1 – Introduction

"My name is Carlos Castillo. I am an independent filmmaker, and have been granted exclusive access to the crew of the NX-01 at this, the conclusion of the Xindi War."

Carlos took a breath and then returned to his recording. "The following are some of the data tapes taken from interviews mostly held on March 19th of 2154. The footage is raw and uncut. I offer it as documentation of the war by the men and women who fought it. My hope is that this information can become a part of the permanent archive."

He coughed a little before continuing. "My choice of subjects might be a bit unconventional. I had access to anyone who was not injured. I realize that it might be questioned as to why, for the most part, I am not offering interviews with the higher ups on board. While I did speak with them, I wanted to begin with these people. My experience has been that war isn't just fought by generals on horses, or strategists pushing abstract figurines around a map on a table. It is also fought by the people in the trenches. And their stories deserve to be told as well."