Warning: Cuss, sensitive, violence, flashback, nudity, lemon, yaoi (slashes), mpreg, death, and improper sentence structures - possibly.

The falling headmaster was the worse to witness. Knowing that man had given him the strength to live on and kept him safe at his best effort. The boy-who-lived watched him fall, desperately trying to understand what had happened, and thought this could not be happening. He was begging the man to be doing something to remove himself in a falling death. The eyes of the headmaster held fear and acceptance all at once. The raven child could not understand the meaning until he realized that man have had been betrayed.

Especially, he had thought his professor was on their side, after tempting to help Draco, and he had realized he was wrong. The man was only helping Draco to murder Professor Dumbledore and the furious rose within him. He turned around and saw the black robe in the run.

"No!" Harry hissed and picked up his feet to chase after the killer.

The wind rushed through his hair and not stopping at all.

"Get back here, you coward!" Harry whipped out an attack spell against the potion master.

The crocked nose turned around and blocked the spell off like nothing. The boy continued to strike an attack and Severus managed to avoid it all cost. He could see the strong stubbornness within him. The green eyes burning against his face and felt the need to flee, but he could not. Suddenly, the young Potter used his familiar spell and Severus acknowledged the fact that somehow the boy got his old school book.

"You think you could use my own spell against me, Potter," Severus hissed questionably.

Harry began to see the connection and realized this man is the very Half Blood Prince. However, the fresher memory was angering him and he couldn't let this killer get away with it. His teeth gritted and saw the man was ready to rush out to escape. Oh, no! He wasn't going to allow it. Harry swirled his wand arm twice to begin the spell he needed and Severus watched and listened for the incoming spell. He was prepared for the next hexes or curses coming his way.

"Trappa tular!" Harry announced.

The black eyes widened in deep fear and knowing that there wasn't an encounter or blocked off with this spell. Considering the fact, he is the enemy right now and the spell hits him as he tried to outrace it. There was no used and the gold magic was forming into restrictive bond. He was frozen trapped, forbidden to move an inch, and suppressed his magical core. He could not escape this time. Yet, he had not expected that Potter knew this spell at all. He gulped deeply to the fact that Harry does not know the truth at all.

The gold was like a strong wire, wrapped him on his legs, arms, and hands, and kept him in place. He couldn't apparate anywhere else and he knew that he had done his part to keep Draco safe. He was alive, isn't he? For now, he would have to escape by earning Potter's trust…depends on how the boy plans on doing to him. He refused to think that he would sentence him. No, he couldn't be.

The raven child walked up to him, bitter about what had happened no more than ten minutes ago, and shook his head as much to his disappointment. His wand pointed at the man's chest and Severus struggled to keep his eyes back at the emerald.

"You'd think I'd let you get away with this, Snape?" Harry spitted.

There were no respects within his name mentioned. He remained quiet as captive victim. There's no escape right now and Harry has him now. Harry leaned in, narrowed his green eyes at the elder, and the tension built up strongly. It was impossible to breath in desperate manner of time.

"I've learned this spell. You see, I figured Voldemort wouldn't have been able to use his magic, but you know what? You proved my case, you can't break this no matter who it is. No matter how strong your magic is, this spell traps you until I redo the spell. This spell will work until I am dead or I release you. I can form it into anything." The boy explained, "You're such a coward, running away when you can fight, and now, look where you are?" He hissed.

Severus didn't dare to snap back, knowing that he could risk his position, and being quiet might save him. Harry lifted his wand and levitated him back to the Hogwarts' ground. He headed to the familiar tower, where his friends await for him.

The girl and the red head were confused to see their 'professor' being a capture against his will and in Harry's hands. They noticed the way he's quiet and how tensed the situation is right now.

"Harry, why do you have Professor Snape in the Trap Bond spell?" The girl recognized the spell anywhere.

Ron agreed, "Yeah, mate, last time I checked. We don't hate him that much."

Severus was rather surprised to see his friends had failed to see why he'd being held like this. He knew his chances to explain would be unavoidable.

"He is the one who killed Dumbledore. He ran away and I wasn't going to let him get away with it." His head shook, "Now, Hermione, will you take us to the Grimmauld place?"

She frowned, "Harry, he should be taken to the ministry, not your godfather's home."

Harry glared at the man quickly, then breathed, "Do you really think they're going to believe a kid like me? They will believe whatever lies he give them and get away with it. He's a traitor."

Miss Granger looked to Potion Master and stared at him without showing any emotions. She had spent so much of her time with the house elves to keep them from enslaved into something they don't need to follow, yet, she learned it is their passion because they're born this way. However, she was picking something up from the man without him needing to give any sorts of signal or emotions to give her. She wanted to smile and remained faithful, however, she knew it was some sort of role in the war.

"He will remain as your prisoner then, Harry? Are you willing to make sure you do not physically abuse him or neglect his basic needs?" Hermione questioned her best friend.

Harry heard her words and seeing where she had meant as prisoner. She was referring to prisons that muggles have and how some places treat certain criminals. He knew very well of what she had meant. His head turned over to the elder and seeing that he had already won their duel. The chances are Severus knows better not to escape because of the fact the Trap Bond spell is known as a tracker as well.

"I will. After all, we have what Voldemort doesn't have anymore." His friends flinched a bit at the dark lord's name.

Severus has never thought to hear and live the day on the young Gryffindor to speak of the dark lord's name so easily. Several people had feared the name, let alone to think of him. He could see that Albus made sure that the boy did not fear him at all.

"Mate, you have got to stop his name!" Ron groaned and shook his head, "Anyway, are you going to be able to hide him from your uncle?"

"Ronald! He is not going to hide him in a trunk if that is what you're thinking," Hermione glared at him.

His shoulders dropped, "Awe, man."

The raven shook his head, "Besides, I won't do that either. He won't breathe in the trunk. I suppose I'll make something up," His emerald eyes observed the man from head to toe back and forth, "However, I will not make anything easy on you, Snape." The boy warned him.

Severus glanced over to the boy who lived silently, refused to give him any sorts of answers, and knowing he has the girl on his side. He knew he could still block anyone who attempts to read his mind and the bookworm girl hasn't tested her ability against his'. So, something must have hinted her to believe him otherwise.

"Where am I taking you both, Harry?" Hermione knew Ron had threw off the conversation a smidge.

The boy who lived looked over to her, "Grimmauld place, I don't think it would be wise to be at my mother's sister's house."

Ron shook his head, "Where are you going to get your protection? The wards are not strong as your mum has over you."

Severus was rather surprised to see why Ron has believed the reasons to Harry's aunt's home. There weren't many people to realize why Harry was force into a safe home from Voldemort at the most powerful protection. No one had realized what reasons unless they were informed otherwise.

"We can make our own tonight." Hermione decided, "It is based on love and blood, from what Harry's mum did is by old traditional ritual. Most people chose to avoid it because of the fact they do not know what love represents."

The red head sighed exaggerating, "I'm going out on a limb you read this stuff already."

The bushy hair nodded, "Yes, I nearly read the entire school's book. A half of year, I'd be officially done knowing everything." She grinned, proud to be the top students.

"Good to know what I'll miss. I plan on hunting during the year. I can't come back until I complete Dumbledore's order."

Severus was curious what hunting had to do on Dumbledore's order. There were some things he wasn't allow to know and yet, the golden trio spoke confidentially about the topic. Harry's friends weren't pleased to hear what he was up to now.

"We're in this together, Harry. You can't just leave the school behind and go alone to hunt. It's dangerous and you're going to need help. So, count me in." She smirked.

Ron agreed, "Yeah, me too. We can start the hunt before everything gets serious."

"No, it's better off you two don't get killed."

Hermione frowned, "What about professor here?" Her hand gestured over to him.

Severus wanted to inform her to stop being suspicious towards the boys. However, neither seems to care or caught on why. Harry shrugged.

"If he dies, that's his death punishment."

Oh, that had much comforts Severus…knowing that he had to do whatever it takes to avoid dying dangerously. Hermione figured she'd look out for him somehow.

"We'll meet up five days before your birthday. You just remain in the Grimmauld and stay there. Mrs. Weasely will send grocery to help out and-"

"-And let him get stronger each day? We need to start planning immediately and be prepared to leave within a week. Got that?" Harry looked at his best friends, knowing that they couldn't stall their time anymore.

Hermione was shocked to see Harry hasn't had the time to waste the summer and determine to get this war to be over. She couldn't blame him. The deatheaters could plan to kidnap her best friend and everyone would be doomed. She grabbed everyone and they held onto her tightly as she apparate to the exact location. Severus hasn't expected her to take on action to answer back her friend.

"Ron, in the room I used to stay in. I left a bag of several ingredients we'll need. Go get that." Hermione took over.

Harry checked over to the potion master, "Be glad I'm not handing you over to the ministry. They may or may not listen to me, but I will make sure you pay for murdering Dumbledore in your cold blood." The emerald eyes glared at him.

Hermione wanted to go against this, but she knew she had made Harry promise well not to abuse him. She knew Harry wasn't the type and decided to trust him to avoid using such power. Severus chose not to cause an issue, possibly playing a newer role to lead Harry into the victory of the light side war, and kept quiet.

Harry was annoyed by the silent and shook his head. He always argued with the man before, but he couldn't understand why this time. For now, his arms crossed and focus on creating protective wards for both of them.

"So, whose blood are we using?"

"Yours, of course. Ron can't stand much of that pain and I can't heal that fast. You're the best option to go with. Plus, your magic is stronger than most of ours due to the spells you casted for the past six years."

The boy-who-lived nodded, "I take it that you created personalized ward back at home?"

She smiled, "Yes, my parents are protected since I went back home for summer. I took a long time to heal, but the strength of it is amazing."

Harry suspected she knew what she is doing and accepted the ritual idea. Severus had no idea the girl was this much advance, even teachers would often advance her education while educating the classes. The only thing she couldn't exactly do is advance herself in potion, but she managed through. Ron had returned with the particular bag she requested and he was trying to hurry over without spilling anything inside.

"Now, love is simple. Love is something you feel happy, but cared and supported by. Love is something you feel within your heart and more than magic. With everyone alive and deceased, they're your love ones. Consider them as well and hang on tight during the entire ritual. If you stop," She huffed, "We'll have to start over. Harry, I recommend you keep your thoughts remained on the very person you truly love on your mind and keep mind off on the blood-"

Hermione explained about how the blood is the test of the ritual to see if love overrides everything, including pain. She mentioned there's wording involved, however, it can be done between one or two person in order to do this. Since she knew the words, this would become two persons doing this to make it work successfully. Harry understood and prepared his mind and heart on the people he loved the most. Sirius played the perfect role, even if he hadn't been there as much. There were still precious moments to help what he had called as his own family.

Ron stood by where Severus was, to make sure the man couldn't exactly fool them to think he has a chance to escape, and remained out of the ritual spell. Hermione and Harry stood in front of each other. The girl held the boy's arm out in the opening, with a knife in the other hand of hers, and began to chant in an older language of Latin. The spell formed into a glowing blue circle surrounding the two, forming lines into pizza slices, and turned into a swirled. Harry's mind and heart were growing strong, focused on the hug he yearned for years, and hadn't realized what Hermione has done.

The girl sliced his arm, where the blood were drawn to the circle ritual, and burst through the entire Grimmauld building and property in secured. The strange circle slowly faded away and Harry hadn't had the time to process this all in his mind yet. Hermione smiled at her second success and noticed the opened wound was closing on Harry's arm. She was pleased to know that he would heal in two days quickly.

"The protection ward is now up. It will last entire lifetime until you no longer call this home." Hermione smiled proudly.

The boy-who-lived Gryffindor woke up after hearing the girl's voice back to normal. His eyes checked over to his arm and he was surprised how love can truly distract him from pain. He ought to remember this next time when he's about to be injured or close to something like this.

"Alright, since it will be the four of us here. We can have our own room until we leave. We can't be staying here for more than a week. Pack what you know you'll need and-"

Hermione nodded, "I got the perfect bag that can pack everything, no matter how big everything is. Have all your things you wish to be brought in the living room and I will organize my special purse."

Ron and Harry exchanged glances and figured the girl knows what she's doing. They shrugged and let her do what she knew best. Ron and Hermione rushed upstairs to their former bedrooms as guests. Once they were on the second floor, the emerald eyes checked on his captured murderer.

"If I were you, Snape," Harry gave in to warning tone, "You're going to have to be on my side of the war. If you, by any means, support or help the cause of the dark side of the war, I will punish you." His arms crossed, not pleased to even look at this man anymore.

The anger was going to be bitter towards the house of Slytherin. He was desperate to believe the man is on the light side of the war and instead, he witnessed the betrayal. Severus' eyes met the emerald eyes without showing fears. The silence between them grew difficult and Harry was able to be patience this time.

"I'm not giving you any privilege to walk or be unsupervised alone. Got that?" The Gryffindor stated clearly enough.

The potion master stared at him and observed the situation. As far as he knew, he have had been caught and the Granger girl had made the promise. With Potter, he wasn't too sure what to believe and had to go by Albus' order to avoid allowing the soon-to-be Savior know his true role. So, he nodded briefly and Harry accepted it rationally. How Severus was to survive this was beyond his control.