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Chelsea's POV (AU)

I sat in Damon's passenger seat. He asked me what was wrong and why I wanted to keep this secret from everyone else. I told him that once we were at the boarding house, I would tell him. I didn't want anyone to overhear us and freak out or call me crazy. When Damon pulled up in front of the boarding house, I let out a sigh. It was one of the few places with what was going on that I felt safe.

Damon went inside first and I followed. I sat on the couch and immediately opened my grimoire.
"What are you looking for?" Damon asked as he poured himself a drink.
"The spell that I did." I said as I went through the pages. "I don't even know if it's in here, but if I find it... it'll help me understand what happened."
"What did happen?" He asked as he sat down next to me.
"Honestly, I don't know." I said as I looked up from my grimoire. "This might sound a little crazy, but I did the spell to get rid of my vampire side because I wanted to be human. I had gone to Bonnie's because I knew she could keep a secret... but the spell went wrong. My brother was never a hunter, my parents and Anna were dead, you and I were together, Klaus wasn't even in town..." I took a pause so Damon could try and digest the information "That's just some of the things that are different. But this morning I had a dream and Bonnie was in it." Damon looked interested in the dream and he was the only person at the moment I was willing to tell. "We were in the basement of the witch house and she said that my body had stopped working. Bonnie also said that you brought me here, to the boarding house while keeping everything a secret from Klaus. I don't know what happened... but I'm thinking parallel world. I'm not even sure." My vision started to get blurry again, so I closed my eyes.
"That does sound crazy." Damon said, but I didn't open my eyes. "But with everything that has happened..."
"So you believe me?" I asked him as I opened my eyes. Damon didn't have time to answer because Elena walked in the front door. "Elena?" I asked and I couldn't help but feel jealous even though I wasn't sure how she felt about Damon.
"Chelsea, what are you doing here?" She asked before I remembered my grimoire was open.
"Just asking Damon for some help." I said before closing my grimoire so she wouldn't see the spell. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I walked away from them with the grimoire in my hand because I didn't want Elena to look in it.

I didn't really need to go to the bathroom, but I just didn't want to be in the same room as Elena. It felt strange because before everything happened, I told her that I would try to be friends with her again. I started to walk past one of the rooms. My body started to work on it's own because I noticed that I was walking into it. It took me a little bit to realize that it was the room I stayed in when I stayed at the boarding house. There was really nothing of mine in it, except for some pictures on the dresser. I wasn't concerned about that because I felt myself drawn to the bed. As I stepped closer, I could feel a headache starting. 'What's going on with me?' I asked myself as I got to the edge of the bed. My hand started to reach out to touch it before I knew my neck was snapped.

General POV (OU)

Damon drove Chelsea's brother Dylan to the boarding house as quick as he could. They were both worried about Chelsea, but Dylan more. Dylan and Chelsea were the last of their family. He wanted to do what he could to bring her back because they were family. Damon slowly guided Dylan up to Chelsea's room, but stopped in front of the closed door.
"This is her room." Damon said as he put his hand on the doorknob. "She used this room for the past couple of months when she got back." His hand tightened a bit over the doorknob. "She even stayed in it a few times before we got together." Damon closed his eyes and thought of when he and Chelsea had their first kiss. It was within the same week that Tyler's dad died and ended up being the same week he first met Dylan. "There has to be something that can be done..." Dylan put his hand on Damon's shoulder because he knew how much they each cared for Chelsea.
"I'll try everything I can." Dylan honestly said to Damon. "She's my sister. I know she loves you and she would be doing the same thing if it was you." Damon took a deep breath before slowly opening the door.

The both of them stepped into the room and saw Chelsea on the bed. To Dylan it looked like she was sleeping, even though she wasn't in her normal sleeping position. He started to walk towards the bed while Damon just stood at the doorway. Damon knew that if he got closer, he would get emotional. He didn't want to show it, even with the current condition. Damon just watched at Dylan was at the side of the bed, looking down at his sister. Dylan sat on the bed and held his sisters hand. He felt a shiver go up his spine, which made me know with certainty that something was wrong. He closed his eyes and focused his magic on helping her to come back. After five minutes, nothing happened which made him let out a sigh of disappointment.
"I don't know what's wrong." He said in a whisper, mainly to himself even though Damon heard him. Damon started to walk towards the bed. He stood behind Dylan, but he was able to get a perfect look at Chelsea. "I'd have to look in the grimoire." Damon was about to say something, but he could tell someone at the doorway. He turned around and saw the one person he didn't want to have find out about Chelsea.
"Hello mate." Klaus said, which made Dylan look behind him. Dylan quickly stood up and faced Klaus but stayed near his sister. He wanted to protect his sister and he was ready at any moment to use his magic. Only Damon knew it was Klaus because Dylan never met him before.

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