doesn't give you anyone to share your feelings and thoughts with or the moment when kids wake up realizing that their mothers will allow them to go to the beach because it's a boiling hot day. And frankly I've started to wonder what would life be like If I had a friend again (What I wasn't a loner when I was alive) and I was just beginning to think that it would be great until I saw 2 Best Friends fighting over the last kiddie surfboard on the beach then I thought different. Alright they don't have to be my friends they just have to be able to actually LISTEN to me and hear my opinion on things and that's one of the stuff my old school friends didn't do, they never listened which is the reason why they were wondering why I wasn't at school 2 days after I died in the fire which was very tragic. (Present: 5 Months later) I used seriously wonder who brought all the stuff I bring before I was chosen to but that was a very long time ago so I don't need to worry about that anymore because it's my job and I'm a Guardian. Oh you want to find out what I'm a Guardian and Spirit of and what happens when you're a Guardian… Alright I'll tell you but let's skip the re-born bit 'cause I don't want to talk about it.

Freeye's P.O.V

It was Summer but I realized that I'd again be spending it alone because all the kids enjoy what I bring but they don't see me, I have no friends and I know nobody who likes watching the kids playing on the beach (Note: or did I). 3 weeks passed and I'm already getting bored by something that usually makes me happy. Anyway you can't really expect me not to be bored after watching the same thing over and over again for 400 years!, with no-one to laugh with when someone falls over on a surfboard, when you see a child learning to swim or playing splash in the sea *Sigh* What can a single girl do I really don't know. I was just about to put the sun to sleep when I saw a big bright light shine across the sky and suddenly I saw a boy about a year older them me (I'm 13) skating barefooted on ice, a 6ft tall bunny, a half-hummingbird - half-human with some mini's of her and a girl about my age (13) with Sapphire Blue hair with Sky Blue streaks riding on a surfboard on a wave which she was creating with her hands and somehow her hair length and style looked oddly familiar like I know her from somewhere.

Meanwhile at the North Pole (There's also another 3 Guardians who Works with Bunny, Tooth, Sandy, North and Jack Called Flower Vine, The Spirit of Spring and Guardian of Love who has Rose Pink hair, Lily White Skin and Lilac Flower eyes (Lilac Purple), Edward Fall, The Spirit of Autumn and Guardian of Spirit who has Autumn Brown Hair with Leaf Green Streaks (Bright Green) and Autumn Red Eyes (Ruby Red), and True Aqua (what she's a Guardian and Spirit of is mentioned in Author's Notes) who is Freeye's twin sister although she has Sapphire Blue hair with Sky Blue Streaks and Eyes as blue as her hair and seemed to have ocean waves in them. Sandy is not there as he was ill.

North was sitting in his workshop listening to Toothiana whining about she was just about to grab a tooth when he signaled out the beacon.

"Just tell us why we're here" interrupted a very frustrated Bunny.

"Yeah why are we here? As far as we know Pitch isn't back and the children are still believing what more is there that makes you set the beacon out?" asked Jack confused.

"Yesterday, after you guys went to bed, I heard the Man in Moon calling me and I went to see what he wanted and he told me that with more and more kids believing then before we're going to need more help even with Flower, Edward and True so he went to look for a new Guardian and he's found one" explained North.

"REALLY!" exclaimed everyone while Bunny muttered "Please not let it be the one I think it is, Please let it not be her" (The person he's talking about is Freeye Fireneze).

"Shut up Bunny I think it would be great if we had a new guardian to help us especially a girl who I can talk make up with!" argued an excited Tooth.

"SHUT UP YOU TWO!" shouted Jack "We're about to find out who it is"

Just at that moment the floor started glowing and everyone gazed at the Ice Crystal that had lifted up from it. Eventually it stopped moving and a name was carved in it (P.S MiM only knew her name and her powers plus what she was a Guardian and Spirit of but he didn't know what she looked like that's why her name was carved into it) suddenly True screamed.


"What's wrong True?" asked Tooth.

"Oi Bunny look at the crystal" laughed Jack knowing who it was by the name.

"What the bloody hell do you want me to look at the cry … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh no it's…. it's her!" exclaimed Bunny he also recognized the name.

"WHO ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!" shouted Tooth desperately who was so busy worrying about True and trying to get her to calm down that she didn't look at the crystal and forgotten about it now that she was looking from the giant bunny to the Winter Spirit.

"We're talking about, you won't believe it…. FREEYE FIRENEZE!" exclaimed Jack.

Now Tooth knew

"Yeah and I HATE her" said Bunny desperately hoping the man in the moon was only playing about.

"So if only Bunny hates her then why did true scream?" asked Toothiana confusedly.

"That I don't kn…" Jack was going to say before True interrupted him.

"Shush Jack this story is going to be long…" began True while everyone, except Bunny, settled down waiting for True to start her apparently long story.

True's P.O.V (The story she is telling was from 413 years ago so when True and Freeye were born as Mortals)

I was just lying in my cot and I thought I was an only child until I heard a baby crying and it wasn't me so I looked to my right side and I saw a baby with Shoulder Length Black Curly hair and beside me, yes Jack we were both born with hair, and I wondered if it was my cousin or something, Bunny stop screaming at the moon he's not playing about. Huh boys never NEVER NEVER know when something is true (LOL that's my name), anyway back to the story. Okay where was I oh yes then our mum, who had Beautiful Long Curly Black hair (Oh yeah I also had Black hair except mine is shorter then the girl's next to me and mine was wavy instead of curly) picked us up and said, to me in particular because I was born first,

"Baby girl, this is your Twin sister she was born an hour after you." obviously I had no idea what she was talking about but I only knew that she said that I had a Twin but who cares. After that she was deciding what to call us and she said she wanted us to be Truly Free 'cause she wasn't, anyway she was thinking of a name when suddenly an idea popped into her head and she said,

"Since you two are going to be Truly Free how about we call you True and Freeye, True and Freeye Light-Shine"

Jack stop laughing at my surname… Toothiana you didn't have to hit him either. Anyway as we were growing up we really tricked mum and dad, you stupid boy jack because we looked identical so they could never tell us apart duh boys are really dumb aren't they Tooth?, thank you for agreeing with me. Now, Bunny, Jack can I please finish my story, thank you. Okay um… oh yeah when we were 13 our mother decided to give us scooters that were like mini motorbikes and they were so cool. Jack you can see it I still have it, it's in the shed at my hut behind North's workshop (North: True why don't you just live here at the workshop with me and Jack? *A/N: Sorry, I suck at accents just pretend he has one* True: Oh no. North everything is Frozen here I am the WATER guardian and OCEAN spirit not ice and frost like Jack so I live in Scotland by the lake where it rains a lot and there's water. Jack: Okay True suit yourself but you don't know what your missing). Let's get back to the story, I was riding the mini motorbike along the beach and I decided to go for a swim in the sea and while I was swimming a giant tsunami came and I drowned in it my family were devastated, especially when the police told them they couldn't find my body, so I told myself to visit them everyday and I was walking across a park one day in winter over to my family's house when I saw Freeye on a snowboard over on a hill, if I recall correctly I saw you there too Jack and you were making that snow hill really icy so she would slide better li… (Toothiana: JACK FROST! YOU PROMISED NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN! REMEMBER HOW MUCH DANGER YOU PUT JAMIE IN WHEN YOU DID THAT TO HIM! HE GOT HIT BY A COUCH! Jack: I'm sorry but she was moaning and whining because she wasn't sliding good enough so I helped her no biggy! Toothiana: It is a biggy but I wanna hear the rest of the story so I'll deal with you later) OKAY GUYS LET'S CARRY ON anyway yeah and I was laughing my head off, Toothiana don't look at me that way she wasn't in any danger. Jack made sure to put a gigantic pile of snow where she would land so it would be soft for her, especially because I was watching. After that she was walking home and she wasn't looking where she was going because she was thinking about something and she walked straight into an unattended fire and I was begging and pleading with MiM (Man in Moon) to rebirth or at least spare her life but he didn't say anything so I thought he wasn't going to but there was suddenly a bright light and fearing of what it might be I hid behind a tree. Turns out the Bright, White light was coming from the glowing embers of the fire as I kept watching I realized that MiM had rebirthed her as Freeye Fireneze once I said thank you I flew off, not wanting Freeye to see me because well she doesn't know I'm actually alive. And Jack I am not going to tell you what her power is so stop asking and yeah that's how I know her told you guys it was going to be long.

Back to Reality

"I wonder what she looks like though?" asked Jack.

"If I recall correctly she's a mixture of you, Bunny, North and Tooth" True answered

"HOW?" screamed Tooth.

"Um oh yeah. She's like Jack because she has a staff like Jack's but it has a red, orange and yellow gem on the top that was carved into a 3D fire shape, like Bunny because when she not riding her sun rays she riding in fire tunnels and she has an underground hideout like Bunny, like North because her sun rays are held in fire balls like North snow globes and like Tooth because she has a little fire pixie following her everywhere and it has the same clothing as her and her hair is just plain red while Freeye's is red with orange and yellow streaks and the fire pixie has Blue eyes whereas Freeye has Ember coloured eyes and it looks like she has a Gold and Crimson Fire burning in them" replied True.

"Nice" said Jack

"But who is going to collect her though?" asked Toothiana.

"We'll decide that tomorrow" replied North.

And with that everyone left to go back to where they're suited. Bunny in the burrows, Toothiana in the Tooth Palace, Jack and North at the workshop, Flower Vine in the Spring woodlands (A/N: I created the Spring Woodlands and Autumn Forests which are places where it's Spring all year round *Spring Woods* or it's Autumn all year round *Autumn Forests*) at England, Edward Fall at Autumn Forests in Canada and True Aqua at the Lake in Scotland with her hut down below the water (A/N: There is a tunnel next to the lake with a door at the end for others to come and see True and the door counts as a front door for them where as her front door is under the water and magically the water from the lake doesn't spill into the house so the house is always dry even if True's wet)

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