Ash: 14

Misty: 14

Brock: 17

A/N: This is an AAM fic. I've always wanted to do one of these! A little slow at first but I'll try and heat things up, a bit later in the plot.


Ash, Misty, and Brock were once again walking through the unknown territory of Jhoto. It seemed that they were lost in what Misty calls ' a creepy, crawly, disgusting forest filled with creepy, crawly, disgusting bugs.'

The tension seemed to be so thick that you could even see a cloud of it rising into the air. We all know that an argument is about to arouse...

" Oh, I can't take it anymore! Guys, where are we?" Misty said.

The guys were silent. Then Brock spoke up.

" Um, well, we seem to be right about here on the map...( he points to a large space of dark green on the paper)."

" So would you mind telling me where we are in real life?!"

" As for that, I have no idea..."

Ash collapsed onto a large rock, and sighed.

" Misty, before you start hitting us with your ever-powerful mallet, I want you to know that I'm very tired and I'm not in the mood to fight."

Misty sat down and put Togepi to sleep before replying.

" Yeah... Ash, I guess you're right. Let's just take a break, then continue to find our way out of here."

Brock stepped away from Misty with his two index fingers making an 'x' formation.

" You guys are scaring me... I'm supposed to be seeing glare sparks coming from your eyes, and anger clouds, and insults being thrown, and the mallet..."

They glared at him then collapsed from exaustion.

" Why don't I just make something to eat-"

Ash jumped up and cheered.

" That's the spirit Brocko-"

" But I need some firewood."

Ash collapsed again and groaned. Misty got up.

" I'll get it. Besides, I think Mr. Pokemon Master has had his fill of excitement for the day."

" Thanks, Misty, you're a lifesaver", Ash said, smiling at her.

She turned light pink, nodded, and walked out of the campsight.

Ash turned and faced Brock at the sound him laughing slightly.

" What? What's so funny?"

" You! Man, you've got it BAD, and I mean to put the emphasis on BAD."

" What do you mean?"

Brock walked over and sat right next to him.

" Ash, you like Misty."

" Of course I do. She's the best friend I've ever had, even if she is a pain sometimes. She was with me since the beginning, and she'll probably be with me till the end."

" No, Ash... How can I rephrase this..? Oh, yeah! Your in love with your best friend!"

" Who? You mean Pikachu?"

" No, Misty!"

" Ooohhh- Wait, Pikachu loves Misty?"

Brock clamped his hands to his head in frustration.

" NO!!! You, Ash Ketchum, are in love with your best-HUMAN- friend, Misty Waterflower!"

Ash turned a very bright magenta.

" W-what!? No, no, no. No way. I mean, how could I be in love with Misty? She yells at me, hits me, insults me, pushes me over the edge of my abilities every chance she gets, how could I love someone like that?"

" Because she- quote on quote-' was with me since the beginning, and she'll probably be with me until the end', you just said that, remember? Also, she roots for you in every battle, has stayed with you no matter what- which I'm sure you know, considering she had the choice to stay with an Orange League gym leader on a romantic island- and she saved your life-"

" What are you talking about? She never-"

" Oh, thats right. You were unconsious. Well do the words 'chosen one' and ' Lugia's song' ring a bell?"

" Huh? Oh, yeah... But Misty didn't do anything-"

" Well, I was told from my replacement Tracey, that you were half-way back to Shamuti Island, when the person who caused all of that, hit Lugia- who had you on his back- with some kind of device, that was supposed to trap him. Then you both plunged into the sea. I heard that you were unconsious. Can you guess which redheaded girl companion came out into the middle of that freezing ocean, in a light jacket, tank top, and shorts to save you. She found you and reeled you in like she did the first day you met. When you were back on land she tried very hard to wake you up, shaking you. I was told that the mighty tomboy even started to cry."

Ash was silent. He was staring across the campsite, almost in a trance.

" Ash, didn't you ever wonder how you could have gotten back to land, without SOMEONE helping you? I mean if you were unconcious-"

" Misty saved my life and cried over me when I wouldn't wake up?" Ash interupted.

" Um..., yeah."

" Then she really does care." Ash stated silently.

" Of course she cares! You don't really think she'd just follow you this far into your dream, over that stupid bike? She could have caught almost every water pokemon and made them more powerful than yours by now, if she were to leave and start her own journey."

" Then, why does she always bring up the bike, and use it as an excuse, and call me every single name in the book?"

" Maybe she's been trying to hide the same thing you have this whole time..."

" What- you mean she may like me, too?"

There were sudden footsteps and Misty appeared, holding a large amount of firewood.

" Guys, I'm back. And I brought some company!"

She stepped forward, and from behind the bushes approached Gary Oak.