Chapter 1- The Weaels's rescue

The sunlight let know it was morning, already. It also meant another day locked in the bedroom. The fifth day he was trapped in Dudley's old second bedroom. He hadn't eat anything, but half a bowl of cold-stone soup two days before. Harry was sure he was going to starve to death long before anyone noticed his absence at Hogwarts.

"Hey, Hedwig" Harry greeted weakly at his owl "I know you can't stand being locked for that long, but there's nothing we can do about it, can we?"

Harry hadn't get up from the bed for a whole day. His insides were pleading so long for food it started hurting pretty bad. Besides, what was he going to do up, anyways? It wasn't as if he could get out.

There was nothing else to do but wait for death's claws to climb onto him.

Harry knew thinking so easily about his own death wasn't right, but the thought of anything hurting or worrying him, and no more hunger, were quite pleasurable. He had been think about Hermione and Ron, but they, apparently, haven't. So there wasn't much to leave behind.

Harry rolled onto his stomach in an attempt to mitigate the growing pain, but it wouldn't go away. The only thing he could do was try to distract himself. He looked around and saw the small room decorated with a desk, a little closet, the bed and Dudley's broken, old toys. There wasn't much to distract himself from his reality. Although, he didn't have to try for long, given he drifted away into a restless, deep sleep.

The next morning Harry slowly woke up by the sound of the doorbell being rang in an odd, rhythmically way, too many times.

Weaker by hour, not even being able to completely open his eyes, Harry didn't find the energy to sit up nor roll onto his back. He just listened carefully.

After the sound of Aunt Petunia's footsteps and then the door opening, there was man's voice at the other side of the front door.

"Hello. You must be Harry's Aunt. I am Arthur Weasley and this is my wife Molly."

Harry's heart suddenly stopped. Did he heard right? Ron's parents had come for him? He had met Mrs. Weasley last year at the station, and again around a month ago, when they arrived for the summer. But the kind male voice must of have been from Ron's dad.

"What do you want?!" snapped Aunt Petunia, obviously knowing people who knew her nephew must of be wizards.

"You'll see, our son Ron -surely you've heard a lot of him from Harry- haven't get a single letter from Harry and he's afraid something might have happened to him." explain Mrs. Weasley.

"I don't know why he hadn't been writing, but he's fine." Aunt Petunia's tone said she wanted them gone.

"I don't doubt it, but we'd feel better if we could see him. Besides, in some letters Ron has sent, he asked Harry if he wanted to spend some time at our house." said Mrs. Wealey, kindly.

"He's out, but I'll let you know his answer." said hurriedly Aunt Petunia.

The moment Harry heard Aunt Petunia talking again, he started to get up. Hedwig hooted loudly while Harry was fighting hard not to fall. Unfortunately, Harry was too weak, so he felt down on the bed again. Hedwig began banging her wings against the cage, as well as hooting even louder.

"That must be Harry's owl, I suppose." said Mr. Weasley "She sounds bad."

"IT is fine. The annoying bird haven't shut up in days." said Aunt Petunia losing her temper.

"She doesn't sound good. I better get a look at her." said Mr. Weasley, but soon added "Don't worry, I have lots of experience taking care of owls. Just show us where Harry's bedroom is, and I'll solve the problem."

The footsteps were coming closer and closer until they suddenly stopped.

"This is Harry's bedroom? Why there are locks and a cat-flap?" asked worriedly Mrs. Weasley.

Harry was lying in bed once again, when the sound of keys opening the door caught his attention.

Harry saw the plump, redhead woman he had seen at King Cross, accompanied by a tall balding redhead man. They were looking at him in shock. Harry wanted to get up, even say something, but he was now trying really hard not to close his eyes, because once he did, he'd been asleep for who knows how long.

Mrs. Weasley shot directly at Harry, putting the back of her hand in his forehead, while Mr. Weasley stood in the doorway glaring at Aunt Petunia.

"Harry, dear. Are you alright?" asked urgently Mrs. Weasley now holding Harry in her arms.

Unable to speak, Harry just nodded and gave her a faint smile. Mrs. Weasley shared a look with her husband and kept saying soothing words into Harry's ear.

"How can you have a child living in this conditions?!"asked angrily Mr. Weasley

"He's a freak, one of your lot, he deserved it." said indifferently Aunt Petunia. "We didn't even want him, in the first place." She turned to leave.

Mr. Weasley was about to go after her, but Mrs. Weasley stopped him.

"Arthur, no. He needs help, now."

Mr. Weasley took Harry into his arms and started carring him towards the door, when Harry found a bit of energy to say: "Hedwig" quite weakly.

"Of course, dear." Mrs. Weasley pointed her wand at Hedwig's cage "Alohomora"

Hedwig's cage door flew open, chain-free. Hedwig flew out, but instead of flying through the window, she made her way to Harry, watching him closely. And so, they went downstairs, where Aunt Petunia waited warily.

"Where are Harry's things?" asked angrily Mr. Weasley.

Aunt Petunia just pointed to the cupboard under the stairs, which was locked. Mr. Weasley glared at her, as if doing so would make her disappear. Mrs. Weasley opened the cupboard with another "Alohomora".

Mrs. Wealey took the trunk out, looking murderous.

"Let's go, now, Arthur, before I do something rash." growled Mrs. Weasley with her gaze directed at Aunt Petunia.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley walk outside the house, with Harry, his trunk and Hedwig. Then Mrs. Weasley directed Hedwig to go to the Burrow. Meanwhile Hedwig flew away, they walked a couple of streets to the east and disappeared with a pop.

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