A Youkai Ardor
By: Discord

A/N: Inu-Yasha comes into heat!! And he can't seem to control himself around Kagome. Wahahaha! (I'm sure Ms. Takahashi is weeping.)



"Inu-Yasha, are you all right?" Kagome came up beside the red-faced hanyou and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. Lost in his own inner turmoil, Inu-Yasha gave a little yelp at the touch and jumped away. His stare flew to the ground and his cheeks blushed bright crimson.

"Uh....f-fine...I'm fine," he said in a shaky voice, taking a few steps back and keeping his eyes glued to the grass at his feet.

"Are you sure?" Kagome leaned forward and put her face inches from his, peering at him with worry. "You've been acting funny since yesterday."

Inu-Yasha raised his gaze to answer and almost cried out at how close she was. Retreating with quick steps he put his hands out in front of him and nodded vigorously.

"Absolutely, I'm perfectly fine, everything's perfectly fine." He tried not to let his conflicted emotions show but Kagome and everyone else could see his tense stance and the strain in his shoulders.

"Oh come on Inu-Yasha, tell us. You act agitated whenever Kagome comes within 10 feet of you." Miroku crossed his arms over his chest and gave the other man a piercing glare.

Sweat appeared on Inu-Yasha's face and he looked everywhere except at Kagome.
"I-I don't know what you're talking about monk. I--"

"Inu-Yasha, don't bother lying. We can all see that something's troubling you." Sango put her hands on her hips and looked at the hanyou expectantly, waiting for an explanation. Shippo nodded and Kagome looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Is it.... that I've done something wrong?" She asked in a quiet voice and everyone turned to look at her. "Is that why you've been avoiding me?" Kagome's eyes met his and Inu-Yasha's heart sank at seeing the hurt expression on her face.

"No," he shook his head. "It's me... I'm just dealing with something right now."

"Ah-ha! I knew you weren't fine!" She pointed a finger at the hanyou and smiled in triumph, the sad fa├žade gone. "So what is it?"

Inu-Yasha' mouth fell open. "Why you conniving little--!"

Kagome grinned and stuck her tongue out. "So, are you gonna tell us or not?"

Inu-Yasha looked around at the faces of his friends and couldn't bring himself to say it.

"NO!!!" He cried and turning around, leapt up into the nearest tree. He ran along its thickest branch and then sprang to the next trunk. Using his demon speed he raced away among the trees and left his four companions staring in surprise at his retreating form.

"What's gotten into him?" Sango asked, and Miroku shrugged in reply.

"It looks like he won't tell us of his own accord so I guess we'll never know," the priest was confused by Inu-Yasha's strange behavior and scratched his head. "I have no idea why though."

"Well who cares about him anyway!" Kagome said angrily. "If he doesn't trust me enough to tell me then I'm not gonna waste my time worrying about it." She balled her fists and growled low in her throat. "What a jerk!"

Miroku, Sango and Shippo shared a look. It was plain to see that Kagome was truly hurt by the fact that Inu-Yasha hadn't told her.

"Well, I'm sure he'll come around," Sango waved her hand dismissively and took her best friend by the arm. "Come on Kagome, let's go for a nice soak in that hot spring we saw earlier."

Kagome nodded and Miroku clapped his hands together. "An excellent idea, you wash my back Sango and I'll wash yours."

The two women glared over at him and he shrunk back.

"On second thought, how about I go gather firewood?"

"Good idea," Sango turned and led Kagome away. The girl from the 21st century walked without seeing and inside, seethed. Inu-Yasha you jerk! Don't you trust me at all?!