This is just a really short thing I did for the fun of it. It's my first Destiel writing too so I'm super excited. Basically I was watching supernatural again and came upon a scene when Castiel is talking to Dean on his cell phone and says the quote before the title. I thought how funny it must have been when Cass first received his cell and this was then created. It has slight slash.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural, if I did Dean and Castiel would have already confessed their undying love for one another and shagged by now.

ENJOY! And reviews are much appreciated! Even if it's just a couple of words. :D

"Its not funny, Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes."


"What is it?" Castiel asked curiously, looking down at the slim, metal device in his hand. He turned it over in his palm, running his fingers over the screen and keyboard in wonder before looking up at Dean for an answer.

"It's a cell phone, Cass. You use it to call people, like us." Dean explained, gesturing to his brother and himself.

Castiel nodded and jumped as the phone went off, buzzing in his palm and playing music. He dropped it in fear, looking at it as though it might attack him. "I'm an angel with a shotgun, fight until the war's won. I don't care if heaven won't take me back." The phone played. "I will throw away my faith babe, just to keep you safe. Don't you know you're everything I have?" It finished playing as Sam sighed and turned off his own phone.

"You're supposed to answer it, Cass." Sam reprimanded, picking up the phone and pointing to the green icon. "Press this and talk."

"But why was it making noises?" Castiel asked in fear, staring at the weird object again. "And why would an angel have a shotgun? We use archangel blades..."

Dean rolled his eyes, placing an attempt at a comforting hand on Cass's shoulder. "It's your ringtone, it means someone's calling you. It's just a song I picked out for you, you can always change it later." He said gruffly, pretty sure that changing a ringtone would be way beyond Castiel's capability.

"Okay." Castiel nodded with a small smile. "Thank you, Dean." He jumped again when the phone went off, but managed not to drop it this time. "Um...hello?" He asked cautiously, holding the phone up to his ear like he had seen Sam and Dean do. He looked over to see it was Dean who had called him this time. "Dean, why are you calling? We're in the same room, is this really necessary?" He asked as calmly as possible, hoping he was doing it correctly.

The Hunter couldn't help laughing, closing his phone with a snap and a grin at Castiel that made the Angel feel all warm with pride. "It might take a while, Cass, but I think you'll get used to it. Now come on, try ordering a pizza, I'm starving." He chuckled with another smile at Castiel.

It took Castiel weeks to get used to the device, and it took over two months for him to get over his fear of making calls and hearing Dean's voice when he couldn't see him. But finally it was normal, a part of life, a connection he had with Sam and Dean even when they were miles apart.

The odd thing that Dean noticed, years later, after the apocalypse was over and done with, after purgatory and everything that happened after, was that Castiel never changed his ringtone. Not even after he'd developed his own taste in music and Dean had offered to change it for him. It was always the same melody: "I'm an angel with a shotgun, I'll fight until the war's won. I don't care if heaven won't take me back. I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe, don't you know you're everything I have? And I want to live not just survive. And I want to hide, hide, hide my wings tonight."

It took Dean a while to realize why he never changed it, but finally he knew, after Cass was gone, never to set foot on earth again, just what it meant to the Angel. Because Castiel would always be Dean's Angel with a shotgun.