Ponds Don't Run


The girl's parents watched with twin expressions of fear.

She marched in the direction of the TARDIS with her head held high, her shoulders rolled back, and a stiff upper lip. Every inch of her posture conveyed pride and an unwillingness to show herself as defeated, and to them that only made it worse.

She was doing it for them, they knew. Showing no fear- refusing to let any emotions get the best of her in an attempt to reassure her parents. Her mother had always told her that she was a good girl, and a good girl she had been. At least, until she got caught. Now they were watching her walk away from them, like she was merely going away to university, all the while knowing that it was the last time.

She didn't look back. They didn't look away. The guards flanking her didn't look around. The other prisoners joining the cue looked down.

The rising sun to their left seemed to mock them, because how could something be so beautiful when their daughter was being taken away? No one knew what happened to prisoners that vanished into the law enforcement TARDISes. It was one of the many mysteries of their high-and-mighty dictators, and one of the many things that caused resent among humanity. Not enough resent to spark a revolution (there would never be enough of that), but enough that grumbling ensued among those still on planet Earth.

The morning light bounced brilliantly off of her rust colored hair. The mother choked back a sob at the sight, managing to stay stoic- the way she knew that her daughter wanted her to be.

She was near the doors, now. Not once had she bowed her head. The father reigned in his bitterness.

They stayed until the timeship faded completely, bearing their daughter into the unknown. The sun had come up, but an even greater light had gone out.

A/N: Greetings, fine readers! If you are, in fact, reading this. It's been a very long time since I published something, but after getting into the amazingness that is Doctor Who, I knew I had to write something. My reasons for this are because for one thing, I was fascinated by the interactions between River and Clara in the 7b finale, and that I absolutely love writing convoluted alternate universes. In this case, the Time Lords were victorious in the Time War and, as a result, became exactly the kind of fascist regime that the Doctor was afraid of.

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