Chapter 3 the jedi order

Since the battle of Geonosis everyone was celebrating.

"All clone commanders report to the jedi council room." said the P.A.

The clones that went were Echo, Cody, Fox, Gree, Rex, Ponds, Wolf, and the three Tucks.

In the jedi council room…

"Each of you, chosen by a jedi you will be." said Yoda. "Go first I will, choose Gree I do.

"I'll go next." said Aayla Secura. "I choose him." she said pointing to Miles.

"I'll choose next." said Obi-wan. "I'll take Commander Cody."

"I choose him." Ki-Audi-Mudi said pointing at Angus.

"I'll take him." Strauss Allie said pointing at Jesse. (I'd love to say the rest but I don't want to bore you)

"Now that we've all chosen are commanders we have. 200 cloners each shall get. If they die make new ones we will." Yoda said dismissing everyone.

Follow me." Aayla, Ki-Audi-Mudi, and Strass said as they led their commanders into separate rooms. As Chancellor Palpatine talked to Aayla first.

"Are you aware of the planet Alderaan?"


"There seems to be an amount of droid starships heading towards it. Go and stop them." Palpatine left the room to go to Ki-Audi-Mudi.

"Are you aware of the planet Dantooine?"

"No I'm not."

"It's sort of sandy like Tatooine."

The Chancellor left and stationed Strass Allie on Polis Massa.

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