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Ash's Pokemon and Their Names:

Sableye - Yurai

Pikachu - Raizumi

Golett - Chiyuzo

Caterpie - Chofuri

Pidgey - Hageshika

Nidoran(M) - Kyooji

Nidoran(F) - Kyohime

Leaf's Pokemon and Their Names:

Bulbasaur - Hadoku

Weedle - Kirabi



Let the Story Start!

Start Chapter 3: Bug Bites and Let's Brock!

It's morning. Pokemon running about, ready to do their thing for the new day. The… Sun isn't shining because we can't see it…? Wait, what?

Was the thought of Ash as he woke up from his slumber, he stood up. Stretching his body, he yawned for a little while before checking his surroundings.

On his left was Leaf's and Misty's sleeping bag, with the girls still sleeping on it like a log. Chuckling to himself, he then look to his right, seeing his Pikachu asleep on the ground while Yurai was nowhere to be found.

Paranoia kicked in. He frantically look in every direction looking for the Sableye that was his buddies for 3 years.

He soften his eyes when he saw Yurai not too far for the camp, with various berries on his arms, carrying it as he put his arms below it like make shift basket.

'Probably woke up earlier than me and gotten hungry' he thought as his sense of paranoia slowly started leave him.

Rotating his arms around, he proceeded to take his upper clothing as he prepared his daily routine of exercise that he made and started 3 years ago with his Sableye in tow.

"Time for a warm-up" Ash said as he started to push-up, executing the exercise perfectly as he counted with every push, his Yurai mimicking him "1… 2… 3…" "Say… Say… Say…"

One hour later Misty woke up due to the Sunshine weaving through the trees, as if making sure Misty got hit in the face with its morning rays.

Groaning, Misty glared above to the Sun and then grumbled as she slowly got out of her sleeping bag, stretching her body as she does so.

"Mmmm…Hmm?" She wondered as she heard something that sounded like a person counting with a grunt.

Slowly walking out of the camp site, she made sure to check if everything was in place the same way as last night before checking out the sound.

As she got there though, she gave all her willpower NOT to nosebleed from the sight.

There, just in front of her, was Ash Ketchum doing a dance-like routine, naked in the upper portion of his body, his sweat glistening from the sunlight, going down to his rock-hard chest all the way too-

"Oh my Arceus! Is that a four-pack?!" She whispered in awe, this time, she couldn't stop her nosebleed in time.

Not knowing someone was watching, too focus on his dance as he kept on making a rotating motion while punching and kicking in the air. Flexing his muscles as he does so.

'No wonder Nurse Joy tried to hug him. She was feeling him up all this time!'

In the Viridian Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy sneezed, panicking as she does so seeing that it got to her mug. Pouting, she then said "And I just made that coffee…" she then thought 'Someone must be talking about me… I hope it's Ash' Nurse Joy giggled as she blushed heavily 'Hopefully he'll remember me. I can still remember the feeling of his abs whenever I gave him a hug…heehehee…" cue perverse giggling with a nosebleed.

Shrugging, Misty kept on looking at Ash, oblivious to the fact that someone is behind her doing the same thing.

Finish with his flexibility training, he then started to stretch backward, puffing out his stomach outward, showing off his hard and firm body from his 3 years of daily exercise, along with the many times he played with the wild Pokemon before he found Yurai.

Misty kept on looking even as her other nostril started to bleed. That's when the person behind her spoke up.

"Amazing, isn't he…" the person said dreamily with a female voice

Startled, Misty froze. Luckily, she covered her mouth before she squeaked, making her voice muffled and away from Ash's sensitive hearing.

Looking back, she sighed, seeing it was just Leaf, before stopping and made a good look at her face.

Leaf still had that dreamy look in her eyes. But her nose was bleeding non-stop from the free show Ash is giving while her drool kept on going out from the side of her mouth before licking her lips then change her dreamy look to a look of hunger.

"Oh, how the many things I would do just so I can go and touch everything about him right now, then, then…" if possible, her hungry look turned even hungrier, and it started to creep Misty out. Though, she couldn't help but agree with her statement.

"Then I'll jump him, take his clothes off, ravish his body and then have some hot, steamy se-"Misty leaped from her position to Leaf's then to stop her from her lustful state. "Snap out of it Leaf! You're too young for THAT!" Misty said with a blush on her face and a bit of blood leaking out from her nose from the thought of ACTUALLY doing that to a person she knows for only a few days! 'How the hell does Leaf even knows about that?!' she thought as she shook Leaf back and forth from her arousing daydreaming 'She's 10 years old for Pete sake! Whoever raised her isn't right with their heads' she thought.

Back in Pallet Town, Delia and Leaf's mother sneezed at the same time, wondering if they gotten a cold before shrugging it off.

Leaf snapped out of her stupor "Ooh- Uh, who? Wha- Misty? What are you doing?" Leaf asked. Forgetting the fact that she was in a state of sexual hunger from looking at Ash half-naked, also forgetting the reason why she's here in the first place.

"Nothing! Just… nothing" she replied in a quiet voice as Leaf wondered what was wrong before shrugging it off. Misty and Leaf then stood up and went back to their camp site and Misty was surprised when she saw Ash cooking their breakfast, clothes intact when he was just there in the clearing without a shirt not too long ago!

"Hey guys, where did you run off to?" Ash asked as he put the first serving of food on Leaf's plate before making another one for Misty.

Misty stammered "But how- you were just-why are yo-How?" raising his left eyebrow, Ash answered "I woke up early so I thought I'll do a couple of work out before cooking our breakfast, right Yurai?" He was thinking that Misty was wondering where he'd go while Yurai just made a thumbs-up, not bothering to speak because he's tired from their daily routine.

"Re-really? Ah, what the heck, let's just eat and pack up after this, I really want to go to Pewter City before night time" Misty relented, her shoulders drooping and then went to sit where the table is, which was a stump.

After letting out their Pokemon except Misty, they started to eat.

"Ash, are you done packing yet?" Leaf shouted as she went to where Ash is just putting that last of his stuffs in his bag.

"Yeah, I'm done" standing up, Ash then faced the girls and said "Well, let's go then, I want to capture more Pokemons here along with training the Pokemon I have before we go to Pewter City!"

Sighing, Leaf then stated "I know Ash" she smiled "Besides, I still haven't caught a Pokemon yet, I know that my Bulbasaur is great against the Pewter City Gym, but I still want to catch more in case my Pokemon can't handle it alone" Leaf reminded Ash "There's also the fact that we don't know how many and what kind of Rock-Type Pokemons the Gym Leader has and will pit against us"

"That's right" Misty added then raise her hand with her index finger pointing up to emphasize her statement "Battling other trainers is different with battling the Gym Leaders and also" she added her middle "There are special rules when fighting the Gym Leader, it could be a three on three Pokemon Battle or even an all-out Battle, six-o-six" raising her ring finger she continued "But while the Challenger can substitute their Pokemon, the Gym Leader cannot as it was stated in the Gym Battle Rules, so use that to your advantage" she ended with a firm voice.

"Wow Misty, if I didn't know any better I would have thought you're a Gym Leader" Ash joked as he laugh.

"Uhh… Yeah… Eheeheehee… Whew" She sighed, wiping a huge imagined sweat drop. While Ash was laughing, Leaf was not. Suspicious, she then narrowed her eyes at Misty.

"Yeah, Misty… For a Pokemon Trainer, you sure know a LOT about Gym Battles and their rules" Leaf drawled when she said Pokemon Trainer "Makes me think that… you ARE a Gym Leader!" she accused pointing at Misty with a suspicious look.

Misty sweat then she stammered "What?! Of course not, I'm just a Trainer! Do I look like a Gym Leader too you?" she stated trying to find a way out of this mess.

"Well, looks can be deceiving… And if you're just a simple Trainer, then why do you know so much about Gym Battle Rules, huh?!" Leaf insisted.

Sweating, before having an idea, she then answered back "Tha-that's because I'm friends with the Cerulean Gym Leader! And because were best friends, she decided to show me what a Gym Battle is AND their rules! STILL think that I'm a Leader?" she ended with a confident tone.

"Come on Leaf! Lighten up will ya? If she said she's not, then she's not. I mean, Gym Leaders should stay in their Gyms right?" Ash stated "Since the Pokemon League is starting up, lots of Trainers will fight against Gym Leaders almost every day! So it will be bad for the Gym and the Gym Leaders if they just up and left their Gyms and roam around right?"

"Well, I… guess your right Ash. Sorry about that Misty" Leaf apologized to her. Misty just wave her hands in front of her "Hey, it's alright. No harm done. Besides, even I would be wary when someone I just know told me the Gym Rules. I just want to help you guys out" She then blush "Be-besides, I owe you guys with helping me from that Spearow incident" she mumbled quietly.

Ash smiled then said "It's no big deal! Beside, Raizumi got even stronger and faster because of that. So in a way, I should be thanking y-What's that?" he stopped as he saw something from the corner of his eyes.

"What's what Ash? Wait, is it a Pokemon?!" Leaf asked as she too stopped just beside him. Misty stopped beside Ash, trying to look whatever caught Ash's interest.

There in front of them, are two Pokemons talking to each other. One was shaped like a caterpillar, green covering almost its entire body while dark yellow covered its lower part. Several circles on each side and an antenna that is shaped as a Y.

The other one was shaped like a worm, with a light shining orange in its entire frame, their legs shaped like a small pink balls. Its snout is in an oval-shaped with a pink color. Black beady eyes and a horn on his head and on the end of its tail.

Both Ash and Leaf were watching the two Bug-Types curiously. Misty? Scared stiff and frozen the moment her eyes got into contact with the two Pokemons.

"Hey, that's a Caterpie and a Weedle… But the Weedle is different; its color is a lot brighter. A Shiny Pokemon?" Ash half-said, half-ask as he took out his Pokedex and aimed it at the Caterpie and Leaf doing the same with the Weedle.

Caterpie. The Worm Pokemon. CATERPIE has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body right before your eyes. From its antenna, this POKéMON releases a terrifically strong odor. A Shiny Caterpie has a yellow gold skin instead of the green of a Normal Caterpie.

Weedle. The Hairy Bug Pokemon. WEEDLE has an extremely acute sense of smell. It is capable of distinguishing its favorite kinds of leaves from those it dislikes just by sniffing with its big red proboscis (Nose). A Shiny Weedle has a bright yellow skin instead of the orange of a Normal Weedle.

"Wow… so that means Weedle is a Shiny Pokemon! All right, I'm gonna catch that one!" Proclaimed Leaf as Ash nodded seeing since he already has 2 Shiny Pokemon, why not give Leaf a chance to have one her own? 'Besides' Thought Ash 'what are the odds of us finding ANOTHER Shiny Pokemon in our journey. So we should take our chances whenever we find something interesting besides some Shiny Pokemon'

"Got it, then I'll get the Caterpie. It is kinda cute being small and all" Leaf can't help but giggle at that "Thanks…" She told Ash.

Facing the Shiny Pokemon, noticing that the two Bug-Types were looking at them. 'Must have heard us from all the talking' Leaf thought as she unclip the Pokeball her Bulbasaur is residing in "Go Bulba- I mean, Hadoku! Man, I still have to get used to nicknames" Leaf shouted then said quietly at the last part. Hadoku stood with a cute roar.

"Ok Hadoku, use Razor Leaf on Weedle!" nodding, the Seed Pokemon lowered her upper body as leaves sharp as knives came out, aiming it at the prepared Weedle. The Pokemon just used String Shot on a branch then proceeded to go up, allowing it to escape the Leafy onslaught. Placing itself on the branch, the Bug-Type then shot a Poison Sting at the Bulbasaur. Leaf saw the attack then told her Pokemon "Dodge it Hadoku, then jump and use Vine Whip to grabbed hold on to Weedle"

The Pokemon didn't show she heard her Trainer's command but the way she crouches, preparing itself to just jump to dodge meant Hadoku heard her. As the Poison Sting got closer, Hadoku jump and use Vine Whip on Weedle. Said Pokemon saw the incoming vines and tried to escape using String Shot on another branch but was too late. Hadoku wrap her vines near the end of the Weedle's tail, giving it no chance to escape.

Smirking after she saw her Pokemon's vines holding a firm grip on the Wild Pokemon's tail, she ordered her Pokemon to use Slam on the Weedle to the ground which Hadoku complied. After a couple of Slams, Leaf ordered her Pokemon to let go, when Hadoku did she was surprised to see that the Weedle is still standing. In pain with a lot of bruises, but standing. Impressed, she is even more determined to catch it. She took a Pokeball then threw it to the Shiny one. Upon contact, the Weedle was shrouded with a red light then it went inside the Pokeball before it fell to the ground.

She tightened her fist as she watch the Pokeball wiggling back and forth for a couple of times, then shouted in triumph as the Pokeball stop moving and ended with a ping. Jumping in joy, she then went to get her Pokeball, holding in her excitement, then twirled before ending with a pose "All right! I got a… Shiny Weedle!" she said loudly before seeing Ash coming to her with a Pokeball in his hands.

"Congratulations! You got a new buddy" then Ash smiled at his new capture "And I also got a new friend…" he then clipped his now mini Pokeball in his belt then they went to go where Misty is and was confused when she is still in the same spot as before, frozen stiff.

"Hey Misty, are you okay? You look really stiff…" Ash said in concern as he touch her shoulders.

The moment he did, however, Misty slowly screamed bloody murder.


The world shook, Pokemons where panicking around, the Legendaries were frantic and Ash's, Yurai's and Leaf's ears were bleeding, while Raizumi is out like a light due to him having a more sensitive sense of hearing then the other three.

Panting from all her shouting, Misty then stammered at the two Trainers "Ma-Make them Sta-sta-Stay away from me!" she said with a frightened voice as she back pedalled for good measure.

"Ouch, Misty you sure are one hell of a screamer…owww" Ash said rubbing his ears, the sounds from earlier still vibrating with Leaf just nodding doing the same thing "Why is it your so afraid of cute, little Caterpie? It's just a Bug-Type Pokemon…sheesh" Ash said to the far away Misty "Yeah, my Weedle is very cute too…" Leaf added as they both took out their Pokeball with their recent capture in it.

"Those things are the third most disgusting, creepy, horrible things in the world!" Misty wailed as she used her bag as a make-shift shield in case they let out their Bug Pokemon.

"Well, besides you, what are the other two things you don't like?" Ash asked Misty as she looks at him with a scared look in her face.

"Haha very funny Ash. Carrots, Peppers and Bugs. And someone has someone they hate and I. HATE. BUGS!" She stated.

"Well, I like all three. Good thing Caterpie isn't out to hear this. I know you hate them, but just coz' you hate them doesn't mean you can diss them like that! Even they have feelings too you know?" Ash reprimanded Misty as he tightened his grip on the Pokeball.

"Well I'll be fine with it so long as those creepy bugs are far away from me!" she said as Leaf helped her up.

"Fine! Then you better run quick coz' I need to know a lot more about Caterpie" He said before shouting "Come out Caterpie!" and as he did, Caterpie just stood there wondering where it is before spotting Ash. It looked on as the Trainer slowly crouched to be near Caterpie's height before showing his hand to it. Confused, it looks at the hand, then to Ash's face. Smiling, Ash then said to Caterpie "I won't hurt you Caterpie; I promise you that you will have fun with me and my other Pokemon. I'll be a good trainer for you" he spoke in a soft, kind voice.

Relaxing, Caterpie nodded then slowly went up to Ash's arm, crawling all the way to his shoulders. Perching itself, it grumbled in content as Leaf did the same thing except not letting it from crawling on her arm; less it accidentally prick her arm with its spiky tail filled with poison.

Misty was too far away to be spotted by them both, which Misty was eternally grateful for.

Making sure that both Pokemon won't be scared and are relax, they took their Pokedex then proceeded to let Dexter tell them the information of their new Pokemon.

Caterpie is a Bug-Type Pokemon. Its weakness is Fire-, Flying- and Rock-Types. It is strong against Grass-, Fighting- and Ground-Types. It has no immunity.

This Caterpie is Male. They evolve into Metapod in Level 7 and Butterfree in Level 10. It is a Normal Pokemon. Its ability is: Shield Dust; its Hidden Ability is: Run Away.

It has learned the following Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite and Electroweb.

Weedle is a Bug- and Poison-Type Pokemon. Its weakness is Fire-, Flying-, Psychic- and Rock-Types. It is strong against Grass-, Fighting-, Poison- and Bug-Types. It has no immunity.

This Weedle is Female. They evolve into Kakuna in Level 7 and Beedrill in Level 10. It is a Shiny Pokemon. Its ability is: Shield Dust; its Hidden Ability is: Run Away.

It has learned the following moves: Poison Sting, String Shot and Bug Bite.

"Whoa, Caterpie has an Electroweb as an attack. Maybe one of its parents is a Galvantula?" Ash reasoned before looking at the confused looks of Leaf and Misty, which he somehow saw from far away "Galvantula is a Pokemon native to Unova. It's an Electric and Bug Type Pokemon which evolves from Joltik" he lectured them as he then asks his Caterpie if he also wants a name. Caterpie just growled a little in appreciation.

"…Chofuri, 'Cho' means Butterfly since he will evolve to a Butterfree and 'Furi' means Free" he said as Chofuri likes the name as it consist of the word Free, which to him, someday he will be free to soar the skies as a Butterfree.

"Well, while my Weedle doesn't have any moves like that, I'm still happy that she's a Shiny Pokemon. Oh yeah! What about you Weedle? Do you want a nickname too?" she asks. Weedle just wag her tail like a Growlithe in joy.

"Hmm… Kirabi, which means Killer Bee. Since you're gonna evolve into a Beedrill, I thought it was a great name. How about you Weedle, do you like it?" Leaf stated as Weedle was happy, seeing her eyes just made a upside down U-shape.

"Whoa, when she evolves, she's gonna be so badass!" Ash just grinned as they finally return their Pokemon into their Pokeball to Misty's relief as she slowly walked to where Ash and Leaf are.

"Finally!" Misty finally spoke, her fear of bugs gone as there are nowhere in sight and her two companions put their Bug-Types back to their Pokeballs "Since you guys are done with that, can we finally go now? I'm so tired right now, so I really need to go to Pewter City, I want a nice, comfy bed!" she whined as the other 2 were also tired but not as much as her. Though they are happy they got a new Pokemon, they still want to go and sleep in the Pokemon Center where they have real beds and not sleeping bags.

"Well, it's not afternoon yet so we can make a good distance before taking a break and have lunch" Ash surmised as they nodded then went to the direction of the road to Pewter City.

After making a good distance, they finally thought their close to the exit and in turn, Pewter City. The proceeded to prepare the things for lunch as Ash was still the one cooking.

Putting the plates on their stump table, Ash then put their food in the middle as he made himself comfortable in their sits "All right guys, lunch is served!" Ash stated, proud of his cooking. Leaf drooled when she saw what Ash made "Ash, what did you cook?" she ask while Misty was looking at Ash as she too wants to know what he made and eager to eat when the two girls smelled the aroma coming from Ash's cooking.

"Well" Ash started "Remember those 2 Pidgeys? Well I made a Roast Chicken for the three of us and a Pidgey Nest for our soup. Now, why don't we dig in!" Ash told them as they nodded eagerly as they got their utensils and promptly ate.

"You know Ash…" Misty said after swallowing a piece of Pidgey and drinking some water "I didn't said this before coz' we were kinda in a hurry but how are you so good at cooking?" she asks Ash when he started to speak before being interrupted by Leaf "Are you kidding? The reason Ash is so good because of his Mom! His Mother owns a restaurant and whenever Ash has free time he always go inside their kitchen and practice cooking. Ash's cooking skills is only second to his mom and THAT's saying something coz' his mother's cooked food is on another level!" she said with stars in her eyes, thinking about his mother's cooking before snapping and continued to eat her share of food.

"It's not that good" Ash said with a blush, embarrassed from Leaf's compliment to his cooking "I don't think I'm even close to my mom's level. Besides, the only reason I kept on practicing is in case I'm alone in my journey when I become a Pokemon Trainer and when I don't have anyone to rely on for food" Ash told them his reason.

After eating they fixed their things that were about to leave when someone called out to them. They turned around and saw a person dressed in a kimono with a wooden sword on his side.

"Halt young travelers!" the samurai stated as he bowed in front of the 3 Trainers. Looking at them, he took his wooden sword and pointed it straight to Ash "I have heard a Trainer that came from Pallet Town are now traveling in this Forest" as he said this he took a Pokeball on his other side with his left hand, as his right is holding the sword "I wish to partake a Pokemon Battle with the trainer, are you by chance the Trainer from Pallet Town, oh hatted one?" he asks Ash while said trainer pointed to himself.

"Me? Well I came from Pallet Town, but Leaf's also a Trainer from Pallet" Ash told the samurai. Raising his eyebrow, the wannabe looked at Leaf before facing Ash once more "I see, but I only have 2 Pokemon, and I have already wished to partake a Pokemon Battle with you" he told Ash.

"Well…" Ash looked at Leaf "If you're fine with that…" Leaf pondered "Well, I also want to know how I'll handle myself in a Pokemon Battle, but since he ask you first, why not?"

"All right" he stated before looking at the samurai "whenever you're ready!" he said as he made a good distance away from the samurai before taking out a Pokeball.

"I shall start first! Go Pinsir!" shouted the samurai as he threw the Pokeball in the air. When the light was gone, it was replaced by a human-sized Pokemon with a huge body and a pincer as long and big as the wannabe's arm.

"What's that Pokemon?" Leaf asked before pointing her Pokedex at it. Dexter's voice came to life.

Pinsir. The Stag Beetle Pokemon. PINSIR has a pair of massive horns Protruding from the surface of these horns are thorns. These thorns are driven deeply into the foe's body when the pincer closes, making it tough for the foe to escape. A Shiny Pinsir has a violet blue skin and flesh colored pincer than the brown skin and dirty white colored pincer of a Normal Pinsir.

"I see, well then if it's a Bug-Type then Hageshika, To the skies!" Ash stated as he let out his Pidgey were it cawed loudly before landing in the ground opposite of Pinsir.

"Pinsir, use Brick Break!" Samurai started the battle by ordering Pinsir. Pinsir obey his trainer by sprinting to the Pidgey with his right hand shined with a bright white light.

"Sand-Attack" Ash said calmly to Pidgey and in turn, Hageshika gave a huge flap to her wings making the sand on the ground flew to the air before she made another huge flap with her wings in the direction of Pinsir. The Sand-Attack hitting Pinsir, blinded, Pinsir stop his attack and tried to take away the sand from his eyes.

"Aerial Ace" with that command, the Pidgey made a momentum then flew to the air with a boost. Turning around Hageshika flew straight to Pinsir gaining speed by the second. Half-way there she tucked her wings making an even greater boost of speed.

"Pinsir! Bug Bite!" Samurai said in a panicked voice. Pinsir could do nothing but wait for its opponent to come into contact with him to use his attack but Ash did not want any of that.

"Dodge the moment you hit Pinsir" Ash commanded and to his surprised and glee, Pidgey suddenly gotten faster, MUCH faster for the speed of an Aerial Ace as if it just-

"Used Agility… All right Hageshika, that's great!" Ash congratulated his Pidgey.

Pinsir couldn't even bite the Tiny Bird Pokemon when he got hit with the combined speed of Aerial Ace and Agility, making the Super Effective Attack much more powerful than it already is. Dust exploded in their place making all of the people there block their face. When the dust settled, Pinsir is on the ground obviously unconscious. Pidgey cawed, flew in front of Ash and to the surprise of everyone the moment Hageshika's feet touched the ground she shone brightly indicating that-

"Hageshika's evolving!" Leaf stated while Ash thought 'Pinsir has that enough level to give Hageshika enough energy to evolve, that's even greater than her learning Agility!' Smiling in glee, he look at his new Pidgeotto proudly were Hageshika called her name loudly.

Taking out his Pokedex, he wants to know what Level his newly evolve Pokemon is and what Moves she learned.

Pidgeotto. The Bird Pokemon. PIDGEOTTO claims a large area as its own territory. This POKéMON flies around, patrolling its living space. If its territory is violated, it shows no mercy in thoroughly punishing the foe with its sharp claws.

Your Pidgeotto (Hageshika) is now Level 19. It has learned new Moves: Agility, Whirlwind, Air Cutter and Steel Wing.

"All right Hageshika! You're stronger than ever, a couple more battles then you'll be a powerful Pidgeot. I guarantee it!" Ash grinned as Samurai returned his Pinsir giving it a compliment as not to make him sad he lost. After putting his Pokeball back, Samurai took another Pokeball and threw it in the air. Out came a Metapod, the evolve form of Caterpie.

"So that's a Metapod, all right! Hageshika, return. You did great girl!" Ash said, returning the Bird Pokemon then replaced it with Chofuri's. He then threw it in the air, letting out the Worm Pokemon.

"We'll show them who's stronger. Eh, Chofuri?" asked Ash to his Pokemon who only grumbled in approval. He then ordered his Pokemon first "String Shot" The Bug-Type obliged, spraying the Metapod in white, sticky, silk like web.

"Hmph… Metapod, Harden! Show them you won't be beaten that easily!" Samurai told his Pokemon. Metapod's skin turned into a color of polished steel.

"Won't do you any good" Ash said to Samurai as he only look at his opponent with a questioning look "Tackle" confused, Caterpie just listen to his, somehow, crazy trainer before sprinting to the hard as steel Metapod. Ash waited until his Caterpie was close to Metapod before he ordered "Electroweb!"

Understanding his intentions, he stop in front of the Metapod then let out an electrifying string shot shaped like a web on Metapod. With no other moves except Harden, the Metapod could only look in terror as he shouted his name in pain when the attack made contact. After a while it stops, leaving Metapod's energy drained, barely holding on his consciousness. Samurai tried to order his Metapod but couldn't due to Metapod fainting.

"Metapod is unable to battle, Caterpie wins and the match goes to Ash Ketchum. You may give Trainer Ash Ketchum his Battle Money now" Misty announced as Samurai grumbled getting some money before giving it to Ash, while the winner could only looked confused.

"It's the prize money for winning the battle Ash" Misty told him as she and the others waved to the samurai as he went back to where he came from "Whenever you win a Pokemon Battle, the winner is given the appropriate amount of money by calculating the Level of both trainers. From there, if the winner has a much stronger Pokemon than the opposing trainer's, he or she is given a small amount of prize money since the Pokemon League theorized that most of the time stronger Pokemon wins the match. Thus, the small amount of prize money while the Pokemon that is weaker than the opposing trainer's is given a huge amount of prize money if they win. And lastly, if the Pokemon of the winner is on the same level with the loser's is given a fair amount of money as prize money." Misty ended with a lecturing tone.

"But how do we know how much prize money we have to give the winner if we don't know who's stronger or not?" Ash reasoned, still confused with Battle System the League provided.

"You don't" Misty replied "Your Pokedex is the one that is calculating how much you need to give, I don't know how Ash so don't ask me that" Misty said to Ash before she continued "Oh and don't ask how they have a Pokedex coz' everyone is given a Pokedex Ash. Some Trainers just don't bother showing their Dex to every Pokemon they spot, it IS your identification and also a requirement for the Pokemon League Championship"

"Oh…" was the only thing Ash said as Leaf just nodded, thankful for the information Misty provided for them. They were about to ask more when they heard Yurai and Raizumi called their names out to get their attention and when they did, Misty cringed while Ash and Leaf was surprised on why Chofuri is covering himself with web when they finally saw the reason why.

Shining, Chofuri the Caterpie was no more as he was replaced with Chofuri the Metapod. Intrigue but happy, Ash took out Dexter and pointed it to his Metapod.

Metapod. The Cocoon Pokemon. The shell covering this POKéMON's body is as hard as an iron slab. METAPOD does not move very much. It stays still because it is preparing its soft innards for evolution inside the hard shell.

Your Metapod (Chofuri) is now Level 8. It has learned a new Move: Harden.

"Wow… even your Caterpie evolve Ash, congratulations!" Leaf told him as she too wants her Pokemon to evolve as fast as Ash's does.

Ash said nothing as he kept on looking at his Metapod while Chofuri squirmed at his place, wondering if his trainer doesn't like the fact that he evolved into Metapod.

"Um…Ash? Are you okay, your so qui-wait, are you crying?!" Misty said incredulously as Leaf was shock since she hasn't seen Ash cry since the day his mom told him the reason why his father left them when she was still pregnant with him, which was 3 years ago!

"…I caught a Caterpie with a cool move already…Hageshika learned a new move in the middle of a battle… Hageshika evolve into Pidgeotto after winning the battle… Chofuri won his battle… I won the match… I even got money from winning… Chofuri also evolved to Metapod… I made two of my Pokemon evolve in one match… Life… Life is good!" Ash stated the things happened today before crying even harder after saying the last part. Yurai and Raizumi cried too just for the fact that their Trainer is fortunate to have the things transpired today happened to him.

Cue sweat drop from the female Trainers. Leaf face-palmed whispering something like Ash's being Insane right now while his Metapod was just happy that his Trainer is happy that he evolved.

After Ash's happy episode, they finally went back to their walk when Misty reminded them that they needed to go to Pewter City.

After Ash's match with the samurai, they met various trainers that want to battle anyone that's willing. Ash and Leaf battled and won all of their matches. Ash keeps on rotating his Pokemon during his battles while Leaf switches Hadoku and Kirabi, her Bulbasaur and Weedle respectively so they won't get tired quickly. Finish his 13th battle with a trainer that specializes with Water-Type Pokemon, which he use Raizumi alone, he counted the amount of money he won against the trainers he fought and estimated that he won a total of 3'200 Pokedollars while Leaf won a total of 2'700 Pokedollars including the 10th Battle Money she got.

And even the time were there's no one battling them, Ash and even Leaf trained their Pokemon to the bone so that they will have a chance against the Gym Leader's Pokemon, Metapod more so. During their training you see, Misty was wandering around near their camp site before she heard a buzzing sound. Her spine tingled as she oh so slowly turn her head around and spotted a Beedrill glaring at her. Spooked, she look in front of her finally noticing there were many Kakuna hanging on a thread of web in various branches, their eyes glowing red as they too glared at Misty. Finally can't take it, Misty screamed waking up the rest of swarm before she ran all the way to Ash and Leaf's training ground.

Ash and Leaf wondered why Misty was running so fast that she can almost outran a Rapidash and when they looked back, they saw why. Various Beedrill came out of the clearing and one of them almost hit ash with a Drill Run if his Metapod didn't jump in time and use his new Move: Iron Defense. The attack only scraped the hard skin of the Cocoon Pokemon, breaking the stinger of the Beedrill. Shock, the Poison Bee Pokemon could only faint. Ash was about to thank Chofuri but a second Beedrill was aiming at him. With no time to use another Iron Defense to defend himself and his Trainer, Chofuri took the attack head-on so that his trainer won't get hurt, the end result was his skin was ripped like paper, letting the Metapod fall down unmoving.

Angry, he ordered Hageshika to use the most powerful Gust she could create. Also angry at the fact that her friend and comrade was hurt Hageshika use an attack that was much better than Gust. Instead of an increasing raging wind going straight to the incoming Beedrills, the moment the Bird Pokemon flap her wings, what came out were a couple of compress air in the shape of a circular saw. Too angry to notice the new attack they only watch in satisfaction that majority of the swarm got hurt by the sharp pointy circle compress air, but there was too many for them to beat. In the nick of time, something came out of the skin of his Metapod and to everyone's surprise and Ash's happiness, a Butterfree came out! Without wasting anytime, Chofuri retaliated with a Poison Powder mixed with Stun Spore. Paralyze and poisoned, the Beedrills were helpless from the onslaught of attacks that came from Ash's Pokemon. The Butterfree finish them by using his new move Confusion on everyone and clustered them into one place then promptly use Sleep Powder.

After the fight, Ash hugged Chofuri with all his might, happy at the fact he survived and evolve at the same time and sad at the fact that he almost lost the Butterfly Pokemon from the midst of the fight. After much thanking and congratulating Chofuri they look at Misty, who was on the ground trembling with foam in her mouth, eyes rolled back. Asking Leaf why she was like that, she only said "A Beedrill got too close on her face" nodding, since he knows that Misty was afraid of bugs, he lifted Misty in a bridal style (Which Leaf was envious of) and proceeded to walk to the road going to Pewter City. Half-way there Misty woke up, and saw herself being carried by Ash in bridal style and Leaf looking at her with an envious and a slowly glaring look. When she heard Ash asking something she looked up, and promptly saw Ash's concerned look so close to her slowly blushing face, she yelped then promptly jumps out of Ash's arm.

Misty could only sigh in relief and frustration at the fact she passed out from the time the swarm got to their camp site (she shuddered at this) before remembering the feeling of Ash's firm and strong arms on her back and at the back of her knee, which she blushed at then also notice that the warm and hard but firm feeling on her side was actually the body of one Ash Ketchum, she looked at Ash before blushing even harder. Looking at the other way so that they won't see her reddening face, she then told them to continue walking after she started walking herself.

Leaf just look at her with a suspicious face while Ash was just confused, and kept on being confused whenever Misty kept on glancing at him every minute while she thought he wasn't looking and when he does look at her she would blush and would face the direction their walking.

Leaf just grumbled something close to "Stupid Misty" or "I wish I was the one passed out" and when she does say the latter, she would daydream and giggled perversely which would confused Ash even more then he was before.

When they got to Pewter City, they met a weird man named Flint who welcomed them to Pewter City, City of Stones and then bluntly asked them if they want to buy the rocks his selling, which he told them that it was a souvenir. After thanking him and declined to buy, they decided to think the man was nice but the thought was shut down quickly when the same man charged them for 2 Pokedollars when they stepped on the souvenir rocks his selling.

After the long trek, they finally got to Pewter City's Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon while taking a sit from a couch provided by the Center after the long walk they did to come here.

Looking at the time, which was 9 o' clock, they decided to sleep after they get their Pokemon from Nurse Joy, that Ash too, unintentionally use his SWAG on.

After they took their Pokeballs from Nurse Joy (Leaf and surprisingly, Misty look at the nurse with a jealous look) they slept in their room the moment they laid themselves down to bed, except for Ash because he was sleeping on the couch, when asked why he reasoned that their won't be enough space for either of them if he slept with one of them together.

The next day we see Ash training his Pokemon for the up and coming fight against the Rock-Type Gym Leader. He and Leaf already decided that Ash will get the first battle so that Leaf will have more time to Level her Pokemon since she only has 2 of them.

After their hard work, they went inside to eat at the cafeteria, which made Leaf and Misty who just woke up sad since they wanted to eat Ash's cooking. Ash then pack his things he needed to bring and leaving the things he doesn't need at their rooms after he showered and wore his clothes then proceeded to Nurse Joy and politely ask her to heal his Pokemon (in Nurse Joy's view Ash looks at her with a Bishounen look) for his battle against Brock, the Gym Leader they found out with a trainer that they found in the recreation room, healing his Pokemon after being beaten by the Rock-Type Leader, which she happily said yes then took Ash's Pokeballs from his hands which she took the time to feel his firm and rough hands, SLOWLY. Irritated and again surprisingly, Misty told the nurse to hurry up and heal his Pokemon so he can battle. (And to let Ash's hands go)

Flint took that moment to go inside the Pokemon Center where he found Ash and his friends on the Healing Station. As he went to their direction, Ash noticed him going to them and proceeded to greet the middle-aged man, which Leaf and Misty followed.

When he was in front of Ash, he too greeted them one by one before asking Ash roughly "Are you gonna battle the Gym Leader here?"

Surprised, Ash nodded then told him "Yeah I will, after I get my Pokemon from Nurse Joy, were going straight there to see if I can battle the Pewter City Gym"

Nodding at that, Flint then warned him "Good luck with that. Gym battles are different than battles from other Trainers, there's a reason why so few Trainers are able to win against the Gym Leaders, and that's because of the Pokemon League Championship of all the Regions"

"Pokemon League Championships?" Leaf asked Misty who shrugged in response.

"Pokemon League Championship" Flint told them, which Ash paid attention to along with his friends "is where you battle other trainers who beaten other Gyms and enter the Championship of that Region, in our case, the Kanto Region" here Flint raised his 8 fingers "in order to join the Championship, you need to be able to beat eight or more Gym Leaders to qualify the Championship and register into the Conference of Kanto" he then pointed to where the Pewter Gym is "the Pewter City Gym is what you may call a Major Gym" then he turned back to Ash "from what I know, there are approximately 16 Gyms all over the Kanto and from those 15 Gyms, 8 of them are Major Gyms, The first 8 Gyms created by the Pokemon League. The other 7 are Minor Gyms and are for those Trainers who can't reach the other Gyms or can't beat the Major Gyms"

"Why's that Flint? Why won't they be able to beat the Major Gyms" Ash asked not understanding why they need to battle the Minor Gyms if they can't beat the Major ones when all they could do is just trained their Pokemon to handle the Major Gyms.

"There's also another reason why Major Gyms are different from the Minor ones" Flint told Ash then continued "To make it clear, try to think of Minor Gyms as rookie Trainers while the Major Gyms are Veterans. Minor Gym Leaders, Trainers who are qualified to have a Gym, but not enough to give Challengers the challenge of earning their Badges. While the Major Gym Leaders, Trainers who are acknowledged by the Pokemon League, have the balance of brains and brawns on their Gyms, they have more privileges since they could use Pokemon not native to Kanto, and can actually give Trainers the challenge to actually earn the Badge. Another reason why most Trainers can't beat the Major ones, since Major Gym Leaders can use Pokemon native to other Regions, most if not all challengers have no idea what kind of Pokemon they are battling against. Most of the Trainer's Pokedex have only registered Kanto Pokemons while there are some that update theirs, all of them are sponsored by a Pokemon League acknowledged Professors like Professor Samuel Oak" he told all three.

"Wow, not even I know that! And I'm a Gy- very close friend with the Cerulean City Gym Leader!" Misty said almost telling the other three she's a Gym Leader, a Major one at that.

"Wait… there's 15 Gyms, I've heard from Professor Oak that there are 17 types of Pokemon. What are the other two types that aren't used for a Gym?" Ash asked confused seeing that there 17 types, so that should mean there are 17 Gyms here in Kanto, not 15.

"Dark and Steel" Flint replied the moment Ash ask that question already expecting it "the reason why there are no Gyms using Dark-Types or Steel-Types is because there's only 2 known Steel-Types here in Kanto. And that's Magnemite, an Electric- and Steel-Type Pokemon and it's evolved from Magneton while there is no Dark-Types here native in Kanto"

The three Trainers were at awe at how much Flint knows so much about all the Gyms and the Pokemon Championship. They didn't question his information since he's older than all of them and in turn, probably have traveled a lot and was able to learn everything from his journey.

Flint then added something "I'll give you a hint: Major Gym Leaders are the only ones that can use 5 Pokemon in an Official Pokemon Battle, so better come prepared" Ash and Leaf bowed and said thanks to Flint.

Hearing the sound of a bell, they turned around to see the smiling Nurse Joy putting the tray where Ash and Leaf's Pokemon are placed. Thanking the nurse and retrieving their Pokeballs, they then turned around to ask Flint if he wants to go see Ash's battle with Brock before noticing that he was nowhere to be found. The only reason they know he left is when they saw the automatic door of the Center just closed.

Shrugging, Ash then told them that he's going to the Gym. Leaf and Mist waved in reply. Nodding, Ash then went to battle the Gym.

Standing just in front of the rock covered Gym. Ash braced himself before walking forward and opened the door and went inside the Gym. When he got there though it was pitch black. No sign of anything human before they jump when they heard someone shouted.

"Who goes there!" the voice demanded. Ash gulped before shouting back.

"My name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, a Pokemon Trainer for 2 and a half weeks and I request a challenge with the Pewter City Gym Leader!" the moment he finish speaking, the lights came to life. Ash blocks his eyes with his hands, a bit blinded from the sudden lights. After making sure he can see clearly, he saw the battlefield of the Gym and in the opposing side was a person standing with his arms crossed in front of him. Standing in 5' 5" wearing an orange shirt with a green vest full of pockets covering it, dark brown pants and with a stoic look in his face, Brock made himself known to Ash.

"A challenger… it seems you already we Major Gyms are more difficult than the others, yet you still wish to battle me? You've been only been a Trainer for almost 3 weeks, what makes you think you will be good enough to battle me?" Brock taunted Ash.

Ticked off from the remark, Ash calmed down before replying to Brock "Brock, the moment I got a Pokemon and my license as a Pokemon Trainer, I made a vow that I would be the best. To get stronger, Pokemon that respect my skills as a Trainer and as a friend. And if being the best means battling Gyms, Trainers that are stronger than me for now, then I'll make sure that I'll just be stronger than all of you!"

"Very well, I cannot decline a Challenger's request. From your eyes you seem to already the difference between battling a Trainer from a Gym Leader, so I will not explain the special rules. I will tell you though that this will be a 5-on-5 match" Brock then stepped on the spot just in front of the field "The moment you step of that box" Brock then pointed at the box just before the field, opposite of his "means that you are ready to take on the Gym Leader and the referee will start the match. There is no backing out"

Gripping his gloves with his other hand, Ash then went inside the box with a determined look.

Before they started the match, Brock told Ash "Even if you are defeated, you can always come for a rematch. While you can have a rematch with the Minor Gyms as many times as you want, Major Gyms doesn't have that privilege. The Challenger is given a limit of 5 chances to battling the Major Gym Leaders. We then deny all matches requested by the Challenger if they still cannot beat us after 5 matches"

Pointing his fist, Ash then said to Brock with a firm voice "I'm ready for the battle of my Boulder Badge, Gym Leader of Rock-Types" then unclipped one of his Pokeballs, just waiting for the referee to start the match.

Looking at both Trainers, the referee then stated "This is an Official Match for the Boulder Badge! Pewter City Gym Leader Brock Harrison will be challenge by Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town in a 5-on-5 Match! Are both Trainers ready?" he look at Ash who nodded then turned to look at Brock with his rock-hard face present, nodding.

Nodding at that, the referee then started the match by lifting his arms then made a chopping move "The match between Brock Harrison and Ash Ketchum begins! Brock Harrison will be the first one to let out his Pokemon!"

Brock threw his Pokeball on the field "Let's rock the field Graveler!" and on the field a boulder like Pokemon shouted his name.

Ash calmly threw his Pokeball as he didn't bother letting out his Pokedex, seeing as he made sure to know all the Rock-Types of the Kanto Region before fighting Brock "Chofuri, To the skies" Ash said as his Butterfree was out floating with a bit of sparkling dust going down to the ground after he was out of the Pokeball.

"Graveler, use Rock Throw" Graveler just grabbed a rock as big as itself before throwing it to the Butterfree.

"Double Team" Ash simply said as Chofuri made copies of himself, the rock hitting an illusion from where he was before. Ash then ordered his Butterfree "Air Stun" Chofuri complied. He threw a Gust to Graveler before adding Stun Spore, basking the Rock Pokemon with green glitters.

"Air Stun?" Brock said confused before he saw Ash's Butterfree using Gust followed by Stun Spore, he shouted to his Graveler "Graveler, use Roll Out before you get paralyzed!" and Roll Out he did as he rolled to the left, away from the Stun Spore, but Brock order him a bit late as some gotten to him when he stopped rolling and couldn't move.

"Energy Ball, just like before" Ash commanded Chofuri as the Butterfree made a huge ball of green energy before throwing it to Graveler.

Brock could only grimace as Graveler took the attack head-on. When the dust settled, Graveler stood bruised but still ready for battle.

"While it was unexpected to see your Butterfree a Grass-Type move" Brock said to Ash "I made sure of myself to train my Pokemon to withstand a Super Effective move like those" he told him before giving him a compliment "But I'm impressed, naming a series of moves like that Air Stun of yours, was it? A Combination of Gust and Stun Spore, making your opponent lose their momentum" he said which made Ash smirk at him "But" Brock continued "while it's effective against normal Trainers, we Gym Leaders will take a lot more than that to defeat us"

"Don't worry" Ash assured the Gym Leader "there still more of where that came from, Toxic String" he told his Butterfree.

In turn, Chofuri shot out his silk to Graveler then sprayed a deadly purple haze to the Pokemon, giving it a poisoned ailment.

Brock could only shout no when Ash ordered Chofuri another attack "Venoshock" with that, Chofuri spat out a purple liquid, spraying the Graveler with it, making the Pokemon shout out in pain before falling face-down on the ground, clearly unconscious from all the pain he took from both Energy Ball and Venoshock.

"Graveler is unable to battle! Butterfree wins, the Challenger must now wait for the opposing Trainer to choose his next Pokemon!" the referee stated as Brock returned Graveler telling him it did good before taking out another Pokeball and putting Graveler's on his belt.

"Go, Onix!" Brock shouted as he threw the Pokeball in the air, letting out his Rock Snake Pokemon from the confines of his Pokeball and shouting out his name, making the ground vibrate from how strong the sound it made.

"Chofuri, return" Ash said as he too returned his Pokemon with a red light before taking out another one "Raizumi, Shock them with your strength" as he let out his Pikachu.

"An Electric-Type, you have guts using a Pokemon with moves that has no effect on a dual Rock- and Ground-Type like my Onix" Brock mused, thinking that Ash lost his mind. Onix shouted his name in agreement.

Ash shook his head slowly before telling him "I'll show you that disadvantage won't work here" Pikachu just glared at the large rock snake, defiantly stood his ground even against a large handicap.

Brock nodded, learning his lesson during the fight with his Butterfree "We'll see, Onix! Use Dig!" he shouted as Onix burrowed underground.

"Stand your ground!" Ash said to the Pikachu as Raizumi nodded with confirmation. Not wasting anytime Brock shouted "Now Onix, use Tackle to toss that mouse in the air!" Onix roared underground before quickly going to where he sense the Pikachu is.

Ash doesn't want any of that "Jump Raizumi" complying, Raizumi did as he was told when Onix came out under him and proceeded to knock him in the air.

"All right Onix! The moment his in range, use Bind to wrap that Pikachu into submission!" Brock ordered but Ash countered with his own Moves that made Brock slack-jawed "Use Tail Break" twirling around, Raizumi's tail shined white brightly along with his tiny hands.

"Tail Break?...! Onix, stop your attack!" Brock told his Onix but was too late as the Rock Snake Pokemon lunge at Raizumi head first.

"Pi..Kapi!" the Pikachu shouted as he hit Onix with a devastating Iron Tail. He landed on the large Pokemon's head and proceeded to hit various parts of Onix's body with a barrage of Brick Breaks.

"Onix, use Dig to get away!" Brock ordered and Onix was just happy to oblige. Raizumi stops his attack and jump when Onix went underground, propelling himself to land on the ground feet first. Ash again ordered his Pikachu to stand his ground but Brock expected that "Now use Dragon Breath!" Raizumi didn't have enough time to escape when a bright yellow beam of fire shot from underground below the Pikachu "Use Bulldoze at the mouse!" Onix then slammed his tail hard on the ground hitting Raizumi with the devastating attack. Raizumi look worse for wear and is barely hanging on.

'One hit is all it will take to knock out Raizumi… But that also goes with Onix, I need a move that if not to knock him out, at least enough to give my Pokemon only one move to finish it off' Ash thought as he look at his Pikachu and to Onix. Brock is also thinking the same thing.

They both shouted their command "Raizumi, Agility into Quick Attack!" "Onix, Rock Polish then Smack Down!" both Pokemon got closer but the way it looks Onix will win. That's what Ash was counting for, Brock making his Onix charge head-on. He then shouted "Now finish it off with Speed Tail!" Brock called out "What?!"

Just as they were about to collide, the Mouse Pokemon twirled, the speed giving the momentum to twirl faster, his tail shining brightly, indicating an Iron Tail, facing Onix before both attacks hit, dust exploding around the field. When the dust settled, both Pokemon were down, unconscious from both powerful attacks.

"Pikachu and Onix are unable to battle! This battle is a Draw! Both Trainers return your Pokemon and choose your next Pokemon!" the referee stated to both Trainers.

"Thanks Raizumi, you're the best" congratulated Ash as his Pikachu look up to him and smiled "Chaaaa…" he then place him beside a rock outside the field then took out a Pokeball.

"Chiyuzo, Haunt the field" Ash called out, finally letting his Golett out of his Pokeball. Brock was surprised to see the Unova native Pokemon on Ash's Team.

"That Pokemon, it's not native to Kanto is it?" Brock asked and Ash confirmed it with a nod "While it is rare to see Trainers using Pokemon native to other Regions. It is not against the rules to be able to use it on Gym Battles, but no matter! I'll make sure you'll work yourself to get the Boulder Badge! Rampardos, Rock the Field!" He shouted letting out his dinosaur like Pokemon to the field.

Rampardos gave his opponent a glare, trying to intimidate the Unova-native. Chiyuzo before would have tried to hide from the glare but after training and being with Ash, he became confident and stronger than he was before. He gave the Head Butt Pokemon a 'Bring it on' gesture, intent on giving the Pokemon a good beating.

"All right Rampardos let's start this off with a Take Down!" Rampardos roared before going to Golett with a stampede.

"Protect" and a green colored shield surface in front of Chiyuzo, Rampardos' Head connected with Protect "Dynamic Break" the Golett let go of his shield then promptly punch Rampardos in the head with a Brick Break, followed by a Dynamic Punch in the face. Rampardos let out a roar of pain then his spikes shined brightly before using Iron Head on the Golett, making him back away to make distance with a hint of pain on his face.

Here, Brock grimaces. Even though he knows various Pokemon outside of Kanto during his journey of capturing various Rock-Types to his arsenal of Pokemon, Unova was the only Region he did not traveled during his journey. So this time, he's the one who has no idea what he's up against. From the move Ash ordered his Pokemon, he was ready to assume that it was a Fighting-Type due to him executing Dynamic Punch and Brick Break but the way his body is built suggest that he was either a Rock-Type or a Ground-Type.

Nevertheless, he still believes he can handle this "Rampardos use Crunch!" from there, he theorizes that it was maybe a Psychic-Type or a Ghost-Type because of the huge shout of pain it made. Ash, for the first time in the match made a worried face before calling out his command "Use Drain Punch and follow up with Focus Blast!"

"Rampardos get out of there!" Brock shouted. Rampardos back away just in time for the Drain Punch to pass him by swiftly, but was too late to escape the Focus Blast that followed. A cloud of dust erupted the moment Focus Blast made contact with Rampardos.

Ash didn't want any chances "Earthquake" and Earthquake it did, his Golett jump high before stomping the ground hard, bringing Rampardos to the world of pain. When the quake subsided and the dust settled, Rampardos is on the ground, passed out from too much pain.

The referee then stated the next battle "Rampardos is unable to battle! Golett wins, the Challenger must now wait for the opposing Trainer to choose his next Pokemon!"

Returning his Pokemon, he place it back on his belt then took another Pokeball, gripping it hard he then threw it on the field.

"Smash them hard, Tyranitar!" Tyranitar came out with a roar that shook the field. "TAAAAARRRRRRR!"

Ash just look at the Armor Pokemon with a deadpanned face "…Crap…" "… Golett" Chiyuzo said in … is not what he had in mind when he decided to battle against the Rock-Type Gym Leader and his Golett knew it too.

'Well, at least Fighting-Type Moves are twice as effective for Tyranitar, Moves that Chiyuzo has in spades. But his pseudo-legendary status is nothing to scoff at either, its skin is twice as hard from the looks of it, and it's thicker than the information says. Need to let Golett focus only on one area, just below the chest plate. All right!' Ash thought, forming a strategy against the monstrosity that is Tyranitar.

"Both Trainers ready? Begin battle!" referee stated, starting the fight.

Brock made the first move "Dark Pulse, Tyranitar!" Tilting his head back, Tyranitar then let out a long dark tendrils shaping into a cone straight to Golett.

"Chiyuzo, intercept it with Focus Blast" and his Golett created a mass ball of concentrated energy, then threw it in the middle of Dark Pulse, exploding in the process. It prevented the Golett from being hit by the cone of dark energy, but suddenly was hit by a blast of Ice Beam, blasting him behind a rock. The attack gave Golett a lot of damage as he suddenly went down on one knee.

"Tch… Chiyuzo, are you okay?" When his Golett stood up and gave Ash a thumb up indicating that he's still good to go, he made a sigh of relief, he then look at his opponent's Pokemon before facing the field, searching for anything that will give him an edge before seeing the huge rock on the Tyranitar's right side.

"It's a long shot, but it might give me a chance to give his Pokemon major damage before he takes down mine…" Ash mumbled to himself before he look at his Golett and ordered him "All right Chiyuzo, if they think were gonna go down easily, they have another thing coming… see that rock beside Tyranitar? Shoot that with a Focus Blast!" shouting the attack to throw off Brock's game, even for just a little while.

"That won't do you any good! Tyranitar, use Protect!" Brock ordered his Pokemon were his Tyranitar put his hands in front of him and erected a shield of green energy.

Ash smirked "Heh, who said I was aiming for Tyranitar?" then the Focus Blast hit blasted the huge rock into rubble, the pieces of rock pelting Armor Pokemon, distracting it and shouted a roar of pain when a stray rubble hit its eye.

Ash then commanded Chiyuzo "Now, Focus Punch!" the Automaton Pokemon ran straight to Tyranitar who is still distracted by the pain in his eye, his right fist glowing more brightly with every step.

Surprised, Brock could only shout to his Pokemon to block the attack but by the time his Trainer ordered him to block the Shiny Pokemon was already upon him with his fist hitting him in just below his chest plate. Dust exploded when the Focus Punch made contact. When it settled, the Pokemon were still in the same position. Not taking any chances, Brock said in a desperate shout "Finish it with Hyper Beam Tyranitar then Dark Pulse!" and his Pokemon let out an orange ball of energy on his gaping mouth. Ash thank whatever Poke God was out there when Brock ordered his Tyranitar a Normal-Move but grimace when he followed it with a Dark-Type Attack in point-blank range. But, it gave him enough time to give Tyranitar more damage than he anticipated.

"Focus Punch then use your other fist to give his Pokemon a Drain Punch!" and is Pokemon did so, intent on using the chance to retaliate.

Hitting him in the same area, Tyranitar's Hyper Beam exploded and during that time Ash's Golett hit him with his other fist, replenishing him quickly and weakening his opponent at the same time. Again, dust exploded from the powerful attack but was blown away after a couple of seconds by the Dark Pulse.

Anxiety filled both Trainers' mind. Giving their Pokemon a hard, focus look and gritting their teeth. When the dust settled, both Pokemon were just 5 feet away giving each other their glare. Tyranitar smirk before closing his eyes and fell on the ground. Seeing the knock out Pokemon the referee was about to announce the end of the battle when the Golett made a sound before he, too fell.

The referee stated the double knock-out "Both Pokemon is unable to battle! This battle is a draw! Both Trainers, release your next Pokemon!"

Brock thank his Tyranitar a good fight then returned him in his Pokeball to rest then his demeanor change into hard, focus and serious expression. He took his last Pokeball and grip the round object much harder than he did before.

"You did great, Chiyuzo… take a good long rest. You earned it…" Ash said to his unconscious Pokemon before returning it. He pondered who he will choose next.

'Hmm… Raizumi and Chiyuzo is out, Chofuri is my third. I still got two more open slots… Kyohime isn't strong enough to battle in a Gym Match. I'm pretty sure Brock save his strongest last. Guess it's Kyooji and Yurai then, I'll choose Yurai last if my other two Pokemon can't beat Brock's' Ash then look at Brock "Right…Chofuri it is then…" he said as he took his Butterfree's Pokeball.

Looking at his beloved Pokemon within the Pokeball, Brock then looks at Ash before saying "Ash" he got Ash's attention "I congratulate you for beating my Pokemon until my last one while you still have three more. I would gladly admit that this is the first time I've felt challenged in a long while, and I'm happy that you're the one who gave me a run for the money" Ash smiled at this. But Brock wasn't finish "But! You have force me to use my strongest Pokemon. Out of all the Pokemon I had, this is the only friend I have that always prevents challengers from getting their Boulder Badge!" he then threw his last Pokeball in the field "Shake their resolve! Go, Rhyperior!"

Ash knew the moment Brock release his Pokemon, he will have to use every skill and tricks in his arsenal to beat this titan of a Pokemon. Now he's having second thoughts on using Chofuri against this monster.

Rhyperior let out a huge battle cry, stronger than Tyranitar's roar; it shook the entire Gym for a few seconds before calming down.

Now Ash was pretty sure Chofuri won't stand a chance against it, his Pokemon would only be eaten then spitted out the moment the match starts. But before he could think of another strategy, Chofuri came out of his Pokeball. Floating around, he looks at the fierce Drill Pokemon then look at Ash with a determined look. Ash was surprised that his Pokemon is willing to fight against Rhyperior, a Pokemon that's obviously stronger than him. His confused face slowly became a proud look.

His own Pokemon gave him the courage to fight the last obstacle to earn the Boulder Badge. 'It should be the other way around, heh'

Twisting his cap on, he gave Brock a face full of determination then pointed at him "While I know that Rhyperior is your strongest Pokemon, but my Pokemon is no pushover either! I have faith that I'm- No, WE are going to win this match and get our first Badge! Let's do this Chofuri!" Chofuri shouted his name in agreement.

"With both Pokemon on the field, fighters' ready? BEGIN!" the referee stated and made a chopping motion, he then continued the match.

"Chofuri, Venom Wind!" nodding, the Butterfree then created a Gust filled with Poison Powder, intent on slowly weaken the Drill Pokemon.

"That won't work! Rhyperior, knock it away with Sand Storm!" Rhyperior stomp the ground, and a twister of sand came out, covering the whole field and temporarily blinded and hurt the Butterfly Pokemon and stopping the attack with the storm.

"Damn!... Don't give up Chofuri! Use Bug Buzz!" his Butterfree's wings was flapping so fast it made a buzzing sound, distracting and hurting Rhyperior as it trash around.

"Use Stone Edge Rhyperior! Don't let that bug get to you!" Rhyperior roared its name when rocks suddenly came out of its body, rotating around him like a shield before flying straight to the Butterfly Pokemon.

"Chofuri, dodge those rocks and use Double Team!" Ordered Ash when he saw the attack. Majority of the rocks Chofuri evaded thanks to his flying abilities and Double Team's evasiveness but he still got hit badly by some.

"Chofuri, lay low for now but get ready to fly in case he orders his Pokemon to use Earthquake, got it?" Ash said to his Pokemon seeing it needs to rest for a quick while and he smiled when Chofuri nods.

"Good, use Substitute and Rest. If it gets close, use Disable" ordered Ash quietly so that Brock won't hear it, saying its name quietly it hid behind the rock where Rhyperior won't see him and use Substitute and Rest after that.

The only thing Brock saw just in time was the Bug-Type going behind a rock "Trying to hide eh? Nice try! Rhyperior, break that rock with Rock Smash and use Rock Wrecker on his Butterfree!" Rhyperior ran to the huge rock but because of his build his speed was slow enough to give Chofuri enough time to finish using Rest, he smashed the rock with his fist than rammed the clone of Chofuri, breaking the Move and Ash's Butterfree use disable after Rhyperior used Rock Wrecker on his Substitute. Both Brock and his Pokemon didn't see the eyes of Ash's Butterfree glowing blue before fading.

Smirking, Ash then said to Brock who look confused as to why he's smiling "You saw him hide, but that was all you saw!" more confused, Brock saw Butterfree flew to the air and realize why the Butterfree look so fresh "Rest? Damn, Rhyperior use Stone Edge and finish it with Flamethrower!" he ordered his Pokemon, intent of ending the battle "Not even that bug can escape this!"

Ash and even his Butterfree know he can't escape both attacks, too near to actually evade. Ash could only close his eyes from the attack, not wanting to see Chofuri in so much pain.

But the Butterfly didn't want to end like this, he use Rest to be able to last longer in battle, not to let Rhyperior finish him so close. Without waiting for his orders, he let out his strongest Gust and added it with Stun Spore. If he's gonna fall, he will at least give his Trainer's Pokemon the edge to beat the Drill Pokemon.

The flamethrower pass by the Paralyzing induce Gust hitting Rhyperior before he was consumed by the fire. When the fire subsided, Chofuri fell down to the ground in pain and knocked out. The only thing Ash saw was his fallen Pokemon and somehow a weird glitter before it stop sparkling around the field, he then grimace when he look back at his Pokemon.

"Ash's Butterfree is unable to battle! Brock's Rhyperior wins! The Gym Leader must wait for the Challenger to choose his next Pokemon!"

Ash gave Chofuri a concerned and worried look before returning. Before he place his Pokemon back to his belt he told the Bug-Type "I'm sorry that you were in so much pain Chofuri… I'll make sure you get healed after this" then he gripped the Pokeball hard "I promise you I'll win this, I won't waste all your and my other Pokemon's work in vain…" placing it back, he then took the Pokeball with his most trusted Pokemon on his hand. Rubbing it with his thumb, he said to his Pokemon "Whatever pain they inflicted to our friends, will return it tenfold…Strike from the shadows, Yurai!" and what came out was his first and most strongest Pokemon, his Shiny Sableye.

Yurai stood tall, his arms on his side clenching his fist hard. He heard every word his Trainer and friend said. He wore a serious look, glaring hard on Rhyperior with a huge scowl, which actually made him flinch, and understood that this battle will be hard and painful. Either from that Sableye or from him, he doesn't know.

Still glaring, he brought his hands on his neck with his thumb up then he made a slash motion and did a thumb down. Letting the Drill Pokemon know what he means "You're going down and you won't even know what hit you".

Looking at both Pokemon the referee then proceeded to announce the next battle "Are both Trainers' and Pokemon ready? Sixth battle between Ash Ketchum and Brock Harrison, begin!"

Ash made the first move "Ice Cannon" Yurai pumped out his arms with open hands letting out a Water Pulse straight to Rhyperior, and then he opened his mouth and fired an Ice Beam, adding the ice to the Water-Type attack, freezing it and making it bigger.

"Block it with a self-inflict Rock Tomb!" Rhyperior stomp the ground, huge rocks appear around him just in time for it to make contact with Ice Cannon. When the attack finished, the entire rock was covered in ice.

"Energy Gun" Making an Energy Ball, Yurai then hit it with a Water Gun, the concentrated mass of grass energy absorbed the water making it bigger and stronger. Suddenly, the Pokemon threw it to Rhyperior who could only block it. The Energy Ball was so fast it resembled closely to a huge bullet, the frozen rock stood no chance and immediately broke upon contact and hit the Drill Pokemon, the dust smothering the field. Brock did a worried shout to his Pokemon.

Not giving him any chance to retaliate, Ash ordered another of Yurai's Special Combination Moves "Heat Pulse" Yurai opened his mouth again and let out a huge Scald attack with Water Pulse's properties, faster than his Ice Cannon and hit Rhyperior was hit again by the extremely effective attack.

Gritting his teeth, Brock let out his order "If he's not going to you, we'll make him come! Use Earthquake!" stomping the ground again, the field shook hard making Yurai unbalanced and get hit by a couple of rocks popping out during the Earthquake but not letting him get close. Frustration slips into his stoic demeanor and let out an angry shout "Rock Polish into Double Team then Rock Polish again and follow it with Giga Impact!"

Rhyperior made a shout as his skin shine as if it was polished, then the single Pokemon turned into 5 Rhyperior. Using Rock Polish again, his skin was even brighter than before, and it made him feel faster than before. With a determined shout of its name, Rhyperior charge through, breaking rocks whenever it was in his way. Brock was angry, but he still is level-headed compare to other Trainers who can only think of beating their opponents and not thinking. So when he saw Ash smirk when he ordered the last attack, he then told his Pokemon to add another Type to its Giga Impact to give it even more damage "Add Dragon Rush Rhyperior! Add more power!" He's level-headed yes, but he still was angry so some facts tend to slip from his mind. But it was worth it when he saw Ash stop smiling.

"When its close, use Double Team!" and Double Team he did, the Drill Pokemon hit an illusion, making his overpowered Giga Impact, and the recharge time was even longer because of the additional Dragon Rush. No one in his right mind won't try to take advantage of this "Good, Hone Claws and Bulk Up then Agility!"

A dark aura covered his hands and a red and blue mixing aura covered his entire body then followed by a pink one then it faded. When he finishes all his moves, he felt like a new Sableye. Faster and stronger, he then made a sprinting stance, awaiting his friend's order "All right now use your Sweeping Kick!" with his fast speed, he was already under Rhyperior, making a sweeping kick, he felt the heavy Pokemon fell down, taking damage from being hit by a Low Sweep and Low Kick at the same time. But it was a bad time to be below him though, even when he's through extreme pain, he grabs the smaller Pokemon's leg. With its vice grip, Yurai couldn't escape from the point-blank Flamethrower Brock ordered.

Ash was afraid for his Pokemon "Yurai!" Weakness or nor, a point-blank attack from anything that goes with pain will always hurt a lot. He breathes a sigh of relief when he saw his Sableye still conscious.

Brock decided to finish the fight. When he saw Yurai come out with Ash smirking, he thought this was his strongest Pokemon and maybe followed by that Golett of his or that Pikachu. He then believes if he beats Ash's Pokemon now, that means his next and last Pokemon won't be a challenge for his starter Pokemon.

Brock then smiled at Ash "It was a good fight Ash. But it wasn't enough to give you a Boulder Badge. You can always try a rematch though" he said before looking serious again "Rhyperior! End it with Stone Edge!" Ash could only watch his Pokemon being beaten then threw to the sides before being eaten then be spitted outside the fie- wait.

…where's the sound of rocks hitting flesh?

When both Trainers look at Rhyperior, they were both surprised when Rhyperior was struggling to move, as if he was paralyze-

'Wait! That glitter from before… it wasn't just a spark, it was from a Stun Spore! Chofuri… you… thank you!' Ash finally notice, he owes his Pokemon a huge debt, thanking him again from his mind, he grinned before looking at Yurai who was following his Trainer's expression.

"Chance Yurai! Use Sunny Day and Calm Mind twice!" and calm he did, Yurai close his eyes as he concentrated to increase his Special Attack even stronger.

"Break out of that Paralyze Rhyperior then use ROCK WRECKER!" Brock told his Pokemon, shouting the attack louder than any of his other shouts combined. But his frustration turned to irritation and confusion when his Pokemon just stood there "What's wrong Rhyperior? Are you okay girl? Why can't you use Rock Wrecker?"

Ash answered him "Disable" Brock turned to him "What?" Ash then smirked "The first time your girl use Rock Wrecker, Chofuri my Butterfree, did a Disable after Rhyperior ended her attack" "WHAT?!" Brock shouted rather in disbelief instead of more confusion. Realizing this he look at the Shiny Sableye who was finish using Calm Mind twice.

"This… is the end! Yurai, Gaia Cannon!" and the Pokemon let out the biggest Energy Ball, empowered by Sunny Day, Water Gun and the 3 previous Calm Mind. No escape, Rhyperior forgot to release Yurai and back away and with the Paralyze in effect she won't be able to move for a while. Yurai knows this, but Rhyperior knows it a lot more. She took an Energy Ball before this one, and the one before gave her a lot of damage and also lowering her Special Defense. Add with the fact that the Shiny Sableye has a high Special Attack that was even more powerful when she uses Calm Mind not once or twice but thrice! She could only brace herself from the extreme pain from the big ass ball of energ-


When the dust was blown away by the wind, Yurai was on one knee. Extremely exhausted, Yurai's will and determination with a hint of stubbornness what kept him from being knock out while Rhyperior was down, her front facing the ceiling with an unusual look of serenity on her face. As if instead of upset it lost, it was happy that she got a challenge.

The referee then ended the match "Rhyperior is unable to battle! Sableye wins and Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town wins the match! With no more able Pokemon, Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Trainer of Pallet Town has defeated Rock-Type Specialist, Pewter City Gym Leader Brock Harrison! Ash has now won the Boulder Badge! With the official battle ended, Ash Ketchum is now rewarded with 5,000 Pokedollars and a Rock-Type TM as prize in beating the Gym Leader of Pewter City Gym!"

For too long she remained unused during the duration of the Pokemon League Championships, either the Trainers aren't strong enough that she would be needed or they don't last on Brock's 3rd Pokemon. Out of the all the matches Brock had, Rhyperior was only used twice. Once from a Trainer called Gary Oak, someone he knows is strong but relies too much on Level, Type-Advantage and just strengthening his Pokemon instead of pushing his Pokemon to the limit and use skills. Don't get him wrong, he knows Gary has the skill but he keeps on using moves that will overpower his enemies instead of going incognito and let out a strategy before the opponent could retaliate. And even then, he could barely beat his beloved Rhyperior. The brat was lucky the roof was open and it was scorching hot when they battled. His Grass-Types got the advantage while his Water-Types just used Rain Dance to fight back.

But the second, is- WAS right now. Ash Ketchum was the definition of a Prodigy. In the tender age of 10 and only been a Pokemon Trainer for almost 3 weeks, Ash was able to beat his first and strongest Pokemon without actually relying on luck and whatnot, just pure skill. Those combinations of moves he made and just made up a name to confuse his opponent? Ingenious. His Pokemon is also strong enough to be independent and not actually needed to be told to fight back. They only listen to him because they respected him, simple as that. And the strength of his Pokemon alone is mind-boggling. How did he get them this powerful in just 2-3 weeks' worth of training?

With a big smile on his face he went to Forrest, his sibling and the second oldest that is holding a black box and took the Boulder Badge inside it. He then walks to the other side of the field, wanting to give Ash the Badge himself.

Ash stops congratulating his Pokemon, Yurai who was proud of the fact he made Ash won his first Gym Battle and also beating a strong Pokemon close or somewhere above his level but suddenly just stood on his side when Ash felt someone walking behind him. When he turned around, he saw Brock smiling, replacing his serious demeanor during the fight.

"Ash" Brock started "Congratulations in beating me. A Major Gym Leader which I even use my strongest team, I present to you… the Boulder Badge!" he then handed it to Ash who took it with appreciation. Brock wasn't finish though, signaling his two siblings, Salvadore and Yolanda to give him the two prizes.

He then turned back to Ash and said "Since this is an official battle, along with a Gym Battle, I present to you the Prize Money for winning the official battle and this TM 69 for beating me in a Gym Battle" he then explained the TM.

"Now, TM 69 is Rock Polish, a Rock-Type Status Move. Whenever someone that can use this TM learns this, the user's speed will drastically increase. Making the Pokemon even faster"

Ash thanked Brock and bowed then raised his head up "Thanks Brock, it was a great battle! I hope we can have a rematch again!" Ash said with a grin.

Smiling sadly "…Me too, Ash. Me too…" he looks at his siblings one by one. Spaced out, he snapped out from his daze and took his injured Pokemon and shouted to Ash to wait for him.

In the Pokemon Center, Leaf was training her Pokemon, her Ivysaur who, evolve during her time in training in the woods. Her Beedrill who evolve not too long ago. A female Nidoran that she caught when she was roaming around Route 3, looking for Trainers to battle from or Wild Pokemon to catch or use as Training for her Pokemon. And lastly, a Sandshrew who strayed away from Mt. Moon when he was looking for food.

Misty is sitting on the couch in the Recreation Room, reading a magazine. She went shopping earlier and just got back not too long ago, so she is just doing something that will pass time.

When the door of the Pokemon Center opened, Misty walked out of the room, getting a drink from the cafeteria while Leaf just went inside, just finish training her Pokemon and was about to give her Pokemon to Nurse Joy when both girls look at the newcomers. When the people walking was actually Ash and a person Misty personally knows, their eyes brightened then went to them, wanting to ask what happened when he went out.

Seeing the girls, Brock blush when he thought the two Girls, not noticing Misty was the other one since he was concentrating at Leaf. He then stopped walking and proceeded to create a speech to impress the ladies while Ash stopped walking since he was behind Brock. When he looks to the sides, and smiled when it was his friends that were coming. He then waved to them and they waved back, wanting to know what they were doing while he was in the Gym.

When Brock so they were about to meet him, he straightened his back and proceeded with the sappy love comments but fell down on the floor comically when they just went pass him. Don't they realize him? He was the Pewter Gym Leader for Pete's sake! When he saw Ash talking to the two Girls whole-heartedly, his heart soured. But that was the time he finally notice Misty.

"Misty?" Brock wondered as Misty stop talking to Ash and turned to look at him "What are you doing here?" Misty could only laugh awkwardly "Um… Just traveling and all, Heh heh…" confused, Ash and Leaf looks at Brock then Ash asked "You know Misty, Brock?"

"You guys didn't know? She's Cerulean City Gy-"Misty interrupted him "Gym Leader's friend! Don't worry about that Brock, I already told them about it! I just forgot to mention you, sorry!" she then grabbed Brock's arm and pulled him away from the other two. Looking back, Misty then turned to Brock and whispered "Just go along please! I don't want them to know yet… Just tell them we know each other because we tend to meet whenever you and the Cerulean Gym Leader get together to have fun" Brock look perplexed "Okay… but what am I gonna tell them if they ask who the Gym Leader of Cerulean be?" Misty then replied "Uhh… Ka-Kasumi! That's right, if they ask who she is, tell them it's Kasumi" they then went back to the other 2 who ask how they knew each other. Brock then explained a made up story of what Misty told him, with Misty agreeing to prevent suspicion. Nodding at the explanation, they then walked together to the Healing Stations.

Upon seeing Nurse Joy though, Brock went into Hopeless Romanic Mode, he quickly went in front of Nurse Joy, grabbing her hand and blushing, he then announced to Nurse Joy "Oh, my beloved! We were meant for each other, held together by our steadfast love!"

Leaf did a sweat drop, Misty face-palmed and mumbled "Same old Brock…", Nurse Joy could only give Brock a weird look. Ash, he was laughing awkwardly. He stopped laughing though then asked Nurse Joy "Nurse Joy, can you heal my Pokemon please?" he asked politely.

But his friends' view and Nurse Joy's view was vastly different when it comes to Ash. It went like this in Joy's sight and hearing:

Start Nurse Joy's Daydreaming.

(Ash with a Bishounen Look) "My beloved Nurse Joy, it will be much appreciated if you heal my Pokemon at once so that I can then make our dreams come true! Quick before the hands of the devil we call time grabs and separate us!"

End Nurse Joy's Daydreaming.

In the outside world though, Nurse Joy had a dazed look, a blush present on her face. Brock was trying hard to snap her from her daydreaming. Misty and Leaf was just waiting for her to reply while Ash got tired of waiting. He held Nurse Joy's shoulder and shook her awake, then ask her "Oi, will you heal my Pokemon please Nurse Joy?"

Nurse Joy was still half daze when she replied "I'll heal whatever parts is hurting yo- I mean!" she spoke, finally awake and aware of what she was about to say. Blushing, she shyly looks at Ash then told him "Ye-yes, I'll heal your Pokemon, Ash. Yours too Brock, Leaf" taking all three trays, she quickly left to heal the injured Pokemon.

Brock look at Ash with the expression that meant 'How'd you do it?' before shrugging it, thinking it was just a stroke of luck. Leaf and Misty just glared at the retreating back of Nurse Joy. Ash was just too dense to notice what Nurse Joy was implying.

Ash looks at the clock which read 8: 38 PM, seeing it was night time. Ash then told them he was gonna sleep first since he was tired from the battle and told them he'll get his Pokemon from Nurse Joy tomorrow.

After giving a good night to Ash and waving, Misty turned back to Brock and asked what happened in the Gym. Leaf was interested and since she was not sleepy decided to listen on the Gym Leader's story about what happened.

Sitting in a couch, they made themselves comfortable before Brock told them what occurred in the Gym, starting with the match "Well, he challenges me to a Gym Battle and I told him…"

Morning came, and Ash woke up early. Looking at his Pokedex it read 7: 15 AM. Seeing that he won't be sleeping again anytime soon, he stood up and went outside their room, noticing Leaf wasn't on her bed. "Huh… Must have woke up early and ate breakfast... I'm pretty sure she's not a morning person" Ash mused before going down.

When he went down, the first thing he saw outside the window was Leaf sitting on a bench alone, looking sad. Wanting to know what made her so down, Ash went out of the Pokemon Center with Yurai in tow, and went to Leaf who still didn't notice him. "Hey Leaf…?"

Leaf jumped when she heard someone call her name. Looking at her left, she saw Ash looking at her with concern eyes. She smiled lightly before greeting her fellow Trainer "Hello Ash, Good Morning…" then she went back looking at the floor.

Ash sit down beside Leaf before persuading her to talk what got her so sad "Leaf, we known each other for years. I've known YOU for years. So if you are sad and tried to hide it, I'll know how, when and why you hid it. I'm only asking you what got you sad so that I can confirm it. Were friends, aren't we?" Leaf sighed slowly, before inhaling and looking at Ash with a sad smile.

"Thanks… I was just thinking. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a Trainer…" Leaf mused to herself. Shock but not surprised, Ash then look at Leaf with his right eyebrow raising in question "Why?"

She then looks up to the sky and said "I know I said I'll be a Pokemon Master. But I only did that because that's the only huge goal I can follow… truth be told, I've never really like battling that much" she then face Ash "You must be really disappointed about me huh Ash?"

Looking at Leaf, Ash chuckled before he rebuked what Leaf told him about what she wants "if I'm disappointed… then I must be the worse best childhood friend ever!" Leaf look at Ash in surprised while he just smiled at her which made her blush a little "Leaf, the only thing I'm disappointed about now is the fact that you think so lowly of me…" Leaf dumbly ask "What?..." "I'm not a good friend if I disregard what you want and make you want what I want instead of what YOU want…" his concerned look softened "you should have given me a little bit of your faith, just like I did with you when you said I should had trusted you more… now, tell me what is making you really sad?" he ask Leaf as he said it with a serious way.

Smiling, she shook her head before telling him "Again, I didn't want you to be upset but… I was thinking… that I should finally go on my journey…" she looks at Ash, her eyes having that shine of hope that he says yes.

"Leaf, you already made your journey. I didn't take your hand and gave you a helping hand. You did that on your own" Leaf then replied "But, you were always there for me, you kept on holding my hand as we traveled our way here. Helping me with everything I have a problem with" puffing his chest out, Ash let out a huge laugh before telling Leaf "Leaf, being in a journey doesn't mean you need to do it alone!" Leaf then asked "It doesn't?" Ash smiled at this "Nope, a journey" here Ash made a serious look "doesn't mean you have to be alone nor does it even need a group. A journey gives opportunity to learn so many things. Things that we don't know about and even more as our journey goes on. A journey means making a life for you, to forge a path for yourself. Some people took years to build theirs on. Some took months, others took weeks, and a couple took days. Hell, there are some that took just a few hours! But, what I truly mean was, going on a journey means meeting obstacles after obstacles in every adventure you made, in every journey you did. You do everything in your strength to overcome that roadblock and in turn, to become more in tune with yourself"

Ash then grab Leaf's hands and opened it "These hands of yours, they will be the ones who will forge your path, your mind will be the one to remind you of the obstacles, your heart will be what keeps you going and your inner strength will be the ones to destroy every roadblock you made in your journey. There are no shortcuts, you either take the hard way or no way at all" Ash ended with a sage like tone in his voice.

Leaf giggled "You should have been an advisor instead of a Trainer Ash…but, thanks… I know what I need to do now" she then stood up, Ash just shrugged at her comment before encouraging her "I try and thanks for the compliment! Be careful though, and don't forget. Whenever you are in trouble, I'll always will be there. And when you finally found your path, I'll be there to give you a helping hand in every step of the way" Ash told Leaf with a huge smile in his face, happy that he gave his friend the push in the right direction.

After taking everything that was hers', she gave Misty a brief info of what she's going to do. Misty encourage her decision, she hugged Leaf before the girls said their goodbyes. As Leaf went down, she thanks Ash with everything then hugged him. Ash just returned her hug but was surprised when his best friend suddenly kissed his cheek. Blushing, she said goodbye to Ash before leaving the Pokemon Center quickly and going on her own journey starting on Route 3 and also so that Ash won't see her blushing face. she giggled at her romantically dense friend.

While he was confused why Leaf kissed his cheek, he just shrugged thinking it was for good luck and smiled when she said goodbye to her. Both Ash and Misty stayed for another day to make sure everything is prepared for Ash's next journey the next day.

They stood in front of the Pokemon Center, ready to move when someone called out to them. Went the person got closer, they saw it was Brock and waited for him to come to them and want to see what he needs. Brock huff, a bit tired from running and told them he decided to join them.

Ash then exclaimed "What about the Gym Brock? Who's going to maintain Gym Battles if you're joining us with my journey?" Misty wondered the same thing. Brock smiled and said to them "Ash, the reason I was a Gym Leader in the first place was because I have to, not because I want to. You see, my dad wanted to become a great Trainer and left for his journey. But for a long time he didn't come back or even tried to call home. Mom got sad, so she went on her own to do something besides waiting for him. Since no one in my family can battle yet, I took dad's place to maintain the Gym" Ash then asked who is replacing him. Brock again smiled at this.

"Ever since I was young, I was always fascinated about Pokemon Breeding. But because of Gym duties and being an older brother to my siblings, I couldn't reach my dream. But after your match with me, dad appeared and admitted that he was watching the battle the entire time. Inspired by your battling, he apologized for being a lousy father and decided to finally take responsibility and be the Gym Leader once again and being a dad to my siblings. He then told me to go on my own journey to be the best Pokemon Breeder. I ask him how he knew that, and was surprised that he knew it all along. The reason he didn't come back home was because he was ashamed at the fact that he didn't became the Trainer he told us he will be"

"Wow Brock, I know you were amazing, but after hearing your story, it made me respect you a lot more. Your one of the best person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and I'm sure with you joining our little group, we'll be the best in our own ways, right Misty?" Ash told Brock before asking Misty. Misty smiled and said "Of course we loved you to be with us Brock! You'll be a great help in our travels" Brock smiled and thanked them for the compliments "Thanks Guys, I really appreciate everything you guys said. All right! Time to get the show on the road!" Brock proclaimed pointing at the direction of Route 3, where we have to go to get to Mt. Moon and from there, to Cerulean City to get my next badge.

"Right!" Ash and Misty said happily. Together they walked to Route 3. An adventure waiting to happen that everyone will cherish and never forget. Following their dreams and goals, one step at a time.

After a while, Ash ask who was Brock's father.

Brock answered "Dad's name? Well, his real name is Flint"

Ash and Misty just look dumbfounded before shouting "Wait, WHAT!"

End of Chapter 3: Bug Bites and Let's Brock!

Ash's Team :

Pikachu [Raizumi] Level 48; Normal Pokemon

Moves: Growl, Thunder Shock, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Double Team, Slam, Thunder Bolt, Feint, Agility, Protect, Flash, Charge, Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, Rain Dance, Slam, Rock Smash, Endure, Brick Break, Charge and Rock Smash.

Sableye [Yurai] Level 52; Shiny Pokemon

Moves: Scratch, Leer, Foresight, Night Shade, Astonish, Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Detect, Shadow Sneak, Knock Off, Faint Attack, Punishment, Shadow Claw, Power Gem, Dig, Dark Pulse, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Poison Jab, Psychic, Return, and Payback, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Energy Ball, Calm, Mind, Hone Claws, Agility, Sunny Day, Water Gun, Energy Ball, Bulk Up and Scald.

Golett [Chiyuzo] Level 46; Shiny Pokemon

Moves: Pound, Defense Curl, Astonish, Mud-Slap, Rollout, Shadow Punch, Iron Defense, Drain Punch, Focus Blast, Mega Punch, Magnitude, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Night Shade, Protect, Dynamic Punch, Brick Break, Focus Punch, Shadow Ball and Earth Power.

Pidgeotto [Hageshika] Level 35; Normal Pokemon

Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Pluck, Wing Attack, Peck, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Roost, Whirlwind, Steel Wing, Agility and Double Team.

Nidorina [Kyohime] Level 32; Shiny Pokemon

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Tail Whip, Double Kick, Cut, Bite, Toxic, Attract, Charm, Helping Hand, Body Slam, Strength, Crunch, Protect, Dig, Rock Tomb and Skull Bash.

Nidorino [Kyooji] Level 38; Normal Pokemon

Moves: Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Venoshock, Toxic, Dig, Hone Claws, Megahorn, Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt, Flamethrower, Venoshock, Horn Drill, Confusion and Horn Drill.

Butterfree [Chofuri] Level 40

Moves: Confusion, Psy Beam, Psychic, Rest, Dream Eater, Poison Powder, Venoshock, Silver Wind, Bug Buzz, Bug Bite, String Shot, Struggle Bug, U-Turn, Electroweb, Tackle, Iron Defense, Harden, Stun Spore, Energy Ball, Sleep Powder, Gust, Super Sonic, Whirlwind, Solar Beam, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Disable and Sunny Day.

Leaf's Team:

Ivysaur [Hadoku] Level 31; Normal Pokemon

Moves : Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Venoshock, Sludge Bomb, Absorb, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Growth, Double-Edge, Mega Drain, Energy Ball, Worry Seed and Synthesis.

Beedrill [Kirabi] Level 30; Shiny Pokemon

Moves: Fury Attack, Focus Energy, Bug Bite, String Shot, Twineedle, Rage, Pursuit, Toxic Spikes, Pin Missile, Venoshock, Poison Jab, Harden, Poison Sting, Protect, Attract, Toxic, Giga Impact and Hidden Power.

Nidoran(F) Level 14; Normal Pokemon

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Tail Whip, Double Kick and Poison Sting.

Sandshrew Level 21; Normal Pokemon

Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting, Rollout, Rapid Spin, Swift, Fury Cutter, Magnitude and Fury Swipes.

Brock's Team: (Here Brock only brought his Starter Pokemon Rhyperior, Graveler and Onix)

Rhyperior Level 56 ; Normal Pokemon

Moves : Stomp, Horn Attack, Fury Attack, Tail Whip, Poison Jab, Scary Face, Rock Blast, Chip Away, Take Down, Hammer Arm, Drill Run, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Double Team, Rock Polish, Giga Impact, Rock Wrecker, Rock Smash, Flamethrower, Roar, Smack Down, Dig, Return, Rock Tomb, Ice Beam, Crunch, Crush Claw, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Iron Tail, Magnitude, Skull Bash, Thunder Fang, Drill Run, Earth Power, Endure, Iron Head, Superpower, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Sand Storm and Protect.

Graveler Level 49 ; Normal Pokemon

Moves : Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rollout, Rock Blast, Smack Down, Selfdestruct, Bulldoze, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Strength, Brick Break, Dig, Sand Storm, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Endure, Block and Stone Edge.

Onix Level 52 ; Normal Pokemon

Moves : Bind, Tackle, Harden, Mud Sport, Curse, Rock Throw, Rage, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock, Rock Polish, Smack Down, DragonBreath, Slam, Screech, Rock Slide, Sand Tomb, Iron Tail, Dig, Stone Edge, Double-Edge, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Dragon Tail, Flail, Heavy Slam, Rock Smash and Iron Head.

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