"How do you do it?" I muttered softly. I was still on the couch but I chose to leave my eyes closed. It was too bright outside so I knew it must be morning.

"Do what cap'n?" He asked simply. I could vision his half smirk perfectly even with my eyes closed. The way that they made his lips tug up from there natural poutynes which I honestly found unbearably sexy, but sometimes sad too.

I frowned a bit. "You know what... Getting them? Getting all of the, the women? They throw themselves at you. It's, it's, weird."

He snorted loudly, the couch squeaking as he moved his chest. "It's my natural charm Stevie. But now I have a question of my own. Why is Captain America asking me about my trade secretes? Someone caught the oldmans eye?"

I felt my cheeks heat up but let a small knowing smile trace my lips oppose to looking away as I'd normally do."Maybe. But even if I say did, why would I tell you?"

"Because, I'm a curious man Rogers. Plus I could help. She's probably a fan so I could set something up... Maybe she has a friend..."

Sighing I rubbed my eyes preparing to open them. I was to comfortable to Actually admit that I actually had to get up but I really had things to do today. "You have a girlfriend, remember? And I don't really need your help Tony, I'm not sure I'd want it either."

As I opened my eyes I realized that he was much closer to me then I actually though. Only a few inches from my face. With his close proximity I noticed his eyes looked more focused then they usually did. I didn't think he'd actually care that much about my question...

"Lies! If you didn't want my help you wouldn't have asked. Besides what relationship knowledge do you have? From what I've heard your still a card holding virgin."

I thought about denying his chastity claims for about a second before realizing that I was the one that told him I was still a virgin. And I now regretted that since he was once again using that against me. Well two could play it that game!

"Not everyone needs to have, the whole female population of New York City to know a thing or two about relationships Tony."

He froze for almost a full minute before breaking out into a huge, almost proud looking grin. "Ok now you need to tell me who it is."

I replied simply, noting his expression before actually saying anything. "No."

He sighed then looked down at his hands. "Please?!"

"No Tony now stop asking."

"But..." He looked up at me again, his eyes still calculating but very, round. His bottom lip was beginning to quiver like a small child who wasn't getting its way.

My mouth formed a small o. The transformation that had just taken place was more shocking then Bruce and The Other Guy's. Tony Stark actually looked completely and utterly... Adorable. "N. Tony."

"Pleeeeeeeeeeease Stevie?" Was it even legal for a grown man to be able to look this cute?

The next thing I did was all in all considered very, very stupid. "It's, it's you, you big metal head! Don't you see that it's you Tony?"

As soon as the stream of words had left my lips I felt the realm of reality hit me.I just admitted I loved Tony Stark, to Tony Stark. But before I could take it back and say I was joking I felt a pair of slightly chapped lips crushed ontop of mine. The very lips I've been dreaming about for what, months?

But a couple of seconds into the kiss I realized something. Not only was I kissing Tony Stark. But I was kissing Pepper Potts's Tony Stark. One of the very first people who were genuinely kind to me since they fished me out of the water's Tony Stark. Vice CEO of Tony Stark's company's Tony Stark. How could I have been blind to that little detail for so long...?

And since I was completely out of my whit about what to do. I did the only reasonable thing I could think of right now.

I punched him.

"What the actual fuck Rogers!? I come to see if your ok and you punch me?" Said Tony, but not the one sitting infront of me. His lips weren't moving at all. He just sat staring at me blankly. Looking at me until he completely faded away and then I was left facing a different Tony. One that was sitting on the bed next to me with a busted and bloody lip.

"Oh god Tony I'm so sorry I jus-" I stopped myself when I noticed I wasn't in the living room at all, but rather In Tony's bedroom. On his deep brown kingsized bed. Underneath his light but warm black comforter. I don't remember coming here...

"Don't... It's fine." He pressed a finger to his bloody lip and then looked at it seeming mainly collected. There was a relatively small amount of blood coming from the wound considering I punched him. "Just don't do that again next time I try to wake you up. Ok?"

A dream... The kiss, that conversation It was just a dream? Looking at the plan cream walls and mostly empty space that I've only seen a few times in passing that's known as Tony's room is I'd guess so.

I shook my head no turning my attention back to Tony's face. Which I could only look at in five second increments before feeling my ears heat up again. You didn't even kiss him Steve so why are you embarrassed. "It's not alright and I'm really sorry I didn't mean to punch you um, consciously. And uh, how'd I get in here anyway?"

At this Question Tony looked at a spot on the bed beside my right leg. "You fell asleep on the couch and I figured you wouldn't be as much of a use to Patchy The Pirate and the rest of Shield if you had a huge crick in your neck. So yeah."

He ran a hand through his brown nest of hair. He was still wearing pajamas which in his case were a pair of black boxers and a form fitting black tshirt that read I am Ironman. I'm honestly not that surprised he down something like this actually.

"You carried me in here, all by yourself?" I asked as I stood, moving closer to Tony so I could get a look at his lip. Looking closely I noticed It had actually stopped bleeding.

When I tilted his head up slightly to see his lip a little bit better I saw that he was blushing lightly. Hmm."Yeah..."


"And before you ask how I did it, your not that heavy Steve. Or maybe I'm just not as weak as you thought." Tony masked his light blush with his notorious smirk.

"Maybe. It's just hard believe that you can carry a one hundred eighty five pound man without waking him when the only thing I've seen you do in the gym is stand there."

He chuckled at this. "Well that's because some of the scenery in the gym is much more amusing then lifting will ever be. Now stop staring at my lip already and make me pancakes."

I rolled my eyes and began walking towards the kitchen. As I did I was reminded that there was one main thing that found itself in the front of my mind. It being that if I wanted Tony Stark, which I undoubtedly did. I'd have to have him on my own terms.

Which would mean that I wouldn't be hurting Pepper in anyway shape or form from being with I guess Tony.

I found myself bent infront of the refrigerator looking for the eggs which weren't in their usual place when I felt a light hand place itself on my lower back. It traced one of its fingers in small circles while resting there.


I sighed feeling Tony's hand drawing shapes on my back. "Yes Tony?" I found the eggs and stood up straight then placed them onto the counter with the pancake mix and vanilla.

He leaned against the oven and looked me over. His eyes read something that I couldn't really understand. "Make blueberry pancakes please Steve?"

I nodded and gave him a brief smile. "Of course Tony." With that he got out the blue berries and I began cracking eggs.

We fell back into a familiar pattern that we had developed sometime after we gave up on ripping each other's throats out but before I started falling In love with Tony. A pattern that was filled with comfortable silence that made it easy to work. But the silence that made me more comfortable then not on any usual given day made me uneasy. Only because it gave me time to think though.

And right now I didn't want to think about how I'd never be with Tony without feeling guilty if I could even get him in the first place unless he and Pepper were no longer together. Or how I punched Tony in the face no les then twenty minutes ago and I felt guilty as Hell about it.

All I wanted was to think about cracking eggs because that was way easier then reasoning with my self why it wasn't a good Idea to walk over to Tony and press him up against the cabinets making his head swim right now. Because since waking up from that dream that's all I've truthfully wanted to do.