Everyone did what they needed to do this morning. Currently, they are hidden in the forest with the tent to shelter themselves. Harry made sure to keep the man from leaving the tent and blocked all escape routes as well. Severus chose not to make such attempt, not after learning how bright both of Harry's friends were, and they knew too well in their area. That and Harry would not lessen the trouble any more than necessary. At least the tent provided four beds, so it allowed Severus to sleep in one, and Harry would set up shield to prevent the man to leave.

Hermione often spent time with Harry to prevent any bitterness side of boy-who-lived taking it out on Severus. Ron and Severus spent time preparing food – considering Harry did not trust the man to cook food without supervision. The witch had to help Harry figure out where locate the rest of the Horcruxes during their hunt.

When it came to during mealtimes, Severus had to put up with Harry's glares at him and the others would mind their own business. It was not a pleasant moment, but he supposed it was better than caged in and not at the table to eat his food. Harry knew Hermione would have a fit, if he was not eating with them.

It has been a month since others had seen the golden trio and the professor. No one had known where they had went. Hermione jerked her head up from the table and stared at the exit of the tent.

"Mione? Is everything alright?" Harry glanced up from her.

The witch grabbed her wand out, "I hear something outside. I'll go check it out." She stood up and headed out slowly.

Ron grabbed a hold of his wand and be prepared of his possible action. Harry sighed and he knew this might happen. He is wanted and everyone is set out to get him over to Voldemort. His emerald eyes lurked over to Severus and showed no expression.

"Snape, get to your spot now." He demanded.

Severus hated to be treated like this, but he knew better to play around or argue. He got up and headed over to the bed of his' and Harry used a spell to provide a shield to keep him in place.

"Don't do a thing while we're checking things out, got that?" Harry warned.

Severus nodded, but he had barely spoken a word to Harry much since the day of his Merinthophobia. Yet, he refused to share his nightmare to that day alone. He watched the trio out of their tent and waited for their return.

"Granger seems to be high alert of everything. This might be someone searching for the golden trio, of course." His head shook, "It must be a way to test the disillusion charm. If only they knew disillusion can be detested so easily." The man scoffed, "However, they must be placing a fight or adding on disillusion charm to strengthen it."

Severus shook his head and knowing it was getting rather late, due to the fact they had dinner late. Hermione was mentioning of importance necklace to gather, but Severus hasn't caught on yet. All he knew is to lead them to the right sword would be.

Although, he checked the time and realized it has been an hour since they left. He decided to sleep, knowing he's remained to be here, and slept anyway.

"Cruico!" The dark lord directed his phoinex wand over his follower.

It hits him violently at the stomach and the black iris widened. He screamed, fearing the pain was twice as worse than the master's crucio spell. The spell ended and Voldemort walked around his loyal servant.

"I am afraid it is not taken care until I get to it. You are going to be my strongest servant and others will wish I wanted them instead of you." The dark lord admitted.

Severus heard him, yet screamed in such unbearable pain. He desperately wanted to cry, but he could not this time.

"You shall thank me for removing it. You know how I feel about it and I will not allow it." The man hissed, "I need you more, my dear Severus."His wand lifted, "Let's continue until this matter is resolved." He grinned with lust in his eyes.

Before Severus could process another thought or speak, crucio was announced and exposed immediately against him. The screaming filled his own ears, not able to absorb everything around him, and too much to handle all at once-

"-nape! Snape! Wake up, it's just a nightmare!" The voice was calling him out.

His mind processed to open his eyes immediately and found himself in the boy-who-lived's arms. He felt cold, sweat, and shaking on himself. His fingers were curled onto the boy's shirt and trying to breathe again.

"Why did you wake me up, Potter?" He sneered.

Harry frowned, "You were screaming and it is not healthy for you are doing in your sleep. Just because you're my prisoner does not mean I'm going to let you suffer that way. Now," Harry sat up straight while holding the man, "What happened in your nightmare?" He insisted.

Severus stared at the child's face and knowing the past was the past. His head shook and struggled to remove himself from Potter's arms. Yet, he was held in a cradled arms like a child would feel secured in their parents' arms from a nightmare.

"It is nothing of your concern, Potter. Your mind should not be focusing on my nightmares." Severus thought to try.

Harry pulled out his wand and casted a silenico spell, "There. They won't know if that's what you're asking for. Now, tell me." Harry hasn't given up.

Severus mentally muttered this boy has not learned to fear him? Then again, he hasn't accessed to his magic for a month and there would never be a fear of him unless he gains access to his magic. Unfortunately, he needs to survive until his time is up or the war is over.

"No. Now, let me return to my sleep, Potter." The man scowled.

Harry laughed shortly, "Snape, something happened in your dream and you screamed. I'm not an idiot to differentiate nightmares and haunted memories or visions. You screamed as if it had happened right here." He declared, "So, it's either you tell me or I read you."

The man gritted his teeth, "I may be powerless without my magic, Potter, but I am still capable to block the likes of you!"

"You're the one who taught me only wizards and witches have powers to block it. I studied the trap bond to know and it leaves you powerless to do anything. That will allow me to read you to get what I want." He hmped, "You've got two choices, Snape. It's either you tell me or I go into your mind to learn what you're hiding from me."

To Severus, he had felt it was almost a threat and it may change the insight of the war. If Harry does the second part, he would find out the whole purpose of the memories' purpose of him in the war. The boy knew he couldn't lie, so this meant he could only share certain parts of this story, and hopefully leave him be.

"Fine, Potter. If you must pry, the dream was something you-know-who has done to me and conflicted a severe and strongly emotional impacted on me personally." He huffed, knowing this should answer him well enough.

The soon-to-be savior nodded, "So what did he do to you?"

"He made me lost something."

"What did he make you lose?"

"I've told you enough." Severus grunted, annoyed that Potter is asking simple question.

Harry wasn't satisfied enough. He suspected something of the tied up phobia might have connected to the dream.

"Was the chain there in that dream of yours?" Harry wondered.

"I am not speaking more of it." The man crossed his arms.

"I am not done." He glared at the man, "You were having a nightmare of your past and I want to make sure I don't cause your panic attack. Now, what did you-know-who made you lose?" Harry insisted, not giving up on this very topic.

The memory had felt too real that day for Severus and he was trying to push Harry away. At least he still remained at his strength and Harry was cradling him to calm down! Severus refused to be treated as such and kept trying to win one way or another.

"Potter, put me down this instant and leave me alone! Don't make me get Granger into this!" He hissed.

No matter what, Severus kept trying more and more. He failed to remove himself from Harry's arms and being worn down. The emerald eyes realized this was strongly personal, but what could he do? He wanted to learn everything he can as much as he can. The tears have escaped and the memory was on a repeat cycle. Every second of it he had gone through was enough to bare his own secret. Harry had never seen the potion master cry like this before and realized he had to know. He watched the man giving up the fight and stayed in his arm to calm down from crying.

"Explain, Snape." The stubborn Gryffindor requested.

The man shook his head, "He…summoned me that day. I had my robes on and he stripped me. He saw my latest development and chained me to the ground because he was not pleased." His head buried onto the boy's chest, "I was powerless, and he wanted to cruico…the baby inside of me. He had crucio'ed the baby until it came out." His hand covered his mouth, "I hadn't even told the father of the baby, and I failed to protect my baby inside of me."

The man cried miserably on Harry for the entire night and Harry held him throughout the night. He was confused most of the time, but he had figured he'd learn more once Severus would wake up.

"Snape, wake up." Harry chanted for a couple of times.

Severus groaned and opened his eyes. Slowly the sensation became too familiar for him and how warm he was. The position was different by sitting up, yet, leaning against something not a wall. Something was securing his waists line and the magic in the air given him a sense of a silent charm.

"What are you doing, Potter? I thought I have told you what you needed to know?" He knew he wouldn't be able to muster his strength out of the boy's arms.

"There is something I'm confused about. The baby inside of you? I don't understand…you made it sound like you were pregnant." He frowned.

Severus hasn't thought of that before. A boy who has no clue of wizard pregnancy and grew up in his muggle relatives.

"Wizards are capable to be pregnant, Potter. We carry the same term and you can understand the homosexuality is welcomed in our wizarding world." Severus stated clearly, "Now, let me out of your damn abdominal arms this instant!"

Harry pulled him closer, "No." He frowned, "Snape, I'm sorry for what he put you through and made you lose your first child. That chain was a reminder of losing a child you never had and now, I felt terrible to place you under that kind of trap punishment or phobia stage."

"The past is the past. I need to move on." Severus shrugged off those words.

Harry was shock, surprised, and it took him all night to process all the words Severus had told him last night. He knew his friends were supervising the tent due to last night run in situation. However, he knew that losing a child by a murderer was the worse to feel. He couldn't understand Severus to kill a man who had been a grandfather to most of them.

"Snape, you…will never be able to move on." He gulped, "Not the same way you murdered Dumbledore."

Severus fumed at the assumption, "He was already dead by the time he returned to Hogwarts! He was dead for weeks! Idiot! His hand was black and it already killed him! He requested me to kill him to protect Draco and me! I made oh! A wizard's oath! I refused to die! Albus requested me to kill him to spare his body from shriveling up into a zombie before he was officially dead!" He snarled.

Harry froze at the truth he had learned. Something he had, yet, not expected or prepared for through the confession. His memory drew back when Dumbledore claimed his hand was suffering the consequences. Now, he understood the plan and it was to allow Voldemort believe he can access to Harry or gain control of the school. He recalled the behavior between his headmaster and his professor.

"Get some sleep. I'll have Ron wake you up to cook for breakfast." Harry decided.

The Gryffindor set the Slytherin down on the bed and walked to his bed to sleep in. Severus knew he could not leave his bed due to the shield was still up. He was shocked to see how…Gryffindor the boy seemed to be lately. He regretted it and desperately wanted Granger to oblivate the boy's mind of this moment. Yet, his stomach turned and decided to trust Harry not to know more than necessary. For now, he decided to get some sleep anyway and leave the troublesome thoughts behind.