I could here them.

All of their voices whispering in my head.

Each of them saying the same thing.

"You could've saved us Steve.. What stopped you?"

It was starting again.

I wouldn't let it start again.

Squeezing my eyes shut I let my clenched fist fall to my side. Remembering what Dr. Banner had told me I slowed my breathing. He said I needed to calm myself and the voices would go away. Sometimes this worked but other times, no such luck.

I dropped to my knees not being able to stand anymore. It felt like something was crushing me, the breaths now coming from my lungs only in small gasps. I could feel the room begin to spin around me.




It was Mama's voice that spoke out the loudest. But then again it was always hers that did.

I replied. "Yes Mama?" I knew what she'd say though. It was always the same questions. So I gave the same answers. It was a sickening cycle that was slowly driving me insane.

"How does it feel?" She asked curiously.

"How does what feel?" The other voices slowly began to subside, only leaving my mothers.

Her tone began to grow sharp. "Knowing.. Knowing that you've destroyed so many lives? Knowing that the list of people that you've killed is growing, always growing. Knowing that no matter how many people you save, there will always be more that you've damaged.. It must be lonely."

I thought for a minute, trying to find a reason to disagree with her. Trying to find a reason to say she was wrong.. But I couldn't. I couldn't because It didn't make sense to lie to myself anymore. "Yes mama. Yes It is."

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