Chapter 34: The final battle

Yep, this chapter is indeed the final battle. The showdown between good and evil, as cliché as that sounds. Anyway, here it is!

Mercury P.O.V.

Mercury looked from left to right at the soldiers standing around her, ready to fight. (So this is it. We are all ready to fight.) She assumed her stance along with the others. She glanced to her left and almost smiled to see Quatre with his gun out and ready, as unmoving as any of the Scouts.

A long moment passed, and neither side seemed willing to strike the first blow. Wise Man's unnerving laugh cut the silence. "What? Are children afraid? Very well. I shall be the first to attack!" With that, he raised his robed arms and two balls of energy appeared on either side of him. Mercury braced herself for the massive power flowing into either of the balls. (So much power... Is he getting it from the crystal?) But she didn't have anymore time to think. At that moment, the two orbs took on human figures and flew at them.

The Scouts dodged easily, and the boys fired several rounds at one of the figures. Wise Man growled as his two subordinates jerked dangerously at the bullets. "So you have some surprises... Well, now you have me to contend with!" Raising more energy, he hurled it at the group, narrowly missing his own creatures. Mercury jumped out of the way quick enough, but the blast had hit Neptune almost head on.

"Neptune!" She heard Uranus cry, rushing to her friend's side. "You'll pay!" She shrieked, and pulled her attack.

But she wasn't fast enough. In a bare second, she was knocked out as well by another attack. By now, the Scouts were on the other side of Wise Man gathering power, while the boys put everything they had to the two creatures to keep them out of the way.

Turning swiftly, Wise Man found himself thrown back to the energy wall by a number of assaults. He roared in anger and roared yanked up a massive from the dark crystal he felt below him. Blasting the black blue sphere towards the Scouts, he sneered to see the two youngest go down under it, and another, Mars thrown to the wall with a sharp cry.

Wufei, behind Wise Man, battling his minions saw Mars hit. He saw her strike the wall with her suppressed cry. The image echoed and redoubled inside his head. (No.) With a few swift steps and a dive towards the Wise Man, Wufei snarled cruelly and brought his blade down into the back of his enemy.

Letting out a bone shaking roar, Wise Man twisted around, knocking Wufei to the wall and wrenched the katana from his back. "Wretched boy!"

But a burning stroke against his back brought his attention back to the Scouts. Several more attacks hit him and seemed to pound him into the wall. An unearthly scream tugged his eyes to his left, where his two dark beasts went up in drafts of smoke. The boys' rain of bullets turned suddenly to Wise Man. He could feel the bullets penetrating him and twisting his energy.

With another yell, he flung energy at the boys, and saw five of them go down, not unconscious, but not a problem. One more remained. The man was leaning against the wall, crimson blood staining his white hair. He was breathing heavily from the blast he had no doubt narrowly missed. Ignoring the growing energy from the Scouts and the darts of pain that shot through him from the continuous bullets from the man, Wise Man gathered energy to him and prepared to fling the blast the insolent man would not be able to dodge.

But Wise Man waited a second too long, and the Planet Attack the Scouts had been pulling hit him dead center and nearly pounded him into darkness. But, gasping heavily, he didn't fall into the void and almost laughed to feel the energy the Scouts were gathering yet again. "I will not fall to a bunch of children..." He growled and pulled every ounce of strength left in his reserve for an attack they wouldn't dodge.

He felt his laugh working through his throat as he raised the energy ball above his head.

Jupiter P.O.V.

Peeking from under her eyelids, Jupiter saw the energy Wise Man was preparing to throw at them. She heaved at her own energy, drawing it into the ball that formed in the center of the circle. She was breathing heavily now, and could feel the others do the same. (Almost there...) She told herself and concentrated harder.

Finally opening her eyes, she saw the boys drawing their guns once again on Wise Man. She worried for a moment. (No. Wise Man will concentrate this attack on us. But every little bit counts.)

Suddenly, like a smack on the back of her head, the Planet Attack was finished. But so was Wise Man's. Jupiter felt the strength of her friends in the globe of swirling colors as they lifted their arms and thrust the sphere up. They felt the energy as the two attacks met and pushed against each other. The Scouts kept their hands up, sustaining the ball against his. The two energies pushed back and forth. Suddenly the ring of bullets rang through the air, and Wise Man's angry growl seemed to give the Scouts more energy.

"Keep it up! He's getting weaker!" Jupiter shouted and the gunfire intensified.

"You can never defeat me! I am the master of this universe!" Wise Man screamed, even as his powers weakened.

"We're almost there!" Venus yelled.

"No!!!" Wise Man shrieked as his power ball was overcome and it sped steadily towards him. The gunfire finally stopped as it enveloped him and exploded into a blinding flash. Then, there was darkness.

Sometime later~~~~~

The Scouts and boys awoke in a large, dark crater. Mars turned over slowly to see Wufei leaning over her. She smiled weakly as he picked her up slowly.

"Are you hurt?" He asked quietly.

"No..." She lied faintly.

He smiled his usual vague smile. "We should go now." He looked around at the others. Pluto was leaning on her staff, helping a still-bleeding Zechs, Neptune was carrying Rini in her arms, Uranus had the taller Saturn slung across her hip, Duo was carrying Venus as Wufei had Mars, Quatre was supporting Mercury over his arm, Laytha was still half out, leaning on Trowa, and Jupiter was limping, with the aid of Heero.

"It's over." Mars sighed.

"Yes. It is." Wufei answered, carrying Mars out of the dark crater they stood in.

Mars looked up at the sky and smiled. "Hey, the sun's out."

The others turned their heads skywards and Mars thin laugh spread and filled the clearing.

The group made their way to the palace, still in high spirits, found Serenity standing outside, exhausted herself.

"You don't have to worry about any other ships of youmas. I took care of any remainders." The Scouts nodded to her and went inside to rest.

Days later, Serenity altered the ground and got rid of the crater where the dark crystal had once been, and the people slowly returned and the city to make it the sparkling kingdom it once was.

Laytha P.O.V.

Laytha spent a bit longer than the others in bed; she had poured almost her entire energy supply simply staying awake. Trowa stayed with her all day and brought her food to keep her from wasting away. Eventually though, she was able to get up and around, with Trowa's help of course. But without being able to do much, video games became a temporary pastime. Laytha especially favored the fighting games, mainly Dead or Alive.

"Yes! Take that!" Laytha yelled, pounding her controller.

Trowa didn't respond, but smiled deviously as his fighter landed a roundhouse kick and flattened Laytha's character.

Laytha groaned as her life points dropped down to zero. She stuck her tongue out at Trowa and pushed him playfully. He smiled at her and pushed her back. She laughed and pushed him harder. He laughed and shoved her a little too hard and she fell off the chair with a giggle and a thud.

Trowa took in a short breath and leaned over to her. She smiled up at him. "I'm fine, Trowa."

He breathed and smiled. "Good." He reached out and helped her back onto the chair.

She kissed his cheek easily and picked up her controller. "I'll get you this time."

Mercury P.O.V.

Mercury too spent a little time in bed, resting, and was up and around soon. She spent most of her time in the lab or in the library, but all of her time with Quatre.

He didn't seem to mind at all though; he was more than glad to be around Mercury. They read tons of books and looked over the space-time continuum, (more than needed in Pluto's opinion.)

Mercury sighed as she closed her book. "I never knew how many romance novels we had in this library..."

"Really?" Quatre looked up. "What did you read before?"

Mercury touched her glasses thoughtfully. "Mostly just research books, and... That is about it."

"That's it? Just research?" Quatre closed his book and looked at her disbelievingly.

She smiled shyly. "I used to be pretty studious."

Quatre leaned forward on his hands. "I think you're pretty when your not studious, too." He smiled.

Mercury leaned forward and took off her glasses. "I bet you tell all the girls that."

He leaned in closer. "Only you."

Mercury sighed softly. "Really?" She pulled closer and they kissed softly.

Jupiter P.O.V.

Jupiter blocked Heero's kick easily and jumped back. Heero stepped forward and continued his assault. Finally, he dropped his guard for just long enough for Jupiter to knock his feet out from him. As usual, he took he down with him, and when they hit the ground, they stayed there.

"So what will we do now?" Jupiter sighed.

"We will protect Crystal Tokyo." Heero answered confidently.

"And what else?" Jupiter reached up and squeezed his wrist.

He looked down on her. "Do you really want me to say it?"

Jupiter grinned and crawled up to him and her elbows. "No, you don't have to." She laid her head on his shoulder and put her hands around his neck.

He touched her arms and tucked her head under his. Her breath brushed softly against his neck. She sighed and shifted in closer to him.

"But really, if you are going to do something you should be able to say it at least."

Heero looked down at her again. "Hn."

Jupiter tilted her face towards his. "It's not polite to grunt..."

Zechs P.O.V.

Pluto spent most of her time watching over Zechs, who had gotten the most serious of injuries during the battle. Though he stayed conscious through the whole ordeal, he still had to stay in bed for almost a week while Pluto bandaged and re-bandaged his injuries. Because he slept during the day, he was awake almost every night. But Pluto kept him company during these lonely hours.

Pluto unconsciously traced circles in Zechs chest as she cuddled closer into his side. Zechs shifted next to her. "Is it...healthy to be...with you while I'm still healing?" He asked, taking her tracing hand in his.

Pluto laughed quietly. "As your nurse, I highly recommend it." She leaned up and kissed him, then nuzzled back into his shoulder.

Zechs smiled. He put his head on hers and breathed in the sweet scent of her hair. "You smell nice tonight."

She kissed his shoulder. "I got some new shampoo. Maybe I'll get you some." She closed her eyes and sighed again.

Pluto felt his chest rumble as he chuckled. "I don't think this scent would suit me."

Pluto smiled and closed her eyes. Her fingers went back to tracing circles. Zechs looked down on her. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. She stirred for a moment and sighed.

Mars P.O.V.

Mars healed quickly and went back to meditating in the gym while Wufei trained. He didn't seem to mind, but never spoke much, except during the evenings they spent together. Kisses had become more heated recently and soon became a frequent topic of Mars's thoughts. So while Mars tried to meditate, the previous night's kiss kept replaying through her mind.

Wufei had pulled her against him more forcefully that he had before as though he feared she would run off. Mars couldn't help but blush at first, but silently yielded. But, every night, sure as anything, some noise or intrusion always called their attention away and broke the connection between them.

Mars opened her eyes and checked to see that Wufei was still on the ground, doing his never-ending push-ups. She smiled. Getting up, Mars silently locked the door to the gym. It was late and almost time for dinner, but too early for an intrusion just yet. (This time we don't get interrupted.) She stopped and frowned at her own forcefulness. Wufei started to get up. Mars forgot her doubts and walked up behind him. He stopped, most likely thinking the same thing Mars was.

When he turned, Mars pulled him to her and pressed her lips to hers. Mars felt his heart beat wildly in his chest as he pulled one arm around her back and the other on the back of her head, pushing her closer to him, though they were nearly the same person already. Mars breathed deeply, taking in his heavy scent as they pulled apart for a few moments air. He leaned over and trailed butterfly kisses across her neck. He glanced up at the door and laughed shortly.

"No intrusions this time?"

"No." Mars responded flatly and tilted his head up to her and continued the kiss.

His insistent hands searched across her back. Mars pulled in a breath and pulled his hands away. "Not here..." She whispered. He sighed a response and pushed his lips over hers, forceful with need.

A commanding knock at the door separated the two. Mars closed her eyes and dropped her head on Wufei's shoulder. "Not fair..." She groaned.

"Dinner!" A faint voice sounded from the other side.

"We should go..." Wufei whispered, almost laughing.

Mars looked up at him, half exasperated, half amused herself. "Just not fair..."

Duo P.O.V.

Venus and Duo were in the Target Hall, playing another round of Laser Tag. Both had spent the past few days in bed, resting after the battle, but after just a few days of doing nothing, they decided to get up and find something to do.

Duo dropped to the ground and listened hard for any sound of movement. There was a soft creak to his left and Duo jumped up from the low wall he was hiding behind, laser gun ready. But there was no one. Two spots of warmth on his shoulder told him he'd been tricked. Whipping around, he fired off two rounds getting nothing but muffled giggles from behind him.

He twisted to see empty corners once again. Venus's voice rang out from the shadows. "Hey, big shot! What's the matter? Can't find me?"

Duo suddenly found himself sprawled out on his stomach, with something heavy perched on his back. Twisting around, he saw Venus firing off round after round of the warm golden rays into his back. Duo smirked and reached up for her gun, and tossed it a few feet away. But the smirk faded as she, thinking as he was, reached out and flung his own gun away. So they both stared at the two guns lying on the floor.

Taking the distraction, Duo twisted out from under Venus's grip and flipped her under him. "Hey!" She yelled, surprised to find herself on the wrong side.

Duo grinned. "Hey, babe, looks like I win."

"You wish." She responded slyly, pushing away for a moment, and then tackling him. But, Duo managed to twist around fast enough, and once again, getting atop a pouting Venus.

"Looks like I win again." He said cockily.

Venus stuck her tongue out at him. "Jerk." But she couldn't help herself and smiled. Then, at the same moment, both realized what a suggestive position they were in. And both grinned mischievously as Duo leaned down and pressed his lips to Venus's. But the moment was rudely interrupted by a loud voice coming in through the roof. "Dinner, you two." Venus rolled her eyes.

"We had better go."

Duo pouted for a moment, but after a poke from Venus, he got up and sauntered towards the door.

"We'll continue this later..." Venus whispered as her door closed, leaving Duo to get out of his vest alone.

He smiled to himself. "Yeah..."

At the dinner table~~~~

Rini P.O.V.

Rini looked up and down the table at everyone getting their food. Her eyes dropped to Mars and Wufei. (Why do they look so flushed?) She shrugged to herself and bit into her biscuit. But her eyes wandered down the table again. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of her friends. (We're all such a big, happy family. Hm. It's like I have some new brothers or something.) She smiled again. (One big, happy family.)

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