Author's Note:

30 VIEWS! THAT IS FRIKIN CRAZY! Wow, this story really is growing fast. thanx for readng ~jazzie

Fae's POV

The blade of the inhuman creature slices my chest open, making another large gash in my torso. I fall to the ground, blood surrounding my body.

Stephano's sword makes another clean cut between the monster's head and body, cleanly decapitating it. Pewdie leans down and tries to keep me awake, but it's no use. I'm on the pathway to death, and there's no stop to it. Tears stream down Pewdie's cheeks, and he leans down to kiss me. A hand cuts in between my lips and Pewdie's, stopping us from crossing out love to each other.

"No, you must not do this. It will just make her actual travel to heaven quicker. We must find a way to heal her." Stephano says.

Pewdie picks me up and carries me nearby prison cell; bridal style. The prison was a really dark and creepy place, with lots of brutes wandering around. He sets me down on the wooden bed and let's Stephano take over.

Stephano reaches down to pull up my shirt a little, then remembers that I'm a woman.

"Uhm, how are we going to do this?"

"Just do it, I don't mind. I mean, you're just healing me." I say, in too much pain to care.

He quickly pulls off my shirt, revealing my chest, covered breasts, and stomach. Pewdie tosses him a jar of antibiotic cream, then goes to loot whatever is in the metal closet next to us.

"Hey Stephano, there's some spare chest bindings in this closet."

"Give them to me." Stephano growls, making me flinch.

Pewdie gives Stephano the bindings and Stephano slips them over my head. He pulls out a large combat jacket and a heavy sash out of his bag. He helps me put my shirt back on, pulling the jacket on over it. He slips the sash over my head, putting my dagger in the sash.

"There you go. This should lessen the amount of damage you have been receiving." Stephano declares. "Now, let's continue, shall we?"

Pewdie tries to open the jail cell door, but it's somehow locked. He jiggles the knob, but it doesn't turn.

"Move aside Pewdie." Stephano demands, pushing us both out of the way.

Stephano yanks the knob to the side, and the door opens. Pewdie's cheeks flush pure red.

"There you go idiot." Stephano growls.

We venture out of the jail cell, ready to fight anything that comes at us.