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Two days after the trials found Harry and Severus making their way through Slytherin Manor to the Dark Lord's study. They were on their way to theeir meeting, to talk about where each of them stood and how to meet all sides in a nice compromise, so the war could be stopped without any more unnecessary deaths of magical people.

When they arrived in front of the closed door that seperated the three people, Severus knocked.

Once they got allowed entry, they opened the door and stepped inside.

What expected them inside was completely different than Harry expected the office of a Dark Lord to look. The roon was furnished in light colours like cream and a light silver, as well as light coloured wooden furniture.

Behind the desk sat a man, whose face still had the similarity with a snake, but without the mean glance in his blood red eyes.

"Welcome, Mr. Potter, Severus. Please, take a seat so we can start with our meeting.", he gestured with his hand to two cream leather armchairs in front of his desk.

Godfather and godson sat down in an armchair each.

"Thank you for having us here. Just a question before we start, what am I going to call you?", Harry asked.

Their host waspositively surprised about the question, because, honestly, he expected the boy to call him by his neclecting muggle father's name like he always did up until now. "You can call me Marvolo, for now. Because I don't want someone as powerful and influential as yourself to submit to myself by caloing me 'My Lord'."

"Thank you, then, Marvolo it is. And if we are on first name basis, please call me Harry."

"Alright. Harry, is there anything you would like to ask me right now, or shall I start?"

"Yes, I have a question. What exactly were the reasons for you to startthis war?"

"That is not a bad question to start our meeting with. Well, for one, I want to save the wizarding world, I want to restore iur traditions, that we followed for millennia, I want magical children raised in the wizarding way, I want orphanages for magical children, I want a primary school for the magical children, so that all will be on the same level once they enter Hogwarts and no longer depending on the money their parents possess, I want magic to be 'just magic', once more, like it used to be up until a few centuries ago. And, I want complete seperation of the wizarding world from the muggle one."

"And, if I may ask, why are you let your followers do all those raids, and what about all the killings of muggleborns? And how are you planning complete seperation, if there are so many muggleborns coming to Hogwarts every year?"

"Of course you may ask. That is why you are here today, after all. I'll ask one question after the other. The raids started in the first war and were planned on places, where extended family of muggleborns had nothing better to do than to tell everyone they met that a member oftheir family is magical and were, therefore, risk exposing us. This would, sooner or later, lead to another witchhunt, only this time around they wouldn't burn those they capture, but they'd usetheir bombs and stuff. And whereas there are spells and potions that make someone immune to fire for 12 or 24 hours, there isn't anything to protect ourselves from guns or bombs. Therefore, if you compare it, it is not as bad to kill a few muggles than risk the extinction of the entire magical world as we kbow it, doesn't it? As for the killings of the muggleborns, the ones killed were normally only those, that got their acceptance letter, went trough seven years of magical schooling and, after graduation, went back to the muggle world, where they lived their lifes as muggles, only once more coming into contact with our world if they, by any chance, had a child that was magical and, therefore, went to Hogwarts.

As for, how I plan to get complete seperation with all those muggleborns entering our world every year, that is quite simple. All those muggleborns, already going to Hogwarts will be asked, if they want to live their life after Hogwarts in the magical world, or if they want their magic bound, their memories of everything magic erased, and living the rest of their lives as muggles. If they decide to stay, their entire family will be obliviated of their entire existence, and they will have to take lessons in wizarding ettiquette, politics and everything else they'll need to know to integrate into our world completely. The other muggleborn children will be taken from their families, the families obliviated of their children's existence and the children of their families', and taken care of in the magical orphanages until they get blood adopted by at least one magical adult, who then will be watched by a department, that then will come into existance, which is similar to Child Service in the muggle world. And magical babies will be taken as soon as their name shows in the 'Book of Names' after their firstsign of accidential magic. And in 15 to 25 years afterthe start of this project, there will be new blood added into the lines of the old families, be it through blood adoption or marriage, andwith there being no longer any discrimination against certain parts of magic, there will be freedom for everyone once more, be it wizard, werewolf or vampire, and only those, that comitt a crime, will, after a fair trial under a truthspell and -serum, be convicted and swnt to prison.

Does this make any sense to you?"

Harry sat there, thinking it all over. He had to agree with Marvolo on the part about what would happen should the wrong people be told about the existence of their world. "But why kill all those muggles, and not just obliviate them? Doesn't this risk exposure as well? And why do you want to take the children fro their families? Why not justletthem swear an oath so that they cannot tell anyone about our world or risk immediate death? Would that not take care of the problem as well?"

"Yes, that would also be possible, but for one, the muggle killing will make a statement to everyone in our world, much better than a mass-obliviation, and about the taking of the muggleborn children from their families: how many muggleborn students do you know, whose families are completely accepting and supportive of their child being magical? Name me two of your year."

Harry thought about it and tried to find an example. The first one in his mind was Granger, but if he really thought about it closely, she would not be one ofthem, as she spent most of her summers at the Weasley's and all the other holidays at Hogwarts. The only other muggleborn student he knew on a more personal level than just some greetings, Dean Thomas, never once talked abouthis family. The only thing muggle he'd mentioned in all their school years was football.

"You are right, if I really think about it, I cannot name you one muggleborn student, who talks as much and in the same way og their family as the pureblood students do. In fact, the two muggleborns I know on a more personal level than just greetings, are Hermione Granger and Dean Thomas. Granger spends moat of her summers at the Weasley's or, if not, is travelling with her parents and more studying the country she's staying at than actually spending some quality time with her parents, and she stays all the other holidays at Hogwarts. Dean, on the other hand, never ever talked about his family or anything muggle excepthis beloved football. And my mother might have been acdepted b her parents, but definitely not her sister, as I had to learn the hard way.

But, how do you plan to getthe purebloods to blood adopt muggleborn children?"

"That is easy. There will be a law, that every pureblood has to have at least three children, and and at least one of them has to be blood adopted. Though they won't be required to let their adopted child to take over the place of the heir, unlessthey choose otherwise."