Authors Note: Hi, this is my first fanfic. It'll be a three-shot. It can actually fit into any series you want, but for it to be published I chose this series. I'll let you decide the pairing! I hope you like it :)

He can still hear her laugh.

The way it sounded, not like other women, not delicate, but rich and full of happiness.

He remembers her smile.

Not shy or cocky, but the contagious kind, that made anyone who saw it want to smile with her.

He can still feel her hair.

The way it felt as he ran his hands through it. The way she tucked it behind her ear, when he wasn't close enough to do it himself.

He will always remember her eyes.

How they showed her every thought, if you looked hard enough. The way that, just by looking into them, he felt that he could never look away.

He can still feel her warmth.

The warmth of her hand, fitting perfectly in his. The way she curled into him at night, as they kept each other warm. The warmth of her lips on his.

Yet, amongst all of the memories, there are some things he wishes he could forget...

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-Ginevra Annabeth Herondale