Hunter's Night

By Christy (Serena)

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Dinah has long been one of my favorite DC heroines - Gail Simone's Birds of Prey run got me into comics. I can't see Dinah as anyone else other than Charlize Theron - picture her in the Italian Job. Cool, chill, and kickass.

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Bruce Wayne

Dinner was a more formal affair down at one of Bruce's restaurants. He'd secured a private dining area and entered with Diana on his arm. She tugged at her wig, smoothed it down, and adjusted her boxy glasses.

"You're adorable," he remarked, his voice low.

She snorted. "I look like a kindergarten teacher next to People magazine's hottest man of the year."

Bruce raised an eyebrow. "I don't remember getting that."

"That photoshoot a couple weeks ago?"

"Oh. Right." Bruce adjusted his tie. "That's what that was for."

Diana laughed, pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Yes, dearest." Her gaze swept across the lavish restaurant, and he noticed the other women giving her evil glares. Well, next to their thousands of dollars designer clothing, jewelry, and insanely expensive shoes, Diana looked as though she belonged more in a quiet little cafe. If only these women knew they were up against a princess...

Bruce hid a smirk. The rich housewives and girlfriends of Gotham's elite would continue to throw themselves at him; if it weren't so pathetic it would be laughable. But unfortunately, he'd have to maintain his playboy reputation in order to keep people from getting suspicious about his overly happy and domestic situation. People wouldn't think twice about a billionaire playboy who regularly cheated on his prim and cute, but hardly sensual or overtly sexy wife. Batman and Wonder Woman were an unbreakable team. A force of nature.

But cheating, scumbag Bruce Wayne and librarian-eqsue accepting wife? No would would even think about them.

Harvey Dent was already there, sitting adjacent to his assistant D.A. Dinah Lance. Harvey rose to his feet and held out a hand, shaking Bruce's with a broad, "politician" grin.

"Bruce! Glad you could finally make it," he joked, and held out a hand to Diana. "Good to see you again, Diana."

Diana smiled politely, shook it. "You, too, Mr. Dent."

"Harvey, please. I think we've been over this."

Diana just smiled and went over to Dinah, hugging her lightly. "Dinah, good to see you. I'm sorry about the other day... My friend can be a little..."

"Pushy?" Dinah just chuckled. "It's fine, Diana, I'm a big girl. You look beautiful, by the way!" Dinah looked somewhat surprised, probably expecting Bruce Wayne's fiancee to be dressed in Michael Kors shoes and a Givenchy gown, adorned with glittering jewelry.

Diana hated wearing jewelry. She always said it reminded her of being back on Themyscira, overly dressed as the Queen's daughter.

"Thank you, same!" Diana sat across from her, smoothing out her dress.

Harvey flashed Diana a smile as the waitress filled their glasses with water. Bruce winked at the waitress; she blushed and hurried away. Bruce saw, out of the corner of his eye, Dinah's disgusted expression. Good. Diana played ignorant, as a future wife of a billionaire playboy might have.

"So, Diana..." Harvey said. "I think you and I misunderstood each other last time. Start over?"

Diana smiled thinly. "Certainly."

"She's a tough one, this one," Harvey said almost fondly to Diana. "Must be why I like her so much."

"Well, wish I could say the same, Mr. Dent," replied Diana, but her tone was teasing.

Harvey grinned. "No wonder you and Dinah get along so much." He smiled at his assistant and pressed a hand over hers, squeezing before pulling away. "Smart, beautiful women. We're lucky, aren't we, Bruce?"

Bruce saw Dinah's lips press thinly together. Clearly she and Dent weren't as much of an item as Dent wanted them to believe. Or at least what Dent thought. The blonde was still likely pining after that idiot in Star City, Queen. She was twice as smart as Queen, he thought dryly. Although, Queen did have his heart in the right place. Dinah would have a hard time finding someone like that in Gotham.

Good hearts were almost impossible to find.

"So Bruce," said Harvey, "Have to pick your brain."

"Shoot, Harv."

"Maroni's been put behind bars, but the mob is still as active as it ever was, and now it looks like we have worse people coming into town. Gordon's been telling me we have a man called Deadshot, and others who may or may not be still working under Maroni incoming."

"Isn't Maroni's trial coming up?" Bruce said.

"Yes, and this is one of the reasons I'm bringing this up. Bruce, I've only been here for a few short months, but in those months I'm seeing just how much more I need to do for Gotham. This city isn't gone - its people are crying out for someone to help them."

"And you're the man for the job?" Bruce smiled.

"Maybe. I think I'm up to it," said Dent plainly. "I've only just gotten started, Bruce. Me and Dinah... we can do a lot of good, put a lot of bad people behind bars. You were attacked by Deadshot - I'm going to make sure thugs like him are put behind bars for good."

"And what's your take on this... Bat character? Heard he's just a myth, but I gotta say, I heard that partner of his has some damn nice legs," Bruce added with a laugh.

Dinah glared at him, and looked at Diana as if to say - "Why do you put up with him?"

Harvey grinned. "That she does. She's also scary as hell. When those eyes lock on you... I tell you, Bruce, I think she'd even be a handful for you."

Diana hid a snort in her glass of water, and Bruce chuckled.

"Maybe, maybe not," he said, unable to hide his amusement. "But I can see you're dedicated," he added lazily. "Good."

"Bruce," said Dent eagerly, "Look what happened to you. We'll get Maroni to talk. We can turn Gotham around, stop you from getting shot at in your own office."

Bruce and Diana exchanged glances quickly. He wanted to get her thoughts before committing. Harvey was many things, but he was as tough as nails. He could handle Gotham's worst. Bruce knew at least that much. Diana looked at him, and although he knew she was hesitant, she gave him an imperceptible nod.

"Well, Harv, I think I'm sold." Bruce flashed him a smile. "We'll throw you a party, a little fundraiser to get things going."

Harvey smiled, pleased. "Thanks, Bruce. Glad we could catch up again. Your fiancee has been a little less enthusiastic," he added with a chagrined laugh.

Diana smiled sweetly. "I'm just a cautious woman by nature, Mr. Dent."

"But she's a smart one. Too smart for you, I think," Harvey added, grinning.

"That she is," agreed Bruce, sliding his hand into Diana's.

He noticed Dinah's brow furrow.

A pause as their dinners were set in front of them, and they ate in a short, companionable silence.

"How long have you two been together?" the blonde woman questioned.

"Since childhood, actually," Diana said. "We met when Bruce was a sophomore -"

"What?" Dent interrupted, flabbergasted. "Bruce, you never once mentioned her! Now I know why I never went over to your house, you sly dog." He laughed.

Bruce smiled, but it wasn't a pleasant smile. "I think you're taking your fine assistant DA for granted, there, Harv."

"Oh, believe me, I'm not," said Harvey warmly. He smiled at Dinah briefly, but his brow creased. "Bruce, in all seriousness. The mob's only gearing up for round two, and the last thing Gotham needs is another war. We've got vigilantes out there doing the jobs the police haven't been - and let's be honest, I know Gordon's your friend, and he's a good man, but he's had a lot of corrupt cops under him. I can do what needs to be done, but I'll need your support."

"But you are working with Gordon, aren't you?" Diana said.

"I am, and although we may not agree on some things, Gordon has done a lot of good for the city," conceded Dent. "And things are moving towards the better, which is why the mob and others are doubling their efforts to make sure it doesn't stay that way. Things are getting ugly, as you've seen."

"I have," said Diana softly. "I grew up in the Narrows, Mr. Dent. I know how bad this city can be."

"You, the Narrows?" Dent couldn't hide his astonishment. "I'm surprised that..." He cut himself off.

Diana raised an eyebrow, but she was amused. "Surprised I'm still alive?"

"Yes, to be honest," admitted Harvey. He was looking at her with a new, admired light.

"It wasn't easy, trust me," Diana said. "There were a lot of close calls. But I had good friends, and a watchful mother. I turned out all right, and we moved when I was fourteen, so it wasn't that long."

"You must've been through a lot," Dinah said, sounding awed. "I just can't picture you growing up in the Narrows."

Diana smiled faintly. "It was rough, don't get me wrong. But it was just my mom and me, and we pulled through."

"Single mother?" said Harvey. "Now I'm more impressed."

"She is impressive," agreed Diana. "And I have to admit that I'm impressed with your record so far."

"Your crackdown on police corruption isn't an easy job," Bruce put in. "And this is Gotham... even I know how bad it is. You intend on being as ruthless when it comes to Gotham criminals? Here we have a whole other breed of criminal, Harvey. Corruption between cops and criminals is still fluid, even with Gordon running things. I hope you're up to it."

"I think I am," said Harvey firmly. "And I'm going to need all the help I can get."

They stayed talking until the early morning hours; and Bruce was pleased to see that Diana was slowly warming up to the charismatic Harvey. Dent's record was spotless, and he was known for being an unforgiving attorney. Bruce knew that he would be a valuable asset to the Gotham force. The man was unafraid to speak his mind, so much so that he'd gotten himself into trouble with Diana... But once they got to talking, Bruce knew that she was seeing Harvey in a new light. And both he and she greatly respected Dent's choice of assistant D.A., Dinah Lance.

This would prove interesting.

We exited the restaurant together, and Harvey came up to me as Bruce and Dinah chatted lightly. Dinah's stance was uptight; I'd seen the disdainful glances she'd shot him when he'd flirted with the waitress. I liked her so much I hated lying to her about our relationship, but right now there was nothing to be done. And if he could fool her, he could fool about anyone. Dinah, if anything, was sharp, probably sharper than she let on.

I turned my attention to Harvey, taking note of his apologetic and somewhat sheepish expression.

"Diana, I apologize," the D.A. said in a low voice. "I know I've been... overeager. I seem to have been hacking off a lot of people lately, and I'm sorry."

I had to admit I was surprised. It seemed an honest apology. And I had to think that he was also talking about his behavior towards Wonder Woman as well. We hadn't gotten off to a great start. But if he was willing to apologize, even just to me, as Diana Prince, I'd take it.

"Thank you," I said, startled. "Aside from the... slightly rough start, I'll be honest with you and say that I think you're going to be good for Gotham. You'll need that attitude to survive."

He smiled faintly. "I appreciate it. Friends?" He held out a hand.

I smiled back. "Friends, Harvey." And I shook his hand.

He grinned. "Bruce," he said as my fiance came up to my other side, "You've got one hell of a woman here. Sure you deserve her?"

"Definitely not," said Bruce, opening the door for me.

I stepped out, laughing -

And bullets rained down on us from above.

Instinctively I put up my hands and jumped back, ducking back into the restaurant. People screamed; the glass doors shattered, and Bruce and Harvey threw themselves in front of us. The bullets kept going, and for one second, I could see nothing - I could do nothing without risking showing half of Gotham's elite who we really were -

A loud, sonic scream burst through the halls; whatever was left of the glass easily shattered, as well as nearly shattering my eardrums; a strange, sonic burst rocketed through the entire restaurant, up, and outward - I couldn't see where it was coming from - too much chaos -

The bullets stopped.

For one second, Bruce and I locked eyes. Both confused, both furious.

Deadshot, we knew.

"This way!" shouted a familiar voice. A large hand pressed against my back. Feigning tears and panic, I looked up and saw Dr. Thomas Elliot leading our small party back through the restaurant. We didn't stop until we reached the back kitchen.

"Tom!" Bruce had pretended to regain his footing. "What're you doing here?"

"I was in another part of the room," explained Dr. Elliot. "Conference here at the hotel. I saw what happened - and I know another way out."

"Who are you?" demanded Harvey, baffled. He brushed glass out of his hair, red-faced and furious. His eyes were dark. Good. He wasn't afraid; he was angry.

Maybe he'd do all right here.

"Dinah," I gasped, clutching her. "Are you all right?"

But I noticed she was strangely pale and eerily calm. "Fine," she said, somewhat blankly. "I'm fine. But Diana - how are you not injured?"

Amazon gauntlets do wonders, I thought, thankful that my long-sleeved cardigan covered them.

"Oh," I said, and I burst into false tears. "I don't know - It must've been a miracle... I was so close..."

Dinah hugged me tightly, shushing me. "It's okay," she said. "It'll be all right."

But she wasn't even shaking. She was perfectly calm, and there was no reason for that.

But what had made that shrill cry?

"Good thing I know a few ways out of this place," said Tom grimly. "Follow me."

"We should call the police," I said, my voice high-pitched and shaky.

Tom gave me a look and swept out a hand. "Come on. I have a car in the underground garage. He won't know who you're with. This way."

Together we followed him into the parking garage and got into his SUV. Tom sped out of the garage and onto the street.

"Wayne Manor?" he said, loosening his bowtie.

"Yes," said Bruce grimly, his eyes scanning the skyline. "Thank you, Tom. You didn't have to do this."

"Sure I do." Tom threw him a smile. "Of course, I'm hoping to get a few referrals from your rich and famous friends."

Bruce smiled thinly. "I've been meaning to see you myself."

"I'll see if I have room in my schedule," said Tom. "Mr. Dent - are you and your friend all right?"

"Not really," said Harvey tightly. "If you could drop me off at the police station first, I'd appreciate it."

"Of course." Tom turned down a side street and raced alongside traffic. "Good thing I caught you. Thought you and Diana were dead meat; no offense. But why am I always the one around when you're getting shot at?" It was a somewhat teasing remark.

"It's a strange coincidence," said Bruce. "But I'm glad. If we did get shot, I'd trust no one else to patch me up."

"I appreciate it, Bruce. Diana, you all right? You look a little shaken."

"I'll be okay, I think," I said in a small voice. "Thank you, Tom."

"Anything I can do. Here's your stop, Mr. Dent." He rolled up in front of the station; I saw a familiar SUV pull up as well, and Victor Sage stepped out, more haggard than usual.

"Thanks... Doctor..." Harvey didn't remember his name.

"Elliot," said Tom, holding out a hand. "Thomas Elliot. My pleasure, Mr. Dent, despite the circumstances." His sharp green eyes took in the district attorney, almost as if he were sizing him up, mentally taking notes of Dent's presence.

Dinah nodded and shook his hand, followed Harvey into the precinct. She glanced back at me, and I saw a dark, troubled look on her face. She touched her throat and rubbed it, clearing her throat.

Lieutenant Sage came up to the car on Bruce's side. "We just got reports of shootings at one of your hotels," he said. "What happened?"

"We'll be back," said Bruce smoothly. "I'd rather not be in the open. Not unless your car is bulletproof, Tom."

"It's not the Batman's fancy tank, if that's what your asking," said Tom dryly.

Sage's jaw tightened. "Fine. Tomorrow. In my office." He turned sharply and barked an order to Lawrence, who was already getting cops ready to go on scene at the hotel.

Tom wheeled out of the precinct and sped out towards the Palisades. The ride back was quiet.

"For a playboy billionaire, you seem to get yourself into some deep trouble, Brucie," said Tom.

"You don't know the half of it," muttered Bruce.

Tom shot him a sideways glance. "Haven't been back more than a couple months and I'm already worried about you. Anything going on? Why would a hit assassin be targeting you?"

"I don't know."

"No secret mob deals, huh?"

"No." Bruce rubbed his unshaven chin. "I have been an active supporter of Commissioner Gordon, so that's a possibility."

"Could be. How you holding up, Diana?" Tom said to me.

I met his steady green eyes in the mirror. "I've been better," I said weakly.

"I'm sure."

We finally reached the imposing gates of Wayne Manor. Bruce offered to let Tom stay, but the doctor kindly refused.

"Raincheck," he said. "How about tomorrow? I don't do this, but I'll make a house-call. You both should get checked out."

"I'm fine," I said faintly. Bruce reached out and took my hand in his, squeezing lightly.

"Calling your BS, Diana," said Tom shrewdly. "Tomorrow it is. You two be safe, all right?"

"Will do," said Bruce with a nod. "Thank you, Tom. See you tomorrow."

"Until then." Tom shook his hand and drove away, disappearing around one of the rolling green hills.

Bruce's hand tightened; I had never seen him look so angry.

"I'm done," he said in a low growl. "This is war, Diana."

"I know," I said, startled.

"Time to find Deadshot." I had never heard his voice so icy. "Let's get to work."

All pretense of weakness thrown aside, we hurried down into the cave.

Dick Grayson

The second he heard about another Deadshot attack from Grams, he nearly burst out the door, Robin suit only half on. But Alfred yanked him back by his collar, demanding that he stay put until further notice.

"You do realize," said Alfred, "That your parents are very likely the best fighters in the world. I'm sure they can handle one assassin."

"But -"

"While I do realize that you are eager to return to the field, Master Dick," said Alfred dryly, "You're still my grandson and not going anywhere until your parents return."

Despite the situation, Dick guffawed. "Master Dick?"

"Term of endearment. Don't expect it to be a regular occurrence." Alfred ruffled his hair and returned to the elevator.

Dick sat in the computer chair glumly, reading report after report of the attack on the hotel restaurant. Not too long after, Diana and Bruce entered, more than a little peeved.

"Suit up," barked Bruce, already throwing off his sweater. "We're going after Deadshot."

"Bruce," said Diana, startled, "Dick doesn't need to come for this. You and I can handle it."

"So can he."

"Yeah, I can!" argued Dick, jumping out of his chair.


"Princess, he's faced plenty of men with guns before. He needs the experience. Suit up."

Dick was already racing to throw on the rest of his suit.

"Where's Cass?" demanded Bruce.

"Upstairs with B," said Dick. He reddened. "Babs, I mean. Y'know, Barbara Gordon." He caught Diana's eye and looked away quickly, but not before he saw her lips curling upwards in a smile.

"Get them both down here."

"Yes, sir." Robin gave a loose salute and dashed into the elevator. He found Barbara and Cass in the living room, Barbara teaching Cass something about computers. Boring stuff. "Hey, you two. Come on, we need you in the cave."

"I haven't seen the cave yet," said Barbara, excited. "Are you parents okay?"

"Yep, just pissed off."

Cass socked him.

"Ow! Geez, sis, what? Pissed off isn't that bad language."

"You two behave," muttered Barbara, wheeling into the elevator.

When they reached the cave, both parents were already suited up and in front of the computer.

"I'm thinking bait," said Diana.

"No," growled Bruce.

"Bruce - "

"Deadshot isn't working alone. We have several assassins after our heads, Princess. I'm not using anyone, including you, as bait."

"I'll be bait," offered Dick.

"No," said Diana and Bruce together.

"But if they come after me, you guys will be right there!"

"No," his adopted parents repeated.

"Aw, come on! I've been training for months now!"

"No," his parents repeated.

"We need a different plan of action," said Diana. "They want to come after us, fine. We'll go after them first."

"I agree," said Batman, rubbing his unshaven chin. "We can split up in teams, draw out their fire. You and Batgirl take half, Robin and I will take the others."

Diana straightened, put her hands on her hips, and smirked. "Boys against girls, hm? I think we know who'll win." She grinned at her son.

Robin grinned. "You're on."

"This is not a contest," growled Bruce.

"Whatever you say. You take out four assassins, we take out the other four assassins. If either of us needs help, we meet in the middle."

"Diana, we just got shot at."

"So? Let's find out more about this Deadshot. You're the detective, Batman," said Diana pointedly. "Let's do some digging."

Batman looked at her and put on his cowl, rising to his feet. "Floyd Lawton is a well-paid assassin. There are only a handful of hotels he'd stay at. He's nothing if not arrogant. He thinks he can take us on and win. We'll start by going to his known clients." He turned to Barbara. "You're in control of the system tonight," he said. "Feel up to it?"

"Yes, sir," said Barbara, rolling up to the computer screen.

He handed her an earcom. "This will connect you to all of us. You can monitor our positions here. Look for the assassins. You have full access to all cameras in and outside the city."

"I can manage," said Barbara. "I'm good at hacking." She reddened.

"If you can pinpoint any of these peoples' locations, do it," ordered Batman gruffly, pointing to the assassins' profiles onscreen.

"Will do," said Barbara, already tapping away on the computer.

Diana frowned. "What about Maroni? He's sulking away in his cell. I could use the lasso, figure out who's really behind this."

Batman nodded. "You go for Maroni, I'll go after Deadshot. And there's another problem - Deathstroke."

"They sound the same," Diana muttered, rubbing her eyes. "Ridiculous."

Batman's lens raised slightly. "Deathstroke was a government experiment. He's got meta-human strength. Not to mention that Cheetah woman, who was giving you a hard time. We need to play this smart, under the radar."

"So... no bait, find them first?"

"I think that would be best," Batman agreed.

Dick slipped on his mask and adjusted his cape. It'd been recently adjusted by Lucius and Bruce to help him glide, like Bruce's did. Still, he preferred having Diana fly him. He snickered at the thought of Bruce being held up by his arms, having Diana fly him around.

"Something funny, son?" Batman stared him down.

Robin schooled his features. "Nope. Not at all."

Diana looked shrewdly at Bruce.

"Wait. Before we go out, I need to know something. What do you know about Dinah Lance?"

Who was Dinah Lance?

"You know something about her," Diana accused.

Batman paused. "I know she's a meta-human. I know she was involved with an incident that involved her abilities, and she left Star City because of it. She was with..." And his voice grew dry, "Oliver Queen before coming here. Her father's a famous Gotham detective, actually. She moved to Star City a few years ago to get a job at a law firm, but she's come back here with Dent."

"Oliver Queen?" Her nose wrinkled. "I thought she was smarter than that. He's a good guy, I mean..."

"He's a self-obsessed idiot," Bruce said plainly. "Decent fighting skills, I'll give him that."

"A lot, coming from you." Diana changed into her suit; which, to Dick's surprise, was slightly different from her normal suit. Her chest and upper arms were covered completely with black to a small collar.

Batman's lenses narrowed. "That's a change."

"Not much, but it helps. More coverage," she said with a raised brow.

Batman simply jumped into the Tumbler, followed quickly by Robin, who snagged the front seat. As the roof closed over them, he waved good-bye to Diana and Cassie, who were already flying out of the cave.

"Man, they got a head start!" Robin muttered, folding his arms over his chest.

Batman shot him a glare and slammed his foot down on the gas. They burst out of the cave and into the night.

"This isn't a competition," growled Batman.

Robin smirked. "Sure thing, Batman."

Salvatore Maroni

"Hey, Maroni. You got a visitor." The prison guard stepped aside to let the stranger enter as he pocketed a wad of cash.

Maroni scoffed. "If it's my wife, tell 'er I'm dead."

"I'll be sure to let her know," came a deep voice.

Maroni looked up and sneered at the newcomer. "You. You set me up."

"You did just fine getting caught on your own," said the man smoothly. "But I'm here to help."

"I don't want your help!" snarled Maroni, rising to his feet. "Those hit men you put out are worthless! They ain't even touched the Bat!"

"They're getting closer each time," replied the other. "Sometimes it takes little bites to wear the enemy down. Sometimes you have to break them."

"And how do you do that?"

"There are other ways. But I'm not here about them. I'm here about your trial."

"Sending flowers?" sneered Maroni.

"No. Something better. Dent is not a man to be taken lightly. He's a bulldog. He'll get you, and you'll be locked down for life. But..." He leaned closer. "Check underneath the stand at the trial. Use it when he gets close."

"What? Use what? What the hell are you talking about?"

But the lights flickered, and the man had disappeared.

Maroni exchanged glances with the guard.


"You said it, Boss," muttered the guard.

Dinah Lance

She was an idiot. An actual idiot. She'd done it again. She couldn't believe she'd let herself do it again. After everything, after packing up and moving to Gotham because of the first incident... Now this. She'd let herself out in the open. Oh, hell, what if Wayne or Diana had seen her? It'd been instinct; as soon as the bullets came down, she let loose her cry to distract the assassin. Anyone within a mile would've heard her.

Oh, hell.

Dinah rubbed her throat and sank against her door as she shut it behind her. She sighed, more weary and frustrated than she had in a while. Her phone rang, but she decidedly ignored it and entered the kitchen.

"Chocolate," she muttered. "And wine. Need it."

Distracted by the promise of chocolate and wine, she just let the phone go to the machine.

"This is Dinah Lance. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you."


Dinah froze.

"It's... it's me. Ollie." A sigh on the other end. "I know you're screening calls. Don't ask how I got this number. I know what you're thinking. But listen... I'm not calling to get you back. Or to bug you... I just wanted to... to see how you were doing. And if you're all right. Well. I hope you're okay. Call me back. If, you know, you want to." Another pause. "Bye. I lo-" And he cut himself off. "Bye."

Dinah sank down onto the couch and put her head in her hands.

Not five minutes later, Harvey called asking her to dinner. The last thing she needed. She reluctantly took the call, hoping Harvey would distract her from her darker thoughts and regrets, but soon enough, he only made things worse.

"We need to go over Maroni's trial," he said.

"Oh. All right," she said, distracted. She was not in the mood.

"Hey. You okay?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Just tired."

"I'll let you get some sleep."

"See you tomorrow," she said automatically.

"Yeah, yeah. Oh, hey, listen... after dinner... would you want to see a movie?"

Dinah froze.

"It wouldn't be a date or anything," Harvey added hastily. "Just a friendly night out."

She was pretty sure he wanted more than a friendly night out. She'd been getting hints from him for the past few weeks. "Um..."

And her cell buzzed. Diana.

"Harvey, I'd love to... but I've already made plans."

"Oh, right. Well, just dinner then?"


"I'll see you tomorrow then. Night, Di."

"Goodnight, Harvey." And she put down the phone. Picked up her cell. "Diana? Are you free tomorrow night?"


I've had some concerns about Diana's behavior. But I think that's a good thing. She's not perfect, and she is going through an emotional and psychological struggle. But we're definitely going to be getting more into Bruce's head; so I'll be doing his POV more often. There's just a lot going on!

- Christy