Chapter 1:

Haunting Nightmares!

Will Hiro Ever Sleep In Peace?

It was the middle of the night and Hiro woke up in a cold sweat. His breathing was ragged, trying to get a hold of the fact that he was now awake. His hands clung to his sheets for dear life. This has been the third night that he woke up so abruptly and it was all because of these reoccurring nightmares that he's been having. Each night he wakes up in the same condition, trying so hard to figure out what was happening to him or what those dreams meant.

It started the night after Hiro returned Excalibur to the cave in the northern part of the British Isles. After ridding himself of the sneezing holy sword, he counted it as a blessing and carried on with his day as the DWMA's favorite errand boy. He had to make a few apologizes afterwards, to the people that he's fried and the women that he harassed. It didn't go too bad; a few threats and the occasional revenge punch here and there but there wasn't anything too serious. Hiro guessed that everything should go back to the way it was by the end of the week. But these nightmares were just too much.

Tomorrow, he needed to talk with Dr. Stein. Hiro always had a thing against going to that mad scientist for help when it came to homework, a fear of the situation leading to the doctor strapping the young blonde to a table and carving him open like a Thanksgiving turkey. But this time, he was willing to make an exception.

~The Next Day~

Wearing his usual linear patterned light purple pants, white shirt with only one buttoned button, extremely loosened black tie, and white shoes, the blonde meister trudged through the hallways of the DWMA with a brown bag filled with sandwiches and sodas.

His friends—well if he was being honest they were just people who knew his name—wanted some lunch and Hiro was the first person they asked to go out and fetch it. Never being one that could say no, he asked what they wanted, remembered their orders, and went out of his way to go get it. On his way back, being deprived of sleep his mind wander to figure out why he was stuck in such a life of buying lunch for people. But as quickly as the question entered his head, an answer was given: he was a completely incompetent meister.

There was no point in sugar-coating the statement; everyone knew it. His teachers knew it. Every single student that walked through the halls of the Demon Weapon Meister Academy knew it. Hell, Hiro recited it almost every time he walked through the entrance of the school. It has been about half a year since he first moved to Death City, Nevada and all Hiro gained was the label of the DWMA's favorite errand boy.

He figured the reason he was so useless was because there was nothing special about him. His grades were painfully average; never one to get anything higher than a B+ or lower than a B-. His fighting skills were mediocre at best. He had really nothing to show when it came to speed or agility or even basic strength. He didn't seem to own any talents that many meisters were capable of, such as, Soul Perception. And the biggest reason he dubbed himself as a walking failure was because he has never had a decent weapon in his life.

Hiro didn't forget his time with holy sword Excalibur, no matter how hard he's tried. But as he listed his faults, he remembered that he has never had a sane partner. The blonde errand boy searched the school high and low for someone with a soul that is compatible with his but always came up short. Every weapon he held in his hands has either burned him, electrocuted him, or just repelled him like two positively charged magnets. It almost made him want to take back Excalibur. Keyword being almost.

Excalibur was really Hiro's first weapon and partner. The little white whatever-it-was never really got under his skin like with the others who tried to wield him. Hiro could remember all 1000 provisions and how hard he worked to get them done. Being honest again, Hiro wanted to give up after reaching provision number 654 but after making it that far, he thought he might as well stick through the rest. After completing all one thousand provisions, Hiro marked it as one of the proudest moments in the fourteen year old life. He managed to do something that even the symmetry-obsessed Death the Kid or notorious narcissist Black Star couldn't put up with.

The blonde meister marched around the school with his head held high that week and did everything his mind could think of: walk into the girl's locker room, flip-up a few skirts, fought three of the strongest students in the school. He was popular and adored; wielding power and unbelievable strength. Unfortunately it all came to an end when Excalibur had that sneezing fit. Ten straight minutes of germs flying everywhere and Hiro couldn't take it anymore. Holy sword or not, Hiro found Excalibur disgusting and ended the partnership.

Hiro sighed. He wanted to fit in again and gain that confidence that he had when he had Excalibur. He didn't want all that fame and glory this time. All he wanted was everyone to know that he was more than an errand boy. That he could do something worthwhile. That he wasn't incompetent. And the only way he could do that was to have a partner.

As the blonde meister teen ran through what he could do, there was a commotion coming from the other side of the hallway. From out of nowhere, there was a boy dashing through the hall as if his life depended on it with the school's zombie Sid pursing him with a determined look on his cold blue face. Despite having a cold dead man chasing him, the teen didn't seem scared or worried. In fact, he had a satisfied smile on his face. Everyone in the hallway quickly stepped out of the way and watched the two run.

The running teen had short raven hair with bangs that hid his eyes from everyone that looked at him. He was about the same height as Soul but his skin was a chocolate-brown color. He wore an opened red and black plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows. Underneath it was a black sleeveless muscle tee. He also had a pair of dark blue jeans with a silver chain hanging on the right side and white running sneakers. On his back was an orange backpack that he held by one strap, stained with many different colored spray paints.

He ran, looking back at the rushing zombie with a smile, not paying attention to what or who was in front of him. Hiro, too tired to really focus on anything else, continued walking along. And like that, the two boys crashed into one another; sandwiches and soda cans scattered everywhere.

Both teens groaned as they got rolled on the floor and slowly got up.

"Sorry. Sorry," Hiro apologized.

The mysterious teen swiftly grabbed for his backpack and checked its content. He gave a sigh of relief, at ease about whatever was in his bag and then turned to the blonde teen. Instead of accepting or rejecting the apology, the teen who clashed with the pathetic meister laughed uncontrollably.

Confused, Hiro turned over and took a good look at the student lying on the ground. "Umm...are you okay?"

The student zipped his bag shut. "Yeah! I thought I almost broke something! My mom would have been so pissed!" He laughed again until he felt a hand on his shoulder. The teen looked up, his bangs still covering his eyes, at the blue zombie that spent his day chasing him through the school.

"You're coming with me," Sid commanded. The chocolate skinned teen stood with one arm through the strap of his backpack. Sid then looked down and noticed that Hiro on the floor. "Hiro are you alright? I'm gonna guess that Victor here bumped into you."

Hiro slowly got up, rubbing his eyes and looking up at the blue zombie. "Don't worry Sid. I'll be—" His words trailed off into a loud yawn. He stretched his arms and legs as if he just got out of bed.

"Hiro, have you been sleeping well?" Sid asked, concerned of the well-being of the student.

The errand boy shook his head as he began picking up the disorganized sandwiches and soda and putting them in the brown paper bag. "Not really. I've had some nightmares lately and I haven't been sleeping too well." After he filled the bag, he picked it up and carried it. "But I'll be fine. I'm gonna go—"

"Wait right there!" Sid said in his most stern voice. With one hand on the hidden eyed troublemaker, Sid took the brown bag filled with lunches from Hiro's hands. "I can't have my students walking around half awake like zombies, even if I am one myself. That's not the kind of man I was. How about I take care of this and you head over to Nurse Nygus office. Take a few minutes off and maybe you'll feel better."

Hiro gave a weak smile and nodded his head. A nap did sound good. Maybe sleeping somewhere else would take his mind off his worries.

Sid nodded in agreement and took the lunches and the teen named Victor away.


Nygus saw the tired student walk into her office and asked what had ailed him. Hiro explained to her how Sid recommended that he get some sleep and how he looked so sleep deprived, she didn't argue with the zombie's judgment. The mummified nurse helped him to a bed and told him that she would wake him in thirty minutes so he wouldn't be horribly late for class.

After kicking off his shoes and hopping on the bed, Hiro immediately fell asleep.

Minutes later, Hiro woke up refreshed and ready for classes. He hopped out of bed and saw the clock on the wall. He still had a good five minutes before he had to go to class. Before he walked out of that office, the nurse called his attention.

"So are you feeling better now?" she asked, a visible smile shown through her bandaged clad mouth.

Hiro smiled and nodded. "Yeah! Maybe I just need a new mattress or something. I never slept this great back at home."

"That's good to here! So what class do you have now?"

"Oh I have a–" Hiro stopped, a sharp pain in his chest. His breathing began harsh and sweat began pouring down his face.

"Hiro?" Nygus asked, concerned. "Sit down," she instructed as she got up and aided him towards the bed. "Are you having chest pains?!"

Hiro's hand clenched his chest, answering her question with a slight nod as he sat down. He's never felt anything like this before. It was like there was something inside him that was trying to break free. Nygus left him to fetch some medicine as Hiro curled into a ball on the bed. He was getting worse. He groaned in agony as the nurse poured a seemingly harmless pink liquid into a cup and handed it to him.

"Here, drink this!" she instructed.

Hiro grabbed the cup and drank the concoction. It didn't have a bad taste to it but whatever it was, it only made the problem worse. He lied on the bed, his hands holding back whatever hell that was brewing his body.

"My God!" he gritted his teeth. "I'm gonna...I'm gonna..." Hiro couldn't finish his sentence.

The center of his chest ripped open with a long and thin steel blade coming out of it.

He quickly sat up; shocking the nurse on how the thin blade came out of his body like it was hiding inside him the entire time. It didn't stop there. The sword retreated into Hiro's body and punctured another hole in the boy's chest, this time lower and more towards the right. Each time the sword freed itself, it unleashed a waterfall of blood from the wound and then retreated back into his body to replicated this process.

Nygus watched in horror, unaware of what to do. She has seen war scars and dead comrades several times but she was something she has never seen before in her life. "Hiro!"

The blonde teen could hear her over his scared screams of terror.



He woke up, covered in sweat with the bandaged clad weapon standing over him, trying to calm him down. His breathing was short once again and his hands clung to his sheets for dear life. Hiro checked his body and found no openings made by that infernal sword that haunted him.

He couldn't understand it. Why were these dreams repeating themselves? Why was it about a sword? Why did they start happening after he abandoned Excalibur?

And more importantly, why was it that the sword seemed so foreign and yet so familiar?

I'm not sure where this is going but this idea came to my head and I just had to write it down.

Can you see where I'm going with this? If Hiro is such a bad meister, maybe it's because he's not supposed to be a meister...

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