Author's Note:

I know it's been ages, almost a year since we finished with Black Bond. The first chapter of Black Bond II should have been out half a year ago. But 2016 was personally one of the worst years I've had. Plus I sort of lost touch with Black Bond and its characters - which I now realise is one of the saddest things that can happen as a writer. It took me some time to get back into the Harry Potter universe, reacquaint myself with the characters and get into their heads enough to write a 55k word long chapter.

For those of you who are still sticking with the story, sorry for the long wait again, and thanks for all the reviews and PMs that encouraged me to get back to Black Bond when I found it so tough to.

A special thanks to Nerdman3000 for the cover picture for Black Bond and for all the Twitter DMs, and to Lorien Legacy for all the PMs that made me want to write again :)

So, the first chapter of Black Bond II's out on my author page. Do follow the story there if you're still up for another long book :)

A big thanks from me and my co-author again for all the love our story's got from you guys :)