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I had no idea what the room at the B&B looked like and couldn't bring myself to care. Edward and I had been frantic once the keys had been handed to us. It was like we were seventeen all over again.

My body was burning with desire as Edward nipped and sucked as the sensitive skin on my neck. I shivered as he drew down the zipper on my dress and drew it off my shoulders. The fabric puddled around my feet with a soft shushing sound.

"You are so beautiful," Edward said as his eyes traveled over my body. I knew my cobalt blue bra and lace thong accented my skin and made my breasts look awesome, but it was still rewarding to hear those words from him. Almost reverently, he unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor, a sort of strangled whimper escaping him.

He caressed his hands up to cup my breasts and I moaned when he brushed his thumbs across my hardened nipples. He dipped his head down to capture one in his mouth and I almost fell over from the erotic sensation. I clenched my thighs together against the insistent throbbing between them.

Please touch my pussy. Please, please, please.

Edward gave a low chuckle and slipped his fingers under my panties to tangle in my damp curls.

"Fuck!" I cried out as pleasure shot through me. "I said that out loud, didn't I?" I panted and didn't give a shit if I did or not. All I knew was I had gotten my wish and I wasn't going to complain while Edward's talented fingers curled against places inside me I didn't know could feel that amazing.

"Sure did, baby," he smirked. "I like a woman who isn't afraid to say what she wants."

"I want you, Edward. Now. Right fucking now!" I demanded and started shoving and tearing at his clothes. "God, you've driven me crazy since I met you, and once my hormones really kicked in… I have no idea how you never realized all the dirty things I imagined us doing together in my mind. All. The. Time."

Edward stood slack-jawed at my admission for a second before he jumped into action and his tux was scattered on the floor in moments. He kissed me hard as he slid my thong over my hips. I let him lower me onto the bed and sighed at the delicious feel of his naked skin on mine for the first time.

"I love you, Bella. I want to make love to you."

I spread my legs wider to accommodate his hips to settle into my own. I gasped when Edward softly ground his cock against my heated sex. "Please, Edward," I begged unabashedly. "Take me. Make me yours forever."

He groaned loudly and I felt the head of him press inside by an inch. I tilted my hips and he slipped further into my body. I let out a fluttery sigh from the gorgeous feeling of Edward stretching me. Now I just needed him to fill me completely. "More. I want you sheathed in me."

His restraint snapped and he plunged all the way in causing both of us to cry out. So slowly it was practically torture, he thrust in and out of me. Tendrils of pleasure curled and coiled low in my belly and he sweetly loved me in a way I'd never felt before. Quiet words and heated kisses were exchanged between us as we languidly rode the waves to ecstasy together.

As my completion drew nearer, I grabbed at him, desperate to touch him as much as I could and hoping to spur him to move faster, harder. "Edward, please. So close," I whimpered and he pushed deeper in response.

He hitched one of my knees up around his hip with one hand. With the other, he threaded his fingers with mine. I'd never had anyone hold my hand during sex and it loosened a flood of emotions at the same time as my orgasm thundered through my body. I mewled out my love for him as he drove into me and came with a roar.

I was still coming back to myself when he rolled onto his back and pulled me with him. I snuggled against his chest while we both caught our breath. "That was by far the greatest experience of my life," I said with a soft smile and no shame.

"Me, too, baby. I kind of want to go back in time and kick my teenage self's ass for not having any balls and waiting too long to ask you out. I know it would have taken a little time to get things as good as this was, but God, to have had ten years of being with you like that…" He let his voice trail off and got this faraway look in his eyes.

"I know you feel robbed of time with us, but if my accident hadn't happened who knows where we would be. You wouldn't have Maggie. I wouldn't have the most popular bakery in Seattle. And our first time together wouldn't have been as mind blowing-ly fantastic," I chided with a smirk.

"Well, I guess I can't argue with that. And now that I have you, and have had you, there is no way in hell I will ever let you go. I want forever with you, Bella. A house, marriage, more babies, and lots and lots of sex."

I belly laughed at him and caressed his cheek. "I want that, too, Edward. You've always been the one to hold my heart."

He lifted me so I was straddling him. "Will you move in with me and Maggie when we move to Seattle in two weeks, Bella?"

"Yes," I answered with a gasp as his thumb brushed my most sensitive spot.

He lifted his other hand and gently held the nape of my neck. "Will you marry me on Christmas Eve?"

"Yes," I sobbed and let him guide me over to ease his body into mine.

"Are you on the pill, baby?" He rocked my hips and I made a little noise of pleasure.

I shook my head. "No." I threw back my head as we moved together more quickly, Edward shifting to sit up so he was deeper inside.

"Perfect." He leaned in and kissed me deeply.

Five Years Later

"Daddy! Daddy!" our little whirling dervish cried and threw herself at Edward. He laughed and scooped Emily up into his arms as we walked further inside his parent's house. "I missed you." She leaned in and kissed his cheek. I couldn't help smiling at our five year old "Little E." She was a mini replica of Edward from her wild auburn hair, green eyes, and even his crooked smile. And a total daddy's girl!

"I missed you, too," Edward replied with a grin.

"Mama, mama, mama, mama!"

I beamed and knelt down to catch Seth in my arms. Our chestnut-haired and green-eyed, two-year-old baby boy laid his head on my shoulder as I gently squeezed him.

Esme came into view. "How was the Inn?"

Edward and I glanced at each other and I bit my lip as memories of last night flooded my mind. "Perfect," Edward answered. Every year in October, we brought the kids to Forks and stayed one night just the two of us at the Miller Tree Inn. To this day, we still had never actually made it down to breakfast the morning after. We preferred a different kind of feast.

Seth wiggled in my arms and I released him so he could climb up into his daddy's lap.

"Mommy! I made double chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, come try them." Maggie ran into the room and grabbed my hand.

Edward made a disgruntled sound. "Hey, don't I get a hello?"

She flashed her 'sweet girl' smile. "Hi, Daddy." Then tugged on my hand again. I laughed at Edward's playful hurt expression and allowed my little baker to guide me into the kitchen. From the first time we had made cookies together, Maggie was in the kitchen at home and at Duck and Goose being my helper. She was definitely going to take over the business one day.

As I smelled the delicious aroma, I sighed happily. My life might have taken a curve I didn't see coming, but fate had come full circle and I couldn't imagine my world being more complete.

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