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The beginning takes place on a private beach in Crystal Tokyo. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are the only ones here. I'm using their planet names because I think it sounds cooler. Another change I made is now the girls can use their powers without transforming. Mars can flick little fireballs and start fires, Mercury can freeze things (and people), Neptune can shoot water.ect.Also, I made Serenity into a better queen, and I don't like Mamoru, so he's not in here. Well, enjoy!

"I'm going to have such a tan line after today." Venus moaned as she let her bikini strap snap back into place. She brushed a few strands of blond hair off her back and looked over at Mercury. "Geez, why are you reading? We're on vacation!"

Mercury stretched her feet out under her umbrella before answering. "I know we're on vacation, but learning can never take a break. You should be studying too-" She was cut off by a shriek from the waterside. Venus and Mercury both darted across the sand to Jupiter, the source of the shriek. She and Mars were standing next to their half-completed sand castle.

Mars turned to Mercury and Venus and pointed out into the calm water. "Look it's a shark!"

Mercury sighed and took off her glasses. "There are no sharks in the Crystal Sea, Mars."

"Then what do you call that?!" Jupiter imitated Mars and stabbed her finger towards the sea.

Mercury put her glasses back on and squinted in the direction of the 'shark'. All she could make out was a dark spot in the water. Sand prickled against her legs as Venus skidded to a halt and handed her a pair of binoculars. "Thanks." Putting her glasses on top of her head, she pressed the binoculars to her eyes and looked to the black spot.

"It's a raft! And there are people on it! Uh oh."

Jupiter grabbed Mercury's arm. "What is it?!"

Mercury slowly lowered the binoculars. "They're not moving."

There was a long silence. Venus stepped forward. "Mercury, go and call the palace for help. Explain what you saw and tell them to bring what these people might need. There's a cell phone in my bag." Mercury took off towards the bags. "Mars, Jupiter, we have to get that raft to shore. Lets go!" All three nodded and splashed into the water.

Being Sailor Senshi, they did not wear out easily, but the raft was several miles out, and by the time they reached it, the three were beginning the feel the effects of such a swim. Venus, Jupiter and Mars all bobbed up on opposite sides of the small raft. There were five people lying inside, three covered by a long, white jacket or cloak of some sort, and the other two had jackets over their heads. "To keep them from the sun."Mars muttered.

"Come on, let's get them back to shore." Jupiter said as she took hold of one of the few bungee cords holding the inflatable raft together. The other two each grabbed a cord and started swimming.

Hmmmm, I wonder who these five people are??? Well, how was that for a first chapter. I could've made it longer, but I have to get to sleep. Please R&R!!!! But if you have any serious suggestions, email me at mmj15@aol.com Good Night!