Hello! This is my first time in making a story here in fanfiction. As my name suggests I am a newbie writer, so I'm sorry if I got a couple of grammars wrong, and hopefully my first story will be your liking.

Summary: This is the story of Ash Ketchum, A Trainer That Will Conquer the Pokemon World by Storm. With His Trusted Yurai, the Shiny Sableye, And Raizumi, His Pikachu, the World should better be prepared for the coming of young Pokemon Master-in-Training. Specializing in Ghost-Types, Psychic-Types and Steel-Types, along with a couple of Types his interested in, he's gonna force his way spiritually, mentally, or by blunt force.

Serious Ash, Skillfull Ash, Romantically Dense, Maybe Harem, but nor for a long while yet, so I still have time to take it the idea or not. And also Aura Using Ash, but he will officially train his aura during the Sinnoh arc. He will know about it, he will also be able to show his Aura, but he won't be able to use it due to lack of training and discipline.

I'm following, and mixing the anime with the game, mixing the personalities of both counterparts in my stories to make an interesting plot. With a surprise character! :). You'll see her later on chapter 1. Almost forgot,

This is a challenge from sojoukou senkuo. A story about Ash, instead of an all around, will specialize either in Ghost-, Psychic-, or Steel-Type Pokemons. Ash will still have his Pokemon in the anime along with a couple more that I want to add, he is just focusing more on the 3 specific types. He will keep his other Pokemon though, whether its the Pokemon he got from the anime, or I want him to capture.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, if I did, Ash would have been more badass than his counterpart.

Pokemon Story: Ash's Journey – The Kanto Arc


3 Years Before Journey Starts:

It's a bright and wonderful morning in Pallet Town, a small, peaceful but lively place. The people living here in this town are always active and energetic to do their everyday work. The place is always played around with various energetic kids, which is the reason why Pallet Town is so lively in the first place. But no matter how active and energetic they are, no one is more energetic than our very hyperactive kid hero, the 7 Yrs. Old Ash Ketchum.

Ash Ketchum is a short boy for his age, standing in the height of 3' 9", has an unruly jet black hair, a deep but shining, wide brown eyes, with a curious look but happy look accompanying it, like all kids usually have. 2 Z-shaped pattern underneath both his eyes, a birthmark most likely, and lithe and fitting body for a boy his age, hone by years of playing around with various types of Pokemon. Whether the Pokemon comes from Professor Oak's, a widely known Pokemon Researcher, and also a resident in Pallet Town, or it comes from the wild, specifically within or somewhere close to Route 1.

Right now though, we see the child just finish playing around with a bunch of Pidgeys and Rattatas. The bird Pokemon where nipping around his form, gently though, to show that they are having fun. While the rat Pokemon are jumping around and running circles to let the kid know that they had fun, but alas, they have to go to their separate ways, as both sides need to go back to their parents, for lunch is about to start.

Patting the front of his shorts to clean of some dust of dirt, he went and waved around to his Poke pals in excitement for the next time they play around. "See you late guys! Let's play after lunch, ok?!" he shouted to the Pokemons. The Pokemons, in turn, turn around and shouted their names to signify that they heard him and went to look at the front and entered the forest within route 1.

"Alright! Gotta do this quick so I can come back here to play…" He said and then smiled, happy to know that he is having fun today. He gets along fine with the other kids near or close his age, well, except for Gary, a male kid with the same age as him, always thinking his a loser while he thinks he can be a Pokemon Master in no time flat.

'He thinks he can be a Master in a small amount of time? Ha! Don't make me laugh, the moment he becomes a Pokemon Master is the moment Grumpigs will sprout wings in the back and fly, and, and, and then, Darkrai will become all shiny and white or, or PINK!' he thought.

Somewhere near Alamos Town, a dark and human size Pokemon shivered, and had a huge urge to use Dark Void and Dream Eater to a certain kid, "What…Is this… Feeling…? It's as if… I wish to enact punishment of the worst kind unimaginable to someone…specific…but who?" it wondered as he roams around a garden, protecting a girl that he "befriended".

We get back to Ash, as he shivered, "Huh, it's not cold or anything, so it might be my imagination…oh well" he shrugged.

Ash, as you can see, always has a bit of a bitter rivalry with Gary Oak, Grandson of Samuel Oak. And because of the fame and fortune the Professor accumulated for the many years he was a researcher, and before that as a Pokemon Trainer, Gary, and in turn his 9 Yrs. Old sister, Daisy, has been living the life of luxury and arrogance, 'minus Daisy, coz' she's really nice, and not mean like Gay-ry, Bleh! Besides, she's…re-really cute ehehe…' he blush at the thought.

Don't get him wrong, Ash doesn't hate Gary, if he did, he would have beaten him into a bloody pulp using the Pokemon he befriended in the wilds a long time ago, but it's the way he always spout Pokemon and the like, making the other kids look up to him in awe and always telling them that no one can one up him when it comes to Pokemon that always irritated him to no end. Even though he knows as much as Gary can, maybe even more so, since Gary is always concentrating on Pokemon in the Kanto region, while Ash looks up any Pokemon he is interested in, especially Psychic, Ghost and Steel-Type Pokemon, due to the fact that there are very few Pokemon with those types in the Kanto Region, even if some Pokemon in the other regions are migrated in Kanto, and even then, they are extremely hard to find, because they are spread all over the region after being migrated here.

He stopped thinking when he heard his stomach grumble like a Snorlax. "Guess I'm really hungry, well time to go back and- what was that?" he wondered as he felt the ground shaking a little, bit by bit the shaking got stronger and a sound like someone was digging underground reach his ears. The sound left his train of thought as another thought got to his mind, something he voiced out loudly.

"AAAHHH! EARTHQUAKE!" he shouted as he run around in circles, forgetting about the fact that he was hungry not too long ago.

He kept on shouting frantic words when he suddenly tripped face-first into the ground…"Owwww… What was that?" he mumbled as he pick himself up and saw the reason why he trip. The ground was upturned, as if someone or something was digging close to the ground. He looked forward and saw the line was going all the way into the forest in Route 1.

He looked on as he remembered the sound of something digging underground that he heard before the shaking got strong got to his thoughts. Bracing himself, he went into the forest, heedless of the danger it presented itself, and also was curious himself, if the thing that was digging was a Pokemon or not, like all the kids does when something shows itself and wants to know.

He was always reminded by his mother, Delia, never to go inside Route 1, specifically the forest, or even close to the route and he always listen to her memos, even if he plays around with the wild Pokemon, but his curiosity got the better of him, especially when it comes to Pokemon, so he went anyway.

As he got inside to the forest, he followed the trail until he got into an abrupt stop as he saw the line stopped in the middle of the forest. As he looks around he found another trail of clumps of dirt and followed it all the way deeper into the forest. When he got there he saw an outline of what seemed to be a Pokemon, with a bunch of gems in different colors beside it. He wondered why there's a pile of gems beside him until he heard the sound of the thing chomping, "Sa-sa-sa-sa-sa- *Gulp*" the Pokemon murmured as he kept on chomping the gems without a care in the world.

"Say…?" Ash mumbled as he kept on looking at the weird Pokemon until he remembered something, during the time when he was with Professor Oak as he was working on something, while Ash was looking for any Pokemon that might catch he's interest.


"Hey, Professor Oak?" Ash asked while Samuel was turning around to face the 5 Yrs. Old kid.

"Yes, Ash? What is it you need me for?" The Professor questioned gently, as he look at the kid in earnest. "What is this Pokemon Prof.?" Ash questioned to the researcher as he kept on looking at the details and the image of the Pokemon that interested him on the screen.

The Pokemon can be described as… weird, as it has a height of 1'8", the average size of a 3-4 Yrs. Old, mild purple colored its entire frame, a thin line just above the chin, signifying that it has indeed, a mouth. It has a huge gem as its eyes, which looks like a top of a diamond, and the weird part about it, was the fact there are various colored gems sticking out of his body, as if it was a part of it.

"Ahh…That, Ash is a Pokemon known as Sableye, and can only be found in the Hoenn Region, and even then, Sableye are very rare as they are the type of Pokemons that likes to live in the dark, especially places with lots of minerals, or gems to be specific, as those are the only things they like to eat, it's a part of their diet. Why don't you look up its details in the monitor, Ash?" Answered Oak as he encouraged Ash into looking up Sableye.

"Ookkayyyy-Woah." Ash murmured as another screen pop up to life and another image of Sableye and its detail was out, followed by a robotic male voice.

Sableye. The Darkness Pokemon. Sableye digs the ground with sharpened claws to find rocks that it eats. Substances in the eaten rocks crystallize and rise up to the Pokemon's body surface.

It has no known evolution state. It is both a Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon. It has no known weaknesses. Its Abilities are: Keen Eye, Stall and Prankster.

"Woahhh…Thanks Professor!" Ash said with a smile. "No Problem Ash. Now, Why Don't You-Wait, Ash! Stop Don't Touch That Butto- ASH KETCHUM!"

Flashback end.

"So…That's a Sableye…? But, But, It's GOLD!" Ash exclaimed as he said gold loudly.

Hearing it, the Shiny Sableye stop it's munching as he look up to the person that interrupted his meal time. "Sable-Eye? Sable, Sa-Say Sable!" Shiny Sableye exclaimed as he saw Ash. He put down the half eaten gem as he walks closer to Ash, examining him as if Ash was the specimen.

While the Shiny Sableye was examining Ash, he was as stiffed as a board when the- the weird colored Sableye was circling him, he was scared yes, but his curiosity got the better of him, and before he knew it he touch the Sableye's arm. Now it was Shiny Sableye's turn to be stiffed.

"Wowww… Are you really a Sableye? But your color it's weird!" Ash gushed as he kept on examining the color of Sableye, contemplating whether to show him to the Professor or not. Insulted because of his exotic color, Sableye shouted angrily "SABLEYE! Sable-Sable-Say-Say-Sable!" Taking his arm of Ash's hand, he kept on saying his name angrily while making gestures with his hands.

Ash was startled by this, but instead of getting scared, he was getting more and more interested by the second. He took no heed to the angrily spouting Pokemon that was Sableye and exclaimed "WOW! This is the first time I saw a Sableye with a different color Albeit, I haven't even seen a normal colored Sableye, but still! This. Is. So. COOL!" Shouted Ash as he kept on saying things that made the Shiny Sableye liking him a bit better than before.

While Ash was still spouting things, he was slowly but surely increasing the now massive ego of Sableye, but he got tired of the things Ash spouting, which was about him, then about him being shiny, though Ash doesn't know that yet, to making him a new type of Sableye, to a maybe new evolution and he made Ash stop when he said "Experimenting" but was actually "Examining" since Ash was talking WAY too fast. Grabbing his lips with his fingers, Ash stopped talking and looks at the Shiny Sableye with his eyes sparkling in excitement. Sableye looked at his eyes, then he smiled, pried his fingers away from Ash's mouth, then he made a gesture that, to Ash, closely resembles the saying, "You seem to be a nice guy, and a good kid" then his eyes widen when he saw a gesture that he thinks, and hopes to be "I'll be your Pokemon so long as were partners"

Without a second thought Ash exclaimed "Of course I want to! I wanna be your friend!" Ash said with his eyes closed and with a smile.

Sableye froze at that. The word, "friend" was foreign to him, he was always alone, even when he was born, he was isolated from the other Sableyes because of his Shiny status, and because of that, he was lonely and, finally cannot take the pressure of being isolated, left the pack and wander alone himself, until he found this kid. Long ago he might have hurt the kid, and even scare him, but years of isolation made him apathy. But this kid, this child made him woke up the feeling, that long lost feeling of wanting a friend, to laugh and cherished about. 'I think…this kid might be the one I'm looking for all along' shedding a tear and smiled, he went and hug Ash with a strong grip thanking every Poke Gods out there that this was not a dream and resigned himself to become this kid's Pokemon… no, to become this kid's friend. Sableye smiled even wider at the thought.

Ash, even though he has no idea what he's new Poke Pal have been through, hugged him even more saying "That's right! We're gonna be friends for long, LONG time! I Promise!" Ash smiled as he let go of Sableye.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot, hey Sableye!" Ash called out to his friend. When Sableye turned to look at him he said "Let's go to Professor Oak's Lab! Maybe he knows why you got a different color!" Ash proclaimed with a grin.

Liking that, Sableye nodded, even though he already knows he was a Shiny Pokemon, he still wants to know WHY he was a Shiny Sableye, even though his parents weren't even shiny like him. With that idea in mind. They both walk the road that goes to the lab when suddenly, Ash's stomach grumbled, LOUDLY.

With a blush on his face he said to Sableye "Ehehe… I forgot that its lunch time already… OH NO!" he shouted. Startled, Sableye gave his new friend a questioning stare. Ash look at him and sheepishly grin and said "I forgot, it was lunch time, and well… oh man, Mom is gonna be so mad at me from going all the way here" Sableye look down at that, sad that he made his new friend get in trouble, but when Ash look at him he added "But" Sableye look at him "If I haven't come here, I wouldn't have met you, and I wouldn't finally have a friend that will always be with me" he finish with a grin. Widening his eyes at this, Sableye look up to the road, and smiled and nodded showing that he was also happy that he went and befriended him.

"Let's go Sableye! You gotta see my Mom! She makes the greatest and most delicious food in the entire world!"


End of Prologue: The Kanto Arc

I've got nothing else to say except hopefully you like it, even though it's still the prologue. After this though is the canon, but the plot is REALLY different than even both the game and the anime, but a couple of plots, settings, and stories are the same. There won't be any battle yet though might start when they go inside the Viridian Forest, but it will take a while.

As you can see, I made Ash specialized in Ghost-Types, Later on Psychic-Types than lastly, Steel-Types. I'm not sure whether to give Ash a steel-type early since I already gave him a Pokemon not native to Kanto, if I don't give Ash a Steel-Type after maybe the conference or after fighting Drake in the Orange Islands, then I assure you I'll give it to him when he travels in Johto. Misty and Brock will still join him on his quest to become a Pokemon Master, where this time, Misty's crushing, while Brock will forever be jealous to a certain someone. XD

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You'll be surprised who will be with Ash in his journey to Viridian, and there will be 4 of them together, not telling who though. Hopefully, you guys will appreciate her here in my story.

Right now, I'm not making my story with a follow-up idea or having a back-up plan. I'm going at it wherever the wind blows, my mind just goes on with the flow, following the anime, and also the story, but making the situation, the plot so, so different, I'm just making up word by word hehehehehe….

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