Sasunaru story 4

Naruto was on all fours on a low coffee table. He was covered in bruises, cuts and bite marks. His wrists were tied to two legs of the table, and he was clearly barely holding himself up. He had tears flowing down his face, but couldn't vocalize the pain. That was only because his mouth was being used by Konkuro's dick. His hands were pulling Naruto's hair painfully, and he was making Naruto choke repeatedly on his penis as he shoved down the blonde's throat. Besides that there was blood trickling down his inner thighs, his legs spread apart and held up by a weird bar fastened to his lower legs. Sasuke's eyes followed the bloody trail up to the source. It was coming from Naruto's –obviously unprepped and unlubricated- hole that was being abused by Gaara.

They say when people are pushed past the point of what they can handle they become like animals; only following instincts. Sasuke became something even more base than that. His hair seemed to ruffle up in a nonexistent wind and later Naruto would tell him his eyes had looked red with a strange black pattern. He was far beyond what he could handle with this sight. This Uchiha had been pushed past his every limit, and was now about to begin a violent outburst that the people involved wouldn't soon forget.

Sasuke practically had an aura of doom swirling around him as he stepped into the room. He decided to deal with Konkuro first. A slightly crazy smile stretched over his face as he broke both the man's wrists and jerking his limp hands from Naruto's hair. He delighted in the scream he got out of Konkuro, punching the guy square in the face, effectively breaking his nose and parts of his cheeks. This caused the bigger guy to fall back a few feet, his privates coming out of Naruto's mouth with a loud pop.

Naruto's arms gave out, and he collapsed onto the table. He was gasping for air, but managed a hoarse, "sas-kay. Wha?" before he was screaming in pain again.

Sasuke brought his foot down hard on Konkuro's back (he'd been trying to get up). He heard the crunch of bones and knew he'd get no further trouble from bastard two. He turned around to face bastard one, who was still sodomizing Naruto's now unconscious body as if he couldn't care less what was going on around him.

He came in Naruto and buttoned up his pants after pulling out. "You see," Gaara motioned to Naruto's limp form, "he is mine. You will not change that."

Sasuke took another look at Naruto. Gaara's cum seeping out of him mixing with his blood Sasuke even deeper into his dark place –if it was possible. "Like hell he's yours," he ground out.

Sasuke dove forward, punching Gaara's chest the exact moment Gaara sent a fist slamming into Sasuke's left cheek. Sasuke spat out blood, the mad smile was back. "You're gonna regret that asshole," he threatened.

They commenced the fight again: clashing and coming apart, then clashing again. They both had numerous minor injuries, but nothing broken. Eventually, Sasuke's anger paid off and he connected with Gaara's neck with a powerful punch. Blood spilled from Gaara's mouth, said man fell to the floor.

Sasuke stood over him. I had better never see your disgusting face after I leave here today." He pulled Gaara up by the shirt. "If I do, I won't hold back, and you'll get much more than a crushed windpipe." He slammed Gaara back onto the ground. "As it happens, I need to get Naruto out of here; he's saved you from what I really want to do."

Sasuke went over to Naruto's lifeless frame. He untied the chafed and bleeding wrists. Then he unfastened and took away the metal device holding him up. Naruto's body was still bleeding, though it had slowed down some, and the bruises were becoming more and more visible on his paler than usual skin.

Gaara had made it to a kneeling position by now. "Just who the fuck do you think you are? I'll kill you for this."

Sasuke backhanded Gaara's face, finally shutting the annoying guy and his empty threats up. He removed his ruined jacket and tossed it to the ground. It was trash now anyway. He took his dress shirt off next, but he used it to cover Naruto a bit instead of discarding it. Once it was on he picked Naruto up carefully, holding his sweetheart close to his chest.

He got a lot of strange looks carrying and almost naked, battered guy out of the building while he was beat up and topless himself. However, he couldn't give a shit even if he wanted to. He shifted his hold so that he could open the back door of his car to lay Naruto down in the backseat.

Sasuke got in and drove them both back to his house. He decided he shouldn't go to the hospital. It'd be pretty hard to explain the situation and neither of them was in too bad a condition. When he made it home he took Naruto upstairs to his bathroom. When Sasuke had both of them stripped and the shower going Naruto woke up.

"wh-where? How? 'Skay?" he rubbed at his eyes, wincing from the pain screaming through his body.

You're at my place," Sasuke said gently. "Can you stand?"

Naruto shook his head no. he looked at Sasuke and saw his injuries. "Are you okay?! What happened?!"

"Look at yourself before freaking out over me." Sasuke helped Naruto get to his feet and supported him as he brought them under the water. As he was washing them up, he noticed that Naruto had started to cry again. "I'm sorry," he said, "you got hurt and it's all my fault. Why would you go to all that trouble? I'm just a broken soul too defiled to be worth saving. So…why?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Sasuke angled his face so he could kiss Naruto's cheek. "You are not defiled. You have to be the purest soul I've ever met."


"No buts." Sasuke shut off the shower. "It's my own fault I'm hurt, not yours. I refuse to let you take credit for my actions. And it was worth it to get you back. I'm still ready to kill both of those guys for what they did to you, but I refuse to sink to their level." He took Naruto to his bedroom where he bandaged him up and gave him a pair of pajamas to put on. Sasuke padded over to the door in only pajama bottoms. "By the way, it wasn't any trouble because I love you," he said, the blush showing easily on his ever pale skin.

"Sasuke! Do you have a fever? Your face is all red," Naruto shouted; not even registering the love confession.

Sasuke blushed a bit harder due to Naruto's sweet concern for him. "No idiot. Get comfortable, I'm going to get some water bottles." He watched Naruto snuggle into the covers, looking incredibly cute despite all the gauzy bandage and marks covering him. Sasuke smiled to himself as he walked down the stairs. "I don't think I'll ever get used to him," he stated, turning into the kitchen from the downstairs hall.

When he heard a reply his heart nearly leapt out of his chest. "Well he's got a pretty face, I'll give you that," someone said.

"Why are you here Kakashi," Sasuke barked. There was no need to ask how he'd gotten in. Kakashi was always sneaking around so it came as no surprise that he'd found a way to break in undetected.

"To make sure you made it back okay. Seems my sources were right, you beat the living crap out of all those people just for our friend Uzumaki upstairs. You know usually you'd leave a person you picked up that left your place at 3 a.m. alone. What made you go after this one?"

"He's, well different. I just… I can't…"

"I understand. Take good care of him; someone that sweet will be good for you."

They heard footsteps and Naruto's voice coming closer to them. "Hey Sasuke, what's taking you so long?" when he carefully shuffled into the kitchen (he was still very weak) and saw the other guy he instantly started to tear up. "I knew it. You do have a boyfriend. There wasn't any way for him to get in without a key so you must be together. You liar! You said you were single!"

Kakashi and Sasuke shared a look and burst out in hysterical laughter. "What's so funny about this," Naruto yelled.

Sasuke pulled the blonde into his arms, careful not to squeeze too tight. "That guy as my boyfriend is what's funny. He's a detective and one of my friends. He's also a very obvious womanizing pervert. He's got one of his smut books in his pocket right now I'm sure."

"You caught me." Kakashi pulled an orange book out of his pants pocket.

Sasuke cupped Naruto's face in his hands. "Naruto you're the only one I want. I've never felt this way about anyone else before you. You never have to worry about me with another guy because I don't notice anyone else but you. You make up my whole world understand?"

Naruto nodded, crying again, but out of happiness now.

"I think that's the most I've ever heard you talk at one time Sasuke. And so nice too… why aren't you like this to me?"

"Because you're a creep," Sasuke stated flatly.

Naruto stretched up a bit and kissed Sasuke's cheek, making him blush a little.

"I get it now, thank you Sasuke. And I love you too. I can't even say how much since you saved me and take such good care of me. You treat me so well, and you're really gentle. I'll definitely never let you go." Naruto hugged Sasuke and nuzzled his face into his seme's shoulder.

Kakashi, meanwhile, was trying to stem his nosebleed that had erupted from the sheer cuteness of the scene he was watching. It was like something straight out of one of his books. "He's so adorable I almost want to hit on him."

Naruto flinched; Sasuke tightened his grip around Naruto's waist and glared. The detective raised his arms in surrender. "A joke, only an innocent joke. Sasuke, you need to stop being so serious all the time."

"It's not a funny joke after you know what I did today. Speaking of, I'm probably getting fired once it goes public."

"Actually, that's why I'm here. Gaara decided to pull away from Akatsuki; my guess is he's running away from you. I doubt he'll bother you again or tell your boss what happened. Your job is safe as long as you stop leaving in the middle of the day. Deidara called, so I told him you were at the hospital with a friend who'd been in an accident. Blondie believed me, so you're good."


Naruto started wobbling a bit, so Sasuke picked him up princess style with one arm. "You better not have opened up your wounds from walking around Naruto. I told you to stay in bed so you wouldn't overtax your body."

"Sorry, Sasuke."

"You don't have to apologize to him. it's that idiot's fault for not sending you back to bed earlier and letting you stay on your feet so long."

"Kakashi I think it's time for you to leave," Sasuke stated coldly.

"You'd put your friend out on the street at this time," Kakashi asked him dramatically.

"It's three in the afternoon. And yes. I want to go take a nap with my boyfriend."

Kakashi went over to the window. "Alright, I'll go then. Let's all go eat ramen later tonight though, sound good Naruto?"

Naruto smiled broadly. "Yea! Sasuke let's do it!"

"Sure, anything you want Naruto."

"Alright!" Naruto started bouncing around, almost making Sasuke drop him.

Kakashi smiled and gave a mini solute before hopping out the window, leaving them alone. Sasuke didn't need to make sure Kakashi was alright, the guy was practically a ninja so he was probably fine.

Sasuke carried Naruto back to his room after closing the window. He made sure to grab two water bottles as he passed the refrigerator. He deposited his lover on the bed and got in next to him. He made Naruto drink down all the water before downing his own. "Now that we've replaced some fluids we need to rest a bit and recuperate. Especially you, you lost a lot of blood."

"Yea… as long as you stay with me," Naruto laid his head on Sasuke's arm.

They lay down and Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto lightly. "I will, and I'll never leave." They nodded off and slept peacefully until Kakashi called later that night for dinner.

The end…