Angela is facing all the struggles of being a newcomer on Waffle Island: trying to create a successful farm, make friends, and find love. Not to mention she is obsessed with mining. To add to the mix, her best friend Claire also moves to the island and they work on saving the island together.

AngelaxOwen ClairexJin

When I woke up a very unhappy face was peering down at me. The intense frown on his face almost made me cringe. "That is the fourth time this week you collapsed in the Ganache Mine, Angela." Jin, the doctor, had been telling me the whole week not to go back to the mine. I had a bit of an obsession with mining. "Do not go back to the mine for the rest of the week. I don't want to tell you again." Jin was usually a pleasant person, so the iciness in his voice caught me off guard. "You have only been on Waffle Island for a month and a half and you have been in this clinic for at least half of that amount of days."

I let out an airy laugh, sitting up and rubbing my forehead. Jin turned his back to me, and I could see his long black hair that was pulled up.

"I understand that Owen is always in the mine, and you like him-"

Suddenly, I got very defensive. "I do not like Owen." Of course that was a lie. Owen was training to become a blacksmith from his grandfather Ramsey and he spent most of his time in the mine. He liked ores from the mine. Jin apparently thought that I only mined so much to impress Owen, but that wasn't true. I just loved the thrill of mining.

Jin rolled his dark eyes discretely and pushed his glasses up a bit. "If you say so. Anyways, I'm sure he is getting tired of hunting for you then bringing you here almost every day. Give it a break, Angela."

I nodded and slid off the bed. After Irene, his grandmother at the front desk, retrieved some medicine for me, I was on my way. I wanted to go back to the Ganache Mine, but I knew I didn't have enough energy. Instead, I went down to the dock. Pascal, the ferryman, was arriving and with a few people I had never seen before. At first I thought they were all girls, but the longer I stared, the more I began to think one of them was actually a man.

Pascal waved me over and I trotted over to the group. "Angela, I brought some new villagers. Shelly is a tailor." I smiled respectfully at the older woman and the skin near her eyes crinkled as she returned the gesture. As he introduced them, he motioned in their direction. "Her granddaughters Luna and Candace are apprentices at her shop. Julius is a metal smith."

Luna barely gave me a smile and Candace bit her bottom lip. Julius said, "Pleased to meet you." I was sure now that this person was a male by the way he sounded. Luna's pink curls bounced as she nodded, agreeing with Julius.

"Glad to see some new faces," I laughed, scratching the back of my head. Julius brushed a few purple locks away from his face. He was really pretty; I was somewhat jealous of his looks. "Anyways, I should get back to the farm. There's still so much to get done..."

Candace nodded and said softly, "Of course." Apparently she was really shy and Luna had some sort of attitude from the looks of it.

I offered a smile and a wave. "Well, see you around..."

I got away as fast as possible. It seemed awkward around those four. Candace was extremely shy, Luna has an attitude, and Julius was just kind of weird. He was a man with good fashion sense and wore jewelry. Shelly was the only one that seemed completely normal. I laughed at that thought. Was exactly was the definition of normal?

The truth was that I had actually gotten all my work done of the farm early in the morning. All I had to do was water about twelve plants. I had no animals yet; I was still working on getting enough money to build a chicken coop. I had already remodeled my house once.

It was only about a minute after entering the Maple Lake District that my eyes caught sight of Gill, the mayor's arrogant son, strutting upon the same path I was on. I groaned. Gill had good intentions, like wanting to make the island great once again, but he was prissy.

"You're making good progress on the farm so far," he commented as he passed me on the path. "Better than I thought you would be doing by now, for sure."

Pursing my lips together, I continued toward my farm. Once I turned onto the path to the Caramel River District, where I lived, I almost turned around and ran after Gill. I wanted to punch him so badly, but I knew it would give me a bad reputation. I was just beginning to make friends and earn trust. Hitting Gill would satisfy me, but I would lose my friends in return.

Clenching my fist at my side, I smiled bitterly. Maybe one day when I was feeling more bold than usual...


The next morning after watering my crops, I decided to make my way over to the Ganache Mine District. It was the part of the island that I visited the most. I was so happy that the carpenter's apprentice, Luke, had cut the root to that part of the island near my house. The carpenter, Dale, hadn't wanted him to do it. Dale had claimed that it was part of the "Mother Tree" and that the Harvest Goddess would be angry with Luke for doing such a thing. Luke didn't listen. He cut it anyways, saying that the Harvest Goddess would understand, and if she did happen to get mad, that she could spank him. That comment had raised a few eyebrows.

Luke was nice and all. I didn't like the fact that he liked me, though. I tried to avoid him whenever I saw him. It wasn't very nice of me, but he was just so full of himself that it was a complete turn-off. Besides, he had some sort of obsession with lumber and trees. It was kind of creepy.

The only problem about the path near my house to the Ganache Mine District was that it passed the carpenter's shop. I was bound to run into Luke more than I would like. Dale's other apprentice, Bo, was not that bad, though. He was a couple years younger than me. He was pleasant.

After the path met up with one near the carpenter's shop, I hopped behind a tree. A second later, I peeked out from behind it and scanned the area. No one seemed to be outside just yet, which was relieving.

Grinning, I started trotting by the carpenter's shop. I happened to glance into the shop on my way by, catching Luke's eye. I froze suddenly, eyes widening. He did the same thing and then he disappeared from the window. That was when I ran full speed to hide in the Ramsey's blacksmith shop.

My entrance into the shop was loud. Everyone seemed to jump as I entered, panting. Five pairs of eyes were staring at me. Wait...five?

"Julius?" I said, raising a dark eyebrow at the man.

He smiled weakly. "Angela, right?" I gave a nod. "Pascal already told you, I am a metal smith. I work here now." I gave another nod then directed my attention to Mira, the woman who refined ores and gems and made accessories.

"Was Luke after you again?" she mumbled. I stared at her with my eyes narrowed slightly. I didn't know her that well, but she teased me sometimes. Julius was standing beside her, and I could tell they were related in some way. Probably aunt and nephew was my guess; I knew Mira didn't have children. I also think her husband died somehow because she always seems sad when mentioning him.

My blue eyes drifted over to Owen. He raised a red eyebrow. "What's up?"

I tugged my rucksack off my back and pulled out a silver ore. "I found this the other day. I thought I'd give it to you." The red-haired man took the ore from me and smiled, thanking me. "Anyways..." I glanced at Ramsey and his granddaughter, Chloe. Chloe was Owen's little cousin. "I should get going..."

Turning toward the door, I was about to walk out when Owen said, "You better not be going to the mine. Jin came and talked to me yesterday after you went home. He told me that I shouldn't let you go in the mine. He doesn't want you there for the rest of the week."

I shrugged and nodded, turning to look at the man I liked. "I am going to go to Soufflé Farm and work part-time. You don't have to worry about me going to the mine or anything. I heard Jin's instructions loud and clear."

After I shut the door to the blacksmith shop I sprinted toward the mine. I could hear the door open only seconds later.

"Angela!" Owen called in a scolding voice. I continued running. When I glanced behind me, my eyes widened. I had no idea Owen could run so fast. He was practically stepping on my heels as I entered the mine.

I was almost to the stairs leading to the second floor of the mine when I tripped and fell flat on the ground. Owen ended up tripping over me because he had been so close behind, but I rolled out of the way before he fell on me.

When I glanced over at him, I was met with a glare. "Soufflé Farm is closed today." I didn't know what to say, so I just grinned innocently. I stood, brushing myself off.

"Sorry Owen. The thrill of the mine is's addicting. Am I right or am I right?"

He heaved a sigh. "You're right. I don't blame you. I love mining, except I know when to draw the line. I know when to quit and not over work." He pushed himself up off the ground. "I'm not always going to be around to find you and take you to the clinic. You should take care of yourself."

Crossing my arms, I sighed. "Yeah, I should. I'm sorry I've put you through so much trouble. I will start taking care of myself."


I sighed again. If I promised then I would seriously have to stick to my words. I just hoped I could do that. "Yeah, I promise."


My best friend was laughing over the phone. "You're such a dork, Angela." I rolled my eyes at her words and smiled. Out of everything I left behind in the city, she was what I missed the most. My best friend, Claire Rowland, had been my friend ever since middle school. Living so far away from her somewhat pained me, but we just needed to take different paths and not hold each other back.

"Hey, I miss you..." I blurted out, randomly changing the subject.

She giggled. "I miss you, too. I won't for long, though!" This caused me to raise an eyebrow, although she couldn't see it. "I called Mayor Hamilton and he offered me the oceanside plot of land on Waffle Island. I'm moving there in about a week."

My mouth dropped open. I didn't know what to say. It was amazing that my best friend was going to live so close to where I was. I let out a squeak. Whenever I got extremely happy I would squeak randomly.

Claire's laughs tumbled through the phone after hearing my happy squeak. After a second, I joined in.


I rolled out of bed at six in the morning and got dressed. Like every other morning, I went outside and watered my tomato and corn plants. The day started out just like any other day. It wouldn't be the same as usual, though, since I wasn't going to go to the mine. I was trying not to even think about the mine.

Finally, I decided that I would head over to Caramel Falls and take a dip in the hot spring. It wasn't long before I was in the nude and relaxing in the warm waters near the waterfall.

I rested my head back against one of the rocks lining the hot spring and closed my eyes. The sound of the waterfall and the warmth from the hot spring made me sleepy. It would be dangerous to fall asleep in water, though, so I opened my eyes every couple of minutes to make sure I didn't drift off.

The heat eventually got overwhelming, so I got out of the hot spring and reached for my...

"Where are my clothes?" I said out loud, my heart suddenly pounding from the dilemma. That's when I saw the monkey that is always down near the waterfall running off with them. "Hey! Monkey!"

The primate stopped and glanced back at me. I smiled sweetly and held out my hands. Inching toward the spot where the monkey was, I said softly, "Come on, those are mine. Can I have them back? Please?"

After I got a little closer, the monkey zipped off down the winding slope toward the bottom of the waterfall. I growled angrily and ran after it, hoping that no one would be down there. To my dismay, Toby was down there. Fishing. He was always fishing.

I leapt behind a huge rock and peered over it to see what the monkey was doing. Toby didn't seem to notice it as it tossed my clothes carelessly wherever it wanted. My bra ended up falling into the water.


I watched as Toby reeled in my bra. He held it by one strap, his mouth hanging open slightly and his eyebrows raised. The silver-haired man didn't seem to know exactly why this had happened, or what he should do.

He glanced around after a minute and spotted me. I felt like dying. His eyes widened and he seemed very puzzled. I realized he could take it the wrong way and think I wanted him to reel in my bra.

Quickly, I explained, "I was in the hot spring and the monkey stole my clothes and my bra got tossed into the water..."

He still seemed a bit dazed, but he nodded, set my bra down and then left the area. Sighing in relief, I gathered all my clothes and redressed. This had been my last clean bra and now I had to wear it while it was wet. There were wet spots seeping through my shirt. It was completely obvious where my bra was placed.

It was mid-summer, so I knew the wet spots would dry if I stayed out in the sun. I wasn't exactly the shy type when it came to these kinds of situations either, so I didn't really mind walking around like such. I actually found it quite humorous.

I passed Kathy, the daughter of the bartender, and she giggled at me. Smiling, I yanked teasingly on her long blond hair that was pulled back, causing her to laugh. She didn't have very much clothing on most of the time with her outfit, but she was a really nice person. During the day she liked to hang out at Brownie Ranch because she liked horseback riding, and during the night she helped her father, Hayden, at the bar in Sundae Inn.

At some point I ended up passing Toby. He tried very hard not to look at me, but he ended up glancing my way. I laughed lightly and apologized. He was a very easy-going man, so he merely started laughing along with me.

When Mayor Hamilton saw me he turned bright red and started mumbling under his breath and shaking his head.

"Nice new look," someone said. I turned to see Selena standing behind me, a hand on her hip. She came from Toucan Island for the flower festival and hasn't left yet. She wears even less than Kathy. Sometimes she was nice and other times she was cold and antisocial.

I gave a grin. "Thanks, Selena." She tucked a loose strand of dark red hair behind her ear and gave a small laugh before walking away.

Finally, I decided that I would go to the tailor shop to see what they had. It was the first day they were open. Candace was at the counter behind the cash register. She greeted me with a weak smile. After a second she looked down at the ground, her blue hair falling in front of her face.

"It's nice to have a place to buy clothes now," I commented, making my way over to the cash register.

To my surprise, Julius walked out of the back room. He froze, smiled and then laughed. "That look definitely isn't in style. Well, I suppose it attracts the attention of men..."

My blue eyes narrowed into a glare and I crossed my arms over my chest. "I didn't mean for it to happen." I snorted and my glare softened a bit. "Anyways, why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the blacksmith shop?"

The man waved his hand in dismissal. "I don't get much business. A day off won't make a difference." He went over to a shelf in the back corner behind the counter and retrieved an outfit. "This would look good on you." He handed me an outfit and I observed it for a minute. He was absolutely really would look good on me. I trusted his judgment on fashion, so I handed Candace the money for the outfit and thanked the two before walking out of the shop with my new clothes.

Julius didn't seem to be gay, which was surprising. He was just more feminine than most men. I shrugged. It was nice that someone could give me fashion advice.

It was on my way back to my farm that I ran in to Chloe. She never went to town, so I wondered why she just happened to be going there today.

"Hey, Angela!" she chirped, both of us stopping. "You look funny today..." She raised an eyebrow at me. "Why are your boobs wet?"

I started to turn red; I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks. "My bra got wet while I was at the hot spring." She started giggling and walking away, waving. "No one needs to know about this, okay, Chloe?"

"I'm just going to tell Owen. He will think it's funny."

"N-No, Chloe-" She was already running off toward town and could no longer hear me. I gave a soft whine and slouched over a bit as I continued on my way back to my farm. Today just wasn't my day...