"Damian, time to wake up. It's your first day of school." My mom called out to me.

I woke up slowly as my mom called this out to me. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jason Mendes. I'm a mixed kid. White and Mexican. I'm 14 years old, with dirty blonde hair and tan skin, and I'm five foot eleven. This is the story of how my life went from bad to worse to the best ever. My mom is a supervillain called Devilia, and my dad...well, my dad is the ruler of Hell. Getting weird, huh? Well, here it is.

My mom came into the room and opened the door. She was pure Mexican, and she had red hair, stone-black eyes, and light skin. She was the most beautiful person in the house, but her beauty was also her curse. Her alter ego, Devilia, uses her beauty to take down her enemies. She got her name because she is married to my dad, who is Satan himself. Even though my mom is a Christian, she's surely going to hell.

"Did you hear me? Time to..." she trailed off.

I usually slept on the ceiling of the house, but my mom said we had to act like a normal family.

"Mornin' mom." I said.

"Morning. Time for school." she answered back.

"So what school is it?"

"Sky High. I don't want you to be a villain, but I won't stop you if you want to be. Sky High is for heroes and sidekicks. I hope you become a great hero, Damian."

So that's how it started.