Author's Notes: You know, I really dislike writing Shirou. I don't dislike him as a character but there are things you know his character would do that you'd go 'you're a bloody idiot and I'm waiting for this to bite you in the ass." He's just lucky he has plot armour that would stop a railgun in canon.

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Oni - Daemons, trolls, monsters.
Mahou - Magic.
Sensei - Person of higher rank/knowledge than the speaker. Teacher.

- Threads of Fate -
- Chapter 9 -

- Teach me, Mahou Sensei! -

The warmth of the sun's rays shone on Fuyuki as, on the distant horizon, the sun began its journey below the sea. Emiya Shirou walked along the waterfront idly, watching the sea washing itself against the harbor walls. Thick metal railings blocked part of the serene view of the ocean. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite tall enough to see completely past the railing. In the distance, he spotted a tall figure looking out towards the sea, the sunset playing off her reflective sunglasses. The warm evening sunset tinted her white jacket with a tinge of orange and reflected off her golden hair.

"Mahou Sensei!" Shirou cried. He ran towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist and red camisole.

"Shirou?" the woman said. The surprise on her face quickly turned into a welcome smile. "It's good to see you again."

"I haven't seen you for so long! Where have you been, Sensei!?" he said, looking upwards towards her. His sensei knelt down so that they were both at eye level.

"Oh... been busy. You know how magi are... traveling here and there with barely any time to catch your breath. How have you been, kid?" she replied.

"Good! I've been practicing reinforcing stuff, like the lamps, pots and old bottles Kiritsugu keeps around in the shed. It's working now thanks to your help," he said, beaming.

It had been by pure chance how he'd bumped into her all those weeks ago. He'd first caught a glimpse of her in the park nearby using her magecraft to idly levitate a stone above her hand. After that, he'd tailed her to this little spot that overlooked the ocean and harbor, a location he seemed to bump into her by "accident" quite a bit now and one she seemed to enjoy watching the view of the ocean gently splashing against the seawalls. After that, it had taken no small amount of talking, shouting and begging to convince her to finally help him learn magecraft. However, the results of her teaching were finally paying off.

"Haha, that's my little superhero apprentice," she said, returning a warm smile to him and ruffling his hair. "And you've been sure to cast that very special spell I taught you?"

"Yep! Every night to keep the evil Oni spirits from finding me. Just like Sensei said." he said. Little Shirou was practically bouncing up and down on his heels in excitement. "Do ya think you can teach me some more magecraft today?"

"Heh. Maybe later, kid. You know, if you keep this up you might actually graduate to be a full superhero one day," she replied.

Their conversation, however, was cut short by the sound of crying in the distance. Looking around, Shirou watched as a fog slowly appeared around them, darkening the land and blurring the sun's light. He turned his gaze towards Shinto, the tall skyscrapers already disappearing from view by the grey fog in the area. The crying was coming from there.

"It sounds like someone might need help. Maybe from a superhero like you?" she said. She gave him push and ushering him towards the direction of Shinto. Shirou took broke off into a run before halting, turning around to see Sensei still standing at her original spot.

"Aren't you coming, Sensei?" he asked.

"Sorry, kid. I have to stay here," she replied, shrugging her shoulders. "Besides, if you rely on my help, you wouldn't be a hero would you? Go on. I know you can do it."

"Alright!" he replied. With gusto, Shirou sprinted away and headed towards the fog and Shinto.

- Monday Mornings -
Day 5: February 5th

Consciousness slowly returned to Shirou as he awoke from his slumber. It was odd... he hadn't thought of Sensei for so long, not after she'd disappeared. Why had his dreams turned back towards her? He tried to remember what she looked like, but the image of her from the dream had already faded to a blur. And then there had been that fog... It sounded as if it were a child crying inside. However, no matter how far he ran forward, he could never reach her. Wherever he walked, all he saw was the grey fog. It didn't matter, he'd think about all these dreams latter if he got the chance.

He heard movement within the room, which was alarming considering he distinctly remembered going to sleep alone last night. Opening his eyes, he saw Saber calmly sitting next to him with both hands gently clasped in her lap. It appeared as if she was meditating. Had she been waiting for him to wake up or had she been there all night? He blinked several times, his groggy brain took several moments to process this information.

"Saber," he said.

"Yes, Shirou," his servant replied. Her olive green eyes looked at him attentively.

"Weren't you sleeping with Sakura and Taiga in another room?" he asked.

"Yes, that is correct," Saber said.

"Then why are you currently here?" he said.

"Because I left the room at night," she replied.

"Why?" he said.

"Because Sakura was asleep and Taiga's snoring was sufficiently loud enough for me to leave without being noticed," she replied.

"Why?" he asked.

"Well, I am not a physician, Shirou, but I believe the fat in her airway was stopping her from breathing thereby causing..." Saber began to say. It might have been due to the fact his head was still foggy after waking up, but he could have sworn Saber was toying with him.

"No, I meant why did you leave the room and come here," he replied.

"Because I am your Servant. I am supposed to be at your side to guard you against the possibility of attack," she replied. "Really, this should be obvious, Shirou."

"And that includes... uh... staying in my room and watching me sleep?" he replied. The thought of Saber, sitting and watching his every movement while he slept was unsettling to say the least.

"Being a Servant includes me being at your side no matter where you are or what you are doing," she replied.

A thought weaseled its way into his mind. It involved Saber, following him wherever he went. Watching his every movement... In the washroom... at school... while sleeping... like a stalker. Maybe even joining him in the bath and washing his back all the while nak...

That did it. The adrenaline that shot through his veins finally woke him up and he shot upward from his futon.

"No. no. no. no," he said rapidly while shaking his head. In addition to her being a girl, there would be no way he'd be able to sleep with her watching him at night. He'd probably die from sleep deprivation before the war was over and he told her as such.

"Don't be ridiculous Shirou. You did not even hear me when I sat next to you, do you really expect to survive the war sleeping alone if you could not even detect your own Servant walking in?" she said.
"I have the house's alarm spell," he responded.

"Which Caster would remove with absolute ease or Assassin would calmly ignore and then proceed to murder you in your sleep. In the time it would take me to traverse the distance between our rooms you would be dead.
"I still have my command seals," he said, raising his left arm to show her.

Saber sighed and uncharacteristically rolled her eyes. "Are we to waste another command seal on a frivolous request? What exactly will you do once you have exhausted the remaining two seals? We cannot beg the Grail to provide more simply because you foolishly wasted all three."

She called his bluff and now Shirou wasn't quite sure what to do. They stared at one another, unwilling to budge from their respective position and waiting for the other to blink; a game of chicken.

"I'll do it," Shirou warned. He held his arm forward as if it were a ward against Saber. Somehow, he didn't think she believed him.

"Truly, Shirou, I expected better from you given what you said in front of the Church. You promised me we would win this war together. If you are going to be this irresponsible and incompetent as a Master, then you are welcome to waste your seals," she replied.

"Ow, that was a low blow," Shirou thought to himself. She was right, however, he had promised to help her win the war.

He blinked as Saber stood up and walked to the door.

"I'll let you think about that for the rest of the day. We can return to this discussion later as, from the shouting in the kitchen, I believe Taiga is awake," Saber said before disappearing into the hallway.

He sat there silently, thinking about what Saber had just said. That odd sinking feeling in his stomach still wasn't going away. He had been awake for less than ten minutes and had already lost his first battle of the day. Rubbing his eyes, he headed for his dresser before Saber's last words sunk in.

"Wait... Taiga is awake?! How did I sleep in!?" he thought to himself. Moving as fast as Lancer, he hurried to get himself dressed.

The pleasant smell of cooking eggs filled the air as Shirou rapidly scrambled to finish cooking breakfast as quickly as possible. As it turned out, he hadn't woke up late but rather Fuji-nee had woken up early from, as she had called it, a sixth sense that Saber had left the room. He didn't have the heart to tell her Saber had left in the middle of the night. In order to placate Taiga, he had thrown out some toast with butter and marmalade in the vain hopes of distracting her till breakfast was ready.

"Shirou... I'm hungry!" cried Taiga. The famished school teacher banged on the table with her chopsticks like a petulant child.

"Then have some more toast... It's not my fault you actually woke up early for once," he muttered, keeping his voice under the sound of frying eggs.

"What did you say Shirou?" the schoolteacher said. Her face perked up hopefully, as if his muttered words were "breakfast is ready."

"Nothing, Fuji-nee," he replied.

"Aww..." she moaned, sinking to the table in depression.

Luckily, the room's other inhabitant, Saber, was raising less of a racket. With her toast in one hand, she quietly munched on the slice of bread while sampling the smatter of fruit jams at her disposal. Content with the food at the table, Saber waited patiently for Shirou to finish cooking and observed Taiga's crying and suffering.

Shirou took out a small block of tofu from the fridge and sliced it into smaller blocks. Taking extra care not to accidently drop any pieces, he slid the blocks of tofu from the cutting board into the pot of Miso soup. With the last task for breakfast cooking in the pot, he gave a sigh of relief.

Turning back to the main room, he saw Fuji-nee had now occupying herself with the television.

...several mysterious home invasions and three more brutal murders yesterday night. Authorities are still scrambling to identify a suspect in these murders and have requested support from the NPA and the Criminal Investigation Bureau. In the meantime, the police have issued a nighttime curfew. People are advised to return home early and avoid traveling the streets at night. If you have to go out at night, you are advised to travel in a group and stay together. When we return, reports yesterday of an intense gun battle in...

Shirou shook his head in shame. More deaths from the war. He had lain idle for one night and more innocent people had died. WIth so much going on in the war, this daily school routine seemed... insignificant.

As he looked at the main room, he noticed something odd.

"Saber, where did Sakura go?" he said.

"Sakura? She said she wasn't feeling too well and went to the washroom... although, that was over half an hour ago," Saber replied. Her brow creased in worry. "Finish breakfast, Shirou. I shall go find her."

Standing up, Saber slid open the ricepaper door and headed out into the hallway. He had just finished pouring the Miso soup into four bowls when he hear Saber shout for his name.

Shirou pulled the thermometer from Sakura's mouth and looked at the temperature.

"38.7 degrees celsius. That clinches it. There's no way you're going to school in this state," he said.

Upon running to the bathroom, Shirou had found Saber kneeling over Sakura. Sakura's entire body was soaked with sweat and he could feel the heat coming from her body even before he checked her temperature with his palm. However, the fact she barely stirred when he and Taiga had come into the bathroom worried him more. Saber had carried her to one of the side bedrooms while he had searched for the thermometer.

"Sorry, Senpai. I probably should have told you sooner but I thought it was going to be alright," said Sakura. Her head turned to Taiga who was peering behind Shirou. "Do you think I can still go to class?"

Sakura tried to rise but Shirou's hand stopped her, not that he'd needed to do so. Sakura had so little strength he wasn't even certain if she could stand up in her current state. Handed a towel by Saber, Shirou gently patted the accumulating perspiration from Sakura's brow.

"Don't be silly, what would happen if you fell unconscious on the way to school or back home?" interjected Fuji-nee. The exaggerated worry in her voice and her wide eyes told him part of Taiga's worry wasn't just on Sakura's health. On the other hand, Sakura would have had to be in a very bad state for Taiga's thoughts to wander away from food so he supposed that was a good sign.

"Then you wouldn't have a backup chef when I got sick," Shirou thought to himself dryly.

"Anyways, I have some spare clothes here that Sakura can fit and I'm sure I can call your home and explain the situation. Don't worry, Sakura, I can sort everything out at school and AHI'MGOINGTOBELATEFORSCHOOL!" screamed Fuji-nee. Kicking up dust and whirling up papers into the air, the late school teacher rocketed out of the room.

Poking his head out into the hallway, Shirou checked to make sure Fuji-nee hadn't slammed into the front door in her hurry to get out. He watched as the walls seemed to shudder as Taiga zoomed through the halls, grabbed her bag, put on her shoes, and opened and closed the door all at neck breaking speed. The papers she had ruffled in her haste were still floating downward in the air when she finally closed the front door.

"Wow... She's fast," said Shirou.

The front door slid open once more. "DON'TBELATEFORSCHOOL,SHIROU!" yelled Taiga, before shutting the door.

"Real fast..." he muttered. Sakura's voice turned Shirou's attention back into the bedroom and he knelt next to her.

"What'd you say, Sakura?" he said, moving closer to her.

"I'm alright, Shirou. Besides, Fujimura-sensei is right, you shouldn't be late for school. You've already done enough for me so please don't worry about me." she muttered.

"Heh. just focus on getting better, Sakura," he said. Shirou took the fresh damp towel the Saber offered and placed it upon her head. "Don't worry. I can handle myself."

Standing back up, Shirou headed towards the door. He took one last look at Sakura, her weary face smiling back towards his, before flicking the light switch and bathing the room in darkness. Several moments of silence passed before Sakura spoke.

"That's exactly why I worry. You always think you can handle everything by yourself," Sakura said.

Shirou quietly shut the door to the bedroom. That was the easy part done... now came the hard part. He turned around to see Saber waiting patiently for his orders as always. Grabbing her hand, he led her further down the hall so that Sakura wouldn't overhear their conversation. Once he was sure they were out of earshot, he faced Saber.

"Perhaps it is from our Master-Servant connection, but I sense you are going to make another foolish request for me to follow," she said even before he opened his mouth. Saber sighed as if mentally preparing herself before saying, "Very well. Say what you wish."

It might have been a slight hunch, but something was telling Shirou that his request wouldn't go well.

"I'd like you to stay at home and watch over Sakura. She often overestimates herself and I'm afraid she might get worse if I leave her alone. There's a lot of people walking to and from school so I should be fine without your protection during the day," Shirou said.

"No," Saber replied coldly. "Not only do you not want me to protect you at night but you also want to go to school alone as an amateur Magus without your Servant. Don't be ridiculous, Shirou. If you continue these foolish requests then you will assure our defeat in this war," She placed both hands on her hips and gave him a withering stare. Shirou recognized this stance from that time she scolded him about the yellow rain jacket; she wasn't going to budge an inch on her position.

However, he wasn't going to move either. Aside from the fact that bringing Saber to school would attract too much attention and cause too many question, it was more important that there was someone there for Sakura. Sakura was as close to him as family and he wanted someone there if her fever got worse. Having Saber stay by her side seemed to be the obvious solution.

"You're being unreasonable, Saber. Just stay at home and watch over Sakura. It'll be safe since it's light outside and there are people at school," Shirou said.

"I am being unreasonable? Shirou, you are in a war and yet you expect the other Masters to heed by these silly Magi rules? There are no rules in this war, do you not understand that? The rules provide protection only if all participants obey them. If a Servant finds you without me by your side then you will die even if people are around."

"Tohsaka said..." Shirou began.

"Tohsaka is not the remaining 5 Servants or Masters." interjected Saber.

The small Servant sighed before saying, "Shirou, is it because you dislike me? Do you truly hate me so much as your Servant so much that you refuse to have me serve by your side?"

The crease in her brow leveled and she looked upward directly into Shirou's eyes, her hands clasped together. Saber's eyes were wide as if she were a small kid asking for candy from the display instead of a legendary warrior. Shirou felt his heart drop.

Don't look into her eyes. Don't look into her eyes...

"Look. Saber, I'm sorry... Wait...! You're trying to guilt trip me, aren't you?" Shirou said in realization.

"Do not be silly, Shirou. I've never had to use guile to convince my own Master to accept my protection in the past," she replied, folding her arms in front of her chest. If he didn't know better, he thought he saw her suppress a grin.

"You didn't answer my question," he muttered quietly.

Shirou massaged the bridge of his nose, hoping to rub the growing headache away. He knew he wasn't going to win this one. Saber held the logical high ground and had better positioning. He wasn't going to win both battles so losing one battle to save another was his only recourse. He sighed before looking back at his obstinate Servant.

"Fine!" Shirou finally said in frustration, "I'll let you sleep with me! But only if you watch over Sakura while she's sick. That's my final offer."

Saber's head turned a bright crimson and her mouth dropped agape, before slumping back against the wall and sliding downward. Her voice was emitting an odd "Eeee" noise that sounded curiously like a boiling tea kettle. If he held his arms out, he thought he'd be able to feel the heat radiating from her body. Shirou looked at Saber oddly, trying to figure out why she had suddenly turned into a steam engine, before his brain finally caught up to what he'd said.

It was still chilly out this early in the morning. However, Shirou liked that. The cool air was refreshing and helped him thinking on the walk towards school. Two kids, he estimated they were still in elementary school, ran past him and hurried before turning the corner. Around him Shirou glanced around and was pleased to only see other students behind him. Saber had actually listened to him for once and stayed with Sakura.

Eventually, Saber relented and let him leave for school. In exchange, he would allow her to stay in the same room when he slept. It wasn't the best trade but sacrifices had to be made. He'd had to agree to a long list of demands from her: Come straight back home after school, don't follow anyone into their home, don't stay after school, don't go anywhere remote, and most importantly...

Please, Shirou. If you feel you are in any serious danger, do not hesitate to use your command seal. His petite Servant gently grabbed his left hand and traced the intricate seals on his hand. Her olive green eyes peered into his.
"Promise me, Shirou," she said. Her eyes seemed to plead at him, but this time he knew they were genuine.
"Alright. I promise. Don't worry Saber, I'll be alright," Shirou said.

In front of him, he watched as a mother guided her daughter by the hand. The colorful backpack told him she was probably heading off to school. He tried to remember if it was perhaps his old elementary school they were going to, only to come up empty.

He didn't remember.

In fact, everything before the fire was just a blur. "Retrograde Amnesia" the doctors had called it, the inability to recall past events before a certain point. They had said it might come back partially, completely, or not at all. While sometimes he felt feelings of deja vu, the fact was that half of his life had been erased. Sometimes, he'd get odd feelings that would trigger hazy old memories... his mother reassuring him during a storm... his older sister teasing him... However, they always remained blurry and fractured.

In truth, the only family he knew of were Fuji-nee and Sakura. After Kiritsugu passed away, they were really all he had left. He couldn't bear the thought of losing either of them in this war, which was why Saber's words worried him even after so long.

The rules provide protection only if all participants obey them.

Things had to be sacrificed to win this war, but what if it came down to victory and his family? He pushed those thoughts aside as he arrived at the front gates of Homurabara High School. He knew he'd have to deal with that issue later, but for now he had other things to worry about.

Stepping past the long white columns...

A sudden immense heat emanated from his chest and spread across his magic circuits, as if someone had placed hot coals in his heart. He collapsed to his knees, breathing heavily. What was happening? His thoughts suddenly turned to words his Sensei had said.

Remember to apply this spell every week. You might think you're safe now, but magic inherently attracts the unusual and unknown; that includes evil. If you walk around at night without this ward, kid, odds are you'll be a nice appetizer for some monster of the week. Mmm... I feel like Takoyaki now...

Normally, he'd easily remember to cast the spell every week, but with the start of the Grail War things had changed. Too many things to worry about, too many things he suddenly had to care for.

"Was this what Sensei had talked about when she said magecraft attracted evil?" Shirou thought to himself as he clutched his chest. He quickly glanced around the dirt school yard but everything seemed normal. Eventually, the burning heat from his chest and the tingle that ran across his magic circuits slowly went away, but he could still sense something amiss in the air, as if the air was tinged in sweet caramel. Something was definitely off at school.

"Eh? Emiya, are you alright?" said a soft voice. He looked and saw a diminutive girl at his side looking at him in worry. Her name was Saegusa if his memory served correct. Although he wouldn't consider himself popular with the girls at school, his knack with fixing electronics and devices did let him meet new faces at school.

"I'm fine, Saegusa. I just felt a little bit dizzy," said Shirou as he stood up. "I'll be alright."

"Oh, you too? A lot of people have been calling in sick recently. Must be a flu going around," she said. Happy to see that he was alright, the girl headed towards the school's main entrance.

"A flu, huh?" Shirou thought. Whatever was happening, he doubted it was as simple as that.

The bell for lunch range and the horde of zombies that masqueraded as students filed out of their classrooms. As much as he wished he was exaggerating, it looked as if all the students had all simultaneously crashed from a caffeine high... or had just been thrown out of bed. As bad as the midterm they'd just finished writing on World History was, he doubted that was the actual cause. Even the other students in the hall seemed muted.

Slinging his bag over the shoulder, he headed towards the council room. Even with all the weird flu going around, he still had to eat. In today's case, he was completely famished, perhaps due to what was going on at school. That was also something else he'd have to ask Tohsaka. Being the only full magus he knew of in Fuyuki, she'd be the best person to ask.

He headed for her classroom on the next level of the school. Ascending to her floor, he saw a plethora of students making their way out of their classrooms. At the end of the hall, he sighted Tohsaka's familiar raven black twin tails as she walked away from him.

"Oh, Tohsaka. Over here!" said Shirou.

Rin turned around, somewhat surprised to hear his voice. She took several steps towards him before stopping. Shock registered on her face before it turned to a bitter scowl. Her azure eyes seemed to glare directly at him and her hands were clenched into fists at her side.

Shirou halted in his tracks. He had a sudden ominous feeling about getting any nearer to her. What had he done wrong?

"Tohsaka?" he said with uncertainty.

She gave him one last menacing glare before whirling around and hurriedly walking away down the corridor. As she stalked off, Shirou thought he could see the cracks in the tiles that she'd stomped into the ground. Moments passed in the hallway before things returned to normal and the other students continued on their way.

"Jeez, Emiya. What did you do to Tohsaka?" asked one of the students in the hall.

"I honestly don't know," Shirou muttered.

"I don't think I'll ever understand women," he thought to himself.

"Whew, that took longer than I thought," said Shirou to himself. Slamming the old heater's frame shut, he flicked the heater's switch on and was greeted by warm air. It seemed something heavy had collided with the heater and disconnected the power connector to the heating coils. It had taken him some time, but he'd been able to resolder the connection. Personally, he suspected one of the students had collided with it and hadn't told the teacher; Class 3-2 had always been a rowdy bunch of students.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he looked up at the clock hanging in the classroom. It had taken him twenty minutes to fix the heater.

After Tohsaka had run off during lunch, he hadn't seen her the rest of the day despite his attempt to find her once again. In the end, he decided to simply finish his lunch in the student council room. It was at that time that Issei had asked him make a quick repair of the heater's on switch. Unfortunately, the actual cause of the problem was much worse and it had taken him much longer to fix.

Really, he'd have to remember to do these repairs during lunch time because if they took too long then Saber would probably yell at him again. Speaking of which, he needed to hurry home lest his Servant did just that when he got back.

Grabbing his bag from the table, he opened the classroom door. The hallway outside was empty. Making his way towards the stairs, he looked outside and watched as the last trickle of students walk out of the school's main gate. Normally, there'd be more students hanging around the school for club activities like Archery or Kendo but the principle had suspended all after school activities due to the recent murders.

As he walked down the empty corridor, only the echo of his shoes against the school's floor met his ears. In some senses, it was quite eerie seeing the school being this empty and quite so soon after school. An unsettling ache grew in his stomach as he continued walking towards the stairs.

Listen to your gut, kid. It normally can sense danger better than your mind can.

He looked behind him, checking to see if anyone was following him. However, the hall was empty.

"It's probably just my imagination," he said hopefully.

As he headed for the stairs he noticed someone's silhouette splayed against the ground. Above him stood Tohsaka on the next flight of stairs, the sun's rays shining against her back. Her left sleeve was rolled up, showing her arm and the neon blue lines that flowed and covered her entire forearm. Her magic crest glowed a light neon blue, showing that prana was already flowing through it. Rin leveled a stare towards him that could have melted steel.

"Tohsaka?" said Shirou.

- End Chapter -

- Outtakes 1/just for fun -

"Hello, Shirou," said Tohsaka.

Shirou looked at her for several moments, before a sardonic look crossed his face. "So... were you just waiting for me on the stairs all this time?"

"Huh?" said Tohsaka, startled.

"I mean, given the conditions of the both of us bumping into one another at this exact time, you were obviously waiting here but what would happen if I took the other stairs to get down? Would you have to run all the way across the top floor to get to me in time? Maybe you'd be out of breath and unable to make your calm scary speech," said Shirou with a snarky smile.

Tohsaka's eye twitched once before she aimed her index finger towards him.

"Shut up and die!" yelled Tohsaka. Dark spheres erupted from her hand towards him. With near superhuman speed, his reinforcement allowed him to trace the Gandr shots paths and dodge them.

"Oh no! What am I to do? It's a good thing you're a 100% certain there's absolutely no one at school able to hear your loud screaming and magic bullets or else you'd even have bigger problems. I mean, it's not like school just got let out and there might actually be students still in the classroom. You DID check all the classrooms to make sure, right?" said Shirou. To an outside observer, the redhead's movements looked like simple blurs.

"DIE! GAH!" she screamed.

Several minutes later, the school exploded as Rin used the combined power of all her gems to try and kill Shirou.