Hey so this is my first story. Katniss and Peeta paring in the end! hope you enjoy it!

(Peeta's POV)

I walk into the bakery and stand in line. The list given by my father replays in my head: 3 loaves of honey bread, a dozen crescent rolls and 2 jugs of flour. It's usually busy but it's packed in here.

"Next!" The baker yells. A girl about my age with straight raven hair and a boy with blond hair steps up. The girl waves her hands and the boy focus on her motions.

"1 loaf and a roll," the boy translates.

"Fine, $10.50," the bakery says. The girl turns around and I see her beautiful face, her piercing silver eyes and olive skin. The boy grabs the bags. "Katniss, let's go," the boy orders. She turns around and her eyes catch mine. I step up to the counter and order. I take my items and run to follow her out. I catch up to them at a cross walk. "Hello," I say. The girl turns around and smiles and waves.

"I'm Peeta, who are you?" I ask offering my hands. She motions something.

"I'm Cato and we have to go," the boy, Cato, says.

"I'll see you around." I walk away and towards the justice building. That's where the mayor lives, or my dad.

"Dad, I'm home!" I yell setting the bags on the table. I run into his study.

"Ah, Peeta, did you get the groceries?" He says looking up.

"Yes. They are on the table. You have record of who moves into the District, right?" I ask him.

"Peeta, that's confidential. Why do you want to know?" He questions.

"I saw this one girl at the bakery that I've never seen before. Her name is Katniss and I think she's deaf. Please, I want to know if she's in my class or who she lives with!" I beg him. He sighs in defeat, "Alright. Wait outside." I smile and walk out into the hall. I think about Katniss and the boy pops into my head. He must be at least 19, 2 years older than me. They can't be siblings, but cousins maybe. My dad emerges and hands me the file. I run into my room and open it.

Katniss M. Everdeen and Cato Ludwig.

Living at 246- Seam

Boring, I flip and find a page about her.

17 years old

Black hair, grey eyes, 5'2" and unable to speak

Unable to speak? So she isn't deaf? I fold it up and walk back to my dad.

"Here," I hand it over.

"Find what you're looking for?" He asks putting back in the cabinet.

"Sorta. Is it possible for someone to be mute?" I tell him.

"Yes and why? Is Katniss mute? Or deaf?" He explains.

I nod.

"Well, that is a shame. You should talk to her tomorrow at school."

I close my locker and a finger taps my shoulder. I turn around and Katniss stands there. She hands me a note: "Hi Peeta. Could you help me with my schedule?" She holds out her schedule and points to 4th period: Biology

"Okay. It's down the hall and to your right. 2nd door to the left," I point. She smiles writes on another note to me: "Thank you. When is your lunch period?"

"5th. When's yours?" I tell her.

Another note: "Great! Would you mind sitting with me? No one will 'talk' to the new mute girl."

"Sure, I like being with you," I smile. She smiles too and walks to her next class.