Chapter 1 Plo Koon

"Um sir, we seem to be low on troops." It was a "normal" day on Kamino.

"Hm that could be a problem. Obi-Wan said he'd stick us in carbonate and shoot us into orbit around the system." said Plo Koon. "How many troops are we missing?"

"Uh I think 3." said the admiral.

"Just pick a random system and find three people who are very strong."

"Yes sir." the admiral went onto the docking bay and headed to Corusant.

Once the admiral arrived at the Jedi temple he entered the library and picked a random system called Earth.

"What! 5,000 light years away! Ugh." the admiral groaned.

"You know I have a name." said the admiral.

Hey I'm the narrator and you never told me your name.

"I'm admiral Tarken."saidTarken

There happy

"Yes." Tarken snorted.

Admiral Tarken got back on his ship and flew to Earth. He landed in a forest next to a small wooden house and a spring. He saw 4 people: 3 men, 1 woman.

"Perfect." He thought.

He walked up to the four and asked who they were.

"I'm Tuck. Angus Tuck. And these are my boys Jesse and Miles than this is my wife Mae."

"How are you with strength?" said Tarken.

"Pretty good I reckon." said Jesse.

"Alright how would you like to go across the galaxy and battle evil robot things?"

"Would I ever see my wife again? asked Tuck.

"We will bring your wife to live on Corusant."

"Then we will go."

"Okay now get in the ship."

Once the Tucks were loaded they dropped Mae off in her new home on Corusant. Then they returned to Kamino and put on their armor and were put in the hands off the leading commander.

"Okay what are your specialties? asked the commander.

"Um I'm a blacksmith." said Miles.

"Then you can be a heavy trooper with a rocket launcher."

"I traveled around Earth." said Jesse.

"Then you can be a sharpshooter. And you Tuck can be a commander."

After they changed their colors…

"Hello I'm 926 I've heard about you, and Jesse you need to cut your hair it's too long for a clone." said the lieutenant

"But it will never grow back!" said Jesse.

"Yeah that's sort of the point."

"Where is our first mission?" asked Miles.

"Geonosis to help the jedi."

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