Ash: 14

Misty: 14

Brock: 17

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Later that night, they were sitting in the Goldenrod Centre when Ash stepped up to Misty's side (Brock was currently trying to get back in contact with the Joy from the last Centre). They sat in silence for a total of five minutes before Misty decided to break it in order to get Ash to tell her why he just parked himself there. She wasn't that interesting to him, was she? She blushed at the thought that maybe he was just looking at her, kinda admiring her, but knocked herself out of such thoughts. She knew better than to expect that of him.

" So, Ash, why are just waiting there..?" Misty asked him, hoping to get a clear answer.

" Misty, around nine-fifty tonight, meet me outside. We've still gotta do something about..." He broke off and smiled lightly at her, turning away and heading towards another video phone in order to contact his mother and Professor Oak. Misty still sat there, bewildered and looked to the clock. It was only eight twenty-one but she still wondered why he'd choose to drag her out ten minutes before the Centre closed down for the night. In any case, she decided that she'd worry about it later and went back to relaxing.


" Myst, there you are! What took you so long?!" Ash whispered in an excited tone as she silently walked out of the front door and headed in the direction of his voice. She was sporting a pink-salmon jacket (Like the one she wore in the Movie 2000) and an angry looking appearance at the thought of being rushed by him.

" Well, I can't help the fact that I needed to find my coat when it's so cold out tonight! It's a good thing there was room for us at the Centre otherwise we'd be left to die in the woods!" She, too, whispered, though in a much less cheery voice.

Ash took the girl by the hand and led her away from town, heading in the direction of route 34, back towards Ilex forest. She felt herself tremble at the thought of heading back there but Ash, who felt her discomfort, turned to her with a smile.

" Don't worry Misty! We'll just be a few minutes! We have to let Suicune loose!" He smiled at her and she felt herself returning it even though she was saddened that they couldn't keep such a beautiful creature, let alone one of her favorite element. She followed after him to the edge of a deep crest of wood and felt his hand slip from hers as he removed the Pokeball storing their newest friend from his pocket. She saw the ball waver, as though the object inside knew what was happening, "... Here, Myst. You call it out. It trusts you the most anyway."

" Uh... Yeah, Ash... Sure." She took the ball from his hand and rolled it over in her palm, feeling heat generate between them. Then she turned to the woods, smirked, and said, "Misty calls Suicune--!" There was a vivid flash of red light that they hoped no one had seen and the creature developed in front of them, shaking its head to rid it of confusion.

Is there a reason for you calling me out? Is there anything you wish of me..? They heard the organism say and they both felt each others smiles before their eyes set on one another.

" Well, we've decided that it's for the best if you were to escape tonight so that no one would be able to threaten you with capture. We only intended on helping you get better but we know that you were meant to wander freely." All three beings heads bowed and then Ash looked up and continued what he had been saying, "Please, don't think of this as abandonment. Did you really wanna stay confined to a little ball the rest of your life?"

Suicune shook its head at them, I understand completely. I was hoping you would let me reign in freedom by the end of your troubles. I only hope that this is not taking time from you two alone.

Ash and Misty blushed and she decided to speak this time, "Oh, no, no! Not at all! I mean, we have plenty of time to be alone together. But we somehow both knew that it'd be wrong to keep you so... We also wanted to thank you." There was a silence as the wind swept by them and they both could tell that Suicune didn't understand so Misty elaborated for him, "Well, though we almost gave up on each other and left it all behind... When we met you... All of the happenings over the past few days have led up to this. And we somehow feel that you're responsible for it. So we think that you deserve some thanks. We personally feel it necessary." They bowed to him and, though being a Pokemon, he knew a sense of respect when he saw it and they could almost feel him smile.

Please... Allow me to do one more thing for you both. You deserve a specialty that not many will witness. It will be my return of gracious thanks. I understand now that not all humans are brutal and undeserving. And it is because of you two that I have come to this discovery. So it is only right for me to give you something. Come. He turned his head and it looked like he was going to bolt ahead with them to follow him but, next moment, he jumped, vanished, and appeared behind them, sweeping them onto his back, Ash first. Hold on tight, you two. I'm taking you to a special scene. Witness for all, true beauty.

Next moment, they were flying through the trees and Misty felt her bangs sweeping over her face, causing her to laugh. She held on tighter to Ash's waist and was sure that her hands were securely wrapped and connected to each other. as Ash turned to be sure she was all right. He grinned upon seeing her smile and watched as they whizzed past brambles and small forest Pokemon, so fast that Misty didn't even feel fear at the sight of Weedle and Metapod.

The next thing they realized was that they were halted next to a remote lake, one that they hadn't noticed when walking to the Centre earlier. Their confusion was answered by a simple, and yet extraordinary, reply from Suicune.

We are nowhere near the Goldenrod Centre. Welcome to Lake of Rage, Follow me, please. They got off of Suicune's back now and walked on their own legs, taking in the breathtaking sight of the moons' reflection glimmering on the surface of the calm water. Misty sighed, this was one of the most romantic scenes she could think of. And now she was living it with the most wonderful person on the planet,

Ash, for his part, loved it, even if he wasn't the most astonishing romantic ever. Just the thought that this was making Misty feel splendid pleasure was enough for him. And so he took her hand and helped lead her in a steady path after Suicune. She lay her head on his shoulder, something that she was surprised she could accomplish when they were standing next to each other and not in front of.

Then, as soon as they were beginning to wonder how far they had to go now, to see what Suicune had to show them, their guide disappeared, leaving them alone. Misty tightened her grip on Ash, feeling suddenly afraid but he calmed her with a squeeze, shocking himself that he trusted their friend now. But, when they thought of it, they had no reason not to.

Suddenly, they felt something settle on their heads. They looked up and saw nothing at first, before realizing that the moon was releasing some sort of rain or something into the lake. It glimmered just as smoothly as the surface as it settled around them. It was strange because it looked like snow and yet it felt pleasantly cool when it hit their skin. Or was it warm..? Never the less, they sat at the edge of the water and settled for watching the grace of the-whatever it was-that circled around them. Next moment, fire flies joined the show, leaving them in splendid bliss as they watched the serenity of the view. It was just so... Perfect. Misty now understood what Suicune meant when he stated that they were two of the few to ever see such perfection.

' If things could get any better for us', Misty thought, 'I'll never believe it.' Next thing she knew, the clouds disappeared from the sky and then filled with shooting stars. She gasped, hardly daring to think that someone had mysteriously read her thoughts or something and created something better than perfection. She couldn't believe it. She broke out of her thoughts as Ash nudged her with his elbow, not enough to hurt her, just enough to get her attention.

" Hey, make a wish, Myst." Which she did, composing her astonishment into concentration long enough to think of the only wish she was unsure could be done at the moment, "... So, what did you choose to desire for?"

" I'm not supposed to say, otherwise it won't come true."

" I'll be the judge of that." She still said nothing so he resorted to pouting, "Awe, please, Myst..?"

She felt herself smile and her mouth open before she could stop herself, "I wished that we could stay like this forever."

" Awe, c'mon, Myst..." He continued to mope in a mock childish way and she thought that maybe he hadn't wanted that, "You know that you'd never need a wish for that."


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