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This fic is LOOSELY based on an article from Esquire
"The Problem with One Night Stands in Locked-Down Boston"
There is a hyperlink on my profile if you are interested in reading. This fic is in NO WAY is meant to
make light of or show any disrespect to those affected by the Boston Marathon Tragedy.
Our heart goes out to our beautiful city by the water.

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Ladies… I give you Bostonward.

Chapter 1 - Distractions

Thursday – April 18, 2013

6:45 pm EDT

Boston, MA

I feel antsy. My leg bounces nervously and I tug at my hair out of habit. I'm running out of ideas to keep myself occupied.

I consider checking my Facebook, but I can't because I'm currently dodging Jane's messages to meet-up for coffee to 'talk' about the incident. Well, that and my mom's constant Candy Crush Saga requests. The guys at the station are obsessed with that game, especially Emmett. Rose is trying to wean him off of it as we speak. He's like a heroin addict. Gets the shakes whenever he's near a cell phone and shit.

I yawn and stretch while eyeing the TV remote. I don't wanna do it. I don't wanna turn it on. And I don't wanna see it as it's replayed repeatedly or hear the speculation from the terror experts. Seriously, who wants to specialize in that field? It's fucked up because I don't wanna forget or become numb watching the coverage, but I can't relive it over and over again either. I just can't.

My phone vibrates in my pocket and I answer it not botherin' to see who it is, grateful for the distraction.


"Yo! Where you at, kid?" Emmett's voice booms on the line. I hear Riley in the background and it sounds like they're at the bar.

"Home. I'm about to grab some food. Why - you out?" I ask as I head to the kitchen and open my fridge to find that I only have two pieces of bread, a sip of OJ, and every condiment known to man.

"We're at Whitney's. We gotta booth in the back. Ro's meetin' us later. You comin'?"

My food options aren't looking too good unless I am in the mood for a hot sauce sandwich, which I'm not, so I shut the refrigerator door.

"Uh… Yeah, I'll see you in a few, bro."

A night out is just the kind of distraction I need, I tell myself as I jump in the shower and lather up. I need to get out of my apartment and away from the around the clock coverage of the tragedy that befell my beloved city. The dull ache in my chest ebbs as I scrub my hands over my face in frustration, replaying Monday's events in my head for the millionth time. I remember Emmett and I running to the ambulance as the first calls came in over the radio. I see the crowded streets and panicked pedestrians searching for loved ones and seeking safety. I squeeze my eyes shut, willing the images to stop their assault, but they keep coming and the chaos continues in my head.

I don't care how seasoned an EMT you are or how many calls you've been on; there are some calls that ultimately change you forever. This will always be that call for me. To see it first hand, how the violent and senseless act of a few ruined the lives of so many was both heartbreaking and terrifying to me. I'm certain that the intent of the act was to bring a city to its knees and put a nation on notice. But the fact of the matter is that it only served to bring out the best in many of us.

The media outlets are going crazy right now with all the speculation over two suspects. Their pictures are everywhere, and I am wondering how the boys in blue are going to stop the fellas in Roxbury and Dorchester from issuin' a Louisville Slugger style beatin' on the perps if they find them first.

I throw on some jeans, a beater and a Henley. I don't have the patience to fuck with the hot mess of hair on my head so I just throw on my Sox cap to the back and hit the avenue, hoping to find the distraction I need outside of these walls.

Whitney's is pretty quiet for a Thursday. Most of the patrons are all huddlin' around the TVs. I throw a chin nod to the townie regulars Mr. Banner and Coach Clapp and head back to our booth.

"How ya doin', kid?" Em asks me as he motions for the waitress to come over.

I shrug since my head is all over the place and he nods because his is too. I am pleasantly surprised that Em and I have the same agenda when he orders us some Guinness' and a few rounds of shots. I like where his head is at.

As I check out the scene around me, I peep Riley mackin' on some tore-up chick across the bar. That kid has got no game whatsoever. He also has no tolerance for booze which is sad because his sister can out drink everyone I know. Rose and I have been best friends since eighth grade, she's like my sister. My ball-bustin', Bruin lovin', beer guzzlin' sister. Em follows my eyes and checks on Riley himself.

"Yo, is he talkin' to Irina?"

"I can't tell." I say as I squint to see if the busted-up girl bears any resemblance to my old flame.

Irina is my old girlfriend from high school. I haven't set eyes on her in years, not since Rose beat her ass on a front lawn down on Hooker Avenue for doin' me dirty with some punk from Charlestown. I can't say I was too heartbroken over it 'cause she was a pain in the ass.

Riley must feel our eyes on him, because he looks at us sharply and gives us his 'watch and learn boys' smile. Of course, we raise our glasses and salute his ability to spit game to the grossest chick in the spot because we're assholes like that.

Em and I bullshit for awhile and talk about everything but what everyone else is talking about. And when the conversation winds down, the drinking begins. We start with beers and then add the shots and chasers with each. Bad decisions are being made all around. It's a good thing that Ro shows up when she does.

"Hi-ya, hun." She says, pecking me on the top of the head before she walks over to her husband and tongue fucks his face.

"Jesus you two, that's disgustin'. I'm tryin' to drink here." I scoff trying to avert my eyes.

"I know, right! It's like watchin' the goddamn Discovery Channel with these two," says the petite brunette cutie who is sidling up next to me in the booth.

"Ya jealous!" Rose snips as she straightens her clothes and waves to the waitress.

"Oh! Little Manhattan! How ya doin', sweetheart?" Em says as he leans over the table to kiss my new neighbor on the cheek.

"Can't complain, how 'bout you?" She replies, sitting back down and flipping her hair over her shoulder.

She smells like sugar cookies and has a hint of a New England accent. It's faint, but it's still there. I feel like a bit of a pig because I think I am full on leering at her and imagining what a delightful distraction she'd be. Em is goin' on and on about whatever the fuck when the waitress pops over to take their orders.

"Yeah, can I get a couple of Blue Moons and a couple of Sicilian Kisses, please." Rose orders before looking to Em and I, "You two need anything?"

We each order another beer and get down to the business of getting to know each other.

"Edward, this is Bella. Bella, Edward." Rose introduces us with a wave of her hand.

"Bella," I say holding out my hand and throwing her the smirk that Rose refers to as the 'panty dropper'. In my periphery, I see Ro shaking her head.

"Nice to meet you," she says taking my hand with a coy smile of her own. "I've heard a lot about you."

"Oh yeah?" I ask, silently praying that Rose hasn't told her any embarrassing shit.

The waitress returns with our drinks and I notice Riley coming over to creep. Rose and I look over at him just in time to see him mouth the word 'dibs' to me. Game on, kid.

"How ya doin', sis?" he says kissing his sister's cheek while eye-ballin' my new little friend.

"Fine. Bella, this is my little brother Riley. Riley, this is Bella." Rose makes the introductions once again and I can barely contain the eye roll as I watch this little shit put on a swagger show with the two handed handshake. What an ass.

"Oh yeah, you're the new recruiter," he says recognizing that she's Rose's new co-worker while still molesting her hand with both of his. "How was the career fair today?"

I laugh when she jerks her hand free and wipes it on her pants inconspicuously under the table.

"Um, I suppose it went well," she replies before taking a sip of her drink then continuing a little more formally. "It's a lot different recruiting kids out of college than head-hunting professionals."

Rose nods and sighs. "Yeah, I spent over thirty minutes with some kid's mom today. Apparently, Tommy is a good boy who was too busy to come to the career fair so his mom came on his behalf."

"Looks like Tommy's mommy would like for him to move out of the basement." I mutter.

This makes Bella snicker a bit before she adds. "It's like 'Hey Tommy, put your bong down and get your ass down to the career fair'."

We all laugh as she continues like she's only speaking to me. "I mean, seriously. I did a mock interview with a really bright girl today. Well, I thought she was bright until I asked her a question and she answered with 'IDK'. I am worried for this generation if they can't speak in complete sentences during an interview."

Riley takes note of the eye contact and attempts another one of his prick moves.

"Not for nothin' Ed, but Irina was just askin' about ya'. She must be thinkin' of old times, huh?" He smirks as he leans down on his forearms and scoots closer to Bella.

The quirk of my brow is my only reply before Rose and Em jump in to give the 4-1-1 on Irina and unknowingly fall right into Riley's game plan.

"That chick from Hooka' Avenue is here? She should know better. Where is she?" Rose whips her head around to survey the room. "The girl is a skank."

"A skeez-ah." Em adds as if being called a 'skank' isn't accurate enough.

I just shake my head and finish off the last of my beer when I see Riley narrow his eyes, preppin' his finishing move.

"Come on, Ed. I'm just bustin' ya balls a bit. Besides, I told her all about that hot little nurse over at Beth Israel Deaconess that you've been bangin' lately."

That little punk smiles out the side of his mouth and tips his beer back in victory. Bella's eyebrows rise in response to this little bombshell. She chews on her lip and exchanges a weird look with Rose. Just as I am about to set the record straight, Em jumps in to defend my honor with a little more information than I want him to share.

"Naw, kid. That Jane chick was mad crazy. Read that Fifty Shades book and came at my boy with a pair of tube socks and a dirty spatula to spank him with. Tellin' him to call her mistress and shit."

I hear Bella snort before she takes a sip of her beer. Thanks Em.

That arrogant prick thinks the damage is done so he goes in for the kill, leaning in close to her and speaking quietly, probably workin' his weak ass game on her. This fuckin' guy has no clue that I am about to launch a counterattack of my own. When the waitress comes by to take another order, I tap Bella's thigh to get her attention under the table while Riley's distracted. I slip my phone into her hand and put my finger over my lips to tell her not to say a word.

"Now, where were we," he says as he resumes his predatory positioning.

"I can't find my phone." I say as I play it up, patting my jean pockets and chest, looking around and under the table. "Ri, can you give it a call?"

"Yeah sure, no problem," he says whipping out his phone to dial.

His ringtone sounds and Bella pulls it from her lap admiring the picture and covering her mouth to stifle her giggles. I chuckle a bit when I see Riley's photo. I am fairly certain that Em and I are still at the top of his shit list for writing the word 'dick' in all caps across his forehead with a Sharpie after stripping him down and dressing him in his sister's bra. That's what you get when you pass out before midnight on New Year's Eve. I can't bring myself to feel guilty for snapping the photo. It makes my day every single time it fills the screen when he calls.

"Here it is," she says turning the screen around so everyone can see.

Em starts laughing and pointing, talking about how Rose wouldn't let us put him in her underwear and shit. Rose is cacklin' too. Riley is giving me a full on bitch brow that rivals his sister's. I just smile and mouth the word 'dibs' to him as I slide a little closer to Bella. Sorry for ya, son.

Bella takes me by surprise when she leans into my side and tosses back her shot. From that point on, we are in our own little world. She tells me how she grew up in Bradford where her dad is a retired police chief, but she spent the summers in Florida with her mom and her step-dad. She talks about going to school in upstate New York and moving to Manhattan with her then long-time boyfriend. This girl has class and doesn't talk shit about him. Real respectful, but clear that they are done.

I tell her about growing up in Watertown, and my schooling and training in Fire-EMS. Of course, Rose and Em jump in from time to time to embarrass the shit out of me and tell stories, including ones about Irina and Jane. Bella's pretty cool, just laughing at them as they air my dirty laundry. Throughout the night, I don't miss that she subtly rubs her hand up and down my thigh, just as I am sure she doesn't miss that my arm now rests on her shoulder in an effort to keep her pressed tightly to me. High fives turn into hand-holding and shooters turn into body shots. We talk, we touch… we drink.

I excuse myself to hit the head and see Riley chatting up some college girls. Naturally, I flip him off when he tries to throw me the 'there's my boy' head nod. He knows he had that coming. The bathroom smells like raw sewage so I do my business and book it out of there only to find Bella standin' in the hall waiting for me.

"Heyyyy," she says, wrapping her arms around my neck, licking and biting her bottom lip again.

"Uh, hey." I cleverly reply and pull her tight against me, watching her mouth as she pulls my face closer to hers.

"Ya wanna get outta here?" She whispers against my lips and I swear I can feel my dick noddin' his head and wavin' his hand toward the exit as if to say 'after you milady'.

I wanna answer her question, but apparently my lips have other ideas as I cover her mouth with mine. She tastes like Amaretto and Southern Comfort, my own real life version of a Sicilian kiss. She breaks it all too soon, grabbing my hand and leading me out to the front of the bar. We give Rose and Em a quick wave as she grabs her pocketbook and we make a run for it.

"Where are we headin'?" I ask as we hustle up the block closer to the square to grab a cab.

She giggles a bit and throws her arms around my waist. "Hooka' Avenue."

I laugh because she sounds just like Rosalie when she says it, then I kiss the shit out of her under a streetlight not caring who sees us. We catch a break when a Brattle cab drives by. You can tell Bella did a stint in New York just by the way she hails a taxi with an air of authority in her voice. She rattles off her address to the cabbie as she scoots across the seat. I don't even have the door shut completely and she has her leg hitched over my thigh and her hands in my hair at the nape of my neck pulling me close once more.

The driver starts trying to make conversation and I catch bits and pieces about the suspects and something or other, but I am far too distracted to hear what he's saying, especially when Bella is pulling my earlobe with her teeth and sucking it lightly into her mouth. I take this opportunity to acquaint my hands with her ass, rubbin' all up on it.

This cabbie won't shut up so I randomly throw out some 'oh yeahs' and 'ya don't says' so he doesn't realize that shit's getting real in the back of his cab. This girl is wild and I love it. When her hand slides from the back of my head down my body to cup my junk, I can't stop the groan that escapes my mouth. Bella pulls my face into her neck and tells the driver to 'step on it' as she continues to rub me down. He must get the message because he stops with the chitchat and turns up the radio. I inch my hands up her waist and gently graze my lips along her throat. I smile against her skin when I feel her shudder slightly.

"You like that, Cookie?" I murmur quietly as run my fingertips up her ribs.

She sucks her bottom lip into her mouth and nods slightly before pulling me in for another heated kiss. I lean back in the seat and she straddles my lap. I swear I have a flashback of riding home in the back of Rose's mom's minivan from the Homecoming dance with a jizz stain on my dress pants after Irina pulled me into a bathroom and dry humped me on a toilet. At the time, I remember being pretty happy that my dick was three pieces of fabric away from a real-life pussy, but bustin' a nut in a cab just doesn't have the same appeal at my age. Thankfully, the car pulls to a stop and Bella rushes out so I can pay the cabbie. He tries to tell me to keep my eyes peeled or something or other, but I ain't got time for that.

"Yeah, yeah – go Sox." I all but yell tossing him a couple of twenties and slamming the door.

Bella's got her keys out and is trying to unlock the door. A difficult feat when you have a 200 lb. drunk guy slobberin' all over you. That thought sobers me slightly. She's drunk. I'm drunk. And although I would love to do some real dirty shit with this girl, I wanna be a good guy more. So I turn her around before she can walk in her now open door to make sure that she wants to do this.

"You sure about this?" I ask as I kiss her forehead gently, and then tilt her chin up so I can look into her eyes.

"This?" She asks confused.

"Yeah. This." I explain, motioning my finger between us.

She smiles shyly as she cups my face and kisses me sweetly before threading her fingers in the hair on my neck again and whispering my new favorite word.


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