I sat in closet pew to the Church's large wooden door, listening to the preachers lulling voice as he spoke from First Corinthians 13:4-8. I silently mouthed the familiar words along with him.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.."

The church, St. George's was mostly filled besides the last few rows. People, mainly the older ones nodded in agreement as preacher spoke. The pastor stood behind the podium at maybe 5'3 with stringy hair that was greyed at the roots in a simple black suite. He looked a lot different from the two pastors I had seen here when growing up.

Both were very jolly looking men, I remember telling Mama sometimes that I thought they were the real Santas and she'd smile saying "Well wouldn't that be fun?"I can still envision us, every Sunday at nine on the dot we'd shuffle through the door. Mom greeting her friends and some of the other parents on our block while dad ignored everyone, complaining how it was "Still too fucking bright in this god damn church."

Mama would always stay quiet on the days that he was as my mother said tired. But I later learned he was just hungover, so because of this fact Mama would always sit beside me, having me to her right while Daddy to the left.

I always remembered enjoying church. It was the one time of the week where everyone had to mainly be quite, that wasn't just because Dad was upset. It was where I got to think freely without the repeated "Are you even listening boy?" Or "Pay attention!" It was where I could thank someone for what I did have and pray for what I didn't.

Like enough money to fix the sink when it would pump out what I thought to be sewage water. Or when we didn't have enough money to buy a lot of groceries so Mama would have to starve throughout the day just so I could have a couple of fruit to go with my lunch.

But now as I sit in a pew, watching the preacher enthusiastically say the word of God I have to wonder. Is he real? I mean I've argued enough with Tony trying to prove that He is real but Tony is right in the sense that there isn't much proof around it. I sigh quietly and look down at my hands as I think. I've already met two Gods so far, and neither were like what the bible portrayed, and as far as they're concerned there isn't a higher being than them.

But then again the Asgardians could be atheists, which Tony explained to me during one of our religion arguments meant that they didn't believe in God. So maybe thats it could be why they haven't searched for him. I don't know, but lately I haven't found really any comfort in worship or praying. I've felt like ever since i've woken up, no scratch that. Ever since Bucky fell off that train and I couldn't save him, I wasn't the same. I think that day was when I started to lose my faith and waking up alone, and seventy years out of time was the final nail in the coffin.

But at the same time in less than two years I've learned so much, made new friends and met someone I think I might even… Love. But that brings up another problem. How could I believe and love someone who would hate me for loving someone who's inspired me so much? It just doesn't make sense…

I looked up from my fingers and noticed that people were gathering their things to leave. I stood as well, quickly making my escape from the soon to be crowded doorway.

"Finally... I almost forgot how long these things take, and you know how much I hate waiting right?" Signed Tony. I blinked hard, my eyes taking a second to readjust to the bright afternoon sun.

"Wait a second. Tony why are you here?" I asked quizzingly as I looked him up and down. Today he wore a white button down made casual with a pair of black jeans topped off with his seemingly signature black out shades. He smirked at me and began walking towards his red and white car, expecting me to follow.

"Well when you told me this morning that you were taking the train to church I figured me; being the lovely person I am would give you a ride back." He replied, getting into the driver's seat swiftly. I looked around and the seemingly uncaring crowd then got in as well.

"I figured that much, but I meant specifically how did you find me here."

"You Steve, don't need to worry your pretty little head about the hows but should be thanking me for helping your avoid disgusting germy transits."

I laugh a bit at Stark's now scrunched up face. "It's actually pretty clean considering Tony you should give it a try sometime."

He groaned slightly then muttered, "I'll consider. But, only if you go with me."

I smiled a little then looked out of the window, watching people fly by. "Where are we headed Tony?"

"Well about that…" He took a hand off the wheel and ran it through his hair awkwardly.


"Okay well, so Pepper's in Japan and there's this Gala and she's for some reason thinks that I need a babysitter so, will you go with me?"

"Uh…" I looked at him quizzingly. Wait. What? Me?!

Tony looked over and seeing my bewildered face quickly spoke again. "I mean if you don't want too it's fine and all. It's just that I know your not busy on saturday nights.."

My eyebrow rose high on my forehead and he started again. "B-but only because that's you and Bruce's movie night! So um yeah... Go with me?"

I chuckled seeing his cheeks turn a very light shade of pink and realized something. This was the second time I had actually seen the legendary (and very cocky) Tony Stark blush. And the thought that someone like him even did blush made me smile like a little kid.

"Yeah Tony, I'm free tomorrow."

He nodded then relaxed back into his chair, I honestly hadn't even noticed he was sitting stiffer than usual before just now but he seemed calmer so I guess he's alright.

"So now that I've said yes, where are we going, because this isn't the way to my house or The Tower.."

He only smirked for a minute before answering and even though he was mainly focused on the road infront of him I saw the devious look in his eyes and my heart sped up just slightly.

"Well we're picking out your suit of course."

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