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April 3, 1995


Wraith technology was strange.

That did not mean it was less powerful by any means; the only race that could even come close to destroying Wraith ships would be the Lanteans when they were at the very height of their power.

But it was still strange. Organic technology, no matter how refined, always had a degree of uncertainty that nonorganic did not, but the benefits of organic components were abundantly clear, as shown by the tests he was currently conducting with the piece of hull that had been brought back to Paradise for analysis.

Harry was currently inside of the same room that had been used to create the magic synthesizer, now converted into a research lab with a sterile field and extensive shielding. The fragment of Wraith hull was only about a meter long, but what was impressive was that when he fed power to it the hull would immediately start regenerating itself. The scans he had taken with Merlin had shown that if they kept on feeding the hull fragment of the hive ship energy, it would eventually be able to recreate the hull of another hive. It would take a tremendous amount of time, but the capability was there for it. And if the scans of the weaponry were any indication, it might even be able to recreate the energy cannons as well. This was the most advanced example of bio-engineering he had ever seen. Even the Lanteans hadn't ventured this far.

This hull fragment was one of several such pieces that he had the cargo ships retrieve. He had already fired several energy pulses from a miniature version of the ship-to-ship turrets used by the Aurora class warships against it to test its resiliency. Depending on the amount of power that he pushed into the hull, it could heal itself quite rapidly.

But what was truly frightening about the hull of the Wraith ship was that there seemed to be no discernible maximum threshold for its energy absorption. He was currently testing a theory by connecting the hull fragment to the type of naquadria power generator currently used for his suit; he had a hunch that if the power provided to the hull was high enough, energy weapons fired upon it would not have any effect on it unless they were powerful enough to overcome the hull's rate of energy absorption and do actual damage.

He wanted to see how compatible the Wraith hull would be with his own ships', especially if he found a way to combine it with the energy diffusion enchantments that were being added to all of their new ships. At the very least, he wanted to figure out how he could replicate the same feat on his ships, even if the technology wasn't at all compatible.

June 5th

When he wasn't working on the Wraith technology, Harry was looking through the information sent from the probes that were strategically distributed throughout the Milky Way galaxy. The one time that he had brought the wizards to Hebridan had made him think of something that was very important if there was to be peace in the galaxy. It was as simple as it was profound: people needed to understand each other.

Every probe that wasn't looking for the Goa'uld was now being upgraded to cloak itself and learn the languages of planets with Stargates, whether they be technologically advanced or agrarian societies. The majority of these planets were in fact agrarian with a relatively low level of technology, most likely being abandoned and left alone by the Goa'uld until somewhat recently, as in the past few hundred years.

Once the language was figured out Harry would place a small cloaked device about the size of a basketball by the stargate itself, out of phase with the rest of the world. The device would activate whenever the stargate did, following the travelers. This was where the true genius of Lantean mental technology would be shown, as the devices would imprint the meanings and intentions behind the words between both parties, making it seem as if each was speaking in their own native language to the other.

After a few months of this he would be able to go explore other planets without having the native people revere him as a god or something equally ridiculous.

Harry shuddered briefly at the memory of the last time he had come through the stargate on another planet. The native people, though seemingly very poor, had laid out a veritable feast for him even with their meager crops. Praises had been sung of his power and godliness(Andrew had laughed himself hoarse at that one) and Harry had left as soon as was completely polite, but not before spreading a nitrate into the soil to help the people with their next season's crop yield.

He knew that doing something like that would only reinforce his image as a god in their eyes, but he couldn't stand to see these people starve merely because of their hospitality.

Harry shook his head and went back to his work. He wanted to look over the data for a few more planets before he and Merlin left on a test run of the improved Ares.

Unfortunately for him, what sounded like an entire orchestra of tone deaf musicians began to play, right outside of the room.

Harry closed his eyes, asking himself for patience, then created a silencing ward on the room. He sighed in relief as the sound went away, only to then hear a scratching sound as a liquid substance seemed to seep through the small cracks in the doorway and reform into a small rat-like object. Harry stared at the display of magic just as the thing seemed to open its mouth and a horrible cacophony of sound began to reverberate around the room. Harry clapped his hands over his ears, placing a small silencing bubble around himself and glaring at the object. This had Sirius' mad genius all over it. Not to mention the resulting annoyance that was his trademark.

The rat sprinted forward, seemingly unhappy that it was being ignored, and grabbed his tablet from where he had left it on the desk. Harry's eye twitched as it ran away again before grabbing onto the stone rat with his telekinesis and snapping its legs and retrieving the tablet. He did not have time for this right now, despite what Sirius thought of him needing to 'have some fun'. He had more than enough fun with the exercise room and his studies but the man could not understand that fact.

He released the silencing field only to replace it a second later when he realized the orchestra from hell was still playing. His hands twitched slightly before he shook his head and had the transporters lock onto the spider and beam it into Andromeda's room. With any luck she would think that it an attempted prank on her and do something nasty to Sirius.

Harry turned back to the desk with a happy sigh, glad that the distraction was finally gone.

In another part of the building, Sirius found himself running from a very irate witch after his prank somehow appeared in her room. If he wasn't so busy dodging the rather nasty looking spells coming from her wand, he would have appreciated Harry's ingenuity in getting him in trouble with his own prank.

Later that day

They appeared in the middle of a large asteroid field devoid of any important strategic materials. Merlin had chosen this place because it would allow them to test the targeting scanners, the weapon yields, and the maneuverability of the ship.

"Full battle scenario, increase power from primary naquadria reactor." Merlin stated clearly. They doubted that the reactor would overload with all the precautions they had taken, but just in case there was a kill switch for the shields in case they would need to be beamed out of the ship and into another.

Harry nodded and manipulated the gel sacs in the control chair arms to activate the primary reactor. The ship carried three such reactors, even though the first would normally be enough to power the weapons systems, the engines and ships systems and the shields. The ship seemed to hum as the increased power flowed through its conduits, surging through the shield emitters and pooling into the weapon capacitors.

"Targeting with main pulse weapons." Harry stated as each of the eight improved main guns targeted the largest asteroids. Their targets were roughly four hundred meters in diameter, a little over half the size of a Ha'tak

Merlin nodded to himself after rolling his eyes at the name Harry insisted on using for the weapons. Harry gave him an innocent look before he fired, watching as the targets were quickly vaporized by the weapons fire.

Harry increased the number of capacitor banks active and targeted another eight asteroids. They wanted to see just how much energy the weapons could channel before they started to become strained. The pulses fired again, this time glowing with a harsher light before striking their targets milliseconds later.

It wasn't until the fourth capacitor bank was added for each weapon that the conduits started to show strain, better than their simulations had predicted. Merlin nodded to himself before he sighed and motioned for Harry to test the engines. The boy was entirely too enthusiastic when flying.

Harry smirked and sank his consciousness into the ship's systems, feeling the power running through its metaphorical veins with a shudder. There was something intoxicating about linking so closely to the ship, to experiencing the universe through the ship's sensors.

Harry increased the shields to full power almost absently noting the reactor increasing its output to compensate. Then he flooded the engines and directed the ship to move forward.

Though it seemed that the ship only had its engines at the rear Harry had also made sure to include a series of inertial engines placed in different sections of the hull. As their name implied they manipulated the inertia of the ship to change its direction. When both engine systems were combined it would make the ship nearly as maneuverable as the Hermes class even with its far larger mass. That reminded him, he would have to add inertial engines to the Hermes the next time they upgraded it.

Harry shot forward, feeling the ships inertial dampeners compensating. The kilometer long ship accelerated incredibly fast, reaching its maximum sub-light speed in only 5.4 seconds. Because of the inertial dampeners, a ship would not be able to simply drift by shutting off its power like the spacecraft earth was using. It would instead begin to slow down as the ship's inertial dampeners removed the kinetic energy from around the ship, an unfortunate side effect of their use.

The Ares was being put through its paces by either suddenly changing the direction in which it was moving or by using the inertial engines to shift itself along one of the dimensional planes. Harry especially enjoyed flipping the ship along its x axis, though the ship itself didn't seem to like it if the spike of what felt like pain was any indication. Of course, this was merely what his brain interpreted increased hull stresses to feel like.

Harry nearly froze when the ship's proximity sensors showed a large energy signature moving through hyperspace at an incredible speed and on a vector to his location. If his sensor readings were right then they were moving close to the speed the Hermes could through hyperspace. There was only one race that could possibly be that fast.

Harry doubted that the Asgard could currently track energy signatures in hyperspace yet, so he quickly had the Ares plot a course to Paradise before Merlin could tell him otherwise. He did not want to meet them yet, given his age and experience.

A few hours after he left the area a single hammerhead shaped ship appeared above the asteroid field, scanning the energy signatures left on the rock fragments. Thor's eyes narrowed slightly at the information being received. The energy signature was very powerful, enough to do significant damage to Goa'uld level shields if not destroying them entirely. Oddly enough the weapons were not a form of magnetically contained energy bolts, but rather a continuous beam. The sheer amount of energy dispersal suggested that there had been a high number of weapons firing simultaneously, with increasing strength each time, as if a ship's new weapons were being tested. That was somewhat worrying.

There was faint evidence of a hyperspace window being opened in the asteroid field a few hours ago, but the exact signature was impossible to isolate with all the interference left by the weapons fire. Thor had the ship finish its scans before turning around and leaving, curious as to which race could have been here. He knew for certain that the weapons were not Goa'uld in origin, but other than that there was no definitive answer to be had.

June 23

Harry was more than annoyed with Sirius at the moment.

He knew that he was constantly busy working on things, but that did not mean that the man had permission to prank him to get him to 'loosen up' as Sirius had put it.

Every day for the past week he had tried to work only for various loud sounds to happen around Paradise. Roars, yowls, and something that sounded suspiciously like an elephant were played nearly every single day, when he was working with Merlin in the Danger room. What was even more irritating was that the sounds somehow bypassed the silencing wards he raised around the room, not even ear protection prevented him from hearing the animals.

If that wasn't enough, his meals would often be animated as soon as they touched his tray, screaming when he tried to eat them. It was very off putting when your ham started squealing and your vegetables grew legs to run away from you.

Sirius fancied himself a prankster of extraordinary talent, but it was never a good idea to prank someone when they had complete control of the place you were living in. Harry smiled sinisterly. He was going to make Sirius understand just why it would be better to target someone else.

Sirius woke up in the arms of his wife, feeling content and happy. Charles was thankfully sleeping soundly in his room, and he looked at his wife tenderly before turning on the shower, setting the water to a nice warm temperature.

The showers were really nice in Paradise, instantly heating the water to just the right temperature, so Sirius spared no thought to just jumping in, only to yelp and jump back out at the freezing water. What the Hell?

Sirius reached into the shower and turned it off before retrying, testing the water again before shaking his head and grabbing a bathrobe along with his clothes for the day. He walked to another of the showers in one of the empty rooms, his wand and clothes in hand.

This shower worked, thankfully, at least for the first minute or so, before suddenly turning freezing cold. Sirius rapidly tried to shut it off, only for the shower to refuse to do so, and so he jumped out of the shower and grabbed his towel, looking for his bathrobe so that he could search for yet another bathroom to take a shower in.

But his bathrobe wasn't there! Sirius rubbed his eyes to check that he was seeing things correctly before opening them again and staring at the pristine bathroom once again. Where the hell were his clothes? And his wand?

Remus was just walking down the hall when he spotted Sirius coming out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist.

"Sirius, what are you doing?"

Sirius froze before looking over at Remus. "My clothes disappeared from the bathroom, and I have to go find them."

"Your clothes disappeared?" Remus deadpanned. Sirius nodded emphatically. "I brought them to this bathroom because my shower was freezing cold, and when I turned this one on, it turned cold right in the bloody middle of my shower!"

"Then why not just use your wand to summon your clothes?" Remus was trying to keep the incredulity from his voice, but if Sirius' face was any indication he was doing a poor job.

"My wand disappeared too, and I know I brought it in with me." Sirius grumbled.

Remus sighed before he took out his wand and cast a drying charm and a summoning charm for Sirius' clothes. Sirius probably left his wand in his room. "Here, get dressed and let's get to breakfast, we can ask Harry about the problems with your shower when we get there."

Unfortunately, Harry was not at the breakfast table. Sirius looked around disappointedly before sighing and heading to get his food.

He grabbed the tray for his food and placed it in the receptacle as he always did, waiting impatiently for it to appear. After nearly a minute of waiting Remus came up to him and frowned. "What's taking you so long Siri? Need some help?"

"It's not working." Sirius grumbled, angrily punching buttons as if it would help him get his food.

Remus froze as what looked like a platter of food formed above Sirius' head. "Um Siri?"

Sirius turned from the machine with an angry glare. "What?"

The food promptly dropped itself on his head.

Remus fought the urge to snicker as Sirius stiffened completely, an arm trembling as it reached for his hair. He did wince at the shriek though, and was surprised at the speed with which Sirius left the room, mumbling something about cleaning his hair. Remus looked at his friend a bit exasperatedly. He would have cleaned up the mess magically if Sirius thought to ask.

After having to grit his teeth through another three cold showers, Sirius decided to just grin and bear it, walking back to his quarters in only a towel (again) and trying the door. It didn't open.

Sirius stared at the automatic doorway before looking up at the ceiling and wailing. "Why does this place hate me so much?"

His wife opened the door, watching his melodramatics with an internal sigh before getting her husband's attention. Sirius gratefully followed her in to grab his clothes. Carolynn shook her head before heading to the cafeteria with Charles, leaving her husband to get redressed. Sirius grumbled to himself as he walked up to the door, almost breaking his nose on it when it didn't open for him automatically. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

He touched the hand sensor, and was not happy when nothing happened.

He ended up having to wait until his wife returned before he could even leave the room.

Sirius was looking wildly around the room at that point, paranoid that something else was going to happen.

So far he had endured cold showers, lost his clothes, been soaked in his food, been chased by a pack of holographic rabid rabbits with pink eyes and then soaked in his food again. He was hungry, and yet dared not even drink the water after all the other things that had happened to him today. Harry was mildly disappointed that he hadn't.

He jumped at the sound of a sharp footstep, only to see Harry standing in front of him.

"Oh thank Merlin, Harry; you have to help me, something is wrong with this place. Doors won't let me through and the showers won't work for me at all." The relief on his face was obvious, as he thought his problems would now be on their way to being fixed.

He was chilled by the innocent looking smile that crossed Harry's face. Far too innocent. "That's too bad Sirius, because I can't really control what Paradise does, only the central computer can."

"Central computer?" Sirius asked. What the hell was Harry talking about?

"Think of her as an artificial consciousness, not as complicated as Merlin of course, but still pretty smart." Harry paused. "You made her pretty annoyed with all the stunts you pulled recently; she thought that it was only fair to return the favor." He barely kept his calm facade from cracking at the blatant BS he was spouting, but Sirius didn't seem to notice.

"How long will...she be doing this?" Sirius trembled slightly as he asked. He didn't know how long he would be able to stand this, even if he had his friends and his wife to help him, they would eventually get tired of cleaning him up. And cleaning spells were no match for a good shower. On top of that he still couldn't find his damn wand!

Harry paused, tilting his head and closing his eyes slightly as if listening to something only he could hear. "She says that she'll stop once you've learned your lesson." He smirked and disappeared, pretending not to hear Sirius' strangled whimper.

By dinnertime Sirius was incredibly paranoid, the locking doors and random attacks by rabid rabbits being especially effective at rattling him. Inwardly Harry thanked Joshua's family for exposing him to some of the more...loopy facets of entertainment such as Monty Python. There was something disturbing about a cute animal like a rabbit actually being a bloodthirsty killer.

Harry was calmly eating his food, watching as Sirius tentatively asked James for some of his food, since the cafeteria machines seemed to just dunk it on his head instead of his tray. Harry watched in amusement as James gave a small sigh and walked over to the machine, asking for a meal. The machine granted it to him and he smiled before bringing it back to Sirius, who tentatively lifted the food to his mouth, only for it to immediately disappear from his fork.

"Oh come on!" Sirius whined, looking up at the ceiling. "I'm sorry alright, please just let me eat my food." He shouted up, not noticing the rather incredulous looks coming his way from the other wizards.

There was no answer.

"Please, oh great and wonderful central computer of Paradise, I surrender myself to your talent, I am unworthy of casting pranks in your presence."

There was still no answer.

Sirius seemed to fold in on himself, looking incredibly dejected as he picked up his fork with some food. He brought it up to his lips and promptly spat it out, glaring at the ceiling.

"Oh come on, what do I have to do to make it stop? Do you want me to stop the pranks or something?"

Harry had the air vibrate with a small chiming sound as if in agreement and Sirius paled. "But I can't stop with the pranks, they are my talent, my legacy!"

Harry was having a hard time keeping his lips from trembling as Sirius continued to sing praises of the art of pranking before he couldn't help it any longer and snorted loudly.

As if that had been a signal, the other wizards, even Andrew, began laughing at what Sirius was saying into the air like a madman.

"What?" Sirius turned to glare at them. "I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I want a damn hot shower already, but there is no way I'm giving up pranks!"

Harry knew that the spirit of his pranks had been a bit mean, but he was trying to make a point here. Sirius had been distracting and disrupting him practically every day, he had to learn that pranking the person in charge of where he was living was not a very good idea.

"Alright Sirius, Paradise says that as long as you leave her Master alone, that she will tolerate your pranks, though she reserves the right to retaliate if you go too far."

Sirius stared at him, eyes flicking back and forth as he thought before he wilted in defeat. "Fine, I'll leave her master alone." He grumbled to himself, before staring at the ceiling. "Do you hear me oh wonderful central computer? I will leave your master alone!"

Andrew stared between his brother and Sirius, noting the small smirk on his brother's face. Internally he shuddered, vowing to never piss off his brother if he could help it. He did not want to know what Harry had done to practically reduce his godfather to a desperate mess of despair in the span of a day.

July 17th

After months of working with the Wraith armor Harry was getting incredibly frustrated in his failed attempts to create a stable mix of both the normal hull composition of his ships and the Wraith regenerative armor. He did know, now, that the Wraith hulls had a series of distribution points for lack of a better term placed every few tenths of a meter where the hull's mass was regenerated from. Energy flow through these points was directed to rapidly increase cellular reproduction of the hull according to a set pattern. He was already contemplating what he could do with miniature constructors placed along the hull in a fashion similar to the Wraith hull. It was an ingenious concept after all.

The problem was that regenerating the hull like that was not what he wanted to do. He wanted to give his hull the ability to regenerate itself rather than relying on a separate system to do that.

Frustrated, Harry stalked out of the room, looking over the status pad for the probes deployed in the Pegasus galaxy. They had been searching through Pegasus system by system for nearly two years now and would likely be finished by late November at the latest.

He knew from Merlin's explanations of previous battles that the Wraith were both cunning and animalistic, having little use for of mercy unless it benefitted them in some obvious fashion. They were a scourge that would have to be removed from Pegasus as soon as possible, but he wanted to be completely sure that he had located them all before destroying all of their ships and outposts as the exact same time throughout the galaxy, probably with some kind of bomb that overloaded their ship's systems.

According to Merlin there had been over a hundred Wraith hive ships at the time his people had left Atlantis. Each of the 3400 meter long monstrosities was capable of deploying a pair of kilometer long cruisers as escorts as well as thousands of smaller fighter craft, and the hive's weapons were nearly five times as powerful as those of the Goa'uld. Not that they had much of an effect on Lantean shields, but in the long war between the Lanteans and the Wraith the main reason that the Wraith had won was their ability to overwhelm the Lantean fleets with sheer numbers. It would be the same case here if Harry didn't destroy them all simultaneously while they were still hibernating.

Harry normally hated the idea of killing unnecessarily, but at the risk of sounding hypocritical, this was different. The wizards that he was used to fighting had committed nowhere near the same amount of crimes against humanity. The Wraith had wiped out entire civilizations of people, and they had a biological need to feed on people. Their entire civilization was based on the idea of capturing people to feed.

It was possible to remove the genetic disposition to feed, to give the Wraith another method of consuming food. The problem was that the Wraith did not want to be 'cured'. Numerous Lantean scientists had died trying to convert the Wraith back into human forms. The Wraith liked being the way they were, and their government(if it could even be called such) was composed of people that saw nothing wrong with what they did.

That right there was the main difference between the Wizards and the Wraith. There was a higher authority that the Wizards he had fought against were given to, someone that would hold them accountable for their actions. But there was no-one but him with enough power to hold the Wraith accountable for their actions. This was why they had to be destroyed, because if they were not then they would continue to destroy countless millions of innocent lives.

Harry shook his head to bring himself out of his thoughts. A few more hive ships were actually still active within the galaxy while the rest of their race slumbered, and Harry was leery of attacking those ships until he was certain of the range of communications frequencies that the Wraith utilized. Once he knew them, he would not have to worry about the destroyed Wraith ships warning any other ships within range, which considering the power of their subspace communications, was nearly the entire galaxy. He wouldn't be surprised if they even had a command or communication to wake the entire race, in the case of armed opposition.

Now that there was no immediate crisis demanding his attention Harry was also itching to go see the city ship of Atlantis that the Lanteans had left behind. It had been under the waves and empty for nearly ten thousand years now, and while the ZPM's were powerful and required little, if any maintenance, Harry was unsure if they would continue to take the strain of thousands of meters of ocean water for much longer without depleting entirely. He loved Paradise, he truly did, but there was something so enticing about the idea of having a home that could literally travel between galaxies.

Harry shook his head ruefully at the woolgathering. He should be focusing more on the fact that the Goa'uld were up to something. They seemed to be searching for something in the less explored regions of the galaxy. He had been listening to the subspace communications that the various Ha'taks were sending to each other and many of them were referring to Ra and his orders.

Harry inwardly cursed Merlin for his rashness nearly nine months ago. If only he had followed after the Goa'uld through hyperspace and destroyed those ships, then they wouldn't have to be so paranoid about their mining sites for naquada and trinium, among other important materials. But he understood that even if Merlin had followed Montu's forces, he would not have been able to fire until both ships were out of hyperspace. By then the Goa'uld would have likely been back within its own heavily guarded territory, thus defeating the purpose of chasing after the ship.

He sighed to himself before standing up from his desk. He obviously needed a break if he kept on getting distracted so easily.

November 4th

Four months later found Harry in orbit of Earth after one of the cloaked observational satellites recorded the opening of a stargate on the planet's surface only a few minutes ago.

This in of itself was not that odd, as the goblins were now colonizing the planet he had chosen for them more and more rapidly.

No, the interesting thing was that the stargate had been activated in Colorado of the United States, not Antarctica.

Harry frowned. It was possible that when Ra had left the Earth so many years ago, he had left an additional stargate on the planet, but it made him wonder just how the Egyptian wizards of that time, descended from Lanteans escaping Pegasus, had remained hidden from Ra. He inwardly scoffed to himself. It didn't say much of Goa'uld sensors if they couldn't penetrate primitive Wizard defenses.

Still, the fact that the United States had a stargate located within a military installation within Colorado and was using said stargate made him worried. He knew full well just how further advanced the Goa'uld were compared to Earth, and though they were not dangerous to him unless he was ridiculously outnumbered, he doubted that the people of Earth would be able to drive them off planet if they were invaded by even a single Ha'tac. The fact that such an invasion would have begun with extensive orbital bombardment to destroy any defensive infrastructure was left unsaid.

Harry beamed himself down to one of the highest levels of the Mountain base, cloaking and silencing himself the moment he appeared. From the scans the Hermes had taken of this place there wasn't any sort of security technology that could detect him, not that he would have thought there would be any.

It took him only about ten minutes to make his way down to where the gate was located, gently scanning the surface thoughts of any airmen that passed in an effort to figure out where to go.

Frustratingly, very few seemed to know anything about the gate, and he was only able to glean the general location from a soldier that knew there was something going on in the lower floors, but did not know what exactly.

As he moved down there seemed to be more and more soldiers guarding every entrance, and he was forced to take alternate routes planned out by his sensors. It was aggravating, and he made a note to see if there was any Lantean technology in the database that would allow him to walk through walls; it would have made his struggle to get down to the gate so much easier.

Eventually, Harry reached what seemed to be a command center. There were a great number of people standing around in the room looking out of a glass window. He could see the ethereal light of an active stargate reflecting in their faces.

He looked out of the window to see a somewhat disheveled looking man with brown hair and glasses step through the event horizon. He inwardly cursed, knowing that he was too late to stop them from going through.

Harry had to dodge backward as the people in the room started cheering and hugging each other. A group of high ranking military personnel came into the room, their faces completely composed and at odds with their racing thoughts.

"I still can't believe it." An old white haired woman said softly. "Two years of work and we've finally done it."

Two years? Harry wondered, then started looking through the thoughts of the people in the room, tuning out their conversations while moving to a corner of the room where no one was likely to run into him.

The civilian scientists seemed to be caught between awe and disbelief, not that he blamed them considering how ridiculously advanced this technology would seem to them. One of them kept on repeating the phrase other side of the galaxy like it was a mantra. He double checked the planet the wormhole had been tracked to and conversed with the Hermes, closing his eyes in apparent pain. The wormhole terminated right in the heart of Ra's territory. The people they had sent were as good as dead, if not enslaved.

Harry spent the next few minutes listening to the thoughts of the various military members before realizing that there was no more useful information for him. He had the projectors replicate the background around him before he created the equivalent of a listening charm on the wall behind him, tying it into his suit's internal systems.

It took him another few minutes to find a secluded location for the ship to beam him up discreetly.

A few days later found Harry inside the second Magical-Ares or M-Ares class as he was starting to call it to differentiate it from the original Ares. Harry ignored the urge to flush in remembrance of Andrew's disbelieving smile at the name. It wasn't nearly as bad as Andrew implied! So what if it wasn't creative? It wasn't like the ship was in some kind of ship naming contest or something!

Andrew had teased him for more than an hour before Harry silenced him and started planning his brief trip to the Pegasus galaxy. He'd also had to endure the amused looks James and Sirius were sending him afterward.

Merlin had been very amused by his flustered appearance as he beamed aboard the ship. Harry scowled when he realized Merlin was giving him a similar look now. Why did everyone have to make fun of him?

He huffed and made sure to check the navigational information again, even though he had already done so three times before.

Harry wasn't making this trip to deal with the Wraith, not yet at least. He wanted to be completely sure of all the current locations of the Wraith hives and outposts before even thinking of striking, not willing to have the populations of countless worlds culled far earlier than normal because of his impatience. Even if there were a few Wraith ships currently active and culling, he knew it would be far worse if he attacked them now and prematurely woke the entire race from their hibernation.

What he wanted to do instead was to retrieve Atlantis from the Pegasus galaxy. He had no spare ZPMs currently available, but he figured that it wouldn't be too hard to interface three naquadria reactors in place of the ZPMs. It would likely take at least a day for the constructors currently loaded inside of the ship repair the inevitable damage Atlantis had sustained from ten thousand years of neglect, but he would rather take that time than have some critical system fail in mid-flight.

Harry paused in his musing as his suit received incoming information from Earth. He listened thoughtfully, then his eyes widened as he choked on air.


Harry really tried to stop it, but the incredulous laugh that bubbled past his lips could not be mistaken. Merlin quirked his eyebrow then accessed the most recent data stream Harry had accessed before both his eyebrows rose upward in disbelief. "They cannot be serious."

Harry managed to calm himself down, gasping. "A group of American soldiers managed to kill Ra!"

He shook his head, as if trying to make sure he had understood the information correctly, but there it was, clear as day. Apparently they had managed to ring a nuclear bomb onto Ra's ship.

Harry almost started laughing again. It was so utterly ridiculous. If only the System Lords knew that their great and powerful leader, a Goa'uld who ruled their race for thousands upon thousands of years, had been killed by a group of primitive humans, they would have been homicidally enraged.

Merlin had to silence him after a while, after he kept on bursting into spontaneous bouts of laughter.

Pegasus Galaxy, Lantea

The planet where Atlantis now rested was very similar to Earth. It had a single large continent, but the majority of the planet was covered in water with a diverse ocean ecosystem.

Atlantis itself was not too difficult to locate, the sensors on the M-Ares were more than able to locate the energy signature of the city's shields deep below the water. The tricky part however was getting into the city from the outside. This issue was resolved when Merlin mentioned that their own ships could pass through the city shield if their own shields were properly modulated. Harry quickly had the M-Ares change its shield harmonics appropriately before removing all power from the weapons systems and pushing the generators to their highest safe levels.

They rapidly flew down through the atmosphere, the speed of reentry creating plasma trails across the shield before the ship leveled out above the ocean's churning surface.

It was then that Harry double checked all of the shield readings before having the ship descend into the water at a slow pace. Atlantis was nearly four kilometers under the surface of the water, and at a hundred meters per second descent speed it would take him less than a minute to reach the level of the city-ship.

The shields were drawing increasing amounts of power to sustain themselves as he went down. Already the naquadria generator was at two percent power usage when normally using only a quarter of a percent outside of combat.

Still, there was no danger of the shields collapsing, especially with both layers designed to reinforce each other the way they were.

He stopped the ship as soon as he was about level with the tallest spire of Atlantis, then continued downward at a glacially slow pace, maneuvering the ship so that it wouldn't accidentally hit one of the spires as it passed the city's shield. As soon as the ship was completely within the shields of the city(and it barely fit, given its size) Harry beamed himself into the central control room after checking its viability. There was still breathable air, though it would likely be stale.

Harry waited briefly for a half dozen constructors to be beamed down with him before familiarizing himself with the location of the ZPM room. Only after that was verified did he move; he did not want to activate any more of the city's power hungry systems than he had to. The constructors continued to hover behind him with a low humming sound, waiting for further instructions.

Looking around briefly, he found the room was somewhat ornate but not overdecorated like the Goa'uld were in their architecture. Even though the Lanteans were somewhat vain about their superiority, they never had the desire to lord it over others like the Goa'uld did, and their design schemes reflected this fact with subtle curves and designs that would likely be difficult for any other race to replicate without their knowledge of engineering.

In the middle of the room was a pedestal containing the city's three ZPMs. All three were very close to depletion.

Harry held his hand over the pedestal, knowing that it would respond to his mental commands. He did not want the city shields to fail, and removing all three power sources simultaneously would have been an incredibly stupid move when the city was this far beneath the ocean. Even the most advanced materials and architecture would be hard pressed to withstand four hundred times the pressure of air at sea level.

Harry immediately had the constructors start building an appropriate adaptor for the Pedestal, matching the shape and size of the ZPM ports before forming a cradle above the port for the much larger two meter wide naquadria generator. He was lucky that the room was somewhat large; otherwise the three naquadria generators he was planning to use would not have been able to fit. He waited until both the first generator and the adaptor were fully built and functional before removing a single ZPM from its port, quickly placing the adaptor to the naquadria generator into its empty socket. He reached out mentally and had the generator start taking on the strain of the shield by itself while the six constructors built two more adaptors for the remaining generators, which were quickly beamed down from the storage bays of the Ares still hovering above the City.

Once the adaptor design was confirmed to be functional he repeated the process with the two generators, replacing the ZPMs after removing them. Absently he commanded the constructors to bind the generators to the floor and add some inertia dampening systems to keep the generators from rattling around during flight.

After power was restored to the city Harry walked back to the command room, uncovering the various consoles before directly connecting to the city's extensive sensor net. He was looking for any faults or problems with the city's structural integrity or systems. Surprisingly there was very little damage or need for additional maintenance. The shield generators had a decent amount of strain from continuously holding the water back for so long, but the hyperdrive and other primary systems seemed to be in nearly perfect condition. Harry sent the constructors into the city to repair several primary conduits, calling the entirety of Ares' complement of constructors to assist. He wanted to get the city up and running as quickly as possible.

A day later the repairs to the city were nearly finished.

Harry had spent his time mostly in the control room. The M-Ares had already been sent out of the ocean to orbit the planet under cloak to lower its energy consumption, but it had left him enough food and water for what he was doing, as he wasn't sure whether he trusted those systems after remaining inactive for so long. Merlin had beamed himself down before the ship had left, and though he wouldn't admit it, he was a bit anxious to see how Atlantis had fared with his own eyes.

Or optical sensors, take your pick.

The chair control room had some access to the city's databases, which quite frankly, were horribly disorganized. Merlin somewhat sheepishly admitted that they had only scrambled the information when it would have been far better to simply wipe the databases in the event that the Wraith had somehow gotten to the bottom of the ocean and through the city's shield. There was a command to reorganize it though, and it required a password along with an incredibly strong expression of the Lantean gene, the latter of which Harry already had.

Once that was done Harry had access to an incredible amount of information collected over nearly three million years within the Pegasus galaxy. He was currently accessing the reports on the various other races, several of which were making him a bit nervous. There was a group of what seemed to be Asgard that had been preying on humans during the time the Lanteans were in a full war with the Wraith, for what purpose, though, was unknown.

But the most disturbing reports were the medical ones, mostly on the process that the Wraith used to siphon life energy from their victims. The process deteriorated the genetic material of the cells in the extraction of energy, which they then used to supplement their own cellular regeneration. He shuddered minutely. Knowing how the Wraith made one prematurely age didn't make it any less disturbing.

A musical chime sounded in his mind, this was the signal that the constructors were finished with their planned repairs to the city. Harry closed the database before beaming directly to the chair room on the eastern part of the central towers. The chair seemed to hum lowly as he sat down.

He could have flown the ship from where he had been working before, but not to the same level of interaction with the city's sensors. Besides, he liked the feeling of being directly connected to the ship when it was flying, it was intoxicating.

Harry closed his eyes and vast amounts of information surged to the forefront of his mind. Sensors, engines, power distribution and weapons were the most prevalent. Much like the first time that he had flown a Hermes class, Harry checked over all the systems once again before detaching the city from the ocean floor. The city was designed to be naturally buoyant despite its large mass, and he used that to his advantage as he started powering up the engines, using the upward momentum to accelerate faster.

A little over thirty seconds later the city-ship broke the surface of the ocean, blue-green engines on it's underside roaring as they were pushed to speeds capable of escaping the planet's gravity well. Harry was glad that the shields kept the engines from affecting the ocean life, there was no telling how much damage the sheer power of the engines could do in the water. As soon as the city cleared the water surface Harry steadily increased the power until the City-ship reached escape velocity, then increased it once again once they were a few kilometers above the surface of the water. The silver shield around the ship was working perfectly fine now, and he smiled before entering in the coordinates of Paradise into the hyperspace computer. A deep throbbing hum encompassed him as the hyperspace window opened up in front of him and the city was sucked in.

Atlantis wasn't quite as fast as the Hermes or the Ares, but it would still only take about ten hours to go between galaxies and get back home. Harry closed his eyes and continued going over the city's database via his mental connection. The chair would warn him if there was something going wrong.

Andrew was currently going through a lesson on healing with Andromeda and Carolynn; his parents had kicked him out of their family's rooms, saying something about private time.

The tone of the words, coupled with the looks his parents had been giving each other before kicking him out made Andrew want to learn the obliviate charm,...he did not need that image in his head!

"So with this specific spell you need to know what the patient looked like before they were injured?" He asked, pointing at the diagram. Andromeda nodded approvingly.

"That is correct Andrew, this is exactly why private healers often need incredibly powerful secrecy and protection wards on their files, as detailed information about a wizard's body can be used against them if known."

"Like magical signa-" Andrew broke off, his eyes going unfocused before clearing again. "Harry just told me to get on the roof if I wanted to see something really cool." He said.

The two women looked at each other with a hint of annoyance. Andrew was clearly interested in seeing whatever it was Harry wanted to show him, and anything that they said now wouldn't really be paid attention to.

Andromeda sighed. "Very well Andrew, we will go to the roof, but after that we are coming right back here to continue our lesson. Understood?" She reached out for him and apparated onto the roof, Carolyn popping into existence a few feet to her left.

The three of them looked around, and Andromeda gasped at the sight of a truly massive flying object, clearly a ship but circular. She quickly called one of the house elves and asked it to bring her husband up. The elf popped away before returning a few seconds later with a slightly annoyed Ted. He opened his mouth to demand an explanation, only for his jaw to go slack at the massive object slowly lowering itself down.

The resort sat between the edge of the forest and the ocean, something that they could not really appreciate due to the large amount of carnivorous sea life. The view into the ocean was quite beautiful though, and it was there that the massive ship seemed to be heading.

As it flew lower Andromeda could see gleaming metallic spires peeking over the top of the ship; they grew larger as the ship flew lower and lower until she could see that there was a large central tower with other towers clustered closely around it. After several minutes of descent at a low rate the ship somewhat gently sank into the water's surface, its visible piers remaining a few dozen meters above the surface of the water. A wave of water erupted from where it landed, striking the beach harshly, and then it grew still.

Andrew was staring at the flying city with a comically open mouth. Carolynn gently tapped his chin and he shut his mouth, his eyes still showing a great amount of shock.

Harry appeared in front of them smiling. "Say hello to the lost City of Atlantis everyone."

Ted would deny fainting for the rest of his life.

Andromeda was only a little more composed than her husband as she gazed out at the water. Atlantis, the city that sank under the ocean, was a spaceship? Just when she thought another of her tenets of wizard history could not be broken, Harry had to do something like this.

"How...where..." she stammered, eyes locked onto the city floating in the bay.

"Very far away, in the Pegasus galaxy."

"How far is that..?" Carolynn asked weakly.

Harry shrugged nonchalantly. "A little over 3 million light years."

Carolyyn tried to imagine such a distance, then failed.

Harry gave her a small smile. "About thirty times the width of the Milky Way galaxy."

Carolyyn nearly followed Ted into unconsciousness. "You covered this distance in how long?"

Now Harry gave her a mock confused look. "Six hours."

She stared at him incredulously before shaking her head and taking a deep breath. To think that he could just casually visit another galaxy was simply insane.

December 21


Ginny ran as fast as she could, forcing the tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks away.

The day had started somewhat nicely for the fourteen year old; working on a project Bill had given her in preparation for a possible apprenticeship as a ward writer with Gringotts.

One of her carving tools had been damaged slightly and she had brought it in for repair to one of the craft stores further down Diagon Alley. She liked the owner, Amanda Fulling. She never sneered at her for not having magic, and charged fair prices on everything she sold no matter her customer's blood or magical status. Amanda went to the back of the store, and then screamed. Ginny could hear the sounds of curses and ran, hating herself for not intervening.

But as she ran from the store several dozen people in Death Eater robes appeared from various apparition points throughout the alley, firing lethal curses indiscriminately into the morning crowds. People started screaming and a few brave souls tried to fight back, but were quickly cut down after casting two spells at the most.

The attacks had been happening more and more often after the mysterious disappearance of Purebloods from a large number of families. All of them had been suspected Death Eaters during the previous war, but had weaseled their way out of Azkaban by using either the imperious defense or obscenely large bribes; most of the time both. The uproar that came with the news of their disappearances had been gigantic, and it hadn't taken long before the families of those that had disappeared started attacking random targets in vengeance for their losses.

Ginny pushed her way through the panicking crowds, her brother's advice from a few days before ringing in her head. "Gringotts is called one of the safest places in the magical world for a reason." If there was anywhere where she could be safe from the Death Eaters, it would be there.

She cried out in panic when she saw that the doors were closing, then a sharp voice rang out and the doors stopped, only for a...was that a Hogwarts student? No matter, she had to get inside. The boy did not draw a wand to protect himself, instead he closed his eyes and clenched his fists. Energy swirled around his form before a translucent shield pushed out from his body, covering the entrance to the bank from the street, yet not impeding the running crowds.

Harry had been meeting with King Ragnok to talk about the automatic defenses he was going to put around their planet when a goblin came running into the room before giving an urgent bow, informing the King that dark wizards were attacking the alley. Harry got up from his seat before the King could tell him to stop, and saw the goblins at the desks trying to close the bank's imposing doors.

"Leave them open!" He barked in the goblin tongue, then ran through the gap, already preparing what he had to do before the goblins could defend the doorway. He touched the connection to his suit's shielding, envisioning a shield based off of Atlantis' design that would allow human signatures through while keeping any other foreign energy out. People started running around him to get into the entranceway, and several goblin Warriors had to push through the crowd to get outside where Harry was standing.

Harry tensed as a bright orange comet exploded into his shield and drained it minutely. Several people around him screamed at the sight, but he wasn't paying attention to them, instead he was looking at the gaggle of wizards wearing dark cloaks and casting spells indiscriminately into different storefronts. He saw one of them attack Ollivanders, only for the spell to break against a potent ward shield.

Once there were enough goblin spellcasters, they chanted together, raising the front wards. Harry ran forward, disregarding their cries of dismay.

Immediately a spell was fired in his direction from one of the vertically challenged attackers. He let it dissipate against his shields with no effect. After Voldemort's defeat he had spent some time redesigning the shields on his suit, they would be able to weather far stronger attacks now.

The Death Eater that attacked him was quickly slammed into a wall, his legs snapped from the strength of the blow. Almost immediately the remainder of the spells flew forward, and he let them hit the shield around his body, activating his visor.

Spells were fired at him without pause, and though he longed to dodge like he normally would, he instead allowed them to impact on his suit's shields, knowing that if he didn't then some innocent behind him would likely be hit.

He did not have time for this, not with all the injured civilians lying around. Magical energy was concentrated within the hands of his suit, giving them a harsh white glow.

The spells impacting on his shield became harsher, several of them doing far more damage than others, but his shields were still over 97 percent.

After an eternity that was only a few seconds Harry snapped his hands forward, releasing the overpowered sleep spell in a massive wave in front of him, from head to leg level.

Only a few of the wizards attacking him managed to shield in time, and those were quickly subdued with a combination of his telekinesis to hold them and a stunning blast.

He quickly removed all of their wands and snapped them, then created a massive weighted net with his constructors, imbuing it with properties of an anti-apparition ward.

They weren't going anywhere.

Harry turned his attention to the nearest victim of the attack and ran forward, gently pushing the twitching man over. His eyes were rolling in his head and he touched against the man's mind, feeling phantom tremors of pain move through his own mind.

Harry shuddered and activated a healing device reminiscent of those of the goa'uld, but far more efficient. The man was quickly put to sleep so that he wouldn't feel the pain, but Harry did not know what was causing it so he would not risk the man's health when he could be helping other people.

His second patient was a child, a boy no more than eight years old. Terrible burns covered his chest and Harry felt bile rise in his throat. What kind of sick monster could do this to a child?

He pushed back his nausea and instead focused on the fact that the boy was alive, if in pain. Healing energy washed over his lightly trembling hands, soothing the burns and regenerating the skin. A touch to the forehead had him putting the child into unconsciousness as he looked for another to heal.

The sound of heavy footsteps had him whirling around, but he relaxed once he saw the goblins in their version of healer's robes spreading out onto the street to help the downed wizards and witches.

Harry inwardly shook his head at their actions. Even after they were so ridiculed by the wizards that oppressed them, they would still come and help their oppressors in a time of need. What did that say about the society that derided their very existence?

He moved onto another still body, the middle-aged woman had no heartbeat and her face was filled with stark terror. The killing curse. He was lucky that none of the curses fired at his suit had been one of these, but the curse did take a large amount of power so he wasn't surprised.

He bowed his head and closed her eyes for her, there was nothing he could do against a spell that literally disintegrated the nerve pathways, freezing the muscles in place with the victim's death while completely destroying their minds.

Several healings later there was a loud popping sound as a group of people in red robes appeared out of nowhere. Harry jumped up from where he was standing before flicking up his older holographic persona, staff appearing in his hands.

"Ministry Aurors!" One of them called out. Harry relaxed only slightly, not knowing if they were lying or not.

"Prove it." He challenged, stepping over the little girl he had been healing and placing her into stasis before standing in a pointedly defensive pose.

A badge was flashed at him and Harry almost snapped at the man that he could have easily conjured such a thing.

"What is the third rule of the Auror handbook?" He demanded, staring at their group unflinchingly. Several of them looked at each other before an irritated voice called out "Never turn your back on a possible hostile!"

A harsh looking woman with a monocle appeared out of the group of Aurors, returning his stare evenly.

Harry nodded, appeased. James had once talked about the rules of the Aurors Corps in his explanations of the Ministry of Magic, this one was considered one of the most important, but only a true Ministry auror would know the rule by its number.

"The ones who attacked the Alley are over there." He gestured at the weighted net. He doubted that any of those bastards would be getting up for at least a day given how much he had overpowered his spell.

The woman made a gesture and four Aurors quickly moved toward the net while the rest spread out through the damaged alley, levitating pieces of rubble and rescuing trapped people from the devastation.

She then touched her badge and not four seconds later large groups of people in green robes appeared, immediately rushing toward the wounded in the streets.

She gave Harry a sharp gesture with her neck, one universal for 'get over here'. Harry gave the girl behind him a glance and waved over one of the Wizard healers before removing the stasis spell and walking over to the Auror leader.

"It is not that I do not appreciate you standing against these...vermin." She hissed under her breath at the wizards trapped under the weighted net. "But I will need to ask you some questions."

Harry nodded, knowing that this was standard procedure.

"Well that was exciting." Harry commented to himself darkly, still thinking about the events in the alley a few hours before.

He had just finished his meeting with Ragnok and managed to convince him that the defense satellites were a neccessity against an enemy that didn't even land troops until they had 'pacified' the population from orbit. The goblins didn't quite understand the concept of orbital bombardment, considering the magical world's wars had almost always been fought solely on the ground(save for a few aerial battles on broomsticks). Goblins were accustomed to fighting their enemy face to face, so that if they died they would at least have the pleasure of knowing the face of the one that killed them. In fact, Harry's description of the Goa'ulds tactics had the King scowling mightily; he thought it cowardice to attack in a way that gave the opponent no chance of fighting back.

Harry was glad that he had convinced Ragnok of the need of the defenses, even if the goblin structures were for the most part underground. He didn't want to risk a magical race such as the goblins falling into the hands of the Goa'uld, especially considering their abilities in enchantment.

The King's pledge for their greatest spell-casters and warriors to assist him whenever he called them should not have surprised him, but it did. He snorted to himself. Goblins were far too proud for their own good, they would never have allowed him to defend them in such a way without giving something in return.

His musings were interrupted when he walked into someone and they fell. Harry managed to keep his balance and bent down to help the girl get on her feet. "Sorry about that, I usually watch where I'm going." He said warmly, then continued to walk forward.

"Andrew?" She asked quietly, as if in disbelief. Harry quickly put up a silencing field around them; he did not want a stampede of Boy-Who-Lived fans to come running. "No, I'm Harry, sorry." He said, then stiffened as he felt her hand on his arm. "Yes?" He turned around again, looking at her face. Something about her was familiar, though what he did not know.

"You were the one that went outside, the one who fought them." She said, and he nodded sharply, not wanting her to praise him or something equally ridiculous.

"Thank you Harry." She said sincerely with a small curtsey. Harry waved his hand irritably. "Don't do that, and you're welcome Ms...?"

"Weasley." She said.

Harry's eyes narrowed on her. "She's a squib now because of you." All those months ago, he heard that boy shouting at Andrew for something that was no fault of his own, and now that he had looked at her again he could easily see the similarities between her and Ronald Weasley.

"Do you have a brother Ms. Weasley?" He asked, just to make sure of who he was speaking to.

She stared at him. Why would he ask that? "I have six brothers."

Harry forced his eyebrow down from where it wanted to rise. I pity the poor shmuck that tries to ask her out. "Was one of them named Ronald?"

Now she was a little wary. How did he know about Ron? "Yes, why are you asking?"

"He said something about a sister once, that she was a..." He trailed off, seeing the stormy look on her face.

"Yes, I'm a squib, what's it to you?" She asked sharply.

"Nothing, I just wanted to correct a wrong done to you." Harry said, then cloaked them from view. Ginny didn't notice a thing.

After he had admitted his ability to remove magic from a wizard the day he fought Voldemort he had gone even further into understanding how the gland was supposed to work in a normal wizard. He hadn't spent nearly enough time to figure out how to repair his ability to naturally use magic while maintaining his Lantean abilities, but he did understand enough to know how to heal a damaged gland.

"What do you mean?" Ginny demanded fearfully, looking around as she realized no one around them was paying them any attention.

"I can give you back your ability to use magic." Harry said patiently, projecting a feeling of sincerity around him. Despite that she still looked at him like he was a crackpot.

"There's no way to give me back my magic!" She hissed at him angrily. Confusion, fear, and rage swirled through her mind. She knew what she had lost nearly three years ago, she didn't need someone taunting her for her loss.

"I swear to you on my magic that I can give you back your own magic." Harry affirmed softly, a flare of white light signaling his 'vow'. In reality he just tweaked the projectors, as he was obviously not able to use magic at the moment.

The vow threw Ginny for a loop. No one would risk their magic just to taunt her. "How?" She asked with a trembling voice.

Harry gave her a calm smile. "I cannot tell you, my teachers swore me to secrecy." He paused for a moment, then said. "Do you want me to give you back your magic or not?"

"I..I don't have much money, how can I pay you?" She stammered, feeling overwhelmed. Harry lifted his hands in a peace gesture, his expression calm. "You do not need to pay me anything, I have all that I will ever need."

Ginny didn't know what to do. She had dreamed of having her magic back for nearly two years after losing it, and had only recently accepted the fact that she would never be able to use it again. But now this...boy her own age was offering it back to her, with seemingly no strings attached. This couldn't be real.

"Yes." She whispered, now certain that this had to be a dream, and that she would wake up in only a few seconds.

"Hold still now." He said softly, and Ginny tensed. "This will hurt a little, I'm sorry."

Before she could ask what he meant Harry touched her forehead with his hand, bringing the external healing device to touch her skin.

She shuddered at the warm sensation on her skin, then a feeling of something in her head. She tried to move away at the strange feelings but then the sensation of a dam breaking washed over her mind. She gasped and would have collapsed if it wasn't for his tight hold on her.

Harry gave her a half smile and vanished without a sound. There was nothing left to be said.

Ginny ran to the Leaky Cauldron, throwing the floo powder into the fireplace and shouting "The Burrow."

She ran into the kitchen where he heard her mother working. "Mum, I need your wand for a second!"

"Ginerva what is the matter with you?" Molly questioned. Her daughter looked almost crazed, as if she had learned something really important.

"Just please give me your wand mum, just for a second." She pleaded.

Molly reluctantly gave Ginny her wand, opening her mouth to ask why she wanted it. Her mouth dropped open when sparks came out of the tip.

"Ginny?" Her voice trembled.

Ginny felt happy tears drip down her cheeks and wiped them away. "My magic. My magic's back! He gave it back to me!"

Molly ran over to the fireplace and threw the floo powder in. Arthur needed to come home now.

Nearly an hour later the entire Weasley family including Charlie and Bill had arrived, and the first thing they saw was Ginny holding their mother's wand, sparking in the afternoon light. Molly made an impromptu feast for all of them in celebration.

As soon as had Ron appeared from Hogwarts he was hit with a redheaded missile named Ginny, who whispered "thank you" over and over. His parents were stumped by her actions, and so was he, but he let Ginny hug him all the same.

I am so sorry for how long this took to write, but the end of term is coming closer and I really don't have as much time as I'd like to work on this. Once the term is over and winter break starts I'll be able to write a lot faster, assuming that nothing else comes up.

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying the story so far, and I'll post the next chapter in 2-4 weeks.

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