Power Rangers GPX Supercharged, Episode 1: Madison

:-:-:-: Pooow-wer Rang-gers, Grand Prix, G-P-X, GO! :-:-:-:

When you ask Col. Alan Greene, United States Army, about the last 2 months, he'd say it was a more normal time for him. There wasn't a whole lot in his branch of the Pentagon. The people dealing with the war in Afghanistan probably had a few disagreements with him. He didn't disagree with them, though. Despite his other job, he served a year in Afghanistan and he came back with a feeling that he should not envy anyone shipped over there.

However, if you asked him about the past five months, that's a different story.

It has been a hectic, intense, nerve-wracking and whatever-term-you-can-think-of five months. It had been a five months that had changed the course of human history, and Col. Greene was on the front lines of the event. It was an event that almost resulted in the destruction of humanity in the short run.

His wife had been worried sick during that time. He in turn, was worried sick about his kids, who could barely sleep out of fear of what could happen. The 40-something West Point graduate had to call on his experience as both a leader and the father of his own kids to get them to get to sleep at night. He could probably tease his 14-year-old son about it.

But his kids were not the only ones who were worried. In the end, he had to wonder how anyone could live without getting worried sick.

The African-American colonel sighed again, looking over photos of destruction caused by the Event. Event is capitalized because it's an event that would no doubt influence human history in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Already he'd seen the changes brought by the consequences of the Event.

It wasn't the way anyone wanted First Contact to go, but it's not like Earth had a choice in the matter. This was a battle that was forced upon Earth, not one Earth chose. Oh, Earth chose to fight it, but it was almost reluctant… although the people who fought on behalf of the Earth were more than willing to fight.

And yet, it was a duty he would not wish upon his worst enemies.

It was a duty that had so many risks, but the pay off was better than anyone would expect. The people in question had been trained for years to become what was needed to handle the Event. They had still been thrust into a situation that no one could expect and they embraced their roles. He had to be proud of them.

He saw them like his own adopted kids. It's a little clichéd, but it fit. Even if his superiors saw them as cannon fodder (since when is the Pentagon worried about cannon fodder?), he knew they could handle what was being thrown at them.

And in the end, the Power Rangers had thrown an extraterrestrial invasion back into the stars.

Yes, Power Rangers. When he was first attached to Project Ranger, the United Nations' top-secret project to subtly train kids from all over the world and turn them into super soldiers/superheroes, who too thought it was silly. Isn't that a children's show? Well, given that it was started around the time of the Korean War and only obtained the name after the debut of Power Rangers, he found out it was dead serious.

Col. Greene heard the knock on his door. "Come in," he said. A sergeant walked in, holding a file.

"Isn't it late, Colonel?"

Col. Greene checked his watch. "I see," he said. Nora will not be happy about it. "What is it, sergeant?"

"General Hammond wants a report on Project Ranger," said the sergeant. He handed the file to Col. Greene. Inside were pictures and reports on the seven youngsters who became Power Rangers.

"Can't do that, sergeant," said Col. Greene. "Their information is in the hands of the Strategic Worldwide Organization of Reconnaissance and Defense."

"Right, my apologies, Colonel," said the sergeant.

"That's okay," said Col. Greene. He wasn't a drill instructor. He could afford to be nice to his subordinates. "To be honest, I'm glad they're not being called on."

"Where are they?" asked the sergeant.

"Now, I know what you're up to," Col. Greene said with a laugh. "It's been over a month since the Battle of Orlando. They've slipped back into private life by now."

"I see," said the sergeant. "Are you—"

"I'll be leaving soon," said Col. Greene. "Just tell General Hammond they're in SWORD's hands, they'll be fine wherever they are."

"What if another threat arises?" asked the sergeant.

"The best part is, they're not just alien fighters," said Col. Greene. "If there's an internal threat, they'll deal with it. Hopefully, they won't have to morph again, wherever they are."

:-:-:-: PRGPX :-:-:-:

September 10, 2010

Madison, Wisconsin

On a warm, sunny September day, the University of Wisconsin-Madison was busy. The fall semester had started last week, so the students were still getting acclimated to the campus. The freshman and new transfers had a few troubles, but the ones who have been here for a while knew where their classes were. Located on both a typical and atypical American university campus, UW has a fantastic view of Lake Mendota, one of the two lakes in the Madison area.

A Big Ten Public Ivy university, UW is, well, special. They don't call Madison, the capital of the state of Wisconsin the "People's Republic of Madison" for no reason. It's sort of like a badge of honor for the college town located on south central Wisconsin. It's a large university, approx. 41,000 students on close to 1,000 acres (rounded up).

Sean O'Callahan stepped out of the Henry Sewell Social Science building. Real quickly, he checked the clock on his iPhone. "Just after noon," he said to himself. He adjusted the Chicago Blackhawks baseball cap on his head (signifying that he's not from Wisconsin) and dialed a number on his iPhone. He waited for a few moments before someone picked up. "Hey babe, how's it going? Yeah, just got out of class. No, I'll probably come back for lunch and then go to the rink, how does that sound? You want anything? Oh, Babcock ice cream? Yeah, sure, let me get some." He hung up, putting his iPhone back into his pocket.

"Yeah, make me walk all the way over there," he muttered to himself before he began his 8-minute trek to Babcock Hall. At first turning south onto N Charter St, he turned west onto Linden Dr, where he would walk the final .4 of a mile to Babcock Hall. Along the way, he noticed a few people wearing Packer and Brewers gear. He wasn't surprised. He's in enemy territory, after all. But even if he did wear Chicago gear, they'd be cheering for him in a few weeks.

At last he reached Babcock Hall, the home of UW's on-campus dairy store where they sell dairy products made on campus by cows raised on the campus farm. Once inside, he checked around looking for some stuff to buy. He found two things of ice cream, the Badger Blast and Union Utopia flavors, and milk. He muttered something about how his girlfriend was a little lazy to get her own milk.

Once outside, he ran down the steps and began hurrying back to his house. Carrying a backpack that held his laptop in it, however, kind of made things a little difficult, especially considering how close his place was to Camp Randall. But Babcock is pretty close to Camp Randall, so it wasn't really something he was concerned about.

He took of his had and wiped his brow. Medium length brown hair spilled over his head before he put the hat back on. The bill shielded his brown eyes, which were framed by a slender face. He had a bit of a fair complexion, but it wasn't going to burn easily, what with Slovak and German heritage to go along with his Irishness. His build, however, was a little different. It was athletic, but not really muscular, but you'd be surprised to find out he weighs 175 lbs. Pretty good for a 21-year-old.

Sean started walking to the east, in a hurry to get to Dayton Street, just a bit south of where he was. It took a few minutes, which greatly annoyed him, but when he finally crossed the railroad tracks, he was within sight of his house. He crossed the street and ran up the stairs, opening the door and savoring how great the AC felt. "Yo, people!" he declared.

Three people, two males and one female, about his age (although one was older), who were sitting on the couch, turned around to look at him. One, a Hispanic girl, jumped off the couch, ran up to him and gave him a big hug. "Wow, nice to see you too," he said.

"Lo siento," she replied. "So what took you?"

"I got your ice cream," said Sean, "Badger Blast and Union Utopia."

"Not what I wanted, but thanks anyway," she said. "How was class?"

"I think one of my teachers is nice," he said as he walked into the kitchen (actually pretty nice for a place rented out by four college-age youngsters). "My counselor said I might be able to graduate in four semesters."

"That's nice," said the woman, Maria Aparicio of Caracas. Her black hair was tied up in a Tomboyish ponytail and her brown eyes watched him walk around the kitchen. Her physique was Wonder Woman-esque, a subtle but clearly defined musculature that emphasized her athleticism under light coffee-with-cream colored skin due to combined mestizo and Spanish ancestry (even though mestizos are of Spanish descent, it's actually because her grandfather is from Spain). "So what are we going to do?"

And yes, she is very good-looking.

"Well, since hockey practice starts in a month, we could go to the rink and get in some ice time," said Sean.

"I don't know how to skate," she said.

"I thought I promised to teach you before we left Orlando," said Sean. "Are you even trying?"

"Of course I am," she replied. "It's just…"

"Hard," he replied. He gave her a light kiss on her cheek, making her roll her eyes as she followed him walk into the TV room. "I don't have class this afternoon, so we're free. What are we watching, Kevin?"

"The Juraian ambassador is visiting the White House," Kevin O'Donnell said in his native Irish brogue. He was more of a muscular figure, but more in line with a lighter rugby player, if anything. Unlike Sean, his hair was cut very short, and had a dark blond appearance to it, along with brown eyes and fair skin. His face was very much like the Map of Ireland and a brain to match the wit of Oscar Wilde. "Yes, he comes in peace."

"Aliens," said Sean. Of course the Juraians look completely identical to humans not just on the outside, but it's rumored that the Juraian Emperor is a human and has two kids with the Juraian Empress. "Ever since Orlando, it seems like the galaxy has lined up to try and kiss our asses."

"Because they know the result if they try and start a battle with us," said Kevin.

"Exactly," said Sean. "By the way, is Hitomi still in school?"

"I believe so," said Aaron, the other person. Of African (as in from Africa, specifically Johannesburg) extraction, his build was also pretty muscular, but smaller that Kevin's build and only slightly bigger than Sean. He'd probably make a pretty good footballer (soccer player). His hair showed signs of what were once dreadlocks, now shaved off. His dark skin glistened in the light of the house. Mandla Aaron Ndebele is his full name.

"You know what the best part about living in a Post-First Contact world is?" said Sean, pointing at the screen. "They disproved the UFO nuts! Yesterday David Icke walked up to the Juraian ambassador, and I'm not kidding about this, he asked about reptilians, Illuminati, Annunaki and all that shit, and the Juraian ambassador said the equivalent of 'what the fuck' before going off on the guy, saying that Juraians know of every goddamn species in the galaxy, and there are none even remotely close to the bullshit Icke talks about or can shape-shift!"

"I've been waiting for that nutter to be taken down!" said Kevin. "My friend James likes him and now I get to laugh at him!"

"The best part is he had no idea who Icke was, and his answers we honest!" said Sean. "I heard the guy ask, 'who are you' as Icke walked up to him!"

"That's nice, can we please stop taking about him and giving the standard anti-conspiracy theory spiel?" asked Aaron.

"Yeah, sure. Oh, wait, where's AJ?" He whistled (or at least tried to) and called out "AJ!" A beagle ran down the stairs into the living room. "Good boy!" Sean said, getting down and petting the Beagle, rubbing its head vigorously before sitting back down on the couch where he sat down with the dog and started to eat. "Have you guys sent in your transfer applications yet?"

"Of course," said Kevin. He looked at the others. Maria nodded and so did Aaron.

"Good," said Sean. "I hope Hitomi applies."

"She will," said Maria.

"Oh, and I'm going to the football game tomorrow," said Sean. American football, by the way. "I can probably find a way to get you guys into the student section, although Hitomi's a no-go."

"Do you really think you can get us in?" asked Maria.

"Well, if that doesn't work, Bridge will probably want to try out her new position's influence," Sean said, referring to his sister Bridget Jackson nee O'Callahan. "She works for the athletic department, after all. She could get you guys some tickets."

"Sounds great," said Kevin.

After about an hour, Sean finished his lunch, got up went to the kitchen before he walked over to the couch and pulled Maria up.

"Let's get to the rink," he said.

"Okay," she said a little nervously. He ignored that and ran upstairs to get his stuff.

About 10 minutes later, he came back down, carrying a hockey bag and a pair of figure skates in his hands. This time he was wearing jeans. "Here're your skates," he said, handing them to Maria.

"Gracias," she said in a deadpan manner. He eagerly pulled her with him, not oblivious to her ambivalence to going on the ice. His car, which he'd kept at his mom's house in Naperville, was a red Chevy Cobalt. He dumped his bag into the trunk and walked over to the driver's side door and started the car. "So how long will we be there?"

"Probably about an hour," said Sean. "We're going to Madison Ice Arena, I reserved some ice time there."

"Oh, in the strip mall hellhole part of town," she said, prompting Sean to laugh.

:-:-:-: Power Rangers GPX :-:-:-:

Sean laced up his skates while Maria was at the counter paying for their ice time. He checked his blades, making sure they were sharp enough. They were relatively new skates, though. Going to the ice rink is the only way someone can wear warm-weather clothes in summer, which is why he was wearing his old Chicago Steel junior hockey team jersey. "Maria, are you ready?" he asked.

"I'm coming!" she said. "It's not even a public skate time, though, how are we going to—"

"Some of the guys on the team are gonna be here!" said Sean.

"Oh great, more hockey players," she said.

"Come on, they're not that bad," he said as he stood up. He noticed she was wearing her skates and pulled her into the main rink and then out onto the ice.

In that moment, he showed just how better he was at skating then she was. He hit the ice and immediately burst down the rink, completing a pair of laps in about a minute before skating back over to her. "Ice is good!" he said. He grabbed her arm and then yanked her out onto the ice. "Come on, don't be afraid!" he said.

"I'm trying!" she replied. "I'm just not used to this!"

"Don't you know how to inline or roller skate?" he asked, simply out of innocence.

She paused and considered his question. "Yes," she replied.

"Then why the hell didn't you say so!?"

"Because you never asked!" she replied.

"Alright, so you've got the basics down," he said, "You should try pushing with the inside edge of your skate and use your toe on the ice. Try it!" She tried it and to his surprise, she was starting to get the hang of it. "That's good, that's good!" he said, "Try turning your toes out a little more and you don't need to—oops!"

She'd slipped on the ice and fell on her bottom. He skated back over to her and offered to pull her up, which she accepted. "I guess everyone's going to fall at some point," he said. "Here." He skated behind her and put his hands on her hips, which made her blush (even though they've gone a bit farther). "Alright, just push a little lighter."

She tried that for a little bit and pretty soon it looked like she had the hang of it. Sean let go of her waist and let her start to get acclimated to ice skating. Before long, she had the hang of it and was skating much better than when she started, although she did slip at the end. "Ay dios mio," she said. Sean skated up to her and came to complete stop.

"Well, you look good!" he said. He picked her up again and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Dude, Caley, when did you get soft?"

"MARTY!" Sean said, immediately breaking away from a confused Maria to go meet up with an Irish-looking guy with short dark hair, wearing a Wisconsin hoodie. "Dude, what's up?"

"Classes suck, man," said Marty. "So who's the bitch?"

"Excuse me!?" Maria shouted. "Say that again, I'll tear you limb—"

"Maria, take it easy!" said Sean. "Maria, this is Marty McAuliffe, he's been my best friend since we were kids and he was my teammate with the Steel. Marty, this is Maria Aparicio; my girlfriend."

"Fuck you, dude!" Marty said in his thick South Side of Chicago accent (Sean had an accent too, but it wasn't as thick as Marty's).

"Why?" asked Sean.

"Look at her!" he said. "She's hot!"

"Why thank you very much," she said, posing and making herself look extra gorgeous.

"Dude, is she Mexican?" asked Marty, causing her to get annoyed with him.

"Nah, dude, she's Venezuelan!"

"Oh, even better!" said Marty.

"What's this about Sean having a girlfriend?" asked another voice. Another person who seemed about as Irish as Sean, Marty and Kevin skated up. However, the way he pronounced 'about' made him stand out. It sounded… Canadian. "Sean, you have to tell me these things, you fucking rink rat!"

"Dammit, Jimmy, don't say that!" said Sean. "Oh, Maria, this is my cousin Seamus, but everyone calls him 'Jimmy'. He's from Toronto!"

"Nice to meet you!" said Jimmy.

"So, you play hockey too?" asked Maria.

"Of course!" said Jimmy. "We're all on the team this year!"

"Probably because Jimmy couldn't get into the NHL," Sean joked, "He didn't even get drafted into the CHL!"

"Shut up, Sean," said Jimmy. "I had to transfer here from Ryerson, now my graduation is gonna be delayed."

"Yeah, so's mine and probably Marty here," said Sean. "You guys bring your sticks?"

"What are we, idiots?" said Marty. "We've also got two new guys coming in, that Ukrainian dude for one."

"Oh, I didn't know we had a Ukrainian on the team this year," said Sean.

"Um, what about me?" asked Maria.

"Sorry, babe!" said Sean. "So where is this guy?"

"Well, he's kind of shy, eh," said Jimmy. "He's big, but he's a farm boy and he's not great with people. And no, he's never done that with a cow."

"Anyone else?" asked Sean.

"Yeah, a familiar face," said Marty. Right on cue, some other guy skated up and stopped at the spot everyone else was gathered. He had a dark-haired ponytail and his appearance caused some confusion for Maria. However, Sean put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head, silently telling her not to speak.

"Ritchie Metoxen," said Sean. "The Oneida Rocket, as he's called."

"Do you know who he is?" asked Maria.

"Yeah, I do," said Sean. "My team beat his team last year in the USHL Western Conference Finals. I think he's still pissed off at me."

"Wait, Oneida?" she asked again. "What does that mean?"

"It means that not only do I belong to the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin," he said, "I'm full-blooded Oneida."

"I'm sorry," she said, "I guess I just thought you were Mayan." Ritchie shrugged.

"Nice to meet you," said Ritchie. "What's your name?"

"Maria," she replied, "Maria Juanita Aparicio Rodriguez. I'm from Caracas."

"O'Callahan, I said it once before and I'll say it again: You're a goddamn FIB," he said to Sean.

"I appreciate the compliment," said Sean. "Marty, let's get to work. Practice starts in a few weeks and I'm itching for some ice time."

"You got it," Marty said, taking his bag and dumping a few pucks out. The guys kicked them around, spreading them out on the ice. Maria, who felt a little left out, skated over to the bench and sat down. However, Sean skated up to her.

"You know, I brought an extra stick, I could teach you to play," he said.

"No thanks," she said, "You can go and play with everyone else and—HEY!"

"Oh, no, I'm too smart for that!" he said. "You're gonna get mad at me because I'm spending too much time with everyone else and not you! I've been forced to watch my sister's movies, I know this shit. You're gonna learn to play hockey!"

"Don't yank me like that!" she said.

"Sorry," he replied. "Look, they brought a stick for you!"

"How nice," she said.

"Quit bein' sarcastic and just take the stick," he said. He handed it to her and showed her how to hold it. "All you need is a flick of the wrist," he said. "There you go!"

"Thanks," she replied. "By the way, what's an 'Eff-Eye-Bee'?"

"Fucking Illinois Bastard," said Sean. "It's basically what these moldy cheeseheads call guys like me."

"And why did you come here?" she asked as if it was obvious he should have stayed away.

"Hey, I came to UW-Madsion for a reason," he replied. "And besides, I hate Notre Dame."

They dropped a puck and started playing. It was a light get-together, nothing really intense since nobody was wearing pads. Sean teamed up with Marty and Jimmy paired up with Ritchie. They passed the puck around, skating on one end of the ice while Maria worked on her skating. On occasion, Sean would check on her to make sure she was doing okay.

"That's great!" he said at one point. "You're getting much better!" It was an honest compliment, and she smiled in response, happy that her boyfriend was pleased with her.

Things got a little faster as time went on. Maria could eventually see that Ritchie had a grudge against Sean as he kept getting as physical as possible with him, even though neither of them were wearing pads, as mentioned earlier. She skated over to them, but staying out of the way so she wouldn't get hit by them. "I don't think he likes you," said Maria.

"Ya think?" Sean replied, checking out a bruise on his cheek where Ritchie had elbowed him.

"It's so barbaric," she said.

"It's hockey," he replied, not looking for any pity. "Me and Marty used to get into fights back with the Steel."

"I'm surprised you've got a bruise," she said. "I didn't think anyone could give us one."

"Yeah, after this summer, I'll have to get used to dealing with normal physicality," he said. He put away the mirror and picked up his stick to go and—

"Sean!" he looked behind to see Maria handing an ice pack to him, which he gladly took.

"Thanks," he said with a smile before she kissed him on the cheek. With a smile on his face, he skated back over to the guys.

"You big softie," said Marty.

"At least I have a girlfriend," he replied. "You're still a virgin." Everybody else laughed, much to Marty's embarrassment.

However, the teasing subsided and the guys went back to their impromptu hockey practice. They used some cones Jimmy brought with him as a goal, since the net wasn't set up. As such, the only shooting was only light wrist flicks instead of slapshots. Of course, that also had to do with their lack of pads (sorry to repeat myself).

Eventually a couple of hours passed and the guys began to wrap it up, putting the pucks and cones away in Marty's bag. Sean and Maria lingered for a little bit on the ice so Sean could see how well she was progressing. Sean smiled at her, telling her she was doing a lot better than she was earlier, but she still needed to practice either on ice or in roller skates.

They came off and Sean took his skates off and put his sneakers on, feeling how they felt like nothing compared to his skates. "It's always weird to feel your shoes after skating," he said.

"I know dude," said Marty. "So where were you this summer?"

"Oh, I went to Japan for about a month-and-a-half and then to Orlando for much of July," he replied.

"Dude, did you hear about the Power Rangers?" Marty asked, the first time they've been mentioned in almost ten pages.

"Yeah, dude, I thought it was fucked up," he said while getting some Gatorade from the snack bar. "I had no idea why they kept following us, right Maria?"

"I know," she said. "We were magnets to them or something?"

"Dude, how's that bruise, anyway?" Marty asked.

"Ah, it's fine," said Sean. "I've had worse, especially when Phaed—" Sean stopped himself right there and smacked his hand over his mouth. Maria had a mortified look on her face. "I, uh, I mean, I've been in worse and you know it!"

"Yeah, dude, like that time you—"

"I'msorryIjustrealizedIgottagoseeya!" Sean shouted, grabbing Maria by the wrist and dragging her to his car so fast Maria couldn't tell him to slow down. The next thing she knew they were seated in his car and he had his face in his hands. "Oh, fuck, I'm so, so sorry!" he said.

"How could you almost give us away?" she asked.

"He's my best friend!" Sean replied. "I just let my guard down, that's all!" Maria didn't say anything else as Sean turned the car keys. He pulled out of the parking lot and left before Marty could catch up.

:-:-:-: PRGPX :-:-:-:

"So how did it go?" Kevin asked once the two got back.

"It went okay," said Maria, "But Sean nearly blew our cover."

"I know, I shouldn't have said anything!" said Sean.

"Why, what happened?" asked a girl with a Japanese accent. Our fifth main character, Hitomi Miyazawa, walked in. She was the youngest out of the group, only 18 years old. Her hair was black with brown highlights and tied in a ponytail and the general lightness of her complexion made her look like a J-Pop singer. She was also a little smaller than Maria, and to top it all off… she wore a Japanese schoolgirl outfit.

"You know, you don't need that outfit here in the States," said Sean.

"But I'm used to it!" she said. Sean sighed. Apparently she was trying to make herself look like jailbait, although, "I had to wear this all the time back in Kyoto."

"Yeah, sure," said Sean.

"So what happened?" asked Aaron.

"Sean almost told his friend about Phaedos," said Maria. "He almost blew our cover!"

"I know, and I shouldn't have implied we were Power Rangers!" he said.

"You didn't," Aaron said with tranquil anger.

"I almost did," said Sean. "I don't think he suspects anything."

Yes, these five are the Power Rangers.

Trained since they were kids to become super-soldiers by the United Nations, they were recruited by them to fight off an alien invasion by the Zordonian Empire; a stellar empire founded by humanoids that not only resembled Sailor Moon villains, they were once from Earth, but left and tried to re-conquer Earth.

Since May, these five fought a war with the Zordonians starting in Tokyo and ending in late July with an intense and epic battle that saw the Zordonians kicked off the planet. Now all they want is peace.

Sean kept rubbing his face, aware that he almost ruined their peaceful ending. Kevin, Aaron and Hitomi glared at their leader, as Sean is the Red Ranger, in anger. "I can't believe you," said Kevin, the Blue Ranger.

"You are so irresponsible," said Aaron, the Green Ranger.

"I was scared!" said Hitomi, the Pink Ranger.

"At least he was able to prevent any more trouble!" said Maria, the Yellow Ranger.

"Look, it was an accident!" said Sean. "I let my guard down around my best friend and it's not gonna happen again!"

"It had better not," said Kevin. He walked off, unhappy with Sean.

"Yeah, go ahead and blame me," said Sean. "It's not like I'm the reason we're still alive, after all."

"I'm not blaming you," said Hitomi. "You should have been more careful, though."

"Glad to hear it," said Sean.

At this point, the timeline will split. One timeline will go in a different direction. The former Rangers will have the peaceful ending they deserved after such an intense battle. On the other hand, the following chapters of this story will not give the Power Rangers the peace they deserve. They will, however, face incredible challenges and no matter what, despite the scare here, they will rise to the challenge.

This is Power Rangers GPX Supercharged.

:-:-:-: Power Rangers GPX :-:-:-:

Okay, so that begins Power Rangers GPX Supercharged!

I'll admit, it's not really indicative of what we're up for, but it's only a first chapter to give people a chance to meet the characters here. And I apologize for having no action just yet and not really setting them up as Power Rangers, but I wanted to be subtle about it.

Also, as a disclaimer, I did not attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, I have visited the campus and I have a friend who went there whom I hope to ask for help. I would appreciate it if anyone currently attending UW or a person who graduated from there is willing to help make it more accurate.

So tell me what you think! The reviews are right down there! Tell me if you have any complaints in a gentle way, I'll try to answer them and if you have praise, GREAT!