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26 Months Later

I hear her before I see her. Her heels are clacking on the pavement as she struts up the sidewalk. Garrett and Riley each call 'dibs' at the same time, but I know that she is here to see me. I push open the screen door to greet the leggy blonde approaching the porch. I have to hold back a laugh when Garrett and Riley's faces go from 'hopeful' to 'what the fuck' when she launches herself at me for a hug.

"Hi-ya handsome," she says squeezing me tight.

"How ya doin', Kate?" I ask over her shoulder as the guys look on in shock.

"Eh, can't complain."

She releases me and looks over at the guys and gives a small wave. Apparently introductions are in order.

"Guys, this is Bella's cousin, Kate." I start and see that Riley and Garrett are back in full on creep mode. "Kate, this is Riley," I say jerking my chin in his direction. "And this is…"

Before I can even say Garrett's name, Riley is up and has her hand in both of his like the cheesy fucker he is. Some things never change.

"Riley Hale. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Wait…" she says surprised. "You're Riley?"

"Yeah," he says confused. "I'm sorry. Have we met?" He asks as he eyes her up and down like a pervert. "Because I am sure I'd remember meeting you."

His game is painful to watch.

"No, we've never met," she shakes her head and pulls him close to speak softly in his ear. "But I love your taste in lingerie."

He shoots me a dirty look like I am the one who showed her the picture while Kate giggles into her free hand.

"Bella told me to keep an eye out for you," she says between laughs. "I almost didn't recognize you without the word dick written across your forehead."

He releases her hand and forces a smile before returning to his seat to sulk with his beer.

"And this is Garrett." I say, gesturing towards him as he jumps up to meet her.

"Anotha' ball-busta'," he says to her, shaking her hand and wagging his brows. "I like it."

I can't help but smirk at the scene before me. Riley is pouting like the spoiled little punk he is as he watches Kate lean in to her handshake with Garrett. I catch his eye and shrug as if to say 'sorry for ya, kid'.

Em opens the screen door and lets Jake out before he comes to greet Kate.

"Emmett!" she squeals excitedly, Garrett all but forgotten.

"How ya' been, sweethaht?" he asks, pecking her on the cheek.

"I'm alright. I hear congratulations are in order."

"Yep," he smiles proudly and reaches into his wallet to grab their latest sonogram. "We're about 20 weeks."

I can hear the hope and excitement in his voice since this is the furthest along they've been so far. I watch as Kate nods while he points at all the kid's parts in the picture.

"Where is that little shit?" my dad yells as he marches up to the screen door and pushes it open forcefully.

"Liam's inside watchin' TV."

"No, not that little shit," he says heatedly before jabbing his pointer finger in Jake's direction. "Your little shit! I had a six inch sub on the table and that little asshole snatched it and ate it."

Jake is wearing his signature sorry, not sorry look and turns swiftly to piss on a nearby bush.

"Jacob!" I say in my stern voice, drawing his name out. "No thank you, sir!" I hate how Bella has me talking to him like I have a pussy too, so I try to recover in the manliest way possible. "Don't be a dick."

I don't even have to look at my dad to know that he is shaking his head at me in disgust muttering 'no thank you sir' under his breath.

"Dad, its fine, I'll just send Riley to get you another turkey sub. Take it easy."

"Ya mother's got me on this crazy diet, I'm stah-vin' to death over here," he explains holding his stomach. "Reception starts at seven and that means I won't eat until eight. All I wanted was to enjoy the six grams of fat ya mother allowed me before the wedding with a beer," he turns once more to give Jake a one-finger salute. "I hope ya get the shits!"

"Come on Mista' C, give him a break," Emmett says to my father and scoops Jake into his arms. "Bella's got him wearin' a tux. Isn't that punishment enough?"

"Actually, it's not." Kate cuts in and hands me a small bag from her purse. "Bella wants him to wear this top hat too."

I pull out a teeny-tiny top hat with a small chin strap. Jake is beggin' and pleadin' with his eyes for me to put my foot down and stop her insanity, but he is crazy if he thinks I am going toe-to-toe with the bride on our wedding day.

"Sorry kid." I say with a shrug.

Carlisle starts chuckling as he turns back into the house. Apparently he feels that justice is served.

"And here," Kate continues, handing me an envelope. "It's your wedding gift from Bella. She told me to tell you not to read it until right before you head up to the altar."

I check my watch and am immediately disappointed that I can't open it for another four hours. She knows the anticipation will kill me.

"Uh, lemme go get her gift real quick," I tell her over my shoulder as I run in the house to grab my gift and finish my note to her.

I don't trust any of the guys not to eat my gift to her, so I hid the half-dozen box of Sprinkles cupcakes in our bedroom. We are spending a small fortune on the wedding and honeymoon, so we decided to not spend a dime on our gifts to each other. I can't bring myself to be sorry for breaking the rule. I know she loves these things, and hopefully she will understand the meaning behind them.

I always think back to that morning of the lockdown when she told me the cupcakes were her one indulgence while living in New York. The one thing she did to make herself happy since she was basically living someone else's dream. In a way, I think she was kind-of like me before I met her, merely existing. I pick up the box and glance at the blank notecard. I want to write sappy shit to her like her 'happiness will be my only indulgence' or that our 'life will be sweet'. But that's not me. And that's not us. So I pick up the pen and scribble the first thing that comes to mind, which is the plain and simple truth.

Happy Wife = Happy Life

I plan on making you very happy, Cookie.
I can't wait to marry you today.

I am watching the Sox game with the guys when Bella's ringtone blares from my pocket about 45 minutes later. I jump up, grab my beer and start up the stairs as I answer.

"Hello." I say as I enter our bedroom, shutting the door behind me.

"I loved it," she tells me simply.

"Did ya?"

"Yeah," she says softly making me want to fist pump because she got the meaning behind it. "Did you open your gift yet?"



"How are ya feelin'?" I ask her before taking a sip of my beer.

"Oh, you know," she teases.

"Nervous?" I ask and kind of cringe at the thought that she may be hesitant.

"Not a bit. You?"

"Nah," I say relieved at how quickly and confidently she answers. "I've wanted to marry you for a while now, Cookie."

Bella sighs because she knows how true it is, and I wonder if she is thinking back to how I told her that I loved her after dating for only two months. She's lucky that I didn't propose then and there. I remember how happy I was the day she called me to tell me she found the perfect house for us before we'd even discussed living together. I recall that at the time, I was trying to come up with a way to ask her to marry me and hoping that she wouldn't think it was all too soon.

I hear Alice bitching at her in the background, something about staying on schedule.

"I know, I know!" She shouts though it is muffled as I am sure she put her hand over the phone. "Sorry about that. Apparently I am throwing everything off schedule with this two minute conversation."

"Alright, I'll see you in a few hours."

"Don't forget to read it right before you go to the altar."

"I won't."

"Love you."

"I love you too, Cookie."

I feel Emmett's eyes on me as I aimlessly pace back and forth from the living room to the kitchen and back.

"What's with you, kid?" he asks before taking a pull from his beer. "You havin' second thoughts or somethin'?"

"Not at all," I tell him as I peel the label from my beer bottle. "I just feel anxious, you know. Like I want to get the show on the road already."

His phone beeps and he smiles as he reads the text.

"Rose wants some Red Vines. I'm gonna run up to the gas station and grab some for her," he tells me while texting her back before looking at me seriously. "Listen, I remember being where you are at and you gotta relax, kid."

He's smiling at me like he said something clever, but I must have missed it.

"What, like meditate or some shit?"

He snorts. "No. You gotta relax," he says drawing out the word relax and giving me the jack-off gesture.

"Pffft. You're crazy."

"I'm serious, man. I was the same way on my wedding day. Ya' need to take matters into your own hands and jack the beanstalk. Trust me on this. It will clear that tension right up."

"Jack the beanstalk? Do you hear yourself?"

"What?" He asks offended before continuing like the sarcastic prick he is. "Oh, I'm sorry do you prefer pump the python? Yank the crank? Whip the willy?" He asks ticking off fingers with each euphemism.

I shake my head at him. "Get outta here. I don't want your wife calling me to pick up her Twizzlers."

"It's Red Vines, and they're not for her, they're for the baby," he says with a curt nod as he opens the screen door. "But seriously, handle that."

I finish my beer and pace around the house some more, mulling over what he said. I mean, sure I'm on edge because I want today to be perfect for her. The tension may also be from the most epic case of blue balls on the planet. I remember two weeks ago she was riding me, and I was thirty seconds from bustin' a nut when she told me that it would be the last time we had sex until our wedding night.

I suppose I could just slip upstairs and take care of it. Why not, I've got some time to kill. Dad and the boys are grabbing a bite to eat, and I'm the only one here except for Jake. I hustle up the stairs and grab the iPad from the desk in the spare room. Jacking off isn't as easy as it used to be. Now it's a production of laying out Kleenex ever since Bella forbid me from using our bath towels and washcloths to catch my mess. I remember just nodding my head as she waved a hand towel around and yelled something about them being so stiff they could crack. I could do it in the shower, but I swear whenever I do she calls me on it. I don't know. I seem to recall her saying something about having a sensitive nose. She swears up and down that I nutted on her loofah. I think she's crazy.

I make quick work of my pants and boxers and click on my porn folder, aptly titled 'Fantasy Football' so Bella will never know the depths of my depravity. A couple squirts of lotion and we are all set. Two lesbians come up on the screen. A red head is lying on her back with her hands pushing a blonde's face into her crotch. Red is laying the moans on real thick as the blonde dogs her out all loud and sloppy like. I start to stroke myself, hoping I get hard. After about a minute and only a semi-erection later, I realize I either need to change the scene on the screen or go to the mental spank reel. I close my eyes, and my mind automatically drifts to one of my favorite nights with Bella from our trip to Belize last year.

I remember chasing her into our room after a late night swim, watching her peel off her swimsuit and crawl into the bed slightly hidden by the netting. I see her there with her legs spread wide and her wet hair splayed out on the pillow. I can feel myself stiffen when I picture the way she looks at me while her hands work her body over. Two fingers deep inside while the other hand alternates from rubbing her clit and pulling her nipples.

I start to jerk it harder when I think about how she gasps and whimpers as I lick her salty skin and how her body shivers with each swipe of my tongue. I see her lips parting as I push inside of her, and I swear I can practically feel the way her pussy grips me as I slide in. I have to steady myself on the sink as I stroke my dick faster. The memory becomes more vivid. Pinning her down to the bed and forcefully pounding into her. The feel of her chest against mine, slick with sweat and coarse with sand from our midnight swim. Moaning and panting into each other's mouths in between rough open mouth kisses.

The memories come faster now as my climax looms. I fist my cock harder as I picture my hand gripping her hip as I take her from behind. The sound she makes when she sucks in a short intake of breath as I tug on her hair and bottom out inside of her. The way she arches her spine, encouraging each thrust. I swear I can feel her tighten around my length and hear the sounds of her muffled screams. It gets me off every single time. The swell of pride that comes from knowing that I'm the one who makes her come undone.

All I hear is the slapping of my skin and the rush of blood to my ears as I see snippets of Bella in various states of ecstasy switching off rapidly in my mind. I know I am almost there because I can hardly stand and I feel the telltale tensing and stiffening in my balls. I explode with a grunt a few strokes later, making sure to catch what I can in the tissues. I happen to take a glance at myself in the mirror. My breathing is labored and my skin is flushed, but I feel a lot less anxious. I guess I really needed that.

"Jesus." I mutter under my breath and tuck myself back into my boxers.

I go to grab my zipper when someone starts pounding on the door.

"What are ya doin' in there?" My dad yells through the door. "Pinch it off! I gotta take a piss."

"Use the bathroom downstairs!" I shout back as I carefully pull up my zipper, hoping to avoid a 'There's Something about Mary' situation.

"No can do. Your idiot friend Riley bought Liam a milkshake."

Shit. That bathroom will be uninhabitable for the next few hours because the only one in my family more lactose intolerant than me is my nephew Liam.

"Gimme a second," I tell him as I clean up the evidence and wash my hands before stepping out of the bathroom.

"Mmm hmm," he mutters as I pass him, eyeing me knowingly.

"Five minutes, Edward."

I look up to see Father Aro standing in the doorway of the sacristy and give him a nod. Emmett stands and follows him out so I can finally read Cookie's letter.

April 18, 2015

Dear Edward,

I thought it would be appropriate to start writing this letter today, two years from the day we met. Two years from the day that our lives changed in the best possible way under the most awkward and unbelievably tragic circumstances.

Many times throughout the course of our relationship, I've caught you studying me, gauging my reactions, trying to figure me out. If I had a nickel for every time you've asked me what I am thinking, we'd be filthy rich. I know I am not overly expressive and given the fact that you are not a mind reader, I realize I am not always easy to read. So I thought since we agreed not to spend a penny on our gifts to each other that I would give you the gift of 'peace of mind' by giving you a piece of my mind.

I doubt you realize how hard and fast I fell for you. It felt effortless and easy. I remember squealing like a schoolgirl when I read your text after dropping you off the night of the lockdown. You should've just stayed the night since we texted back and forth until the early hours of the morning. Our first date was perfect and awkward. When you walked me to my door that night and handed me your doggie bag for Jake, well, let's just say that you totally won us both over with that move.

I remember the first time you told me you loved me. The look on your face was so earnest and I knew you meant it with every fiber of your being. You were so nervous. I remember your hands trembled a bit as you held mine. To say it back to you felt so natural and so freeing. There just are no words to express how happy I was at the thought that you loved me as much as I loved you.

I also know the exact moment I knew I wanted to be with you forever. It was a few weeks after you told me you loved me and you were taking me to Martha's Vineyard for Fourth of July weekend. Do you know what I am talking about? Our first fight. I remember coming home to find Jake shaved and looking happier than I'd seen him in ages. Now I can admit that you were right and that he was miserable under all of that hair in the heat, but at the time I wanted to junk punch you for shaving my dog. All of my anger melted though the minute we got to your truck and I saw that you put in a car seat for Jake. I know you think car seats for dogs are ridiculous, so the fact that you were willing to do that for him (for me), well, let's just say that it just cemented the fact that you were a keeper.

I think that meeting your family sealed the deal for me 100%. I'll never forget the look on your face as you introduced me to your parents. You looked so happy and excited, but most importantly, you looked proud. Just as proud as your mother did as she paraded me around the church after mass that Sunday. I imagine that as we grow old together, we will be just like your parents. Me, the ball-buster and you and Jake, the ball-bustees.

Edward watching you with your nephews just made me fall in love with you all over again. There is something to be said for a man who will spend a Sunday building a blanket fort for two little boys. Seeing how wonderful you are with them and Jake, I just know you will be the best father to our future children.

Some of my favorite memories of you are from our many adventures together. Before we met, Rose always was complaining that she wanted more for you and wanted you to want more for yourself. I guess I was surprised that she described you that way because you are always up for anything. I loved your idea of the adventure jar. I remember you were so excited filling out those small pieces of torn paper and the look on your face when I pulled one of your slips from the jar, it was just priceless. Almost as priceless as your face when we actually zip-lined over the jungle in Belize a few months later.

The night you asked me to be your wife was by far and away the best night of my entire life. I've never been more sure of anything ever. I often think about the night we met. I did something so absolutely out of character for me. Under normal circumstances, I would have never put myself out there like that. But in light of the events, I realized that life is short and sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and follow your gut. It's like you always say, it was the smartest dumb thing we ever did.

I am flipping through the pictures of our photo albums as I write this letter. So many fun and special memories have been made in our short time together and I have no doubt that we will make so many more. Hopefully you followed my directions and in a few short minutes, I will be walking down the aisle. I can't wait to marry you, Edward. I can't wait to become the future Mrs. Cookie Cullen. This will be our greatest adventure of all.

Love Always,


I read it again and again… and one more time after that.

"It's time." I hear Emmett say from the doorway. "You ready, kid?"

I fold the letter back up and stick it in the pocket next to my heart, right where she has been from the day we met. Mrs. Cookie Cullen, yeah, I like the sound of that.

I nod and breathe in deeply as I make my way to the altar, ready to start my life with her.

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