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He wishes he could forget the hospital.

The way it smelt. The way that it once brought him the joy of their children's birth, yet now has tainted his memory with the grief of her final moments.

If only he could forget her helplessness.

How she could barely make it from the kitchen to their bedroom without having to rest. How she had to be driven when outside, because she didn't have the strength to walk.

He wants to forget her pain.

How she tried to hide it with a smile. Tried to convince those around her. But he saw past it. He always did. He saw the agony, written clearly across her features.

He wants to forget the pity.

How, after she had gone, people would look at him with sadness and sympathy in their eyes, with understanding.

How could they possibly understand what he's going through?

The pain. The sadness. The emptiness.

And the one thing that was inevitable in her absence: the loneliness.

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