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The 2003 Senior Class Student Officers cordially invite you to the:

Forks High School Class of 2003 Ten Year Reunion!

Abbreviated Schedule of Events:

Wednesday, October 16th

Pancake Breakfast with the Senior Class of 2013

8:00-10:00am, Forks High School

$7.00 per adult, $3.00 per child over 2 years.

Join us for a family friendly pancake breakfast fundraiser sponsored by the Senior Class of 2013! All proceeds go to the 2013 Senior Class Student Council.

Thursday, October 17th

Pep Rally and Bonfire on the Beach

6:00-9:00pm, Rialto Beach

Forks paraphernalia, snacks, and drinks for purchase.

Grab your pom-poms and don your Spartan Blue and Gold! Help pump up our team to victory and enjoy yummy s'mores by the bonfire.

Friday, October 18th

Football Game v. Elma High School

7:00pm, Forks High School

Tickets $6.00 per adult, $3.00 per child, concessions available for purchase.

Go Spartans! Beat the Eagles! Halftime recognition of the 2003 alumni in attendance.

Saturday, October 19th

Class of 2003 Reunion Prom: "Once Upon A Time"

7:00pm, Forks High School Gymnasium

$40.00 per individual or $65.00 per couple (dinner included).

Relive our magical prom night with your significant other. Whether they truly were your high school sweetheart or not, they can be 'Once Upon A Time.'

Sunday, October 20th

Family Fun Picnic

11:00am-2:00pm, Miller Tree Inn

$10.00 per family.

Enjoy the sun, great food, and games at our family picnic. Catered by the Miller Tree Inn.

Holy crap, I thought as I looked over the 'brief' itinerary for my upcoming ten-year high school reunion. Five days of events? Are they freaking serious? Who had enough time and excitement to put together this shit?

As I sat on a stool in the industrial kitchen of my bakery, I racked my brain to try to remember who had been elected as our class officers. Let's see…Jessica Stanley was president with Eric Yorkie as VP. Alice Brandon, the bitch, was secretary and her little puppy Jacob Black had been treasurer. Leah Clearwater was elected historian. And Edward Cullen… Edward was parliamentarian. A wry smile crossed my face.

He could have been president, he was so well liked, but that was "too much commitment." No, parliamentarian was just enough to give him the extra points on his college applications, but not so much actual work as to take away from his studies and other activities. Valedictorian, baseball and track captain, and assistant newspaper editor weren't enough.

A sigh escaped my lips as memories of Edward filled my mind. God, I'd had the biggest crush on him. He was so damn handsome and sexy. And too genuinely sweet to realize he was the star of every Forks High girl's late night, alone time, horny-as-fuck fantasy.

I shivered as my personal favorite, one of Edward taking me on the editor's desk in the newspaper room, popped into my head. Holy wet panties, Batman.

I chuckled. At least I had won out as editor of the newspaper. I might have had a shot at beating him out for valedictorian until…

I raised my hand to the two-inch scar on my upper forehead hidden under my swoop of thick bangs.

A buzzer on one of my ovens sounded loudly and I jumped. "Get a grip, Bella," I mumbled and threw the invitation back in my purse.

I slipped an oven mitt on to remove my cranberry and blueberry scones. I set them out to cool and placed my chocolate-chocolate chip muffins in to bake. I loved owning Duck and Goose Bakery. It was decorated with childlike fantasy and given it's proximity to Seattle Children's Hospital, was perfect for the family and hospital employee clientele. We had grown popular enough to gather a more varied crowd, but I refused to change our image.

"Morning," my best friend and business partner, Emmett, yawned as he shuffled in.

"Good morning," I replied brightly.

He grunted and started arranging plates and trays of fresh baked pastries I'd already completed. "Way too chipper," he said and I laughed.

"It's seven-thirty in the morning, Em. I've been here since five-thirty."

He shot me a look and went back to setting up our display cases. At eight, I unlocked the door and let in our first customers of the day. We made it through the morning rush and by ten-thirty we were both happy to see Rosalie, Emmett's wife and our bookkeeper, walk in to take over in the front.

I gladly sat down in the kitchen and began icing cupcakes methodically. It calmed me and let my mind relax. Edward danced across my thoughts again and I smiled.

"What's the story, smiley?" Emmett teased. "You've had a goofy grin all morning."

"I have? It's nothing, just reminiscing, I guess. My high school reunion is coming up." I shrugged.

He waggled his eyebrows. "I see now. Thinking about your hot, high school boyfriend and how he fumbled his way into making you a woman in the backseat of his parent's car?"

I erupted into full-on belly laughs. "Not even close! No, I didn't have a boyfriend in high school. There was one boy I had a huge crush on, but nothing happened. We were good friends, competitors in our advanced classes, on the newspaper staff together." I shook my head. "Never romantic. Although, he did ask me to prom."

"Oh, yeah?"

I refilled my icing bag and started piping again. "Yeah."


April 2003

"Hey, Swan. Put it to bed, it's late and they're gonna lock up soon."

I looked up to see Edward loitering in the doorway of the newspaper room wearing a sweaty t-shirt and sweatpants, having just come in from baseball practice. My mouth watered at the delicious sight. I filed the image away for later tonight.

"Well, maybe if my assistant editor didn't skip out on me for ridiculous things like throwing some ball around a field, I wouldn't be here finishing up the layout for next week's paper," I sassed.

He grinned this lopsided grin and my heart stuttered. "Whatever, taskmaster. I had it all designed before I went to practice, you just feel the need to be the last one to have your hand on it."

I rolled my eyes and saved my work before logging off. I grabbed my jacket and backpack to walk out with Edward. As we strolled down the hallways we passed a huge notice advertising the upcoming senior prom. I eyed it wistfully. I wasn't a girly-girl by any means, but I did still fall into the trap of the romantic notions associated with prom.

I wanted to dress up and dance and maybe even get a little action for once. I wanted a boy to look at me like I was beautiful and hold me in his arms. Hell, who was I kidding? I wanted Edward to be that boy.

I let out a soft breath. I knew I wouldn't be going. I hadn't been asked and it wasn't likely to happen. I was cute and nice, but my dad had a gun and a badge. That scared the shit out of teenage boys. And Edward only saw me as a friend. A good friend, but nothing more, nothing less.

Edward bumped my shoulder with his own. "Why the face, Bella? You checking out the prom sign?"

I jerked my gaze from the poster. "Huh? No! That's silly." I plastered on a smile and he cocked an eyebrow.

"Not buying it," he answered, but let it drop.

He walked me all the way to my beat up old truck, despite the misting rain swirling around us and his car parked across the lot. I opened the door and went to climb in, when Edward stopped me.

"Hey, Bella?"

I turned and found him fidgeting with the strings of his hoodie.

I lifted my lips in a small smile to reassure him. "Yeah, Edward?"

"Um," he ran a hand through his wild auburn hair and then grabbed my hand. I looked down at them in shock.

Edward was holding my hand. It was warm and big and felt amazing. I wondered what it would feel like on other places of my body. Like pressed against the aching, wet heat between my thighs.


"Huh?" I oh-so-articulately said and whipped my head up.

"Do you…I mean, would you want to go to prom with me?"

"W-What?" I stammered, stunned out of my mind.

"You want to go? To prom? With me?"

"Yes!" I yelped out. "I mean, yes." I repeated in a more normal intensity level. I felt myself blush from the top of my hair all the way down to the tips of my toes.

He responded with a brilliant smile. "Great! That's awesome."

I bit my lower lip to tamp down on my own grin. He reached up his free hand and gently tugged it loose. "Don't do that," He murmured and brushed his thumb along the curve of my lip.

A muffled whimper slipped from me as a thousand sparks exploded through my body at that simple touch. Edward licked his lips as he leaned in closer. I lifted up on my toes to help meet him in the middle.

Suddenly, the sounds of Jet filled the air.

"Big black boots

long brown hair

she's so sweet

with her get back stare

Well I could see,
you home with me,
but you were with another man, yea!
I know we,
ain't got much to say,
before I let you get away, yea!
I said, are you gonna be my girl?"

We both jumped back and Edward looked at me sheepishly. "Sorry, that's my cell." He started rummaging around in his backpack to find it.

Despite my racing heartbeat, disappointment filled me as I cursed his stupid phone for denying me my first kiss. From Edward. "That's okay. I should go."

"Right," he finally found his phone and pulled it out just as the ringing stopped. Ironically, it was right at when mine started up.

"You are my fire

The one desire

Believe when I say

I want it that way

But we are two worlds apart

Can't reach to your heart

When you say

That I want it that way "

I scrambled to silence my call. I saw my dad's name pop up and knew he was likely wondering where I was.

"Backstreet Boys? Really, Bella? I thought you had better musical taste than that." Edward smirked at me.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "I like them. Nick is hot. And I guess you think you're sooo cool for listening to Jet? They are such Rolling Stones wannabes!"

Edward's laugh boomed out and made my knees weak to see him smiling at me like that. "Touché. I guess both of our parents are about to send out search parties. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yep," I grinned.

He beamed back. "And prom with me?"

"Definitely." I tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and nodded. "See you tomorrow, Edward."

"Bye, Bella."

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