It is a tale that tells of three species. But only one race remembers it.

Long ago, this world was home to three species; the humans, the Zordonians and the Elves. The Zordonians and Elves were masters of the world. Their technology rivaled that which would come in centuries beyond. The humans, however, had not yet begun to record their own history.

But in those days, they lived in fear of the Zordonians and in awe of the Elves. But all three were of the same blood. Their differences were minor… and massive.

The Zordonians were cruel and uncaring about the world and their surroundings. They mercilessly enslaved human and Elf alike and tried to shape the world for their own selfish needs. The Elves, however, revered the world, treating it like a mother; they had come from Mother Earth and they would return to Mother Earth.

In the end, the Elves had enough of the cruelty of the Zordonians. Under the leadership of their hero Elrond, they joined forces with the humans and all across the globe, they chased the Zordonians into the depths of space. But the Zordonians vowed to return and reclaimed the world they knew was rightfully theirs.

But all was not well with this alliance. In the battle, Elrond was killed by friendly fire from humans. The Elves were furious, but they feared what the humans could become. So they hid themselves from the humans and did not come out for millennia.

The humans, with the Zordonians gone and the Elves in hiding, began to dominate the world. And in thousands of years' time, had become the dominate species, though not in the vein of the Zordonians. But as time passed, memory of the Zordonians and Elves passed out of human awareness.

But had it not been for one band of ancient Scandinavians encountering a band of Elves, they might have forgotten about them entirely.

For now, an uneasy peace between the Elves and the unknowing humans exists. But the Elves are not as kind to their enemies as one might think. For they may now see the Zordonians in the humans… and that bodes ill for all races on the Planet Earth.

Then one year, the Zordonians returned. The Elves prepared for war, to stop the Zordonians and reannounce their existence to the humans.

But it did not go as planned. The humans were also aware of the Zordonians, but only their threat. And they assembled five of their bravest young men and women to fight them off.

The Power Rangers, as they were called, saved the enitre Earth, but drew the attention of the Elves. And the Elves prepared for war with the Power Rangers, who had already moved on.