Hi everyone! I loovvee Klaroline so so much, and I've been meaning to write this for ages! I like Caroline with a much darker side, so if you like light animal blood Caroline, that's not what this story's gonna be like. I do not own Vampire Diaries or it's characters.

Hope you like it!



Chapter 1

Caroline paced back and forth, her heels clicking on the floor, while the witches chanted in their ancient language.

"Come on, come on!" Caroline growled. She just wished they'd hurry up so she could finally see her lover again. Katherine stood still, watching the pacing blonde.

"Why are you so anxious to get Klaus back? Nobody wants him around." Katherine said.

Caroline just threw a glare in her direction and continued pacing.

"I swear that witches were better in the 20s." Caroline muttered to herself. The witches stop chanting, looking up at Caroline. Alaric opened his eyes and looked at Katherine.

"…Elena?" He said before he collapsed. The witches move the top off of the coffin and Caroline smirked as Klaus stepped out, wearing a black suit in the traditional 'Klaus' style.

"My love, how are you feeling?" Caroline asked, taking steps towards him.

"If it isn't the ravishing Karolina. I am quite well now I've seen you, love. "Klaus smirked. She smiled at how he said her original name.

"I'm glad. You have no idea how much trouble I had getting witches." She smiled. "I believe you owe me something in return, Niklaus." Klaus grinned.

"As you desire."

Caroline smirked and turned to the witches. "You can leave us now." One of the witches glared at her as she left. "Have to kill her." She said to herself, as soon as she had left.

Caroline turned back to Katherine, vamp sped up to her and staked her through the gut, going right through into the wall behind her. Caroline's vampire features came out, the veins and the blackened eyes.

"I know you're on vervain. So this is just to make sure." She twisted the stake and Katherine growled in pain. Klaus moved to Caroline and brushed her blonde curls back from her vampire face.

"My my, I forgot how bloodthirsty you were, my beloved Karolina."

"And I forgot how very sexy you are, Niklaus." She bit her lip teasingly, piercing her lip with her fang and making blood run down. Klaus leaned forward and licked the blood off deftly.

Katherine just groaned as the couple made out in front of her and vamped into the bedroom. This sure was torture, she thought to herself.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"So who would have thought you would help me? Especially after the last time we saw each other, sweetheart." Klaus raised a brow, inquisitively.

"For being an absolute ass." Caroline growled, lying beside him. "But, my beloved Niklaus, I can't be long without you, so I did everything I could to put you back into your own body. I even found the doppelgänger." Klaus kissed her forehead. "Good work, love." Caroline grinned.

"I thought you might be hungry, so I got you a little gift." She smirked. "Come in!"

A compelled girl sat down and offered her neck.

"I like how you think, love. Join me for a drink?" Caroline's vampire features came out and she smirked. "I'd Iove to."

They both bit down either side, drinking deeply until the girl was completely drained and dropped to the floor. Caroline pulled Klaus to her and kissed him, the taste of blood was exhilarating. She pulled away.

"I'd really love some of your delicious blood too." Caroline nuzzled her head in his neck and scraped her fang on the skin.

"Have at it." He said, cradling her in his arms and holding her face to his neck as she bit down and groaned at the taste of his blood. Klaus bit into her neck as well, blood flowing everywhere.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elena, Damon and Stefan listened as Alaric told them what happened as Klaus awoke.

"There was also a girl there. Blonde curly hair, blue eyes. She was the one behind the witches." Alaric told them.

Damon and Stefan glanced at each other. Elena looked questioningly at the two of them.

"That sounds like Caroline." Stefan said. Damon nodded.

"Who?" Elena asked.

"Caroline. She was best friends with Katherine, until some kind of argument between Caroline's boyfriend and Katherine. Katherine was gone for weeks after that." Stefan said.

"But that means Caroline's boyfriend is…"

"Klaus." Elena finished.

"Exactly right." Elijah said from behind them. "Caroline is back then, it seems."

"What do you know about her, Elijah?" Elena asked. Elijah cleared his throat.

"There is a long story about Niklaus' and Karolina's relationship."

"Then I want to hear it. "

Elijah nodded and sat on the sofa, then extended a hand out to motion for Elena to sit as well. Elena sat across from him.

"Tell me."