I don't own anything from walking dead, i do wish i own Norman Reedus tho yummy! i wanted to write this because i met Norman at comic con and got inspired and i couldn't contain myself anymore, he is so nice and very hot in person if you get the chance go and met him! so i am introducing a new character in this story, she is based off of me you can picture her anyway you want but i felt the need too make her me, well enjoy i hope you like it. i am going back through and fixing things because Daryl was way out of character.

In a small town in the state of Georgia their were two men, one with a python in his hand and a badge on his shirt for sheriff, the other man was slightly back from the first man holding a crossbow, dressed as a redneck. The second man kicks in the door and backs away, waiting for walkers to appear, but none did for a long while. He walks inside the market, the light from outside made it easier to see inside the building so he had no need for his flash light.

"I'll keep watch" The sheriff said.

The redneck grabbed a few things off the shelf's and stuck them in a bag, not knowing he wasn't alone, in the corner of the store was a young girl no more than 22, hiding behind some boxes curled up, scared that the men would find her and use her for dirty things.

"Did you find anything?" A man asked from outside the building, with a southern accent

"Naw their ain't nothing here" The crossbow wielding man replied.

Just then the girl that was hiding behind the boxes, looses her footing from the fetal position and kicked the boxes over, the man stops walking towards the door, but now in her direction.

"Rick I'll be out in a minute, I think I found something" He said looking down at the weak, defenseless girl sitting in the corner scared.

She whimpers at the sight of the big man now towering over her.

"Shh, are you bit?" He asked her.

She just looked at him confused, for she hasn't had any human contact since the world ended.

"Speak girl or I'll leave you"

"I'm unharmed, my name is Sirina"

"Sirina eh? Stand up"

She stood up at his command, he looked her over and he notices how pretty she was through the dirt, her long red hair, soft green eyes and her fair skin. Sirina had blue jeans, a tee shirt, and tennis shoes on.

"I'll have to check you over better later, lets go"

He pulled her away from the spot he found her in and went outside to find Rick, she shielded her eyes from the bright rays of the sun. Instantly Rick notices.

"Daryl what is this? You go in for supplies and you find a girl"

"I didn't mean to find her" He said throwing his crossbow a crossed his back.

Daryl looked at her with an angry look, it's not like she wanted to be found. On the inside Daryl really did think she was beautiful, but their was no way he could admit that in front of Rick. They get into the car and start to drive back to the farm where they were camped out at.

"My name is Rick Grimes, this is Daryl Dixon. Where are you from... er... um?" Rick didn't know her name, so that was going to be a difficult thing to ask.

Sirina giggled to herself.

"My name is Sirina Bellcourt, I'm from Chamblee, Georgia, I am 22 years old, I lost my family during the evacuation to Atlanta, I've been alone for 4 months hiding in that store"

"Do you know how to defend yourself?" Rick asked her.

"No, I mean I have killed those things a very few times, but I'm not very good at it"

"We will train you to fight"

Daryl laughs to himself.

"Actually I think Daryl here will teach you" Rick said patting his shoulder.

Daryl looks at him like he's crazy, well he is.

"I ain't no fucking teacher" Daryl said.

"I'm sure you can do it" Rick smiles and slightly laughs, Rick hasn't laughed like that in months, I guess he gets humor out of Daryl's suffering.

He groans and slumps into his seat more.

Fucking woman, I have to put my ass on the line to save yours. Daryl thought to himself.

When they reached the camp at the farm, Sirina was a little nervous about meeting everyone but Rick seemed nice enough to trust, she stepped out of the truck and was greeted by a woman with long, brown, wavy hair.

"Hi, I'm Lori, Rick's wife, come with me" She pulled Sirina along the camp to a tent.

They step inside and Sirina was introduced to another woman, named Carol, who has just recently lost her daughter to walkers.

"We need you to get undressed so we can check you for scratches and bites" Lori said with her arms crossed.

"But I..." She tries to protest.

"It's okay you can trust us" Carol said smiling.

Sirina hesitated and removed her shirt and pants, they start checking her over, just as Daryl happen to be walking by the tent, he glances over and the window was open, he see's Sirina almost naked, he watched them skim her body for marks, imaging himself doing the same. Before he got caught, he walked away, feeling a slight bulge through his pants.

"Your fine you can relax, come, I'll show you around camp" Carol said.

"Wheres Daryl?" Sirina asked.

"Hunting probably, why?"

"He disappeared once we got here"

"Don't worry about him, he does this"

They walk to the trailer.

"That's Andrea up top, she keeps watch most of the time when she's not with Shane" Carol leads her inside. "That's Dale he is kind of our moral support all around listener"

"Hi, was she alright?"

"Yes, perfect health"

Dale smiles and they leave the trailer, up to the house where Glenn and Maggie sit.

"Sirina this is Glenn and Maggie, their our couple of the farm and our all purpose runners"

Sirina smiles at them as they wave to her, Carol takes her inside to meet, Hershel, Beth, Patrica, Jimmy, and Carl.

"I'm not sure where T-dog or Shane are but I'm sure you will met them sometime today"

"You do have a very nice group here, but I don't think I belong here"

"Of course you do, no one should live on their own in this world"

"What happened to your daughter? My family were attacked in their sleep, by my father while I was away finding shelter to make it to Atlanta, when I returned in the morning all I saw was him eating my family so I did what I had to and left" Sirina teared up a bit sharing that story.

"My husband Ed abused me so Shane beat him and that night we were attacked and he was the first to go, as for my daughter Sophia, a walker startled her and she ran into the forest, I guess got bit and the people found her, put her in the barn, when we opened it she was in there dead"

"I'm so sorry" Sirina hugged her, as they both cried.

"Hey Carol whens dinner?" Daryl asked her.

They both jump at the sound of his voice.

"God your fucking jumpy" Daryl said to the girls.

"I'm not in charge tonight, ask Lori"

As Daryl walked away, he suddenly stopped.

"Um tomorrow I am taking you out to shoot, don't forget or I won't help you again"

"I'll be there" Sirina smiles.

Stupid woman, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. Daryl smiled to himself. Al tho she is pretty, I wouldn't mind spending time with her.

Around dinner time Shane and T-Dog finally show up, Sirina sat next to Carol, cause it was the only one she connected with, besides Daryl but she didn't want to push that to much.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom" Dale said as he walked off.

After about ten minutes people were starting to wonder where Dale went to but in that same moment they all heard screaming coming from the edge of the woods. Daryl runs as soon as he heard it and a second later so does everyone else, Sirina jogs behind them out of curiosity and she just didn't want to be alone. As she approached the group their was already a dead walker lying on the ground and Dale was split open, spitting blood out as he tried to speak. Rick held his gun up to Dale's head but he just kept hesitating like he couldn't shoot him, Daryl grabs Ricks hand and he hands the gun over, Daryl kneels down next to him.

"Sorry brother" Daryl said and shoots him in the forehead.

As they walked back to the fire all was silent for in memory of Dale, Sirina see Daryl heading off in the other direction so she follows him to make sure he's okay, she stepped on a branch and it snapped, Daryl shot around with his crossbow in her face, but then slung it over his shoulder after noticing it was her.

"What do you want?" Daryl asked her.

"I just wanted to know if your okay?"

"I'm fine, go back to your fire"

"But..." She stammered.

"But what?" He said rude.

"I'm afraid" She said softly.

"Of what? The dark? My fucking god woman, I already saved you, I have to teach you how to shoot a gun, and now I have to walk you back? Your gonna end up dead by the end of the week!"

"I feel safe with you" She managed to get out.

"I'm not the type of guy you wanna be around, so just back off okay?"

Sirina walks away, but Daryl feels a huge pain in his chest, almost like it was coming from his heart.

DAMMIT! this stupid girl has me crawling on all fours like a dog! Daryl yells at himself.

"Sirina wait!" Daryl called after her.

She turned around almost smiling through the small tears she had just shed.

"I don't want you walkin alone, even if this place is safe"

Sirina smiled and sniffled a little, Daryl saw it, he wipes away her tears with his thumb and quickly smiles at her.

"Who you staying with" Daryl asked.

Sirina looks stunned did she really forget to ask for a place to stay.

"I don't..." She said sadly.

"You really are trying my patience here aren't you?"

"No I just was enjoying everything it slipped my mind"

"I guess I'll have to find you a tent now too, god you are a burden"

Sirina moves away from Daryl being to upset to look at him, but he pulls her close.

"Your sleeping with me tonight"

Just great I get stuck with the jerk! Sirina thought.

How am I gonna sleep with that kind of beauty laying next to me... dammit me and my big mouth. Daryl screamed at himself.

He walks her over to his tent and opens it checking to make sure it was okay, then lets her step in, he followed closely behind her, Daryl sat down taking his boots off.

"Sit" He commanded her.

She did with out a second thought and started to remove her shoes, that probably just needed to be thrown away but those were the only ones she had.

Daryl steals looks at her in the dark, he noticed how her bangs swung to the right on her face but also noticed that her face was covered by all the hair and thought it would be better if it was put up so she could see. She hears ripping in the dark like fabric almost and felt her hair being lifted off her neck and pulled back into a ponytail, he smiled now being able to see her face properly.

"Thank you" She said softly.

"Only did it so you could see while killing walkers" Daryl said with his angry toned voice.

Sirina nodes her head and sits still as Daryl lays down, he awkwardly pats the bed next to him for her to lay down, like he was nervous to have her next to him, she just blankly stares at him confused, he already had her in his tent now he wanted her to lay down as well? Daryl pulls her down next to him, but she doesn't face him and neither does he.

In the morning was a different story, Sirina woke up and felt a weight on her, she was afraid to look because what if it was a walker in her face? when she finally decided to look it was Daryl's arm was around her and his body was pressed up against her, Sirina didn't know what to do, she couldn't wake him because he might get mad and if she moved he also might wake up, so she just ended up pretending to sleep.

Daryl wakes up not even 20 minutes later, he notices that he was laying next her but it didn't bother him, instead he strokes her hair for a moment not feeling the least bit nervous and then gets up.

Why are you so beautiful? stupid girl why do you have to find me at the end of the world. Daryl thought.

"Hey girl wake up"

Sirina woke up and saw Daryl pulling down his shirt, the part of the abs she saw, were just perfect to her.

Sirina got up herself releasing her hair from the makeshift hair tie Daryl had made her last night, as he opened the tent door he looked back at her and saw her with her hair down, he quickly turns around and leaves but not before he made sure that she put her hair back up. When Sirina finally comes out to join them, their all around in a circle.

"Carol what is this?" Sirina asked.

"Were having a service for Dale"

"I am sorry about that"

Carol smiles at her but turns her attention back to the service as it ended they noticed Shane had disappeared, Sirina didn't pay much attention for it wasn't her friend so she left for the house to shower and change.

Rick, Glenn, and Daryl look around camp for the missing member of there group, only to find out Randall was gone too.

"Rick!" Shane called from the woods.

"Shane? What happened?"

"That kid escaped, he attacked me and toke my gun"

"Glenn, Daryl lets go!" Rick yells.

They head off into the forest just as Sirina walked back outside.

"Where are they off to?" Sirina asked Maggie, who was sitting on a chair on the front porch.

"Our captive got away the men went to go look for him"

"And Daryl?"

"He left too, I wouldn't worry about it, he's safe"

Sirina falls silent.

Somethings not right. Sirina thought.

So with that she ran a crossed the yard to the tent and grabbed what she could to put it in the bags on his motorcycle, she didn't know what to do now. Would the others listen to her about her feelings. Just then a gun shot went off and Sirina turned around to face the area it was coming from, she gets scared so she runs back to camp.

"Where's Carl?" Lori asks.

"He went off to find his dad I thought" Sirina said.

"CARL!" Lori yells.

Just then through the fog they see walkers gathering at the fence.

"WALKERS!" The survivors all scream.

Carol grabs Sirina and Andrea and they run off towards the woods, while the rest all pull out guns and start shooting the walkers that have made it through the fence.

"Sirina stay close, were better in a group" Carol said smashing a walker in the face with a log.

They fend off as many as they can but more kept coming Andrea looses Carol and Sirina and runs off into the woods, the girls fight off more walkers, just then a gun goes off and a motorcycle roars closer to them.

"Get on!" Daryl yells.

Sirina jumps on and just as Carol reaches the bike a walker grabs her arm and pulls her back Sirina tries to help her but it was to late, Carol's hand slips through her fingers and Daryl drives off not turning back, Sirina sniffles at the lose of her only friend.

"Don't burden yourself with her, you'll get over it" Daryl said.

"Thank you tho" She said hugging him. "Oh I also packed up your stuff in your bags, I didn't feel safe so I grabbed what was important"

"Thanks" Daryl says quietly.

Wow maybe she is good to have around camp. Daryl thought while driving away from the burning farm.

The ride was quiet and peaceful, Sirina was happy to be holding Daryl so closely. In the morning they reached the freeway where they first stopped. Sirina got off seeing the rest of the group already had made it, Daryl follows behind her.

"Has anyone seen Carol or Andrea?" Rick asked.

"Andrea toke off into the woods and Carol didn't make it" Sirina said.

"Patrica is gone too, wheres Jimmy?" Hershel asked.

"He saved us from the barn but was attacked" Rick said letting go of his wife.

"Where's Shane?" Lori asked.

"Gone, he turned, we put him down" Rick said cold.

With all the sadness roaming the area Daryl walked away, Sirina followed him.

"Hey what's wrong?" Sirina asked.

"Don't worry about it"

"If you can't trust your friends maybe you'll have better luck with a stranger?" She said smiling.

Daryl hesitates not wanting to talk to her, she was so persistent that it made him more nervous, but if he didn't tell her she wouldn't leave him alone and that's all he wanted right now.

"I promised Carol a lot and I couldn't do anything to make her happy and now she's dead" Daryl said slightly annoyed. "Bad things happen to people i care about alight?" He snaps.

"It's nothing you could of prevented, Andrea was the one who abandoned us, you tried to save us"

Daryl saw the string of fabric around her wrist and pulled it off of her hand, she glanced down as he did that, he ties it back in her hair and smiles but the smile fades as he saw how serious he was being.

"What did I say about your hair?" Daryl asked.

"Leave it up?" She said scared to be in his presents.

"Yer all I have now..." He says quietly. "I don't want ya dying too" He said telling the truth.

She hugs him tightly throwing him off guard all he do was hug her back.

"I was so afraid I was going to lose you... don't leave me again" Sirina said crying.

"I promise" Daryl said being honest with himself for once.

reveiw? please? anyway month one on the road will be up soon I'm sure, I'm doing them by months to make them go faster so i can get to the prison, remember it does have spoilers i know a bit of info for season 4 already so be aware!