Yep decided to make another story. So, to be clear about what's going on, only Flippy is in his original animal form, Flaky and everybody else are humans.


A small groan was heard as large crimson eyes blinked open, lifting herself up on her weary arms, Flaky groggily stood up from her bed.

Rolling her head around, the red haired woman lifted a hand to massage the soreness surrounding her aching neck.

It seems that she died again yesterday, and like always, she couldn't remember how she died. All she knew was that when she died it must have been from her neck being damaged fatally considering that it was still in pain from the day before.

Languidly making her way to the bathroom, Flaky stripped out of her clothes from yesterday, dropping them carelessly onto the ground as she stepped into the shower and twisted the knob to let loose hot water, hoping to soothe her neck.

With a contented sigh, Flaky stepped out of the shower when she finished and wrapped her body in a fluffy towel. Scooping up her clothes from the ground, the woman made her way to her bedroom with a small smile, the hot water did wonders for her tired body.

Dropping her clothes in a basket, she made her way to the windows and made sure to close the curtains before pulling her towel from around her to dry her hair.

Once she was dry and dressed, Flaky then started ripping her brush through her tangled hair, frowning in discontent at the amount of dandruff that fell from her hair with each stroke of the brush. No matter how hard she scrubbed her scalp, or what kind of shampoo she uses, Flaky could never rid her long hair of the flakes. Even Petunia with her OCD getting the better of her had once tossed a scared out of her mind Flaky into the shower and scrubbed the screaming girl's scalp brutally at one point.

By the end of it, all they got out of it was a traumatized, shivering Flaky and a disgruntled Petunia who eyed the poor girl's hair - that still had plenty dandruff powdered on top - with distaste.

After a while though, Petunia managed to control her extreme OCD a bit so that she wouldn't attempt to try to force Flaky into the shower everytime they met up.

Making sure that her brush was completely clean of any lingering dandruff, Flaky placed it back onto her dresser, deciding to head to the kitchen to find something to eat.

On her way there, she passed the living room window and took a glance outside. Pausing in her tracks, the red head moved closer to the window and squinted her eyes at something on her lawn.

"What is that?" She muttered to herself. There was something lime green lying in the dark green grass of her lawn.

She gnawed on her lower lip with her teeth, wanting to go out there and see what it is but at the same time paranoid that it'd end up being something that would get her killed.

Shaking her head, Flaky told herself to just forget about it and hopefully whatever that is on her lawn would leave. So, she walked away, preparing herself a bowl of cereal and tried to push the image of the lime green bundle to the back of her mind.

But as she took her first spoonful of cereal, Flaky found her mind wondering back to the thing on her lawn, could it just be a toy? Maybe Pop and Cub had walked by and accidentally dropped the toy on her lawn without noticing.

Maybe it was just some stray animal sleeping on her lawn, since she did live right next to the forest that housed all sorts of animals. Maybe one decided to wander out and take a small nap on her lawn.

Finishing her cereal, she got up and washed the bowl, still bouncing around all kinds of theories of what could be staying uninvited on her lawn.

Next thing she knew, the red head found herself once again at her window, staring out at the thing that was still there.

Curiosity taking over her, the woman found herself pulling open her door and cautiously making her way to the thing on her lawn, it hasn't moved since she first saw it, so maybe it really was a toy. Atleast she hoped it was just a toy and not some wild animal that would maul her for just going near it.

Stopping just a couple feet from it, Flaky slowly bent down, not wanting to alert it by making noise if it really was an animal. Wide crimson eyes blinked in confusion as they took in what they saw.

It was a little green bear curled up on its side, clad in a camo jacket, with a dark green beret resting loosely on top of its furry head. There was also what looked like dog tags hanging from its neck.

A small smile made its way onto Flaky's frowning lips as she stared at the little army bear. "It's so cute." She whispered.

However, her eyes widened in horror when she noticed why this little bear was laying on her lawn. It was obviously knocked unconscious from its injuries, there was a large gash across its belly where she could see the blood beginning to stain the torn jacket.

She felt her heartbreak when her eyes wandered to its paws where she could see that the tiny green paws were skinned to the point where bone shone through the top of the paw.

What could have happened to this poor bear that ended up fainting on her lawn of all places? Was all she could think as she contemplated on whether or not she should help it.

She wanted to take it inside and help it, but at the same time she didn't, because she doesn't know what kind of personality it might have. It could be violent and attack her as soon as it wakes...but it could also just be a cute innocent animal that she could take care of.

She worried her lip once again as she fought with herself over what she should do. Suddenly, the bear shifted a bit, causing her to jump back with a startled squeak, lifting her arms up protectively.

But all that she heard was a pained whimper from the animal, she slowly lowered her arms and looked sadly at the bear who's face held an agonized expression as its paws shifted weakly.

Flaky carefully lowered herself to her knees and reached out for a nearby stick, wrapping her shaky fingers firmly around the thin wood.

With an audible gulp, the woman nervously pointed the stick towards the bear, and after a second of hesitation, Flaky pushed her hand forward and poked the bear softly in the side.

It merely released another whimper, not even close to waking up and attacking her.

Feeling a little bit safe at the fact that the bear wasn't going to wake up anytime soon, she set aside the stick and cautiously reached out towards the animal, making sure to be extra careful of its injuries.

Flaky lifted it and cradled it against her chest as she shakily pulled herself up from the ground and turned to head back inside, using her foot to close the door behind her as she felt the bear unconsciously snuggle against the warmth of her body.

Eventually, she made it to her room, and gently placed the bear onto her bed as she went into the bathroom to get her emergency first aid kit.

After removing the camo jacket - which was quite difficult to do without worsening its injuries - Flaky tossed it to the side, making a mental note to wash and fix it later.

Cracking open the kit, Flaky automatically reached for a cotton ball, pouring some alcohol onto it.

Chewing on her lip again - something that she noticed has become a habit when she was nervous - Flaky hovered the ball over the gash on its belly, scared that the pain might wake it up and cause it to claw off her face.

"I-I'm sorry little guy, this is gonna sting a lot." She whispered to it, praying that it wouldn't wake during the cleaning process.

Taking in a shaky breath, Flaky steeled her nerves, and lowered the cotton to swipe tentatively at the gash.

When the bear showed no reaction, Flaky began to feel more confident and proceeded to clean all the injuries.

Throwing the last piece of red tinted cotton ball in the trash, Flaky pulled back and looked at the tiny white bubbles surrounding the damaged skin, showing that the alcohol was doing its job in cleaning the cuts.

Putting away the bottle of alcohol, she then grabbed the roll of gauze and began to wrap up the little bear.

Surprisingly, the whole cleaning and wrapping process only took a couple minutes, and before she knew it, Flaky was packing up the kit and placing it back into the bathroom.

Going back to the lime green bear, the woman found herself staring down at it with a proud smile as she checked over her handiwork, feeling accomplished at the fact that its adorable face was no longer scrunched up in agony. Instead it looked like it was in a peaceful sleep.

Taking its beret and placing it on her nightstand, Flaky settled in on the bed next to the bear, lifting a hand to pet the soft fur on the top of its head.

She sincerely hoped that when the bear woke up, that it wouldn't rip her face off.


If anyone noticed, the injuries that Flippy has is the same ones that he got in his kapow episode after the fight with the Tiger General, except I made them less fatal so that it would be less likely for Flippy to die after the fight.

Anyways, thanks for reading! :D