Rating M: For language, situations and lemons (uh, DUH!).

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"What's your name?" She asks, batting her lashes.

"Does it really matter?" I reply moving in the stool so that I am facing her.

I flip the hood of my jacket off and stare at her, grinning when she takes a sharp intake of breath and I know in that instant that I can already have her. I lift the corner of my mouth into the smirk that I know the ladies seem to all love and then roll my tongue over my lips, tasting the fine whiskey still present there. She is staring at me with dark and lustful eyes and I am certain she would probably let me fuck her right here in front of everyone. I wrap my hand around her waist and move her in between my legs, immediately bringing my mouth to her neck and kissing her feverishly from the back of her ear to the top of her shoulder. She is breathing heavily as I move my hands over her ass and pull her even closer, shifting my erection against her.

"Do you want to go somewhere?" I ask, nibbling on her earlobe.

She moans and nods and I can't help but grin again. I down my next drink before standing abruptly, wrapping my arm around her shoulder and leading her to the back of the bar. She looks up at me, confusion on her face. Yeah, honey, we aren't going to my place and we're certainly not going to yours. What I need to do I can do right here. I push through the men's restroom and then lock the door. She starts to say something but my mouth is on hers before she can. I move her quickly against the wall grinding my cock against her, my mouth ravishing hers. I don't want or need to know her name.

A/N… Oh Edward, you naughty, naughty boy… to quote my girl Amanda, 'scoundrel' ... alright, well this is just the beginning. This Edward has a bit of an attitude, rightfully so I would say and obviously he is a little full of himself. But what's underneath the surface?

A word on posting… I will post this story twice a week, Fridays (Edward) and Tuesdays (Bella). This story will weave between Chicago and New Orleans and will include a wide array of characters with lots of plot twists. Ultimately, this story will be a 'who-done-it' that I hope will keep you guessing until the very end.

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