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The morning after the trial, Harry and Severus, together with Remus and Draco were sitting on the table with a nice breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee, and tea as they eagerly await the day's newspaper with the news of the 'Goblin Trial of the Year', as it was already being called.

Their breakfast didn't last long when three owls carrying the newspaper flew in through the open kitchen window. They landed in front of Severus, Remus, and Draco, as Harry didn't usually read the paper. When the owls were paid and had left, they unrolled their newspapers, reading the headline:


My dear readers, I have quite a story to tell you. It all started two days ago, when I got a letter….

This letter was my lovely self, as well as for a photographer of my choice, invitation to the 'Goblin Trial of the Year'. The ones to invite me were Fred and George Weasley, the owners of 'Weasley' s Wizard Wheezes'.

My dear readers, I think that you can understand that I was quite sceptic about receiving such a letter from the two best known pranksters since the Marauders, who were quite infamous when I was at Hogwarts, though they had already left school by then. Therefore, I went to their new store in Diagon Alley, to ask them in person if the contents of their letter were real. After they confirmed the truth of it by swearing an oath to me (they didn't want to show me their invitation of appearing as witnesses and also who the defendants were, as they wanted me to be surprised), they showed me around their shop, and I even got to see their lab! It is absolutely incredible what those two come up with!

Anyway, on with my story... Once I was back, I informed my boss that I would have to need the rest of the afternoon off to read up on goblin trials. What I learned was quite interesting. The most important thing you should know about goblin trials is that, compared to them, a trial in front of the whole Wizengamot in a court room is but a bed of roses. Therefore, whoever gets tried by goblin has to have royally screwed up! This fact let me wondering just whom it was that would get tried the next day.

Yesterday, about half an hour before the start of the trial, I met the twins in front of Gringotts, where it would be held. There I found more people waiting, aside from the twins, as they were accompanied by their parents and their siblings. There were also well-known people like Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Order of Merlin, First class, Hermione Granger, best friend of Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, heir of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom, and a few other students and adult wizards. There were also three people I have never seen before, dressed like Muggles. But, my dear readers, whom I didn't see was Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived.

The mystery, why he wasn't outside of the bank with his two best friends and the headmaster, got solved once we were inside. We entered about five minutes after our arrival, and instantly, the assembled people divided themselves into three groups; the three unknown I suspected to be Muggles went standing into the corner the farthest from us, and Albus Dumbledore, accompanied by the two Weasley women and Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, whom looked like she was Ronald Weasley's girlfriend, went to the other side of the entrance hall, leaving us standing where we were.

A few moments later, a goblin lead Harry Potter with Remus Lupin, a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts from 1993-1994, and Severus Snape, Potions master and instructor at Hogwarts. They looked around the room at the three groups of people waiting, and then came over to where we stood to greet everyone.

Right away, the Boy-Who-Lived got tackled by the red headed twins as well as a few students. Once the others let go of the young man again, the twins promised 'their dearest cute little brother', that they were sorry and that they would stand behind him, no matter whom he decided to be with and, what shocked me quite about, no matter, what side he'll decide to be on. This sounded almost as if Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, was considering about going dark, and I had to ask myself, just what would have had happened to him to actually think about this possibility? What got me thinking even more, was, that the two shop owner also mentioned a betrayal they didn't know, as they would have told him otherwise.

'Just what exactly is going to happen during this trial? Just who are the defendants and what are the charges? Just what truths will come out today?' was what I was asking myself.

Well, soon, a few of my questions got answered once we were invited to enter the courtroom at Gringotts.

On the wall opposite of the door through which we entered, there was a simple desk with a very important-looking goblin sitting behind it. Next to his right hand was an incredible thick roll of parchment with something akin looking of a dicta quill hovering over the unrolled part of it. This set up probably was there to write the court report.

Opposite of it were two other desks, on one, the goblin who lead Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, and Severus Snape into the entrance hall, sat down, rustling with his papers for a last quick check that he had everything needed, and on the other were two empty desks, where I supposed, the defendants and their lawyer would take place.

I was proven right once the unknown goblin stood up and told us that the defendants should take a seat on the provided chairs behind the empty desk, and that the witnesses and spectators should take a seat behind Bardook's desk with Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin sitting in the front row. Everyone did as they were told and took their assigned seats.

The goblin which was, apparently, presiding over the whole affair, truly shocked me with his opening speech, which was as followed:

"I welcome all of you to today's trials: Harry Potter vs. Albus Dumbledore and Molly and Ginevra Weasley. As you might know, we question everyone, be it defendant, witness, or, if their questioning is actually needed, also suitor under our truth serum, which is ten times as strong as your Wizarding version called Veritaserum. Due to its strength, there is no way around it, we will get every question asked answered truthfully. I also have to inform you that, through a one way mirror behind my desk, a jury of goblins and, as the defendants are human, humans, will watch the whole trial and, once every single defendant and witness is questioned, we will decide the verdict of every convicted person. And if, through a testimony, another person is found guilty in either helping a convict in a crime or knowing it and not doing anything against it, said person will also be questioned as a defendant, just so you are forewarned, as it happens on a regular basis.

Now, enough talking from me, we have trials to hold. I ask Miss Ginevra Weasley to take her seat on the empty desk, together with her attorney, if she has one. Lawyer Bardook will do the questioning after she is administered the truth serum by potions master Bloodfang."

Ginevra Weasley stood up, walked to the front, head held high, and took a seat on the desk. Once she was seated and she had confirmed about not having an attorney, she was administrated the goblin truth serum.

And those three questionings brought forth a truth you, my dear readers, couldn't even dream of. What was revealed, was an absolute nightmare, you have to believe me on this! I now even understand what Fred and George Weasley were talking about, when they mentioned about deciding for a side.

Ginny Weasley - planned line theft

Under the goblin's truth serum, Miss Weasley not only told us about her plans of seducing our hero with the help of Amortentia, which she brewed with the help of her mother, but that the actual plan was to get Harry Potter to marry her, get her pregnant, and then, after she bore his heir, she planned to kill him, in order to get his money. In those plans, not only her mother involved, but also the youngest of her six older brothers, Ronald, his girlfriend, Miss Granger, and, shockingly, Albus Dumbledore! In short, Harry Potter's two best friends, as well as the Leader of the Light side, were planning the Boy-Who-Lived's murder! And for what, you might ask? For nothing else than money! We really have to ask ourselves, how real the bonds of friendship between the members of the 'Golden Trio's were...

But that wasn't all! As you might know, convicted murderer, Azkaban escapee, former top Auror and Harry Potter's godfather, Sirius Black, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, fell through the veil at the Department of Mysteries back in June, in the same battle You-Know-Who made his first appearance after 15 years at the Ministry. The benefactors of the late Lord Black's will were Remus Lupin, Auror Nymphadora Tonks, daughter of Andromeda Tonks née Black (Sirius Black's cousin), the Weasley twins and, as main benefactor and heir of the title of Lord Black, Harry Potter himself. Now, the second crime of Miss Weasley was, that, after Albus Dumbledore stopped Mr. Potter of even knowing of the existence of said will, she, together with said older wizard, forged a letter to look like it was sent by Harry Potter to Gringotts claiming that he wanted to divide everything he inherited from his late godfather between Ms. Ginevra Weasley, his betrothed, and Mr. Albus Dumbledore, his surrogate grandfather.

After the testimony of the 15-year-old, Ms. Hermione Granger and Mr. Ronald Weasley were informed, that their status as witnesses would be changed to those of defendants.

The testimony of Mrs. Molly Weasley didn't give us any more information, other than that she, like her daughter, received money from Albus Dumbledore, where it was taken out of Mr. Potter 's vaults, from around 1990, but that she had no idea about the letter concerning the Black estate.


The testimony of Albus Dumbledore, on the other hand, was shockingly informing. Not only did he admit to stealing Mr. Potter's money, starting from November 2, 1981, no. His crimes against our hero started in the night of the 31st of October, right after the murders of James and Lily Potter.

Albus Dumbledore had Rubeus Hagrid, back then the Keeper of the Keys of Hogwarts bring young Harry to Privet Drive 4, Little Whining in Surrey. To do that, Rubeus Hagrid took the baby out of his godfather's arms in the ruins at Godric's Hollow, took the young man's flying motorbike and flew, with the baby cradled in one arm, across the country to where the headmaster of Hogwarts was waiting for him, together with Transfiguration professor and Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall. The three of them then left the little boy on the door step of his late mother's sister and her family, a husband and a son, in a basket with a letter explaining the circumstances, his only protection against the cold November night air being his baby blanket. After they left him there, the three grown-ups went to join the celebrations all aver the island.

During the following ten years, Albus Dumbledore didn't once go and check on the Boy-Who-Lived. The only thing he did, was, that a Squib member of his Order, one Arabella Figg, moved into a house in the neighbourhood of young Harry Potter. A Squib, who, even though she was our hero's babysitter, never even once did anything against the neglect and abuse. On the other hand, she informed the headmaster every time a children's social service worker went to the Dursleys, who then came and Obliviated the poor worker of everything they knew about the abuse.

The one thing Albus Dumbledore did, though, was using the money from the Potter vaults, after he sealed the late Lily and James Potter's will, and did nothing against the late Lord Sirius Black being thrown into prison without trial. The money was used to bribe several people; among them were Molly, Ronald, and Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Arabella Figg. Other people being bribed were several members of the Wizengamot to pass several laws to restrict the right of wizards and witches giving inheritance to a creature, i.e. Veela, and wizards and witches that had been infected by creatures, i.e. werewolves, or to pass laws restricting the rights of Muggle-born and half-blood wizards and witches.

There were several other bribes, one of the worst being to one Barty Crouch Sr., to send several pureblood lords and ladies to Azkaban without a trial, the best known of those being Lord Sirius Black, Lord Rodolphus Lestrange, along with his wife, Lady Bellatrix Lestrange, née Black, and his brother, Rabastan Lestrange. People like Lord Lucius Malfoy only escaped their fate because they heard about it soon enough and were able to pay Barty Crouch Sr. more than Albus Dumbledore did...

Once Harry Potter was due to enter his first year at Hogwarts, he got his first letter sent to: "Mr. Harry Potter, the Cupboard under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whining, Surrey", and no one found the address on this acceptance letter strange! Then, while every Muggle-born and -raised get a visit by a teacher, but Harry Potter got the nth letter sent to him handed to himself by Rubeus Hagrid, the grounds keeper, who then took him to Diagon Alley for his supply shopping. Once the two entered the Leakey Cauldron, Mr. Potter got mobbed by the patrons, who were more than happy to finally meet him, whereas the now eleven year old had no idea why all of those strangers wanted to shake his hand and thank him...!

After they, finally, entered the bank, Rubeus Hagrid had Harry Potter's key to his trust vault. There was never even once any mention of the existence of any other vaults. And every attempted of the goblins to get to talk to the young boy was made impossible by the grounds keeper. And no letter from the goblins reached Mr. Potter until this summer, as this one was protected against anything they could think of, even a mail ward.

During the first year at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore hid the Philosopher's Stone in the school and knowingly let a possessed professor teach our children. His reasoning was that he had to test Harry Potter's power and abilities and he was also trying to get You-Know-Who to fall into the trap. To do this, he brought a Cerberus into the school, endangering all of the students and professors. Also, he used several compulsion charms and potions to coerce Mr. Nicolas and Mrs. Penerelle Flamel to leave the stone to him for safekeeping, which, with its destruction led to the death of the couple, meaning that Albus Dumbledore was indirectly responsible for their passing.

1992/1993, on All Hallow's Eve, the cat of Mr. Argus Filch was petrified by an unknown cause. Accompanied was the, on the wand hanging, cat by a threat that the mystical 'Chamber of Secrets' has been reopened. And what did the esteemed headmaster do? Did he inform the parents of the happenings at school? No. Did he close the school to look for the so-called monster of Salazar Slytherin? No. Did he use his possibility of having the portraits report to him about what is happening to the school? Yes. Did he use that certain gained knowledge? No. After he was asked why, he answered, that it was another test for the Boy-Who-Lived. And for this 'test', he risked, once more, the lives of every student in Hogwarts, didn't inform their parents, and let an 11-year-old girl be possessed by a memory stored in a diary, and a 12-year-old boy had to fight a 60-feet long basilisk. Did he get medical treatment after he brought everyone back from the chamber? No. He was being questioned about what had happened down there. And after those traumatic experiences, he was once again sent back to the Dursley family, even though he repeatedly asked Albus Dumbledore to not go back there, without being offered even the slightest treatment of a mind Healer.

The school year after Lord Black escaped from Azkaban, Albus Dumbledore hired a werewolf as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, though, according to Mr. Potter, he was their best teacher of the subject and by now, his surrogate godfather. A student, Miss Granger, was allowed a Time-Turner, so she was able to go to every subject available for third year students, including electives. And at the end of the year, the three students, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger, found Lord Black in his hideout, confronted him. Professor Lupin followed them, as well as Professor Snape. On this night, in his hurry to follow his students, Professor Lupin forgot to take his Wolfsbane Potion and transformed. To protect his godson and his friends, Lord Black transformed into his illegal Animagus form of a Grim and went against the werewolf. Hurt, he ended up at the black lake, where he transformed back and was found by his godson and Miss Granger, where all three of them were attacked by a hundred Dementors. Once they were found and saved from those Dark creatures, the students ended up in the school's hospital wing and the escaped convict was kept prisoner in the office of a teacher, waiting for officials to bring him back to Azkaban.

Lying on their beds, two out of the trio, as Mr. Weasley was injured, were told by Albus Dumbledore, that they could save Lord Black by using Miss Granger's Time-Turner. Also, they went back and had to watch their teacher once more transform and attack the boy's newly found innocent godfather, as well as a swarm of Dementors descending down onto themselves and the innocent man. In the end, it was Mr. Potter's very own corporeal Patronus that saved them all from a terrible fate. Afterwards, the two students rescued the late Lord from the office by flying there outside with a hippogriff.

Albus Dumbledore's misdeeds during the Triwizard Tournament were that he apparently wasn't able to realize, that his so-called best friend, ex-Auror Alastor Mad-Eye Moody, was being impersonated by Barty Crouch Jr., whom we all thought dead. And, as headmaster of Hogwarts and, though illegally and unofficially self-appointed, Mr. Harry Potter's guardian, he could have stopped him from having to participate, as there was a 24-hour slot, during which such cases can be rectified.

Last but not least was during the previous year, Albus Dumbledore kept Lord Sirius Black prisoner in his very own house under the pretense that he had to stay there to be safe. There, he was also, among others, in regular contact with two ministry Aurors, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks, though Miss Tonks was his cousin Andromeda Tonks, née Black's daughter.

Just to remember you, my dear readers, all, Albus Dumbledore would have had to do to 'keep' Lord Sirius Black 'safe', would have been to ask for a trial for him under Veritaserum, which would have been a piece of cake for the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot to do; being in the same house for a year led to Lord Sirius Black rushing into the Ministry of Magic without thinking once he had heard that his godson was there fighting Death Eatesr, which lead to his fall through the Veil of Death by a Stunning Spell sent to him by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, née Black.

And after this traumatizing experience, Mr. Potter wasn't sent to the hospital wing, no, he had to stay in the headmaster's office, where he was told of a prophecy concerning him and You-Know-Who, and, once the summer started, once more sent back to his Muggle relatives, without the possibility of consulting a mind Healer, who could help him.

And there, he got the letter from Gringotts...

The verdicts of everyone:

Miss Ginevra Weasley: 15 years in juvenile and getting her magic bound forever, as well as getting all memories connected to the Wizarding world erased and replaced with Muggle world ones.

Mrs. Molly Weasley: 5 years in Muggle prison and getting her magic bound forever, as well as getting all memories connected to the Wizarding world erased and replaced with Muggle world ones.

Mr. Albus Dumbledore: being stripped of all of his titles as well as spending 25 years in a black cell in Azkaban with his magic bound forever and, after those 25 years, he will get the Dementor's Kiss.

Mr. Ronald Weasley: 5 years in juvenile and getting his magic bound forever, as well as getting all memories connected to the Wizarding world erased and replaced with Muggle world ones.

Miss Hermione Granger: 5 years in juvenile and getting her magic bound forever, as well as getting all memories connected to the Wizarding world erased and replaced with Muggle world ones.

Mrs. Arabella Figg: 10 years in Muggle prison and getting all memories connected to the Wizarding world erased and replaced with Muggle world ones.

Harry James Potter today

Today, Harry Potter lives with his newly discovered godfather Severus Snape, as well as with his surrogate godfather Remus Lupin. He is the lord of multiple families. And he will celebrate his 16th birthday in a few days.

When I asked him, what was planned for his sweet 16, he answered that he wasn't sure yet, as the plans weren't finished. But he will celebrate with a few friends, that much is sure. And when I then asked him, if he had someone special in his life, he answered, that, no, he hadn't met the right person yet.

Well, my dear readers, stay tuned for more information as how our hero's life will go on now that Albus Dumbledore isn't around anymore. Who knows, maybe he will even fall in love this summer?

By Rita Skeeter

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