Author's Notes: Hello to you fans of Total Drama fan-fiction, both those who have read some of my stuff already and those who haven't!

This story is both my first attempt at a crossover story and it was my first go at writing some of the original contestants. Here's the basic premise of the story: The Total Drama Jumbo Jet is forced down over the Atlantic Ocean. Cody, Courtney, Gwen, and Noah get separated from the rest of the remaining contestants. They discover the gateway to something different. The gateway to the impossible. The gateway to…Rapture! From there, the must survive the events of the first Bioshock. And not just physically mind you, but also psychologically and philosophically.

I'll likely talk about these points in future chapters but here are a few key things to keep in mind about this story. One, these four characters were chosen not because they are my favorites (though most of them are) but because they all would have unique personalities and reactions to the horrors of Rapture. Two, this is a Total Drama crossover with the first Bioshock so Bioshock 2 will either be unacknowledged or any references to it will be small and of little importance (because while I know of most of that game's plot, I've never actually played it). Three, in addition to making it out alive, all four of them will be forced to face their worst fears, to question there most deeply held beliefs, and to depend on each other. Four, many of the details that I will use to describe the people and elements of Rapture will be based on those found in John Shirley's book "Bioshock: Rapture". If you are a fan of Bioshock, I can't recommend this prequel to the games enough!

I'll have more to say in the endnotes but I think this is enough for the opening chapter.

Now then, here's the first chapter of "Total Drama Raptured": Still You Are Blest

Deep rumblings and the movements of various parts formed a faint background score as the Total Drama Jumbo Jet flew, however hazardously, over the wide waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Unthinkingly, other sounds added to this symphony of the unintentional. These sounds were snores and slumbering grunts from the Economy Class section, the by-products of exhaustion and annoyance. Both feelings were very understandable.

Even by the standards of Total Drama, the events that transpired on the island of Jamaica were bizarre and taxing. After a truly unanticipated series of events, two contestants were eliminated from the game in ways that made them precedents. Izzy, the wild redhead, became the first contestant in Total Drama to be eliminated due to a medical injury. More specifically, having the whole bloody Jumbo Jet fall right on top of her head! DJ, the gentle giant, became the first member to be the last member of a team eliminated. His brief yet painful trip out of the Drop of Shame was the death bell for the ironically named Team Victory.

Even after all of that, the plane was grounded in Jamaica due to Chris' wasteful ways. It was only thanks to the intervention of those no longer in the game and the destruction of an entire recording studio (which Owen lamented not being there for) that this Spruce Goose imitator left the sparkling waters and white beaches of the tropical island.

All of the contestants, winner or loser in Jamaica, were forced into the dreaded Economy Class. As a result, the nine teenagers slept in this dirty and depressing section. Even in sleep, the adolescents stuck to the divisions based on team.

On the right of the plane, the four women and one man of Team Amazon slumbered.

Slumped in the corner to the right, Heather slept, as she remained throughout this season, alone.

Closer to the middle of the right-hand side, Gwen and Courtney tried to recover for whatever madness came next mere feet from each other. The two hadn't buried the hatchet between them based on Courtney's suspicions of Gwen trying to steal Duncan. Therefore, this was more based on mutual contempt for the others on their team. Both of them had valid reasons for hating Heather and both found Sierra beyond annoying.

Looking to their left, one found the borderline psychotic stalker. Even in deep sleep, Sierra was living up to her title of the Obsessive Uber-Fan. Her arms were wrapped around the object of her obsession, Cody, as if they were boa constrictors.

But unlike the real deal, these boa constrictors loosened their grip on Cody. As the techno-geek looked around half-asleep after falling flat on his face, he noticed his freedom and the reason for it. It seems that in her sleep Sierra had grabbed her own backpack thinking it was Cody. With her complementing "Cody" on how nice his deodorant smelled, the real Cody realized that this may have been because that the tall, tan, purple-haired girl had taken so many of his possessions that his odor remained.

Even in this sluggish state, Cody was correctly crept out by the whole notion. His mind was telling him to get as far away from this girl as possible but his legs only had enough energy to bring him to the large space in-between Gwen and Heather.

As Cody looked with half-closed eyes, he saw a divine, dark angel, her pale skin contrasting her dark clothing and hair. And add to that that she was smart, capable, and independent; and you had Cody's dream girl. But for once Cody didn't dwell on this. He was too tired. So, after smiling for a second about being near Gwen, Cody fell into a deep sleep in the knowledge that he had a reprieve from Sierra, if only temporarily.

On the left side of the plane were the four men who made up Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Not presenting a masquerade to anyone, Alejandro slept with a smile most unpleasant, likely celebrating in secret how he pulled the strings that resulted in DJ's elimination. DJ was just one more dimwitted domino on the pile…nothing more. He now joined Harold, Bridgette, and LeShawna on the list of those who fell prey to Alejandro's schemes.

The Latino's despised enemy, the obese Owen, showed a blissful face. If one listened closely, one could hear faint mumblings about giant donuts being flown by helicopters.

Mistakenly, the two remaining teenagers on Team Chris were using their friend's many rolls of fat as a makeshift pillow/mattress.

Tyler, the accident-prone jock in red sweat clothes, was sleeping perfectly. That would have be soiled if he realized that he was cuddling some of Owen's fat tenderly as he mumbled some pillow talk clearly meant for Lindsay…at least, it was hopefully for her.

The other teenager, Noah, was not having a good night's sleep. He rarely did.

As he struggled to remain asleep, something came to Noah from the rafters. As it's tiny paws scurried along rusted metal covered in a faint coating of grime, the something came into the light. It was a rat but not just any old jumbo jet variety rat. No, this rat was the same rat that had fallen into Noah's mouth previously when he tried to sleep in Economy.

For reasons unknowable to human minds, the rodent decided to take a swan drive into the cynical bookworm's open mouth once again.

Eyes bugging open at feeling the furry invader, Noah reacted with even greater horror when he realized that he was caressing another man. The last thing he needed was more "evidence" that he was gay. The yaoi fan girls didn't need any more encouragement!

Remembering the uninvited guest clawing away in his mouth, the bookworm spit the vermin out. Hitting the floor covered in saliva, the rodent oddly enough stuck around and wouldn't take its beady little eyes off of Noah. Still tired and now annoyed, Noah spoke to the small gnawing mammal.

"What do you want from me plague-carrier? Does my mouth reek of cheddar? Do my tonsils bear more than passing resemblance to Gouda? Can you answer me that 'Jerry'?"

All the answer Noah got was 'Jerry' staring up at him with dumbfounded eyes, not understanding what the bookworm was asking.

Realizing this, Noah couldn't help but remember a few lines from one of the countless books he had read over the course of his life. As it pertained not only to the mouse before him but also to those competing in this game of insanity that called itself Total Drama World Tour. Noah repeated the prose of the poem, To a Mouse, in his mind.

'Still you are blest, compared with me…The present only touches you…But oh. I backward cast my eye…On prospects dreary…And forward, though I cannot see…I guess and fear.'

This was proven as suddenly Owen's legendary gut began to rubble. While the mouse had the common sense to run away as fast as it's tiny legs would carry it, Noah remained frozen with fear, guessing what was about to happen next.

He got his answer when the space around him became enshrouded in a thick putrid green gas, accompanied by the roaring and bombastic thunder of heavy human flatulence.

As the revolting vapors started spreading outward, Noah frantically looked around, hoping for an escape. He first turned his attention towards the other spaces on the left side of the plane. But two factors kept him from sitting down among his team.

One, this side of the plane was rapidly being covered in Owen's butt blasts. Two, Noah didn't care for the company very much. He couldn't help but comment on each of the sleeping members of his team, in his own mind that is.

He first looked at the normally loveable leviathan.

'Owen may be a friend but right now he's acting like a living gas chamber. I'm too tired to be politically correct!'

Then Noah turned his attention to Tyler.

'Tyler's not only a jock but he's mumbling about how it's ok for "Lindsay" to fart in front of him. While touching for her its just as sickening as the fumes filling the air.'

Lastly, Noah's eyes fell on the sleeping Latin boy.

'And don't even get me started on Alejandro! My growing suspicions of him were very recently proven correct while we were stuck in Jamaica. Maybe I can convince Owen and Tyler to vote him off at our next destination? Assuming I live through tonight of course.'

That left the right side of the plane. It only looked slightly more appealing than the left. For one thing, the ends contained Heather, the nastiest girl Noah had ever met (minus a few of his sisters) and Sierra, a girl who made Izzy (Izzy of all people!) look calm and reasonable by comparison.

And then there was Gwen and Courtney in the center. While both certainly had their pluses and were quite beautiful, they also had nasty tempers and the last time Noah checked they still hated each other. He wasn't certain of this since he was never near them during a challenge but he didn't feel like risking it by going near either of them.

Then Noah had a realization that only left sleeping near…HIM!

Don't get Noah wrong; he didn't know Cody well enough to truly hate him. Because of his self-taught habits of not interacting with others unless they were characters on the printed page, Noah only knew a little about Cody. What Noah knew was that Cody had (and still does have) it bad for Gwen, wanted and got her bra, and let Trent have Gwen to make her happy. All and all, probably not such a bad guy. At least after when one realized that all people are sad, sick little creatures, like Noah had.

Sadly though, there was also THAT WHICH SHALL NEVER BE NAMED! One involuntary action on Noah's part while asleep near Cody became the bane of his very existence ever since. The last thing he would want would be for lightning to strike twice.

So Noah had a choice to make: either sleep near Cody again or die from Owen's gas?

The choice was easy.

Noah sat back down on the left side of the plane with his face not turned towards Owen, trying to fall asleep even as the air became less and less breathable.

This only lasted a few seconds however as a second even stronger fart from Owen forced Noah's hand.

Groaning inaudible curses under his defeated breathe, the bookworm dragged himself across to the other side of the plane so that he was in-between Heather and Cody.

'Why is the universe so hell-bend on making me appear to be gay!?' Noah thought to himself before turning so that he was facing Heather and trying to fall asleep.

Before retreating into slumbers' temporary kingdom, many of the teenagers wondered why the victorious Team Amazon had been forced into the Economy Class. They still didn't know why but it turns out that Chris MacLean had found the now feral Ezekiel on the plane and was planning to use him in the next challenge, with the former home-schooled teenager enjoying first class as a guarantee of his cooperation. The next spot on the map on Chris' itinerary was merry old London; where fore mentioned feral teenager was to imitate famous Victorian era serial killer Jack the Ripper with the contestants pursuing him as he pursued them.

But the contestants would not reach London. Not walk along its cobblestone streets. Not feel the near omnipresent downpour on their heads and the equally enteral fog at their feet. Not partake in the local delicacies of lark tongues, black pudding, or eel pie (and other foods not disgusting to Americans despite them eating things just as nasty).

Fate had something else in mind. It was not in the cards for the ghost of the Whitechapel Murderer to appear before the teenagers. Some of those in the Economy Class would be facing ghosts of the past soon enough. But these would be ghosts who would bleed.

All of those in the Economy Class were dreaming sweet dreams without care, when the Great Chain caught some of those sleeping in its gilded and rusty snare.


What had happened!?

No one could say. There were only three things that everyone knew for certain: something had exploded outside of the airplane, that same airplane was rapidly falling towards the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and there was now a gaping hole in the Economy Class section.

As everyone on-board was justifiably panicking, one person was doing so more than anyone else. That same person was on the outside of the plane, holding on for dear life, and was slowly crawling his way towards the hole to get back inside of the plane. The person was someone who often thought of himself as the universe's punching bag: Noah.

Feeling the wet winds rush past and spray his cold body and slowly hearing the frightened screams of those inside of the plane, Noah was so tempted to give God the finger. Only deciding not to because he didn't dare take his hands off of the plane. The bookworm had no idea how he was even holding on to the plane, giving the speed at which the plane was falling Noah's arms should have been ripped from his body. But he wasn't complaining, at least not as much as he wanted to given the current situation.

After all, as soon as the explosion happened three other people were sucked out of the hole at great speed because of the air pressure. It was only because of his not very deep sleep that Noah reacted quickly enough to grab the outside of the plane.

Clawing his way towards the hole one tightened grab on hard and cold metal at a time, Noah's mind was a buzz with thinking of all of the possible things he could have done in a past life that merited him suffering so much in this one.

'Maybe I was a Hindu who ate nothing but sacred cows? Perhaps I was a child molester? Could I have been a member of a boy band or the staff that helped build the atomic bomb? Did I give Stephenie Meyer the idea for "Twilight" when she was a child? If that last one is true then I'm not being punished enough!'

Contemplating his possible part in a past life towards the creation of sparkly vampires, Noah had finally reached the hole. Almost joyful at being so close to safety, the universe took another jab at its favorite punching bag. A jab that was massive, soft, and white with a green bottom. It seems that somehow Owen was placed in front of the hole and was now covering it up.

After cursing wildly in winds louder than his enraged voice, Noah began furiously pounding the human ball of dough with a single balled-up fist.

"Owen! Do you know what you are? JUST A FAT SON OF BI-AYIYAYIAAH!"

The bitter bookworm never got the chance to finish that insult because at the "BI-" Owen let out let another of his legendary farts…right in to Noah's insulting mouth. Coughing for a second and putting his hands over his nose in a pitiful attempt to shield it from the smell, Noah took his hands off of the plane.

After literally staying in the exact same spot for a moment, just long enough for Noah to look at his hands and then look at that the airplane before realizing what he just did, the cynic was sent flying into the sheer black of the night sky (resulting in the "-AYIYAYIAAH").

As he began falling into towards the night black currents of a sea stronger than any man, Noah looked up at the still falling Jumbo Jet. The flaming exterior made what would otherwise be un-seeable in the jet-black sky stand out in all of its sad and unwanted glory. Noah thought of those on that plane, thought about the terror and uncertainly likely gripping those inside of that gaudy gizmo.

And yet Noah couldn't help but form a small smirk on his frightened face. Right before his lightweight frame splashed into the dark and indifferent tide, a thought entered his head in relation to those on the plane.

'Still you are blest, compared with me…'

Ok, and there you have it…my first attempt at writing a Total Drama crossover story! As I said at the beginning, I have a few more things I wish to say here for you.

Those you who have read "Mad Mikey" have likely already noticed this but one of my many goals with this story and the other two that will be published at around the same time is much shorter chapters! While I do think that long chapters work best for "Mad Mikey", it will be nice to have stories that hopefully won't take nearly as long to write and update.

In keeping with the atmosphere and tone of the first Bioshock, this story will be a dark and intelligent story in which the Total Drama characters will have to struggle with and endure forces dangerous and totally unfound in Total Drama and reality in general. Again, those of you who have read "Mad Mikey" shouldn't be shocked.

Just like the other two stories that will be publish around the time this one is, this story will not be my primary concern as a fan-fiction writer. That honor belongs to "Mad Mikey", which I highly encourage you to read even if you don't like most M stories. The reason is because that story was only made M with the last chapter. But please know that I am thinking about this story and the others as well. It's simply that I'll focus more on "Mad Mikey" first. So while updates will happen for this story, they will not be my main concern. Plus, to make you feel better about this, the next three chapters for this story are almost fully written and will be posted over the next week or so unless something comes along and messes up that plan.

Also, if you like what you see, please give "Mad Mikey" and the story "Total Drama: What is Real?" by theGunmaster (which I'm a co-author on) a try! Both stories are awesome and deserving of your time…at least I think so. :)

Being that this story is an M rated crossover with a video game that (though popular and rightly acclaimed as a masterpiece) was released in 2007, I'm not anticipating many reviews. So, to those of you who will read and hopefully like this story, please: read, review, alert, favor, and spread the word!