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(Peeta's POV)

I wake up to someone tapping my shoulder, "Katniss, stop," I whine. "Mr. Mellark?" An older voice says. I rub open my eyes, careful not to wake Katniss and look up. Mrs. Undersee stands there looking freaked out, probably the fact of Katniss and me asleep in the same bed.

"Hello," I say calmly. I shake Katniss awake. Her back is turned to Loretta so she grabs my shirt collar and gives me a big, passionate kiss. "Loretta behind you," I whisper to her. She blushes as she turns around and waves.

"Hi Katniss, question honey, did you and Peeta do anything.

"No! We just feel asleep, no sex!" I say for her trying not to laugh. She smiles.

"Alright. I'll call your father, Peeta. He was worried," she says leaving. I thank her and look at Katniss.

'Creeper,' she signs. I give her a look of shut up. She kisses my cheek and falls back asleep. I grin and grab my phone, almost noon. I have to be home soon but then I'll wake Katniss again. I settle back down and breathe in the sweet smell of her silky hair.

I wait outside the courthouse, pacing back and forth in front of the steps. Today is Cato's trial. It won't be hard to prove but it's legally mandated we have to give him a trial. After 15 minutes of waiting I begin to worry, I called her, no answer. They can't start the trial without her so I hurry to her house. I knock on the door and it opens instantly. "Peeta, thank God your here!" Madge say pulling me in the house. "Hi Madge, um where's Katniss? She's needed at the courthouse," I say scanning around for her.

"She won't come out of the room. She keeps signing extremely fast and pacing around the room. I caught something on the lines of 'Courthouse and anger'." She says pulling me to their room. I know what this is, her anxiety. "Katniss, Peeta is here," Madge says knocking on the door. She responds by kicking o punching the door. I lightly push Madge out of the way, "Come on babe. Let me in." No response. "Madge has she mentioned anything about anxiety pills?" I ask her. She shakes her head, "No." Then the door opens slightly. I slide in. I yank open a drawer and fumble for a pill bottle. It's not there. I grab her shoulders, "Kat, where are your pills?" I ask. 'I ran out. I think and Cato always ordered them for me!' She signs.

"Do you have any extra?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "Not in your book-bag or bathroom bag?"


I grab her bag off the bed and search for it. I find a little plastic bag with 1 small purple pill.

"Is this what they look like?" I ask holding it up to her. She nods without even looking, 'I usually take 2!' She whines. "1 will have to do, come on," I say coaxing it into her mouth. She swallows and hugs me tight. I rub her back, "It's alright. I'll be with you the entire time." She's obviously nervous about seeing Cato again. Suddenly her breathing becomes light and breathless. "Katniss, babe you all right?!" I ask as the color drains from her face. She has enough strength left to sign 'No' before her eyes roll back and her body goes limp. "Kat! Please!" I beg. She's still breathing. "Madge!" I holler. She runs in. "She-she fainted," I manage to choke out. "Hospital, forget the trial," she says. I cradle her in my arms as Madge grabs other things. At the hospital she's rushed into the emergency room and we have to wait in the waiting room. Madge obviously sees me shaking and sets her hand softly on my arm. "She'll be alright. If she could have stayed up during those years she can get through an anxiety attack," she smiles.

"But the pills need at least 2 hours to set in. That's why she takes them in the morning. 2. I only found 1. What if she goes into a coma or worse! It's my fault!" I protest.

"It's fine. And it's not your fault. If it's anyone's it Cato's, relax."

I nod and wait. My dad calls wanting to know why we didn't come to the trial and I tell him everything. He agrees and has the date move to whenever Katniss is well enough to attend. I push open the door and there she sits, smiling and happy. 'Hi Peeta,' she signs. I embrace her in a hug, "How ya feeling?" I ask her.

'Fine. I think the doctor wants to talk to you,' she points to the woman in the comer with a file. I nod and kiss her cheek.

"Katniss said you wanted to see me?" I ask her. She looks up, "Ah yes! Katniss is fine and we found something great. The reason she couldn't talk before was that her 'voice-box' never was developed but as the years passed it has become just that." I'm breathless.

"She can talk?" I ask her.

"She has the ability to make noise but it might be years for her to be able to hold and hear able conversation. But there's hope." She smiles, "We advise her to start taking speech therapy but continue to sign."

I am in the sky.

5 years later

(Katniss' POV) I sit on the couch and wait for Peeta to come home. It's been 4 years since me and Peeta got married. I've been able to conger up small little sentences over the years but I still sign regularly. Cato has been released about 2 years ago. I'm still slightly afraid of him but I can sit, with Peeta at my side, and have a normal conversation with him. I'm pretty lucky. Going from a girl who couldn't speak and was sent to a world of abuse to a woman of 22 who is learning to speak and married to the nod wonderful man is an accomplishment. I also figured something out; I was never really muted at all. I was just afraid to hear what my voice had to say.

Thank you all for the reviews and other stuffs. Hope you enjoyed it cause I did. Thanks again :)