written by Phoenix

I do not own Legolas or any characters featured in LOTR (as if you didn't know that). I make no material profit from this.


It's a strange thing, isn't it? Can persuade us to do all sorts of things, even make us ill, with awful conditions such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (*AN: Which I suffer from, actually). There are all kinds of fear, such as fear of heights, or spiders. Some are worse than others.


I pride myself on being scared of nothing. I, Legolas, am fearless - let it be known. I am strong in the face of anything. I fight, abandoning anything which may hold me back. Yes, I am fearless, most definetly.


I'm not lying.

Okay, okay, so maybe I have a tiny fear of spiders. But doesn't everyone? They're horrible. They have too many legs, and they're just frightening. What if you woke up, and one was crawling all over you? Eurghh. Anyway, apart from spiders, I'm fearless. Utterly fearless, and that is no lie. I can shoot anything that threatens me down with arrows. Besides, I'm an elf. It would take alot to harm me. So, yes, apart from spiders, I'm scared of nothing.


Nothing at all.

Well. I sort of don't like the dark. I mean, you can't see anything. Anybody could be sneaking up on you, trying to kill you, or worse, mess up your face. Of course, I'm not that scared. It's just that it's a little disconcerting to be alone, in the dark. It's the perfect hiding place, and anyway, spiders like the dark, and they could sneak up and on to your head and all over you and lay eggs and the eggs would hatch and MORE spiders would crawl all over you. But, apart from the dark and spiders, I'm not scared of anything.


We're clear. I'm not scared of anything.

Except … okay, heights. What if you were on a cliff, and fell off and this big, dark pit full of spiders was below you and you fell into it, and then everyone laughed, the floor of the pit caved in and you fell AGAIN into another pit with tarantulas and black widow spiders everywhere and THEY crawled all over you but you couldn't see them so you couldn't kill them?

And, also …

I don't like snakes. They can strangle you, and they poison you and wind themselves around you. It's fine though. Frodo says he's scared of snakes too. Then again, Frodo's scared of pretty much everything. He's scared of bats too. Of course, so am I … they bite you, for God's sake! They flap around and suck your blood!

I don't like Aragorn's sword much either (not that sword). It's sharp. What if it slipped out of his hand and stabbed me by accident? And Gandalf can be pretty scary too … and Merry and Pippin …

I think I need some help.