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"So, how does the sacrifice work?" Elena asked Elijah. Stefan moved his hand to cover Elena's.

"First, a witch must channel the power of the full moon into the moonstone, then not only does a vampire and werewolf have to be sacrificed, but also a witch, due to Caroline's witch hereditary."

Elena and Stefan looked at each other worriedly.

"I believe Niklaus believes Bonnie has passed on. One of Caroline's witches will most likely take that role." Elijah commented, turning his head slightly to acknowledge Damon's entrance.

"And after that?"

"After, both Niklaus and Karolina will drink from the doppelgänger… until the point of death."

Elena turned her gaze downwards, and Stefan moved to comfort her while Damon stared worriedly at her. Elijah opened a small box, bringing out a glass bottle.

"This is an elixir I acquired for Katerina from some witches, it possesses powers of…regeneration."

"We're trusting some past expiration date magic potion?" Damon turned to Elena, fear in his eyes. "What if it doesn't work?"

Elena shrugged. "Then I guess I'll just be dead." Damon looked with his brother an expression saying 'are you really agreeing with this?' but Stefan stayed quiet. Damon scoffed and stormed off.

"Karolina!" Klaus shouted through the apartment. She appeared at his side, smirk in place.

"Niklaus. What is wrong?"

"It is Katerina; she is driving me up the bloody wall!" He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated.

Karolina placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"How about this? I stay here and… punish Katerina, and you go drink something with the friendly neighbourhood vampires?" She stroked her hand down his arm, as he laughed.

Klaus never understood Karolina's ability to calm him. It wasn't always possible, but she left for several hundreds of years if he hurt her at all. He still saw that light of hers that he had seen so long ago, but now she was stronger, ageless and fearless. Klaus let a smirk stretch across his face as he stroked Karolina's golden hair, brushing his hand along her face. Karolina smiled brightly, similar to how he had seen her smile as a human dozens of times.

"Well then love, I can't turn down that offer." He gave her a kiss on the top of her head and passed her, grabbing his jacket. "I'll see you in a few hours, Caroline." Karolina looked questioningly at how he said her name. "It's a more modern name, so get used to it."

"Fine, but you and you alone have to call me Karolina, agreed?" She stubbornly crossed her arms, her red lips pursing. Klaus nodded and opened the door, before giving Katherine an evil glare and closing it behind him. Karolina laughed menacingly as she turned to Katherine.

"Well now, let's have some fun."

"Heard you fed your blood to the doppelgänger, mate. She'll hate you forever for that." Klaus laughed as he walked up to the Grill's bar, where Damon and Alaric sat.

"Yeah well, at least she'll live." Damon muttered. Klaus laughed again.

"Unfortunately, when my lovely Caroline and I feast on her blood, any vampire blood will not be left for her to turn."
"Caroline?" Damon asked, a confused look on his face.

"My Karolina needed a more suitable name. After all, we may even stay for a bit." He smirked at Damon's discomfort.

"Yeah, so here's the thing. I don't suppose you mind delaying the sacrifice?" Damon asked, a slight hope tinged his voice. Klaus turned to Alaric.

"He is joking, right?" He said unbelievingly. Alaric shook his head.

"I have waited long enough for my curse to be broken, as has my Karolina. It will go ahead tonight." Klaus glared at Damon. "And for your sake, you better not mess anything up." He then left the Grill, to go back to his Karolina.


"Did you think nobody would guard the werewolf?" Maddox asked Damon.

"I was hoping." He smirked as he rushed forward, breaking his neck. Damon went down the stone steps into the cellar, climbing further into the darkness.

"Anybody there?!" He heard Tyler shout, and then he moved to where Tyler was chained to the wall. "Damon?"

"No, the Tooth Fairy!" Damon shouted sarcastically, breaking Tyler's chains. They both ran with supernatural speed out, where they found Maddox's body had gone.

Tyler and Damon continued running through the forest, as the full moon was close to its apex.


Stefan and Elena stood next to the car, holding each other's hands. Karolina appeared from the darkness, wearing a long black gown that fit to her body and flared out from her knees in a mermaid style dress.

"Elena. Are you ready to leave?" She asked, no sign of any emotion present on her face.

Elena's eyes changed as she fell into a trance, and she dreamily nodded and walked over to Karolina. Karolina looked over to Stefan.

"Stefan Salvatore. You've changed since the 20s, haven't you?" She laughed and disappeared, leaving Stefan alone with a confused expression.

Karolina held Elena's hand in a firm grip, pulling her forwards.

"Your name is Karolina, right?" Elena asked. Karolina shook her head and rolled her eyes at her sudden want to exchange pleasantries. Well might as well, considering she will die soon, Karolina thought to herself.

"Yes. Though other than Niklaus, people now call me Caroline." The name seemed unfamiliar and bitter in her mouth.

"So, Caroline, do you… love Klaus?" She asked hesitantly.

"You are still young, Elena. Love is a very… difficult thing to have." Elena saw her eyes cloud over as if remembering memories from long ago. "Love is a vampire's greatest weakness. We do not feel and we do not care." Karolina spoke as if she was quoting someone. A look of sadness crossed her face but soon disappeared. Elena could only notice she hadn't answered her question, but looked away.

"Who is that?" Elena asked as she reached the ground of the sacrifice. "Jenna?!" She gasped in horror.

Klaus felt a rush of wind pass him and turned to face the elder Salvatore brother.

"You can't complete the ritual now. I happened to have killed your pretty blonde's witch and freed your werewolf." Damon spoke roughly. Anger crossed Klaus' face, but he just laughed.

"Karolina's witch happened to have had a protection spell on him, so he's raring to go. But also, here." He threw his phone to Damon, who held it up. Jules cried out in pain, her bones very slowly cracking into her wolf form.
"Jules." Damon sighed and he threw the phone back.

"Now we need you not to interfere." Klaus said menacingly, before breaking Damon's neck.

Klaus turned to Katherine. "Well, excuse me; I have a beautiful blonde to meet."


"Niklaus! You are here." Karolina smiled. Klaus wrapped his arms around her, leaning his head against hers, looking at the four circles of fire in front of him.

"Ready to break this pesky curse on the both of us?" He whispered in her ear. Karolina's smirk spread across her face as she moved to take his hand. The witch began to chant, as both of them bit into their wrists and let it pour into the water.

"I need to talk to you." They both heard from the hill.

"Excuse me, love. I'll just have a chat with Stefan. Take the werewolf." Klaus kissed the top of her head and vampire sped up the hill. Karolina advanced forward on the werewolf, as the circle of fire disappeared. She plunged her hand into the wolf's chest and ripped her heart out viciously. She faintly heard Elena scream out. Karolina walked back over to the now bloody water and squeezed the heart in her hand as blood poured in. Klaus then appeared back at her side, throwing Stefan to the ground.

"It is fine, love. Nothing will be changed." He announced. Stefan groaned in pain.

"So it is your turn. The vampire." Karolina smirked. The fire around Jenna diminished and she ran forward, biting in Karolina's neck. Klaus grabbed her and threw her off and on to the ground, before slamming a stake into her heart. Elena screamed loudly.

"Now the witch." Karolina laughed. She skipped forward to the witch, Greta. She apparently had a crush on Klaus, so she had asked her Niklaus for it to be her in particular. The fire burnt out and Karolina stepped forward, placing her hands around the girl's neck and…snap.

"Final step, love." Klaus called to her, and she sped back to his side and beckoned Elena to come forward. Elena stood between the both of them, and they both moved her hair back from wither side of her neck.

"Thank you, Elena." They said together.

"Go to hell." Elena growled.

Stefan watched as Elena grew paler and weaker until finally she fell to the ground, a wound either side of her neck. Klaus and Karolina lifted their heads high, overwhelmed with power. They both began to transition into wolves, when suddenly they both fell to their knees. Bonnie stepped forward at a constant speed, chanting and concentrating her power on the both of them. Klaus and Karolina fell backwards, as Elijah plunged his hand into both of their chests.

"E-Elijah?" Klaus stared in shock.

"I am sorry, brother, Karolina." Elijah said simply.

"Wait!" Karolina called. "Don't you want to know where your family is?"

Elijah hesitated.

"If you kill me, you'll never find them." Klaus growled.

"And what stops me from killing Miss Forbes?" Elijah asked. Klaus looked at him with a murderous expression.

"I can make him stick to his promise!" Karolina shouted. Elijah thought about it for a second.

"Don't even think about it." Damon warned from behind him. "No!" He shouted as Elijah disappeared with both of them. He picked up Elena and went back to the Salvatore house.

But the call of wolves echoed through the whole night.

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