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Sophie's POV...

"But if there's no atmosphere out there, what's that?" Rose asked as she pointed to clouds speeding rapidly towards the black hole.

"Stars breaking up…gas clouds…we have whole solar systems being ripped apart about our heads before falling into that thing."

"So, a bit worse than a storm, then."

"Just a bit."

Rose nodded, "Just a bit, yeah."


"Close Door 1."

I barely glanced up at the sound of the computer going off, announcing that someone had come in. I didn't have to look up to know it was Toby. He was the only one who wasn't in the control room.

"The rocket's link is fine," Toby told Zach. After getting a nod of recognition from him, he joined us around the control panel.

Now that everyone was here, Zach tapped on a button on the controls and a hologram of the black hole appeared before us. The Doctor slipped on his glasses. I put on my glasses too, but I actually needed them unlike him, who just put them on because it made him look clever. I definitely didn't mind that though. He did look sexy in them. I couldn't help but stare, biting my lower lip. Feeling me staring at him, the Doctor turned to look at me with a smug smirk. I rolled my eyes, turning them away from him to look at Zach as he spoke up. "That's the black hole officially designated K37 Gen 5," Zach informed.

"In the scriptures of the Falltino this planet is called 'Kropter'," Ida said and I looked over at her, resting my hand on my chin as my elbow propped up on the control panel without hitting anything. "The bitter pill. And the black hole is supposed to be the mighty demon. It was tricked into devouring the planet, only to spit it back out. Because it was poison."

"The bitter pill," Rose repeated before smiling, "I like that."

I stared at the hologram. "How did you guys even get here?" I asked. "I mean, we're pretty far out. You couldn't have just flown here, right?"

"We did," Zach told me and I gave him a confused look, earning a sigh. "You see…" He pressed another button on the control panel and the hologram changed to one of the planet with a gravity field emanating out from it like a tunnel, "This planet's generating a gravity field. We don't know how – we've got no idea, but …it's kept in constant balance against the black hole. And the field extend out there." He gestured to what looked like a tunnel going towards the planet and I titled my head to the side, staring at it, "As a funnel. A distinct…gravity funnel, reaching out into clear space. That was our way in."

"You flew down that thing?" Rose grinned, "Like a rollercoaster."

"A dangerous rollercoaster," I added seriously. "Your ship should have been blown to pieces going through that thing."

"Yeah, that's how we lost the captain, which left me in charge…"

"You're doing a good job," Ida told Zach, consolingly.

He just sighed in response, "Yeah. Well, needs must."

"But if that gravity funnel closes, there's no way out," Danny said.

"We had fun speculating at that." Scooti laughed.

"Oh, yeah. That's the word." Danny wacked her in the head with a scroll playfully as he walked by her with a laugh. "Fun."

Scooti gave him a glare but had a fond smile on her face.

"But that field would take phenomenal amounts of power!" The Doctor exclaimed, looking and sounded completely stumped. And he did have a good point. "I mean…not just big, but off the scale! Can I…?" He gestured to the controls and Ida nodded.

"Sure. Help yourself." She pushed the calculator over to him and left him to it.

One of the Ood came up to me and Rose, giving us each a cup. "You're refreshments," it said politely.

Though I wasn't really all that thirsty, I didn't want to rude so I gave the creature a smile as I took the cup, "Thank you."

"Yeah, thanks." Rose smiled at the Ood too, taking her cup. "I'm sorry, what was your name?" she asked.

"We have no titles," The Ood said. "We are as one."

I frowned as he walked away. Once he was gone, I turned to look at Rose and saw that she wasn't there. She was over by Danny and Scooti, talking to them. Wondering what she was talking about with them, I went over there as Danny said to Rose,

"They're the Ood."

"The 'Ood'?" Rose repeated, to make sure she heard him right.

He nodded, "The Ood."

"Well…that's odd."

"Very odd! But handy," Danny said. "They work the mining shafts. All the drilling and stuff. Supervision, and maintenance! They're born for it. Basic race."

"You've got slaves?" I blurted out in disbelief, and they turned their attention to me, finally taking notice to me standing there. "That's horrible."

Danny and Scooti only looked at me, amused, which made me angry. It wasn't funny.

"Don't start – she's like that lot," Scooti said in an amused tone, matching the look on her face. "Friends of the Ood."

"So what if I am?" I snapped, glaring at her, earning a surprised look. But I ignored. "Why would you have slaves? What use do you have for them?"

"But the Ood offer themselves," Danny said in protest and I turned my gaze to him, arms crossed over my chest. "If you DON'T give them orders, they just pine away and die."

I frowned as one of the Ood approached me and Rose. I eyed it, still frowning but this time it was a concerned one.

"Do you really like being ordered around?" I asked gently.

"It is all we crave."

"And why is that?" I stared at the Ood.

"We have nothing else in life

A sad look crossed my face. That was so sad.

"Yeah, well I used to think like that," Rose said softly. "A long time ago." Her gaze went to look at the Doctor, a loving look crossing her face. I held back a growl at the sight of it. Only I could look at him that way.

"There we go," The Doctor suddenly said when he finished with the calculator and everyone went back over to him. Once everyone was there, he went on, "Do you see? To generate that gravity field, and the funnel, you'd need a power source with an inverted self-extrapolating reflex of six to the power six every six seconds."

"That's a lot of sixes," Rose commented unnecessarily.

"And it's impossible," The Doctor added.

Zach was clearly in shock that my mate was able to figure it out and so quickly, and that shock showed in his voice, "It took us two years to work that out!"

I laughed. "He's just that good," I told Zach as I flashed my mate a proud smile, like the one he gave me. Instead of blushing like I did, a smug smirk appeared on his face and he also gave me a mental smug smirk.

'Well, thank you, love.'

I just rolled my eyes at his smugness. Always so smug my mate.

"But…that's why we're here," Ida said. "This power source is ten miles below through solid rock. Point Zero. We're drilling down to try and find it."

"It's giving off readings of over ninety stats on the Blazen Scale."

"We could revolutionize modern science!"

"We could use it to fuel the Empire."

"Or start a war," The Doctor pointed out, taking off of his glasses.

"It's buried beneath us. In the darkness, waiting." Toby's voice sounded dramatic and it made Rose giggle.

"What's your job?" she asked Toby. "Chief…dramatist?"

The Doctor smirked and I nudged him in the side, earning an innocent look from my mate. I rolled my eyes internally at him.

Toby ignored Rose. "Well, whatever it is down there is not a natural phenomenon," he pointed out. He had a good point there. Whatever it was must have been the reason why the TARDIS found the landing difficult. "And this, er, planet once supported life. Eons ago, before the human race had ever learned to walk."

"I saw that lettering on the wall," The Doctor said, staring at Toby. "Did YOU do that?"

Toby nodded. "I copied it from fragments we found on earth by the drilling, but I can't translate it."

"No, neither can I," The Doctor told him. "And that's saying something."

"There was some form of civilization. They buried something. Now it's reaching out. Calling us in."

'I wonder what it is.' I thought to myself curiously. 'Maybe some kind of alien or something…'

"And you came," The Doctor said, breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked to see him grinning at them widely.

"Well, how could we not?" Ida questioned as Zach turned off the hologram.

"So when it comes right down to it, why did you come here? Why did you do that? Why? I'll tell you why. Because it was THERE. Brilliant." Turning to Zach, the Doctor said, "Excuse me, ah, Zach, wasn't it?"

"That's me."

"Just stand there, cos I'm gonna hug you. Is that alright?"

I stifled a laugh as Jefferson stared at my mate, bewithered.

"I s'pose so," Zach said awkwardly.

The Doctor edged closer to him. "Here we go. Coming in." He threw his arms around Zach and clutched him, beaming, "Ah, human beings, you are amazing!"

Ida looked completely bemused by what was happening. I couldn't blame her.

"Ha!" The Doctor laughed.

I didn't bother holding it back anymore and I laughed too, shaking my head at him amused. Rose chuckled as the Doctor squeezed Zach one last time before releasing him and moving back to stand next to me.

"Thank you," he told Zach.

"Not at all."

"But apart from that your completely mad," The Doctor said seriously as he crossed his arms. "You should pack your bags and get back in that ship and fly for your lives."

"You can talk! And the hell did YOU get here?"

"Oh, I've got this um…" The Doctor scratched the back of his as he fumbled for the right words to explain how we got here, "this…it's hard to explain, it just sort of appears."

"Yeah, we can show you," I said. "We didn't park that far from here…we parked down the corridor from um…I think it was habitation area three…?" I glanced at the Doctor for conformation and he nodded. "Yeah, it was area three." I said, looking back at Zach and Ida.

"Do you mean storage six?"

"Uh, it was a bit of a cupboard, yeah," The Doctor agreed cheerfully.

I didn't miss the way Zach glanced at Ida uncomfortably. For a moment, I wondered what it was for, but then I remembered something that he said about storage six, and I gasped, one of my hands flying to my mouth in horror.

'Theta! The TARDIS!' I exclaimed to my mate. I felt his confusion at my explanation.

'What about the…' he trailed off as the realization came to him and he said out loud, "Storage six…but you said…you said…storage five through eight." Without another word, he turned on his heel and dashed out of the room with me following right behind.

"What is it?! What's wrong?!" Rose called after us, but we were already rushing down the corridor before we could answer her.

The Doctor frantically opened Door 19 and back into the canteen area

"Open Door 19."

Slamming the door shut, he sprinted down the length of the room

"Close Door 19."

I tried to keep up with him but I couldn't so he had to grab my hand, tugging me along with him, so I wouldn't get left behind. We got to the next door and together, we spun the wheel to Door 17, trying to get it open.

"Stupid doors, come on!" The Doctor shouted furiously. Normally I would try and get him to calm down but I couldn't. I was just as freaked out as he was. The TARDIS couldn't be gone! It just couldn't! Finally the door swung open and we emerged into yet another corridor. We dashed down the corridor to get to another door, which was Door 15, and we got it open. The Doctor let go of my hand and slammed himself against the next door, frantically pushing the buttons to get it open, but it wouldn't work.

"Door 16 out of commission."

My heart dropped to my stomach and I whispered, "No…"

The Doctor shook his head, not wanting to believe it. "Can't be, it just can't be!"

Tears formed in my eyes as he opened the small round window in the door and looked through it.

"Is she gone?" I asked in whisper.

Not responding, he backed away from the door, breathing heavily and looking horrified.

"Door 16 out of commission," The computer repeated.

"Theta…" I placed a hand on his back, rubbing him there gently. "It's going to be okay, we'll get her back." He didn't say anything as he turned to me and my hand on his back moved to rest on his cheek. He leaned into my touch. "We'll go talk to Zach. Maybe there's something he can do."

My mate nodded solemnly before pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back, slipping my arms around his waist and burying my face into his chest, as one of his hands tangled in my hair. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping that Zach could help.

Rose was fuming. She couldn't believe that they just left her here! It was like they forgot that she was even there! The Doctor never did that to her before until Sophie came along. Her coming here ruined her and the Doctor's relationship. It just wasn't fair!

It was then that Sophie and the Doctor came running back into the control room. Before Rose could say anything to them, they ran over to Zach. The Doctor spoke to him urgently.

"The ground gave away," he said. "My TARDIS must've fallen down right into the heart of the planet."

This got Rose's attention. "The TARDIS is gone!" she exclaimed. "What happened?" No one answered her and she huffed to herself.

"But you've got robot drills heading the same way," The Doctor went on, still speaking urgently.

"We can't divert the drilling," Zach said simply and he walked away. The Doctor and Sophie shared looks with one another before following him.

"But I NEED my ship," The Doctor argued. "It's all I've got. Literally the only thing."

A flash of annoyance went through Rose when he said this. She knew the TARDIS was very important to her Doctor, but he had her too. Wasn't she important to him too?

"Doctor, we've only got the resources to drill one central shaft down the to the power source, and that's it," Zach said irritated. "No diversions, no distractions, NO EXCEPTIONS. Your machine is lost. All I can do is offer you a lift if we ever get to leave this place, and that…is the end of it." He took his leave and Ida approached the Doctor.

"I'll uh – put you on the duty roster. We need someone in the laundry." She gave an apologetic smile before following Zach out of the room.

"Open Door 1."

The Doctor watched them leave with a helpless look on his face as his arm went to wrap around Sophie's waist, pulling her close to his side. She looked up at him, sadness in her eyes as one of the Ood left, leaving them and Rose alone in the room. The Doctor glanced down Sophie and kissed her forehead gently, closing his eyes as he did.

Rose watched this, jealousy in her eyes. She was getting tired of seeing those two getting all cozy with each other. She had to do something. She had to put an end to it.

And she was going to do it. Just you watch.



The Impossible Planet, Part 3...